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Saturday, 30 June 2018

New balls please.

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The football is OK but I am not really that interested in sitting around watching it on TV.

Tennis is another matter altogether. All those skirts and white pants or blue ones maybe.

Can't wait for next week on the lawn tennis courts.


“Playing unfair

Friday, 29 June 2018

Fit for Friday - week 2

Image result for drawing gym circuit

I have been trying hard at Fitness this last week.

3 circuits at the gym and one long walk of 4 km.

I am about 4 lbs lighter. I had to buy some electric scales to get the sensitivity of what appears to be only small weight losses.

I am eating less so that's a good thing. The drink is another matter but hey, one thing at a time.

Anyway, I am  feeling better about myself so I had better keep it up.

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Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Health and efficiency in self-pleasure

Image result for health and efficiencyIt seems a long time ago now but I remember when this magazine was one of the very few sources of nudity for young boys who had  over excitable cocks which needed a lot of stroking.

The pictures inside eventually came in colour and looked a lot like this but with airbrushed
foo foos,which were much less trimmed in those days. 

For some weird reason magazines could not show pubic hair?

Then came  the newer men's magazines and women like this were included nude to double the excitement levels of teenage boys.

 Somewhat fantastically, the internet came along and jolly girls like this started to appear at the click of a mouse.

Spanking magazines have undergone a similar journey.

I would have considered myself  lucky if I found something like this to wank over at age eighteen.

Image result for spanking magazine

Colour photos, rulers, canes and green or blue schoolgirl knickers followed around 1976

Image result for spanking magazine

If you lived in London you might find a newsagent with the occasional USA magazine.

Image result for spanking magazine

Once the internet got started there was a surplus of spanking images.

Somehow it's a lot more difficult lying on your bed trying to hold a laptop in your left hand and your cock in your right. It was a lot easier holding a magazine. I even learned how to flick to the next page  with the little finger of my left hand.

Have a good Tuesday whatever you do.

Sunday, 24 June 2018

Sunday Spanklet - Shower tales

I was taking a shower in the men's room after a longish session in the gym. I was facing the wall and soaping and did not hear the guy behind me approach and start up the shower next to me.

Nice marks, he commented when I turned my head to look across . His hand reached across and lightly tapped the side of my bottom, I blushed. I had forgotten my visit to the disciplinarian earlier in the week.

Professional, he asked, or a girlfriend?

Professional, I replied, not knowing how to stop this conversation. I wasn't used to talking to men in the shower. This man was tall and would have been in his early fifties and still had a strong muscular body.. I caught a glimpse of his cock and he was fairly well endowed.

He carried on looking at my bottom and  told me that he had guessed as much from the nicely spaced out lines across my cheeks.

How much did you pay? he enquired like he was asking the price of a haircut.

I instinctively responded, as if he held some sort of authority over me..

A hundred and twenty.

I turned off the water and with a nod of my head at him I made my way back into the changing room, trying to hide a growing erection,  just a little bit excited and proud of my my marks.

I was in my pants and negotiating the buttons on my shirt when the man reappeared. He opened his locker and started to dry himself. When I was dressed and ready to leave I turned to say goodbye in a friendly fashion. He passed me a business card which he must have had gotten ready for this moment.

Give me a call sometime if you don't want to pay for it, he said in a cheery fashion. That's my number.. I'd be happy to oblige.

I took the card and found myself blushing again.

A few days later I came across the card in my wallet. I turned it over and over and then rang the number.

After an awkward introduction, in which I said I was the guy from the gym and he said he was glad I called and  he asked me round to his house. That was how I ended up standing next to a chair in his sitting room, bare from the waist down with my hands on my head, whilst he was upstairs fetching a cane.

He had just given me the spanking of my life with his large firm hand whilst I was over his knee and I was glowing and fully erect with excitement and fear.

I heard a door open and close and thought it must be him returning, so I was startled when I  heard a female voice behind me .

So what have we here. another of Dad's friends? Ah well, boys will be boys I suppose.

I squirmed with embarassment and dropped my hands to cover myself.

I'll just get my jacket which I left here the other  night. Nice butt by the way. Which way do you play?

Straight, I said, ....mostly.

Ooh. Even better. I look forward to seeing you again.

As the woman turned to leave the room her father came in swishing a long cane. He looked surprised and more than a little annoyed to see his daughter, when he had a half naked younger man in his sitting room.

Ouch. That's the sore one, she said. You will remember this caning I bet.  I must have been nineteen  I think when I last got six with that cane for smoking dope.

She slapped my bottom when she skipped out of the room.

Have fun, boys. Don't be too hard on him Dad. I really do like that butt.

Friday, 22 June 2018

Fit for Friday - my week 1

Image result for tubby man on scales drawingWhen I enquired about FFF at Fondlers Anonymous  Fondles  kindly said I might join the Fit For Friday gang if I wished.

I have just started a campaign of weight loss and fitness so here goes with my week 1 report.

I signed up for a circuit refresher at the gym and they gave me a new routine.

I have not been there for a long time.

One full circuit is now 30 minutes on 8 pieces of equipment.  This has to be done 3 times a week 

So far I have done two days of circuits.

I am eating less but there is a long way to go.

I probably need some encouragement. from the gym instructor.

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Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Leave that mobile phone alone

Image result for man in pantiesI had thought that Sunday might pan out rather nicely but then  I got into trouble and things were a little different to my expectations

The day started off OK and I did my chores and some ironing of the holiday clothes (I still need to write up some nice holiday diary entries on this blog).  I hoped that I might end up in panties getting my balls smacked before sucking my wife.

That was all fine and dandy and when my wife was awake I set off to get some provisions from the supermarket.

On my way my mobile rang and without thinking I picked it up from the passenger seat and answered the call, not really looking at the screen.
Big mistake.
It was my wife.

Oh, she said, are you at the shops?

Er, yes just parked up.

Really what's that humming noise. The engine is running. Are you driving?

I paused for too long.

You are driving you aren’t you?

Yes I guess so. I felt guilty so I added Ma'am to the end of the sentence

Put the phone down now and call me back when you get there.

I finished the drive with my mind in a turmoil. all the nice holiday stuff had dissipated in one silly act of stupidity. My wife has a mania about using the phone whilst driving.

I rang her from the entrance to the supermarket and in a non-nonsense tone of voice she told me of a few additional things she wanted.

Do not forget them she said. You are in enough trouble already.

I went round the aisles as speedily as I could. It was Sunday so there were some people I knew from the neighbourhood and we exchanged the usual civilities about holidays and what have you.

Arriving back at home my wife was upstairs and I started to  unpack the shopping.

She appeared a few minutes later holding the long riding crop. 
She meant business as she told me to go into the garage and set up the workmate bench.
I stopped what I was doing and made my way outside and into the garage. I quickly set up the work mate and stood by the side of it.

Get your trousers and pants off and bend over. Her voice was firm.

Once I was bare she could see my erection and she tapped it with the crop. You won’t have this by the time I’ve finished with you. Now get over that bench.

It’s sharp Miss. Could I have a cushion or something?

Don’t be ridiculous. You're lucky I don’t clamp your balls in  that thing.

I stretched over and spread my feet apart for stability.

You needn’t bother counting. I will just thrash you until I think you have learned your lesson. You know how I feel about phones in the car don’t you?

Yes ma’am . I am sorry ma’am it was just a mistake ma'am.

Yes well, it’s a mistake your going to pay for.

She didn’t let up with the cropping  for a long long time and my bottom was well and truly bruised by the end of the thrashing. I hate the crop because that tab at the end flicks round and raises really sore red marks on the side of my cheek.
I also hate it because what I assume is a nylon rod inside the braiding is inflexible. The cane is something that I can get used to after the first 5 or 6 strokes. Indeed the cane becomes more enjoyable the more it is applied. Not so with the crop which is an instrument of pain from start to finish. 
When she was done with my bottom my wife made me stand with my hands on my head and repeat one hundred times in front of her that I must not use the phone whilst driving.

Despite me taking my punishment my wife narky with me all day and my offer of cunnilingus at bedtime was refused.

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Nothing ever happens on a Sunday- maybe, maybe not?

Back home from the holiday. All unpacked. Washing machine on. Wife asleep right now.

Woke up this morning feeling like I need something to happen..

Have a good Sunday

“Female slave owned by Mistress Viroth.


“ Photo:

Saturday, 16 June 2018


The cane zips crisply into
a red line shining on peach skin
as soft as his whispered cry

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Tuesday thought

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the
 present moment. “


This phrase is what I focus on when I am bent over and about to receive the  cane.

It works and each cane stroke becomes a single event to be enjoyed.

Something like the caning in this video would be nice.  Mistress gives cane strokes

Monday, 11 June 2018

Sunday special


Last night was one of those memorable holiday nights.

We drank sangria and finished a bottle of wine over dinner at a local inexpensive restaurant.

We walked back to our rental home because it was still warm.
We stood in the bedroom and undressed each other. I kissed her breasts and  then my wife went of to wash. I popped half a Cialis under my tongue and lay on the bed. 

It was ten minutes or so before my wife reappeared wrapped in a towel which had given the tablet time to work its magic.

She let the towel fall and my erection came up to scratch. 

Leaning over me she softly slapped my erection with the tips of her fingers and then she smacked my balls harder with her palm.

 I moaned and groaned with the groin aching pain.

Telling me to wriggle down the bed a bit she climbed over me and straddled my face, knees on the mattress, facing the wall  and I went to work on her freshly soaped and perfumed pussy. 

I knew by the way that she slid her bottom forwards and backwards that tonight I was invited to lick her everywhere.

S rolled on to her back and opened her legs wide, pulling her feet up to extend an open invitation.

For more than 30 minutes I lay the with my head between her legs working passionately from her bum hole to her vagina, savouring every minute. I could have stayed there all night. 

She didn't used to like my reaming desires but now, in the right mood, she positively encourages my tongue to force its way up inside the narrow hole.

After I while she pulled my head up to make me concentrate on her clit and she came multiple times.

As she closed her eyes and gave herself some more attention with her fingers I lay on my back watching and wanking.

Holidays are made of this.

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Touch it

Image result for female fantasy

Touch It

Read the message in my eyes,
when I boldly stare.
"I know what you do at night,
when no one else is there."

I know your body rises,
eager to explode.
Your hand roams gently downward
and firmly takes ahold.

Hard body's there to meet you.
You dream of something hot,
to aid you in your pleasure,
but which girl's in that thought?

Can I offer a suggestion
of who it ought to be?
Play along and listen...
I think it should be me.

I would know just what to do,
with my hands and lips.
Cuz mine were made for pleasing
that place between your hips.

And you could spend a month
on my breasts alone.
If they were yours to touch, to taste.
Elicits fevered groan.

But the thought that makes you lose yourself
inside your fantasy,
would be to push my legs apart
and slide inside of me.

So next time that you see me
with my wicked little smile,
know I want you to get off on me,
of this there's no denial.

But to know you do this brings me pleasure
when I'm touching too.
So next time I'm "alone" at night,
I'll get off on you


(Thanks to sunshine28 at

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Saturday, 9 June 2018

Cultural tour not what was expected

Image result for cordoba old townWe went on a visit to a large historic city yesterday. It was a longish drive but enjoyable. We chatted away about our plans for some small works on our house. My wife reminded me that I would have to do something with the chest of toys that sits on the landing. She did not want carpenters or builders moving that and discovering what is in it.

As we approached our destination there was a billboard advertising one of Spain's largest department stores - which happens to be one in which my wife has bought some nice stuff on our previous holiday visits,

Oh goodie, she exclaimed. Some retail therapy.

In a sarcastic sort of way  I asked if we should go there before or after our historical tour?

Oh before, she said, with a smile. I need to have my batteries fully charged for shopping
I don't want to be too tired to get round.

In another petulant voice I commented that I thought we were here for culture.

I beg your pardon. Don't forget yourself young man - we are here to do whatever I want. There'l be no more spankings for you if you carry on like that.

I quickly apologised. I am sorry ma'am.

As we approached the exit for the town centre and not the old town she pointed at the sign and told me to pull off the highway onto the slip road. The signs to the store were easy enough to follow and soon we were in the underground car park. 

We walked into the basement part of the shop and  my wife suggested a coffee and cake and to get us started.

After the coffee she set off to the ladies clothes department and left me to pay the bill and mooch about the technical pc and TV department. Forty five minutes later she called on the mobile to tell me to meet and see what she was buying. I found her near the main changing room on the ladies level. I liked the lemon yellow dress she had on so that was approved so then she went to put on the capri pants and a shirt. Those were good too. She told me she had bought some underwear but she wasn't about to model that in the store. I could see it home she said, if I was a good boy

Related imageWhilst she got back into her normal clothes I looked around the floor and then this gorgeous woman came by me wearing an incredible pair of shorts. I pretended not to look and followed her for a while as she picked stuff off the the rails and put it back.

Having fun? my wife said as she came up behind me.

Er no just waiting for you.

Sure honey. Whatever you say but she is far too young for you so let's just go.

She took me by the arm and we went off to pay for her selection of goodies

We decided to leave the car where it was and after depositing the purchases in the car we went back upstairs and took a taxi into the old part.

We had a snack lunch, My wife had the wine and I got the water. Afterwards we went on a great walking tour and did our "history studying" for the day

On the drive home my wife fell asleep the whole way. I woke her up at the house and as it was still a warm evening I suggested we went for a skinny dip. This was turned down at first but then she said I could do it whilst she went for a shower. 

After a brisk few lengths in the chilly water I walked naked back to the bedroom.

My wife handed me her laundry and pants and told me to get the washing on in the machine downstairs and hand wash her pants. 

When I was done she said we could have a pizza from the freezer and watch a film.

You can rub my feet as well slave. Don't think I haven't forgotten that incident withe the girl in the shorts either. We can deal with that tomorrow. I think it's time your bottom was introduced to the riding crop.

Yes Miss. Thank you Miss. Can I wear a pair of your pants Miss?

No you may not. But you can come her to get your balls smacked for the insolent request. 

I stood in front of her , still naked , feet apart and hands on my head. The position is a familiar one. She sat down on the bed and my prick was stiffening slightly as she took my  balls in one hand and squeezed them hard.

She let go and swung the palm and fingers of one hand up into my crotch. I shuddered with the pain as she smacked my balls hard. Look at me, she instructed. I looked down into her eyes as she put one hand behind my butt to stop me pulling away and smacked me hard a further ten times. I was jumping and moaning trying to keep myself from asking her to stop.

With the final smack delivered she spanked my bottom once on the side of one cheek and told me to get on with my jobs whilst she showered. I did as I was told.

As we went to bed later on  I gave my wife a foot rub and then she let me indulge myself by rubbing her feet against my prick. She pushed hard with her toes into my crotch to make it clear who was the boss and then let me wank whilst watching her use her fingers on herself.

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Nice day out with surprise purchase.

Image result for calahonda spainWe had a good lunch out today in a nearby seaside town. Some people might look down on these places but it is really very pleasant and a lot of the Brit influence has gone away into the hills. 

It is about 15 minutes from our rented house.

I was driving around looking for a space to park so we could head off for a short walk and a long lunch when a shop on a corner caught my eye. It was a riding tack shop. (The area is full of stables and riding holiday venues).

I parked a couple of streets away and made a point of walking past the shop on the way towards the beach. My wife stopped me and said she had worked out what I was thinking, since, she said, all you seem capable of this holiday is having your butt whipped.

 "So I'll go in there and buy a crop and you can go the shop over the road there and get us a newspaper". She smiled at me.

  "They will think it less strange if a woman buys what you want. If they see you they'll just think kinky old man."

I needed no second instruction. My wife joined me a few moments later holding a long parcel nicely wrapped in brown paper. 
Image result for riding crop in a parcel

"Here take this back to the car and I'll see you on the beach walk. Don't dawdle and don't open the parcel. I am sure you know what is inside."

I passed her the newspaper and  did as I was told walking briskly back to the car with my mind racing thinking about what I was holding and how it might end up being used. 

We enjoyed a fabulous afternoon with some long cunnilingus back at the house. 

The long parcel is still unwrapped.

I have just had my morning swim and I gave myself ten hard swats with that paddle tennis bat on each damp cold cheek in the pool storeroom. They really stung. I am playing a risky  game of being caught out with this self spanking lark. 

Will I get whipped more or less if my wife sees the red marks? They are usually gone by lunchtime.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Holiday Day 4 - cross wife.

Yesterday my wife tried out the cane that I had fashioned from the bamboo plant growing on the terrace. It wasn't as painful as I had thought (hoped) it might be. It was too new.

She bent me over a chair in the sitting room of the house we are renting and peeled down my pants in the way she knows excites me (nice and slow), She commented that my bottom looked a bit pink so I said it was probably from sitting on an uncomfortable chair at lunchtime, when it was actually a residue pinkness from a sharp self spanking I had given myself with the paddle that morning.

She asked me what I thought I needed caning for and I came up with a continuation of a story she had started the other day. I said I was sorry that I had arrived to clean the pool not on time this morning. She picked up on this and accused me, the poolman, of looking through the window and seeing her naked. That would not do she said and I must be thrashed twenty times.By this time I had strong erection which she could see and she told me she was even more angry and that I would get extra strokes for impudence. She expected her garden  staff to be discrete not wander around with stiff erections.

My wife stroked the cane softly up and down my legs from the backs of my knees 
I think that if I had touched my cock I would have cum on the spot with excitement.
Bent over I watched her feet and slim ankles as she stepped away and tapped the end of the cane against my bare bottom a few times and then she wielded the cane and made the first strike. I heard the whizzing sound and then the crack against my skin. 

Only it wasn't much of a crack.

The second third and forth strokes came i quick succession. The feeling was not as sharp as a good rattan cane nor as painful but I enjoyed submitting to my wife and hoped that she would go on with the thrashing for some time..

This cane is hopeless she said . It's not even leaving a mark.

Sorry ma'am.

Yeah well sorry doesn't cut it. If you want to be punished you have to give me the tools to do it. Get me a coffee and then go and tidy our bedroom whilst I sit by the pool.

I stood up and pulled my pants back into position.

That was a disappointment all round.

Monday, 4 June 2018

Holiday day 3

I made my wife some tea in the bathroom the other morning when I heard her showering, after discovering that paddle tennis bat. It was my secret that my bum was a little bit hot. 
I talked to her for a while sitting on the loo and admiring her body. 

When she got out I stood up and towelled her dry. It was cute getting into all her nooks and crannies and getting all the water off her body.

I was on my knees at one point and I kissed her pubes at the front and then her bottom on both cheeks. When she was dry she passed me the sun lotion which I rubbed in all over her body.

Then she sent me off for her swimsuit and I dressed her and placed her sandals on her feet.
She was ready to face the day. I kissed her bare toes and asked her if she would cane me later?

Image result for dominant woman by pool

She said I would have to wait and see. In the meantime she said, you can wash these. She handed me her pants and clothes from the day before and went off to sit by the pool until I made breakfast.

I do like holidays.

Sunday, 3 June 2018

Sunday spanklet

Image result for fantasy woman

What's Your Fantasy?

Would it be that I would tie you up,
upon an iron bed?
Visit every secret place,
from your ankles to your head?

Or talking dirty might be your thing,
and I'll respond in kind.
"Give it to me hard" I yell,
as I fuck you with my mind.

Dress me up in sexy clothes,
a schoolgirl for your play.
A nurse, a slut, a secretary.
Different outfit every day.

Or perhaps you'd like to spank me?
A naughty game for two.
If that doesn't sound like quite your thing,
maybe I'll spank you.

Menage a trois? Sounds like fun.
Two girls for your show.
If that's what makes you hot for me,
how could I say no?

Maybe voyeurism is your bag,
to watch me touch myself.
Or watch the neighbors play at love,
the cameras on the shelf.

So I will be your fantasy,
a new girl every night.
Or maybe THAT'S your fantasy.
Tell me, am I right?

Thanks to Sunshine28 at the Allpoetry website