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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Olympic mini spanklet

We had a small bit of summer last week but now the rain is back on. I guess our USA readers would appreciate some rain, but we have had more than our fair share.

The sun brought the Olympic Beach Volleyball players out, so at least the TV has been interesting in the last 24 hours.

Unfortunately two guys, who were supposed to be officiating at the venue, were found hiding behind the changing rooms gawping at the bikini clad players through a slit in the boarding. It was one of the cheerleaders who discovered them.

They were faced with justice for their bad behaviour – either a report to the Olympic Ethics Committee or to turn up at the players’ hostel that evening.

Thanks  to Banjo for the artwork.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Birthday wishes

I have a birthday coming up soon and when we were out at the pub last night my wife enquired what I would like to do on the day and what she might get me as a present.

I immediately said that in these “austerity times” we should watch our pennies and that I would prefer to splash out on both of us when it is her birthday, a couple of weeks  after mine.

She smiled and said that was very thoughtful and wondered what I had in mind. I told her that I had booked and paid for, two nights away in country hotel, a stylish place with all the spa facilities you would expect. She was pleased to hear this but then said that she had hoped to see her sister and family on her birthday. She wondered if I could change the dates for a different weekend.

Off the top of my head I asked her if she wanted to take her sister on the hotel break and they could have a girly weekend of it. It was obvious that my suggestion appealed, so I said again that I would really like her to do this, it would be a great gift  and give me a lot of pleasure. Before you could blink an eye her phone was out and she was asking her sister about the dates. By the time I had taken two sips of wine it was all sorted out.

Grinning away my wife said that she was thrilled to accept my present to her and that whilst she was away I could get on with decorating the sitting room. That would be another good present she thought, because she had been wanting this done for ages. Some celebration this was turning out to be, I thought.

We finished our meal and walked home. She took my arm  as we strolled along enjoying the fact that it wasn’t raining for a change. She said I was the most thoughtful and obedient husband ever and deserved a reward.

“We will have to make your birthday spanking something special,” she said. “Tell me a fantasy and we’ll see if I can use that.”

I thought for a while and then began my story. It was hard to walk with a stiffening erection and I was flushed when we got home. Once inside she pulled me over to the sofa and hurriedly took off her knickers, opening her legs. I knelt on the carpet and licked excitedly. She had both legs over my shoulders with her feet on my back.

 Proceedings lasted quite a while until she tapped me on the head and told me I could stop. Still kneelng in front of her she got me to drop my trousers and take matters into my own hands. She recounted my fantasy to me and when I asked if I could come she agreed, provided that I lick my cupped hand clean.

I wonder what the birthday will bring. A part of me is worried and the other part excited.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Which paddle?

If you are having difficulty deciding which paddle you may wish to purchase or use, you could take a look at this product demo video Paddles

The one my wife most likes to use is our version of the Spencer Paddle- long, wide and plenty of coverage with a hell of a sting. When the spankings start with this particular paddle I immediately think I must be mad to offer up my bare bottom for pain, but then my submissive side kicks in and I know it is for the best in our relationship.

A dozen strokes later and I am relishing the powerful smacks.

We were at a neighbourhood BBQ last evening and I overheard a conversation which a group of women were having about "that book". One women said it was ridiculous and that no one would let themselves be treated like that. Another said she was not sure about that, they wouldn't sell all that stuff if people weren't doing it, would they?

I looked at this lady with renewed interest.  You never know who is round the corner in suburbia.

p.s. thanks to Ms Dana Kane for the update on paddles.

Saturday, 7 July 2012


After nearly 3 weeks with no discipline, because my wife was overloaded with work and other commitments, I was invited to pleasure her last night.

With my tongue and mouth fully occupied and after the first couple of orgasms, she told me to make things ready for a serious session on Sunday..

In an excited state I went hell for leather on her lips whilst she spelt out the instruments and clothing I should wear. A birch was mentioned, so whilst she is away at the shops right now I will hasten to a suitable tree and cut some branches.

I hope your weekend is as enjoyable as it looks like mine is going to be.

I just hope she does not get distracted by the Wimbledon final. She has a serious crush on Federer.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Monday, 2 July 2012

Adios for now

I need to sign off for a while. 

I don't seem to be very good at time management at the moment and writing this blog is so enjoyable that I tend to think of doing this first, thereby putting off what I should really be working at.

I would love to be a writer and artist with sufficient means to get away from work but, since that is not the case, I must get myself sorted out.

I guess I need some personal training in time management.

Enjoy the summer and I hope to be back.

Best wishes to my friends who comment.