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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Monday brings a caning.

The spankings have been coming thick and fast in our household recently and I would not complain. I never know when all this punishment will melt away so for the moment I will relish what we have.

I was working in the garden most of the morning on Monday ( a public holiday) and when I came in I was hot and dirty.

Going upstairs to shower I passed the study where my wife was doing "household " stuff on the pc.

I told her what I was doing and she replied that I should stay naked and get the cane and wait in the corner of the bedroom.

My heart lifted and I responded with a cheery "Yes, ma'am" . I raced upstairs and showered in minutes.

I need not have been so speedy.

She left me standing there for an  hour. I could hear her moving around downstairs and wondered if she had forgotten about the cane threat or if this was the punishment.

The phone rang and I could hear her muffled voice. Then the kitchen door closed with a loud bang and I heard her on the stairs. She was still talking happily on the phone as she came into the bedroom. From the various things being said I guessed it must be her sister on the other end.

I stared relentlessly  at the wall. This was slightly embarrassing. Almost like having someone else in the room looking at my nudity.

I turned my head when there was  a tap on my shoulder to see my wife signalling at me to go into the middle of the room. She was holding the cane in one hand and the phone to her ear in the other.

I got into the "touching toes" position and waited. I am no longer supple so the backs of my legs were straining and I could still only get my fingers  to grab at ankle level.

I heard my wife say something about having to deal with something and she rang off.

She must have switched hands quickly because the next thing I knew was a whizz and a hard cane stroke across my bottom.

She caned me thoroughly about a dozen times.  I stayed as quiet as a church mouse, barely breathing properly, as the heat built up across my bare cheeks.

Cold canings are definitely hard to take.

- You did very well. I quite enjoyed that. 

I  knew better than to say anything so I just stayed head down. She ran the tip of the cane up and down the backs of my legs and tapped me between them. I flinched wondering what might come next.

-Did you enjoy the wait for your punishment?

- Yes ma'am. thank you ma'am.

- Well, another dozen and we'll call it a day. Stand up and let me see you. 

I was gaining a bit of an erection  now that the pain had subsided a little.

- Lie on the bed and I will cane you over the pillows for a change.

I raced into position and lifted my bottom high. The next few minutes were an absolute delight. She can really swing that cane when she chooses.

We had a great evening, when I cooked a meal and we watched TV with dinner on our knees.

Afterwards in bed she joked about perhaps providing  telephone sex calls as a service, whilst she caned me for realism.

I told her that I thought she would make a lot of money that way.

More public holidays please.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Bank Holiday surprise

I had a close encounter with the small red whip last night.

We had been out for the day as it is a Public Holiday Weekend in the UK and on our return I offered my wife a foot massage with all the trimmings. This involved the foot bath, warm water, foot scrubs, towelling, nail trim and then foot creams.

 All of this was executed whilst I was on my knees in the sitting room and she was watching TV, with a glass of wine in her hand. 

I get a kick out of giving her treats like this.

In bed later on she said that one good turn deserved another and suggested the whip should be brought out to play.

As she straddled my mouth with her shaven pussy I licked for King and Country whilst she whipped and whipped and whipped and whipped and whipped my penis, scrotum and inner thighs.

She hardly ever reaches orgasm in that position but I must have found the spot because after ten minutes of heavy action she suddenly gave a groan of pleasure and shuddered.

Her final words as she clambered off my face and lay down on her back to sleep, were to put everything away and leave my cock alone as she would deal with me again tomorrow – or today  in fact.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Sunday Spanklet - Meeting the neighbours

Spanklet  (n.) - definition - a very short story where an individual is spanked or caned.

When Julie was invited to a coffee morning on the suburban estate, where she and her husband Max had just moved, she was thrilled. For more than a month Julie had been working in the house, trying to turn it into a home, and she had worried how she might start to make friends in the area.

Julie had researched the tennis clubs, fitness centres and bowling alleys but in the end it was the cocktail party to which they were invited, that had proved to be the ground breaker. Her neighbour had very thoughtfully asked them to come round to a party they were holding to celebrate their daughter’s graduation and, for part of the evening, Julie had enjoyed a long conversation with a very attractive couple who lived only a few miles away. The lady in question, Helen, had been very solicitous as to whether the newly weds had settled in and found their way around. When Julie mentioned that she was on her own most of the day, Helen had said that she would make sure something was done about that and she would be in touch very soon.

 Max had come across the room to be with his young wife and Helen chatted amiably, teasing Max that he had married a very pretty young lady, who should not be left alone all the time. To Julie’s surprise Helen had said that it was very naughty of Max not to make sure that his wife had something to do other than housework. She had turned to Julie and commented that young husbands had to be kept in line if a couple was to have a successful marriage.

Back at home that night Helen had chatted to Max about how nice the party had been and they talked about each person that they had met. When they got round to Helen her husband had gone quiet. Julie asked if he remembered Helen’s comment about being kept in line and he had said, yes, but very quietly. Sensing something different about her husband Julie had asked him what was wrong and Max said nothing and tried to change the subject.

Later that night when they were in bed Julie mentioned Helen’s name again and wondered aloud how she kept her husband in line. Again Max said nothing but Julie could not help noticing that he had quickly become erect when she started to stroke inside her husband’s thighs. She did not know whether to be jealous if it was the mention of Helen that had stimulated Max, but clearly something had excited him so quickly. Julie did not give it any more thought because she got down to using the erection for her own pleasure and then fell asleep wondering about how the visit to Helen’s home would turn out.

The  phone call  from Helen had come a few days later.

When she arrived at the large house the next morning Julie was wildly impressed. It was a few notches higher up the price scale than her own place. She was welcomed by Helen and taken through to a conservatory where another woman was already seated in the rattan cane sofa . Julie was introduced to the rather striking blonde, Isabel, and it went through her mind that this was most certainly a person that her husband would find attractive.

The three of them sat and sipped coffee, talking generally about where Julie and Max had come from, where he worked and what were their plans and the time went by very quickly. After about an hour Helen suggested a swim since it was so hot and when Julie said she would love to but had nothing to wear and maybe she should be going, but Helen interrupted, telling her that she could lend Julie something and anyway it did not matter as most of the time they swam in the nude. 

They left the house and walked down to a pool house where Helen rummaged around to find a bikini set and Isabel proceeded to peel off her clothes down to her pants. Julie looked around the room and admired the surroundings.

Her attention was taken by some wooden fraternity paddles that were hanging as decoration on the wall. When Helen saw her looking at them, she took one down off the wall and explained that they were from hers and her husband’s college days. Isabel commented that there was nothing like the well aimed swat of a paddle to get her going sexually and they all giggled.

Julie went off to the toilet to get changed in privacy and struggled into the bikini set which she felt was at least two sizes too small. When she reappeared the other women were already in the pool. Julie could see that they were both naked and tried not to look at their bodies as she slipped into the cool water. 

She swam a few lengths, keeping her distance from the other women and then stood in the shallow end resting and enjoying the sun on her shoulders. She was astonished to then to see Helen and Isabel embrace and give each other a gentle kiss. They laughed and broke off and Helen suggested that they should all have a drink. Without a second glance the hostess pulled herself on to the side of the pool, not caring that her glistening naked bottom was exposed to full view.

The other two women got out by the steps and all three ran laughing and giggling into the poolhouse.

 As they started to towel themselves dry Isabel complained that it wasn’t fair that Julie still had on her bikini. Helen suggested that a spanking might be in order for not following the house clothing rules. When Julie protested that she had not known they would swim naked, Isabel replied that ignorance was no defence under law and she should be punished. Helen took one of the paddles from its hook on the wall and approached Julie with a wicked smile. Isabel jumped forward and grasped the hapless young woman by the wrist.

There was to be no escape from a spanking it seemed and Julie was suddenly struck by the thought that she would not want to be anywhere else right now.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Weekend Report

My wife took Monday as a holiday so that she could get things straight after her break and restore the pictures and bits and pieces to their rightful place in the sitting room, following my redecoration exercise.

When I got home around 6 she was all smiles. She suggested that I shower and come back down in shorts since it was so warm. When she added that I should bring the hairbrush and the cane down with me, my excitement knew no bounds.

I found her in the sitting room, sipping from a glass of wine. I also saw a solitary dining chair placed in the centre of the room.

-          Hello darling. Strip to your pants and come and kneel here.

She held out her hands to take the implements and then picked up the list of jobs I had undertaken over the weekend. The paper was a bit tatty and I saw she had written some notes on it.


-   So let’s see how we got on shall we. Put your hands on your head and kneel up straight.

I shifted my weight on my knees and strained to balance myself. The carpet fibres were not that soft.

-          First the laundry. There were still things un-ironed in the basket.

I started to make an excuse but I was told to be silent from now on. My comments were not needed.

She progressed through the list. Much had been accomplished but she had found hairs behind the toilet bowl, the landing light was not repaired and her cupboards had not been vacuumed out. She wasn’t all that sure that I had done the dusting very well either.

There were plenty of ticks on the list however, so that was all good.

-          Now the sitting room. I am very pleased with you’re your efforts, but…!

There was long pause. She picked up the cane and came round behind me. As she touched the tip of the cane against my neck, I shivered in anticipation.

-          But, there are paint spots on the carpet on the corner and you have missed a large part of the skirting board with the gloss paint. And .....
She drew the cane down my back and inserted the end into the elastic of my pants.

-          The ceiling has definite shadow lines. It might not be noticed  by anyone else but I can see them. Obviously it will have to stay like that but I am disappointed in the quality of your work. If I had paid someone to do this they would certainly be coming back.

The cane was placed on the table and I watched her pick up the hairbrush and sit on the chair in front of me. Her legs are still one of her best assets and she was showing them off to the full in the summer dress.

-          I was thinking that we would have you over my knee to start. You have been quite good and I know you enjoy a spanking, although maybe not so much with the hairbrush.

She pointed to her lap and I shuffled over to her right side still on my knees.

-          Over you go. I’ve been looking forward to this all day.

I could  not comment that so had I. I quite literally crawled over her knees and lay with my palms on the floor on one side and outstretched toes on the other. My erection nestled comfortably on her soft skin but I knew it would not be prominent for long. In days gone past I might have come to orgasm with the friction on her soft skin in this position but not anymore. I relaxed my body and prepared my mind for what was to come.

She placed the brush on my bare back and pulled up my shorts by the elastic waist band. Then slowly she started to run her hand all over the tight blue cotton material. I was in a heavenly state as she caressed every part of my bottom. When she occasionally ran her fingers along the inside of legs and up to where the material formed the V of my crotch I gave out a few groans of pleasure.

-          Enjoying this ?

I did not know whether to speak so I nodded my head but then felt the weight of the brush lift off my back.

-          Well, let’s change all that shall we?

I couldn’t see what was happening but I certainly felt it as the hard wood smacked into my right cheek. In an instant there was a smack on the left cheek, then the other and so on. The spanking was fast and there was no time to catch my breath as I absorbed each blow. After maybe 5 minutes I had been more than well spanked but she continued with hardly a blip in the steady rhythm. I kept shifting my position to stay balanced as I was wriggling a fair amount.

-          Keep still you naughty boy!

I froze. Her words were as exciting as the spanking. Now that she had started to scold me she did so with each spank and  I  was willing her to carry on with this punishment play all night.

The hairbrush spanking eventually stopped and I  left her lap unwillingly. As I stood in front of her she slowly peeled down my pants and turned me aound. With one hand slowly stroking my scorched cheeks she used the other hand to manipulate my and squeeze my prick and balls. My ercetion returned with alacrity.

      -  Time for the cane  darling. Go over to the fireplace and get that bottom out..

I shook off my pants from my feet and got into position with my hands on the mantelpiece and my body arched. I knew she meant business now because my wife reserves this stance for her hardest punishments. She walked behind me reminding me agin of my faults by reading from the chores list.

     -Up onto your toes. Thirty strokes and you can think youself lucky. By rights it should be sixty.

     -Yes ma’am.

     - Be silent.

I braced myself and the cane whizzed across my bottom from my left side. The caning was slow and painful but eventually it was finished and she traced her marking with a fingertip.

    - Good boy. Now stay there until I tell you. I am pleased with you but you still need to learn a lesson so you can think how to do your jobs better whilst I go and have a bath. I will call you when I am done.

   - Yes ma’am. Thank you ma’am.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Sunday night

My wife got  home about 9pm last night and was full of the joys, saying that she and her sister had  had a ball. Lots of laughs between them and they had been chatted up by a couple of guys at a wedding party in the hotel.

I unpacked her suitcase and sorted out the dirty clothes from the clean ones. There weren't that many clothes as she had spent most of the weekend in knickers and a fluffy towelling robe I guess.

By the time I got back upstairs, having started the laundry going, she was curled up on bed half asleep.  It was too hot for covers and she lay there with just her linen nightshirt on.

It was evident that there would not be any activity. I was a little disappointed but not surprised.

 I  lay on the bed next to her and listened to her breathing slow down as she went off into her dreams.

In my own thoughts, the evening had turned out rather differently.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Never ending jobs

I picked the wrong weekend to put myself in this position, where my wife is off on a jolly with her sister at my expense and I am here decorating the sitting room.

The weather here is glorious and for those of us indoors, moving furniture and applying paint it is way too warm a task.

My wife's texts have have told me what a lovely time she is having and  how relaxed she feels. 

They have negotiated an extended room stay at the Spa and will not be leaving until this evening. Apparently the hotel is quieter than usual and they are offering deals on treatments  on a Sunday.

It is now 7 am and I am about to make my final launch on the jobs list. One more coat of paint and then some electrical and garden work to do. It feels like I am in one of those make over TV programmes where a team moves in to upgrade a house whilst the owners are away and when they get back it is all a big surprise.

Hopefully all this effort will be worth it and there will be a reward when she inspects the details.

P.S. Last night I kept myself amused with an Instructional Caning Video over at Pandora Blake's blog Dreams of Spanking

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Thursday evening

My wife checked on how well I had shaved myself on Wednesday evening and approved. As I stood there hands on head being inspected, she gave me some instructions for the weekend chores

Thursday, durng our weekly supermarket shop she paused at the clothing section. I had to wait as she carefully went through the various racks. She does not usually buy clothing here. 

In an exaggerated manner she held up first one pair of knickers and then another, asking me what I thought of them and did I think they would fit. I cringed as I caught the eye of a woman nearby who obviously thought that this was not a topic for men in a supermarket aisle. In an effort to get away I just said that they were all fine, whereupon my wife scolded me to pay more attention.

Back home I put all the shopping away and did a pre-prepared meal whilst my wife went upstairs to sort out her clothes for the weekend away. Later that evening as we got ready for bed she unpacked one of the knickers from the set of 3 and told me to try them on. They are lacy boy short cut and even at a larger size they were a tight fit.

When I showed them off my wife asked to explain how they felt. I said they were uncomfortable, tight and scratchy. She said good, that was what she wanted the effect to be. I was to wear a fresh pair each day as I did the jobs over the weekened, one of which includes repainting a room.

Sitting on the bed she pulled me over towards her and peeled down the panties. Looking up into me eyes she then spanked my testicles with an underarm motion. As she slapped them she spoke of her dominant role in our relationship and my submissive one. Each spank made me wince and grimace but I stood my ground and she went on for a long while until I was aching with the pain.

She dismissed me to the spare bedroom and told me not to play with myself until after she got back from her trip.

She is away now and my Saturday stretches in front of me as I look at the chores list and shuffle on the seat in my knickers. The thought that my wife is luxuriating in a comfy bed at the hotel is inspiring. She deserves it for being such a thoughtful woman.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Days of yore

Not certain why, but I  landed on a spanking magazine web site the other day and I was reminded about the USA magazine OBEY.

I recall my excitement when travelling on business to the States and coming across a plethora of spanking literature. Most of the time they just contained photo stories without much written content, but the images were excellent. 

Good looking woman spanking young men with tight butts. 

This was not the sort of content that was available in the UK at the time.

I must have spent hours after work, perusing the sex shops in Boston in the late 70's and  early 80's. I probably did not appreciate the dangers of being in that downtown area of Boston. I think it was called Bandit Country at the time. 

Anyway once I had found what I was looking for I scuttled back to my hotel or a bar and enjoyed the visual stimulus.

In the UK, the Janus magazine only  rarely alluded to Females spanking Men and then the women were a bit odd looking. 

That changed a bit when Obey Magazine UK came along. It was a short lived publication but the photo's were of good looking women and there was some decent story telling.

I think that it was in Februs that there was one section dedicated to F/M spanking. 

Just one article per issue I seem to remember but it was worth it because the rest of the magazine had some great F/F or M/F spanking to enjoy.

Oh, happy days, when my cock was a bit stiffer I recall and demanded more attention.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Weekend preparations

My wife is going away on that spa hotel weekend on Friday with her sister. This was the one which I had booked for the two of us to celebrate my birthday. She had asked if she could take her sister instead and like a good chap I had immediately agreed.

As she wants to look her best during the various treatment sessions I was asked to shave her last night and to manicure her toes and nails. We spent nearly two hours in the bathroom and bedroom with me on my knees in the shower cubicle washing and shaving her legs and then with her on the bed whilst I carefully gave her a brazilian, leaving just a flash of hair at the front. 

Afterwards I oiled and rubbed her down and she slipped into her pyjamas. 

As a reward for my efforts she sent me off to get the bathbrush and gave me about thirty cracking spanks whilst I bent over the bed.

We went downstairs to watch TV for an hour and then retired to bed. As we fell asleep she said she wanted me shaven by tomorrow night so that she can choose some silky pants for me to wear whilst I am doing the chores over the weekend. So tonight I will be back in the bathroom with the cream and razor. She also mentioned that the shaving routine had made her think of a razor strop and that maybe I should buy one so that she could try it out. Not sure if I am looking forward to that or not.

Monday, 13 August 2012

A fellow spankee, who seems to be travelling as the submissive on an F/M road, is blogging at   A man in my position

In addition to some good writing he includes some great artwork.

This one below epitomizes a lovely dream of mine.

I have knelt for ages on a hard floor, blindfold and wearing thong panties and then my wife and mistress takes the time and trouble to whip me.

The lash of the crop is exquisite and my only desire is for  the strokes to continue throughout the night.

But eventually she tires of her disciplinary training  and seeks an orgasm. 

 I am obedient as I remove the blindfold and bow to her wish.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Olympic comment out of order

After watching the women's medium distance running last night I made a comment about the nice briefs that were a common sight on the track these days, and how they were better than the baggy shorts of the past.

My wife declared that to be a sexist comment, but she also asked me which I liked the best.

I said the dark blue and light blue ones.

"Back to dreaming about school knickers are we?" she wanted to know.

I nodded and said yes.

"I see. Well then, go and get the paddle with the holes and come back down here. I need to dissuade you from looking at other women's bottoms."

As I left the room she called out "Red punishment panties!"

By the time I got back to the sitting room there was a kitchen chair in the middle of the room and my wife was stood in her bra and pants, which were a sensational deep purple colour.

"I thought I would get comfortable whilst I make you uncomfortable." she said holding out one hand and pointing at the chair with the other.

I handed her the paddle and bent over with my palms on the chair seat.

"Up on your toes and repeat each time I spank you, I must not look at other women's bottoms."

She spanked me hard thirty times and as each smack landed and flattened my cheeks,  I repeated the mantra.

I dropped down from my toes a couple of times which she was not pleased about. She likes my bottom high and stretched for the paddle swats.

As I followed her upstairs after my punishment, I admired the best bottom in the world.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Olympic orgasm

The good mood day continued through to the evening and last night after our meal, I found myself giving cunnilingus on my knees whilst my wife watched the Olympics on TV. 

 As she started to orgasm she turned the sound up a bit.Of course I couldn't see what was on but I did hear something about the 200m Men's sprint. As the starter gun went off ,I licked with a passion and for twenty seconds there was screaming and shouting from her and a corresponding excitement from the commentator.

 A few seconds after the runners crossed their finishing line, my wife crossed hers and her thighs gripped the side of my head.

I guess she was turned on by the men's tight pants and my athletic tongue.

So we have another sport - synchronised coming.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Hot results on Spanking Day

Well I earned my International Spanking day badge last night. I was roasted and thrashed.

It was a no-nonsense occasion. My wife came home - I was in the bedroom stood in the corner naked except for shorts- she demanded the cane and I was bent over in the "touch your toes" position. The trouble is I can't  quite reach - I am just a few inches away.

The shorts were pulled down and the cold caning commenced. My wife lectured me throughout. I lost my balance a few times which made her mad. I was told to get fit so that I could at least achieve this simple exercise.

After more than a few minutes and many, many strokes she stopped caning me and I showed my appreciation in the usual manner.

When she went to shower I tidied the cane away, inspected my well marked bottom in a mirror and got on with preparing a meal.

The feeling of release and contentment that I experienced as I put the cane away was fantastic and I am still  relaxed this morning.We chatted happily over breakfast and my wife commented that we would get back to Maintenance Sessions since I so obviously needed them.

The pain and the pleasure, eh?

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The Spanking 8th

My wife is unaware of the spanking blogger scene and is not familiar with International Spanking Day.

So in order to participate I have had to come up with a cunning plan. Over the weekend I left our bathroom in a bit of a state and answered her back once or twice.

Then yesterday I forgot to take out the garbage for collection when I left for work meaning that she had to pull the wheelie bin down to the road . Last night I called in at the pub on the way from work. She tasted the beer on my lips when I came home and quizzed me. I am not supposed to be drinking during the week.

In bed last night I made some attempt at lovemaking. She rebuffed my entry but accepted cunnilingus. Whilst I was busy in between her thighs she commented that it had been sometime since I had been dealt with.

I paused momentarily to mutter, yes ma’am, sorry ma’am, and then continued with my tongue. She related nearly all my recent misdemeanours and told me that she had been letting things go. I mumbled in agreement. As she started to moan and wriggle with an upcoming orgasm, she told me that she would deal with me tomorrow, that is to say today, the 8th of August.

I am to get home early and prepare for a thrashing.

Hey ho. I wonder how that came about?