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Thursday, 29 September 2011


Yesterday’s Maintenance Spanking was postponed because of work commitments. So I just got on with cutting the grass before it got dark and did some e mails.

When my wife got home from a company dinner she was tired, so I offered a foot massage and an orgasm to help her relax. Afterwards she asked to see my bottom to inspect any marks from the caning at the weekend. She declared "zone clear" and told me to prepare for Maintenance on Friday evening, before we go out with friends. She promised me that I would find it uncomfortable to sit down.

 It was slightly frustrating to go to bed without warmed up cheeks but she is the boss, so what could I say.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Summertime returns

I was wrong about the summer ending. The sun has returned and with it some outdoor activity. Yesterday  I was in the car on a country lane and came up behind a very attractive horsewoman, with what is known as a good seat. She was wearing a fabulous pair of navy jodhpurs and I had no wish to do anything other than drive behind her for a mile or two.

 Sadly, she found a grass verge and reigned in her horse. As I passed she gave a cheery wave with her hand that was gripping the riding crop.

I drove on for an hour or so with a glorious fantasy in my head of her back in the stables and me over a bale of hay taking a sound whipping for not properly cleaning her saddle. 

Ah well, that’s how spankos see the world.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Early Days

In an earlier blog I mentioned how I got into spanking in my early teenage years. Once I had discovered that I was not the only one who thought about spanking, I started to search for reading material other than the Mayfair and Penthouse letters pages. There was not much about for spanking enthusiasts in those days. The local library proved to be short on such material. (Unsurprisingly, there was no catalogue entry of Spanking on the Dewey Classification card index).

 In desperation I started to write my own short stories which were handwritten on a couple of sheets of paper and usually had references to a girl in bra and pants bending over for a spanking. I kept them hidden and read them furtively at night, using one hand doing what teenage boys do a lot of, apart from sleeping. I vaguely recall a Masters and Johnson book on sex which I acquired at that time and inside there was an article in there about spanking which confirmed it as a mainstream activity.
My teenage attempts to give a girl a spanking were not very successful.  When I was maybe fifteen, a girlfriend was petting heavily and on top of me; I pulled up her skirt up with one hand and smacked her bottom hard with the other. This led to the petting session ending quickly because she was not best pleased. We did go out a few more times but I never tried the smack again. Quite simply I had no idea at that age how to initiate a conversation involving me saying “can I spank you?”
When I was in my last year at school I scored two major triumphs. Firstly I lost my virginity to a charming girl and we had so much fun that I nearly flunked my school tests. And secondly, I got to give a spanking and to receive one. This girl and I were lying in bed one afternoon and messing around. I gave her bottom a playful spank and she said I could do that again if I wanted. I was stunned and spanked her maybe six or eight times more. She lay perfectly still on the bed as I watched the cheeks turn a pale pink. She then said it was my turn and rolled me over on to my front. She sat on my legs and smacked away at my bare butt with both hands for what seemed to be an age but was probably no more than a few minutes. The pleasure of having a warmed up bottom was indescribable and it was enough for me to make a rather embarrassing mess on the bedsheet. What an afternoon!

I was away at college before I managed to take a girl over my knee and give her some hard satisfying spanks. I was also at college when I took my first proper spanking from an older woman. I will relate more about my college days in future blogs.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Clearing the book

I woke up on Saturday, to the sounds of my wife showering and voices on her radio. I lay there thinking about the day ahead and the things that I needed to get done. After five minutes or so the water stopped running and then in another ten minutes my wife appeared at the bedroom door, make up on and wearing her short, kimono style, dressing gown. In her right hand she was holding the bath-brush down at the side of her delightfully exposed bare leg.

I said good morning and sat up.

Maybe, she replied.

Taking one of my wrists she pulled me towards the edge of the bed and told me to put my hands on the floor and keep my waist and legs on the bed. This was a novel instruction but I wriggled into position, half on the mattress and half off. She sat down beside me and started to pull down my pyjama bottoms. My erection got in the way but she was not being gentle, so it was pulled around quite a lot until my bottom was bared to her satisfaction.

Start doing push ups, she commanded

As I lowered my chin, as close to the ground as I could manage, she landed a hard smack with the brush to my right cheek. I pushed up to straighten my arms and she smacked the other cheek. I managed to do another 12 push-ups in correct military fashion and I was spanked hard twenty four times. At 15 I was starting to feel the pain in my arms, as well as the pain in my bottom, but I wanted to prove myself as well as have the spanking continue. By 18 I knew I could only manage a one or maybe two more press ups. I could feel my biceps shaking and she encouraged me with a smack across the back of one leg. Slowly I lowered myself down to the carpet for number 19 and then, even more slowly, I pushed myself back up. The next smack at the top of this cycle was fierce and I lowered myself again, earning one more smack, but that was it – I could do no more. I laughed a bit and told her so.

You had better get fit then, she said, I like this sitting down position for spanking and I also want a healthy man.

She gave me one last spank as I lowered myself and then she spanked hard across both cheeks.

Not good enough, she scolded, we will have to work at this from now on!

I rolled off the bed in a very un-gentlemanly fashion and stood up to face her, with my stiffness at half mast and my pyjamas around my ankles.

That was fun, she commented. Now go and get breakfast started. I am off to town and you have a lot to do whilst I am gone. And don’t touch that, she said, tapping my prick with the brush.

As I tidied up in the kitchen after breakfast my wife appeared to say goodbye.

You know that it is punishment book time today, she threatened? I want the Spencer paddle and the special cane ready for when I get home. I will text you when I am leaving town so you had better be ready for when I get back.

I finished through my jobs by about 2 o’clock and did some e mails and then went out to clean the car. The text message came through almost as soon as I had started so I quickly went inside to clean up, leaving buckets and sponges outside.

By the time my wife came through the front door I was standing in the study in pants and a T-shirt. My mouth was dry and my stomach was churning with that familiar mixed feeling of dread and thrilling anticipation. The spanking implements and the punishment book were in front of me. I heard my wife go upstairs and then a few moments later she was present in the room.

Bend over the chair, she instructed.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw her pick up the little book and I braced myself.
This, for me, is the most exciting time of a spanking or punishment. I am aware that I have put myself in this position and that I have no one to blame for what is about to happen. I feel overwhelming submission and although I am anticipating the feeling of pain that I am going to absorb, I also welcome the power my wife has, to control my actions in this FLR marriage.

The first stroke with the paddle was hard. She read out the entry in the book and the number of strokes. I apologised and braced my self for the first stroke. When the paddle landed it was hard and I knew that this was going be a tough afternoon. One by one, the misdeeds were read out and the paddle smacked into me, almost lifting me off my feet. After a time the paddle was put down and she picked up the cane. This is our most expensive D/S purchase so far.  The cane has an anodised silver metal handle and the business end is a long nylon wand, wrapped in leather. It is only used for punishment and it delivers a harsh message.

In a quick movement my wife pulled down my pants with one hand and told me to step out of them. When I was back in position she ran the tip of the cane up and down the inside of my legs and I shivered with the sensation, as she approached my bottom and then ran the tip of the cane back down my legs, without touching my waiting cheeks.

The next entry in the punishment book was read out and my wife started the caning.  There were long pauses between her strokes as she looked at the red lines and decided where to strike next. I had completely forgotten where we were on the tariff of 58 until I heard her relate the most recent entry, where I had argued with her about some element of our home insurance. With a sense of relief I realised that there were only 6 more strokes to go. I lifted my bottom by standing on my toes and offered her a perfect target to aim for, staying absolutely still. She took her time and delivered six amazingly hard strokes. The whoosh of the cane through the air, ominous and offering challenging pain, was something I listened out for as I tried to anticipate where the stroke would land.

As the punishment ended I lay over the chair back, enjoying both the throbbing in my bottom and her delicious dominance. The punishment book is now set to zero. I am sure that I will be writing some misdemeanour in it again, very soon. 

Friday, 23 September 2011


A number of DD and spanking blogs which I read are either not in favour of, or sceptical of, the  benefits of punishment spankings. They argue that the bottom must be doing his or her best to merit a punishment stroke.
For me there is still a positive effect on my behaviour when I am told to enter something in the punishment book. I will correct whatever I did wrong and make a mental note to avoid doing it in the future.
There may be  many weeks go by without me having to make an entry and the book is only looked at when my wife asks for it. Sometimes she may just make a comment like, oh, I had forgotten about that, and then hand me the book back for safekeeping.
Last night the TV was off and I was mending a light whilst my wife did something upstairs. When she came down she sent me for the little book and made me enter 6 strokes for attempting to argue with her about some insurance matter. I had pulled back when I saw she was annoyed but she had remembered the incident and wanted it dealt with.
As I went off to put the book back in the drawer she told me to leave it out in the bedroom as it would be needed over the weekend.
There are a total of 58 strokes held over so it might be a difficult Saturday.
Unlike Maintenance Spankings I get no feelings of pleasure out of the thrashings that  result from a reconciliation of the Punishment Book.

Thursday, 22 September 2011


I arrived home early last evening to make preparations for a Maintenance Spanking only to find my wife already home and in the shower. I had forgotten she was going out with customers that night. When I looked a little crestfallen she told me that the session would take place on Friday and she had one or two extras to sort out as well.
I spent the evening getting on with jobs around the house, wondering what Friday might bring.
As I put away the laundry into the correct drawers I couldn't help reflect on what my wife might be wearing that night.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The discovery of a lifetime

Recently I posted about the absence of literature on spanking when I was a teenager in the late sixties and early seventies. The internet would have been manna from heaven for me, but in those days we were using main frame computers with punched cards and the pc and the WWW were a long way off. However the day did dawn when I was destined to discover Janus.

Oh, happy day. It was 1973 and I was in a street in my college town, when I walked into what looked to be a dusty second-hand bookshop. In fact the shop sold all manner of things. There were new books and old books, 12” records (vinyls) and second hand comics and magazines. I gravitated to the adult magazines and saw the usual girlie titles. I was thinking of buying a second hand one when I noticed a small, book size, publication in a plain cover but with a drawing of a woman draped over a mans knees in the spanking position. I can recall my heart stopping as I reached up and took it off the shelf. Looking over my shoulder to see if anyone was nearby I started to turn the pages. Oh my god! ,  as they say today. There were photos of women being spanked, there were stories and there were letters. I had difficulty taking in the fact that there was a magazine being published which had spanking as its primary subject. I put it back and looked at another issue of Janus. More, there was more spanking and pictures and drawings. With a shaking hand I checked my wallet. The magazine was expensive for a student but affordable if I stayed away from the student bar for a couple of nights (or did not eat); so I selected one copy and headed off to the till at the front of the shop. I hardly dared look up as I presented my purchase but the woman behind the desk was not at all bothered and simply asked for the money. She slid the booklet into a brown paper bag and I was off and away back to my digs. Alas my budget plans came awry when I stopped at the pub on the way back and bought a pint of beer. I chose a dark corner of the pub and opened my package of spanking heaven. This was it – Janus Publications and I would be together for a very long time – almost 30 years. If only Readers Digest had such loyal customers.

The good thing about those small versions of Janus was that you could easily hold it open in one hand and flick the pages with your little finger and grip something else in the other hand. You could also hide it easily in a sock drawer. After a long days work at college there was nothing nicer than to come back to my rooms and lie on the bed doing what young men do a lot of in their youth.  At least I did not go blind and could carry on reading Janus for many years to come.

Monday, 19 September 2011

My light and dark

A poem sent to my partner a few years back.

My  thoughts are full of light and dark
The light is warm; the dark has a feverish heat
The light is soft;  the dark is harsh
The light is welcoming; the dark is forbidding
The light is for love; the dark is for indifference

You keep me in light and guide me through my dark

Sunday, 18 September 2011


I am sure that I am not alone in thinking that pencil skirts are one of the most exciting garments that a woman can wear, for a submissive minded person at any rate. Whether it is worn with boots or stiletto shoes the female demands attention and usually gets it.

In the last week I came across attractive women wearing a pencil skirt, on two occasions.

The first was a supplier of telephone equipment who came to the office. Quite honestly she could have sold me anything.  As I sat listening to her I had a mental picture of her being on my sales team and failing to meet her monthly target. I imagined her stood at my desk and slowly raising the skirt, inch by inch over her bottom, to reveal herself for a crisp ruler spanking.

The second was an older woman, who was sat in a tall chair in the lobby of a London hotel. She had her legs crossed delicately at the ankle and a vague look of boredom on her face. On the train home I resurrected what I had seen in my mind and imagined that I was her partner who had left her waiting for too long whilst I had had a drink.  The consequences were painful.

One enjoyable aspect about being a spankophile, is that one’s mind is always kept busy.

Saturday, 17 September 2011


The maintenance spanking on Wednesday was a satisfying event for both of us, I believe. I arrived home early, and did some housework. Some chores are quite enjoyable and some not so. I showered and set out four spanking instruments for my wife, from the chest. I had booked the bistro down the road for dinner that evening and all was set.

When my wife got home I was stood waiting in the bedroom and she bustled past me, to do what she had to do in the bathroom. I thought that all was well but then I heard her voice calling me.

Pointing at a pile of dirty clothes in the corner of the bathroom, she asked me what I was playing at. I mumbled a reply that I was sorry, but I hadn’t noticed it, otherwise I would have cleared it away. My wife complained how men were useless and told me to get the bath-brush from the shower. As I handed it to her she told me to bend over and look at the piles of clothes.  She then spanked me hard about ten times, reminding me with each whack of the brush to do my jobs properly. After the last hard smack she told me to take the laundry downstairs and then get back to my corner to wait.

Nearly ten minutes passed, whilst I stood looking at the wallpaper, before she appeared and instructed me to get over the chair. When I had moved into position she demanded to know if the restaurant was booked?  My reply in the affirmative led her to comment that at least I had got one thing right.

She used three of the instruments very vigorously on my bottom, giving me around 30 strokes each with the crop, paddle and cane and then the doorbell rang. I could sense that she was in two minds whether to answer it. She threw the cane on the floor and told me to stay where I was; she would be back to finish me off.

As I rested there, bottom blazing, over the back of the chair I heard the voice of our neighbour and some laughter.  A few moments later and my wife appeared back in the room.

That was Sarah, she said, and her car won’t start. Paul is away so she wondered if you could help?  I told her you would go around in a minute.

In the next second the fourth implement, the thinner cane, swished across my bottom. Ten strokes later and she told me that the spanking was over. As I tidied up and my wife went in to the bathroom, she mentioned that I might get more strokes if I couldn’t help Sarah with the car.

When I had dressed in casuals, I went next door and did the manly thing. The car battery was flat and I said I would take it home and put it on a charge, adding that I would sort it next morning and start the car before I went to work.

Sarah smiled and told me that I was an angel, and that my wife was lucky to have such a useful husband. As I walked back to the house I rubbed my bottom and thought that I was the lucky one in our marriage.

Unfortunately my good deed did not pay off. Once I had reported back that all was well, I was told that I should fix my own supper because my wife was going to ask Sarah to go to the restaurant, as she was home-alone. My wife added that I should get on with the laundry which had been found on the bathroom floor and then do some ironing.

A Girls’ night out on a whim, I suppose, but I cannot complain.  I had had my bottom warmed nicely and I was in a great mood.

Friday, 16 September 2011


Here are three people whose consistency has inspired me to start blogging.
They always have something interesting to say on spanking.  

Thursday, 15 September 2011

A smart Bottom, a happy Soul and a nice Kane

The Pageview stats on this blog are far too insignificant to publish, but they are encouraging for a new boy.

Thanks to Bonnie at My Bottom Smarts, Ronnie at Heart and Soul and Ms Dana Kane for providing so many referral viewings from their own blogs.

 Links to their work are on the right.

Tally ho and on with the spanking.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011


There is a Maintenance Spanking arranged for this evening and when my wife left the house this morning, she reminded be to be home early to do a few chores beforehand. I will let you know what transpires.

On a quick blog search via The Spanking Network I noticed that  All Things Spanking

is currently listing a two woman spanking of a patient, from Nu-West/Leda; so I followed the thread.

It has been a long time since I searched for the Nu-West/Leda site and I have to say that it was well worth visiting. They have jazzed it up considerably in recent times and the site has great mini-clips.

I have a collection of Nu-West/ Leda clips garnered from years of browsing and I had thought that there would not be much new stuff around. I was wrong. 

If you are interested in F/M or F/F then take a look at

There is an amusing banner to click on, at the top of their page..

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Summer is over

Here in the UK, it looks as though the summer is over and the autumn wind and rain is on its way.

I guess that means we have seen the last of this for another year.

And it’s time for people to pull on their winter drawers.

It is a shame that the tennis is over but it was good while it lasted.

Oh well, the summer was good whilst it lasted. At least I can depend on the maintenance spanking sessions to keep me warm from now on. 

Monday, 12 September 2011


A favourite instrument in our blanket box, is this strap from Bondara, a UK web site.

It is about 17” in length and easy to hold and swing. Inside the leather there is a thin strip of metal which gives it some rigidity when it strikes.

My wife enjoys using it on the back of my legs as well as across my bare bottom.

I can vouch for the fact that is delivers a serious smack. If I am receiving a punishment with this strap, rather than a maintenance spanking, she will frequently angle her stroke so that she hits my bits between my legs. The pain caused by these ball flicks is intense but, afterwards, the glowing throb in that area is a good reminder to behave better in the future.

In a maintenance session the first half dozen strokes with this strap are quite painful but then the endorphins kick in and the steady smack, smack, smack across my bare cheeks becomes very rewarding.

Saturday, 10 September 2011


Staying with news items, The Times (UK) and The WSJ are reporting from the NY Fashion Week that Manties, those tight, brightly coloured items of shorts, are in high fashion.

Designer catwalks all over NY are showing their range of men’s underwear, which has evolved into something more knicker (pantie) like, in the style of women's boy shorts
I don’t think they are showing these:

but rather something like this.

I have to say that I have worn something very similar but in plain colours for a number of years, so I can’t see what all the fuss is about.

I am an enthusiastic wearer of ladies panties myself, for high days and holidays, but that is another story.

It is good to note that the mankini has never really caught on. (Out of good taste I won’t show one)

Maybe boy shorts are better on women after all ? I like the hands on hips stance.

Keira Knightly

 Keira Knightley stars in a new film, A Dangerous Method, where she plays a Russian patient who has the repressed sexual desire to be beaten by her lover.

How good would it be to spank Keira? That cute bottom is exceptional. 

There are no video shots on You Tube as yet, but I am sure it won’t be long before a spanking blog introduces one.

I am not sure if I will go to see the film. I always feel vaguely uncomfortable when I am with my wife, watching a mainstream film with a spanking or whipping scene . I just know she would be  thinking “….well, I bet he is enjoying this”. 

The fact is I have seen very few mainstream films where the spanking or punishment has aroused me. It all seems like play acting to me, which of course it is. There are exceptions, of course, such as "Exit to Eden" or "The Secretary"  both of which have exciting spanking scenes.

P.S For some of us I imagine that it would also be extremely gratifying to have Miss Keira doing the spanking.

Friday, 9 September 2011


We have a Maintenance Spanking arrangement, which I appreciate is not something all of the readers of this blog will understand, but it works for us.
On another occasion I will explore how this all got started.

The regular night we have chosen for these maintenance sessions is a Wednesday. If we have to postpone the event then my wife will indicate which day it will be.
Last Wednesday was fairly typical. I arrived home early, did a few chores and then made the preparations. This consists of laying out a selection of spanking instruments on our bed, placing a chair in the centre of the room, taking a quick shower and then putting myself in the corner to wait. I usually wear a T shirt and pants, but sometimes I might opt to wear a thong.

I have to wait in the corner for as long as it takes. This might be only fifteen minutes or so until my wife gets home or it might be an hour or more, if she has gone out for a drink with colleagues after work.

So the other night there I was in position, hands on my head, when she breezed into the room. She said nothing and I heard her undress behind me and then go into the bathroom. A further ten minutes passed until I heard the click of the door and she ordered me over the back of the chair. As I turned and went across the room I saw her standing there in bra and pants, holding the riding crop, which was bent in a curve between her hands. Silently I went over the chair and tried to adjust myself against the hard wooden back as I stretched out my legs, to get in a well balanced position. Not for the first time I wondered why I was thrilled to be submitting myself to the pain that was to follow.

My wife commented that she was pleased with my behaviour in the past few days so she would award strokes accordingly. To start she said I was going to get 25 with the crop. Standing by my side she spanked me hard with the tab of the crop and then stopped and ran the crop up the insides of my legs. After a few moments of teasing she resumed the spanking and finished the strokes. She threw the crop on the floor in front of me and I heard her go over to the bed. My shorts were pulled down to my knees and she pronounced that I was to receive thirty with the paddle. I had put out the long thin one, with the series of small holes, which is a hard one to take, but rewarding. Her strokes were deliberate and steady with a pause between each so that she could see the redness and judge where to place the next smack.  When the paddle joined the crop on the floor my head was ringing with the pressure of staying still and absorbing this harsh spanking.

 I relaxed my body over the chair until she tapped me with the cane. I figured correctly that it was the thin, whippy one which quickly leaves ridged red lines. As she caned me with maybe two dozen strokes she cautioned me to lose some more weight and do some exercise. She thought I had over-indulged on our holiday. I took her point or rather I understood what she meant and agreed to do better. The caning was almost pleasurable after the stinging smarts of the paddle. When she was finished and I was told to stand, she handed me the cane and went off to shower. I tidied everything away and went to admire the lines and redness on my bottom in the mirror. I felt restored and lightened of my worries, as I usually do after a good thrashing.

We ate out at a restaurant that night and I was full of attention for my gorgeous wife. When we got back home and prepared for bed she asked me to show her my bottom, expressing some disappointment that the marks were already fading a bit. She lay back on the bed and pointed between her open legs. It’s my time now, she said, and I eagerly went down on her to show my appreciation.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Maintenance Spanking

My wife undertook a very efficient Maintenance session on my bottom last night.
I am travelling today so I will have to say more tomorrow.  

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Dana Kane - Disciplinarian

Some of you will have discovered Ms Dana Kane, a Disciplinarian from Las Vegas, whose blog I have linked to on the right.

Ms or Mistress Kane writes a great deal on her specialist subject and offers many videos for the enjoyment of her readers. Her spankings look to be delightful experiences with a gentle but firm touch.
However, when she steps up to the mark with a paddle or hairbrush, the tone of the discipline changes and I can imagine that a strict caning from her is a memorable experience.

Ms Kane sometimes sets her readers a challenge of writing a story on a subject of her choice. There is an incentive but I will let you explore her site to find out what that might be.
Recently she asked budding authors to send in a work of fiction, based around “Us”; that is to say, describing an event or happening between  the author and Ms Kane.
This is what I submitted.

A visit to Ms Dana Kane

Myself in the corner, as instructed.
Eyes down, hands crossed behind my back.
To the fast beat of my heart and to the sounds of you moving in the studio.
Your soft footfall and the swish of the cane in the still air.
At your request, and going to the centre of the room.
The punishment tariff for my misdeeds and lateness.
Feet apart, legs straight, toes pointed inwards.
The cool thin rattan tap, tap, tapping my cheeks left and right.
Back arched, bottom higher, thighs stretched taut.
The first stroke landing on bare cool skin.
To remain in place for the next stroke and the next and the next…..
Trying to remember the strokes but without success.
Only to be told resume the position and take the extra strokes.
Not a good idea. More stripes added.
As I reach the end of the tariff and extras.
And looking with admiration in the mirror, at the many red lines, so evenly spaced apart.
And thanking you. Strange. What drives me to thank you for a thrashing?

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Mood conversion

I was in a bit of a mood yesterday. The weekend had been full of family commitments which I hate and I was worrying about some bills and also some lack of action on a work topic of mine. This bad attitude showed through today, notably in my response to my wife regarding a couple of tasks she had asked me to do. After speaking to her on the phone to apologise for forgetting them, she then sent me a simple text –
Study - 25 x C.

The message was clear enough.

As I had anticipated I was home first and so made the preparations for our meal and went upstairs to shower. I dressed in a T shirt and a thong brief. When I heard my wife come in I picked up the cane and went downstairs. She was in the study,sitting at the PC  checking e-mails, so I waited in silence behind her. After ten minutes or more of work, she stood up and took the cane from me  pointing to the desk chair and telling me that I knew what I had done wrong, so this would just be a speedy reminder that she would not tolerate grumpy behaviour and forgetfulness.
I went over the chair back and stretched my legs out. She tapped my bare cheeks with the tip of the cane as she lectured me about doing what I was told, when I was told to it. Then the cane cracked across my bottom and, with roughly ten second pauses, she delivered twenty four further crisp, sharp and professional strokes. I took each of them in silence and when she told me to stand I turned and thanked her for her reminder.
 As I went upstairs I could feel the weight of my worries lifted and my head was clear once again. I admired her handiwork in the mirror. There were some very red weals where the cane had crossed  a previous stroke and which would stay there for a couple of days. As I put the cane away and got dressed I made a mental note to be careful exposing my bottom in the changing room of the gym I use.
The rest of the evening passed in a jolly convivial manner and we were back in harmony.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Cut government expenses - administer the cane to hooligans

Some of you will have heard about the so called “riots” in England a few weeks ago. 
Since then there have been thousands of words written in the newspapers about the justice (or injustice) of sending these hooligans to prison. Maybe if we administered justice “Singapore style” with 6 or 12 strokes of the rattan cane, then we would not be paying so much to keep these miscreants in prison and maybe there would not have been any looting in the first place. I don’t imagine that the courts in Singapore see many people for a second offence after a caning.

I will not include any of the actual images of a judicial caning as they are quite strong. This one gives you plenty of scope to imagine what it might be like to bent over for the strokes from a rattan cane, which has been soaked for hours in water to give it added weight. Anyone who is interested in this topic can key Singapore Canings into You Tube to see how painful they might be.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Time to start - first post today, Sunday afternoon

Well, after a few years of reading other people’s blogs I think it is about time I tried my hand at blogging. I will be factual in most blogs but when there is a scarcity of something interesting to write I will add in some fiction which I will clearly mark as fiction. My interests are mainly spanking and I am in a Female Led Relationship now, after passing through many different phases of spanking fun. I will explain more as I go along.
I haven’t got the hang of a good blog design as yet but I am sure that will come with practice. If I keep looking for materials and clever widgets I will never get this blog started. I will probably not add too much in the way of images as there seem to be plenty of these in other blogs. If I post an image which is copyright then I will apologise and remove it on request. So here goes ……..