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Monday, 27 May 2013

So long, for a while

I need to check out of the blogosphere for a while.

 Not sure if I have lost my muse - she has gone off spanking and discipline. 

This has happened before and the urge has come back so I hope it does again.

In the meantime, I leave you with a few of my favourite things:

Blue Polka Dot Knickers 
A promising look


                                    Waiting for the stroke

White lingerie


                   Doing it this way

The crop and a peachy presentation

     Clear instructions

                              A nice straight back

And a damned good thrashing like this one at  caning.

Have a good summer north of the equator and keep warm if you are south.

Ciao for now.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Little or no progress.

Well, the weight reduction plan is off to a slow start.

Thanks to Ronnie for suggestions on a  plan and to others for their general encouragement.

After last Wednesday's weigh-in there was little or no improvement by Saturday so my wife marked me down for six strokes of the cane at some future date.

 I have to take a chart to the weight checks where progress, good or bad is recorded.

I skipped a meal  yesterday and did some swimming..

There was a delightful young woman walking around the pool wearing the smallest of bikinis, so that provided a pleasant distraction whilst I exercised..

Later in the evening I ate slowly as I have been told that aids the diet.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Different whips

You just never know where the internet will take you.

I, for one, had never heard that someone made riding whips  using the wood of the Hackberry tree.

I was looking at Amandine's blog  where she was describing luxury whips. 

From there I found myself at the  French manufacturer's web site of these rather nice looking riding whips.

There is more general information about the French company that makes these at  Esat les micocouliers 

They look like seriously well made crops and  I should love to be on the receiving end one of these.

Maybe with this lady wielding the whip whilst I am bent over in the stable.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

New instructions

There has been no spanking in our house for more than a week now, since the "Owning up" thrashing of the previous weekend.

There have been plenty of admonishments and stern looks in the last few days, but no caning or paddling. My head is spinning with the need for some submission and pain but I will just have to wait. 

Yesterday there was a discussion about my weight and the fact that I need to trim down.

It was decided that I would go on a strict diet and would be weighed on Wednesdays and Saturdays. A chart is to be drawn up by me and completed by hand after each weigh-in.

There will be cane strokes for weight gain, paddle strokes for no change in weight and the leather strap for weight loss.

Cane strokes will be added up and delivered at the end of the month, as will the paddle strokes. Because the leather strap is something I enjoy (it is a London Tanner strap) then these will be reward strokes and will be given at each weight check. 

I am to bring the strap with me and present myself wearing just my thong pants. 

There is no tariff on the strapping. My wife has said she will give me what she wants to give me at the time.

On the cane and paddle strokes she will decide on the number of strokes at the weigh-in and I will have to enter them on the chart.

These will be the only spankings I can expect as a routine for the immediate future. Any other behavioural problems will need to be entered into the Punishment book and she said that she may not get round to dealing with that book for some months. It all depends on the progress of my diet.

So here goes - let's see what I can achieve. No drinking alcohol for a while.

I don't imagine this will be the new me, but everyone needs something to aim for.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Sunday spanklet - Mothers Day USA

Spanklet  (n.) - definition - a very short story where an individual is spanked or caned.

"I really don’t have time for this."

He stood in front of the flustered looking woman as she berated him.

"It  was a simple request."

He nodded.

"Pick up my dress from the dry cleaners. That’s all I asked. Just one thing.".

He watched as she rummaged through the cupboard, searching for something else to wear.

"Carole and Richard and everyone will be at the restaurant soon, wondering where the hell we are."

He had to admit she looked good in her lingerie and tights. A fab figure at fifty.

"I thought all my children were out of my hair, but it seems I still have you."

She pulled a skirt and blouse out and laid them on the bed.

"So, if your going to act like a forgetful, dim-witted teenager what do you think should happen to you?"

He looked over at the long leather strap which still hung in its place on the inside of the wardrobe door.

She gave an exaggerated sigh and pointed her finger at the bedroom chair.

"Oh well, once a Mom always a Mom, I suppose. Assume the position!"

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Owning up - part 2

I was in the kitchen, standing in front of my wife early on Saturday afternoon, apologising for general naughtiness and waiting with a pair of panties over my head, for what might come next.

 I knew it would be painful. 

She was definitely annoyed. She had not humiliated me with placing knickers over my face for quite some time. 

Our kitchen table has an assortment of seats. There is a bench at the back, some chairs at the front and two low stools at the end. At various times I have found myself bent over most of them, including the table top.

- Pull out the stool and sit on it with your hands behind you.    

Her tone of voice was sharp.

I did as I was told gripping one wrist with the fingers of my other hand. I was stiff with excitement and submission, but not really erect.

- Spread your legs apart and sit still. I think I will try a new toy.

I heard her go off and then felt the tips of her fingers on my chest.

- I read about this a while ago but I forgot to try it out. This seems like the perfect opportunity.

I could just about see through the thin cotton of the panties, even though they covered my eyes, and I watched her manipulate a wooden clothes peg. When she closed it over my right nipple I nearly jumped with the pain. It was excruciating and I had barely taken it what she had done when she clamped another peg over the left nipple. 

I moaned a bit but there was nothing I could think of saying.  I was too absorbed with the pain which did not dull. I could feel my face stretched with the shock.

- Oh my. It looks as though I’ve found something which really hurts. Is that sore?

I could only nod agreement because if I had opened my mouth I might have sworn out loud .

- How useful is that. It makes a nice change to see you suffer properly because you seem to enjoy having your bottom smacked, no matter how hard I do it.

 She pulled out a chair from under the table and sat down facing me.

- Now then, I can sit here all day. Have I got your full attention?

- Yes ma’am,  

 Still that damnable pain would not go away.

- Good so let’s start.

She laid the tab of the crop on the top of one thigh and began to tap, tap, tap away. She scolded me as she slapped harder and moved the crop across to the other leg. Then she hit me between my thighs. My penis was flat now and my testicles hung over the top of the stool in plain view. She hit me there time and again quite hard and I flinched and shuffled around. For a moment I forgot the clamps on my nipples.

- So this is another area where I seem to get through to you.

I nodded. The pain was translating into that sick feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when your balls are hit.

- No more panties without permission.

- No ma’am

- No more wanking without permission?

- No,ma’am.

- Total obedience from now on?

- Yes ma’am.

I heard the chair scrape on the floor and saw my wife stand up in front of me. She moved to the side and cropped the bare cheeks of my bottom.

- This stool is awfully handy, she said. I can reach all the good bits. 

The whip cracked against my bottom a few more times.

She yanked at a clothes peg, not enough to pull it off but sufficiently hard to make me cry out.

- These are clips so useful. I think I will keep some handy all the time or get you to carry them in your pocket. That way I can remind you who is boss anytime, anywhere.

Coming up to stand close behind me I could feel her body press against my back. She told me to spread my feet further apart and then struck. The crop whizzed across the front of one leg in a diagonal stroke down the inside of my thigh and I jumped. 

Laughing at me she continued the whipping. All I could hear was a whizz and then a slap as she hit me time after time. She must have transferred the crop to the other hand because the whip hit my left thigh hard.

She bent further  forward  over my back and I could feel her breasts on my shoulder blade. As if to humiliate me further she rubbed the panties on top of my head.

- Is that nice you bad boy? Do you like have knickers on your head and your Mistress whipping you?

- Yes ma’am. Thank you ma’am.

- Maybe we should try the whip here.

The end of the crop tapped against my penis.

- Hold it up for me so I can get at the right place.

With the fingers of one hand I held the end of my semi erection at the tip and pulled it vertically. 
The crop came whizzing down across my front so that the tab wrapped around the base of my prick. She altered her swing a little and the next stroke landed with the hard length of the crop slap against my stiffening shaft. I yelped aloud.

- Count the strokes to 20

- One, ma’am.

- Louder. 

- Two, ma'am

Slowly and carefully she criss- crossed the whip against me. Once or twice I let go of the end of my penis. She waited patiently whilst I rearranged myself, giving me some slaps on my thighs to hurry me up.

By the time I had breathlessly counted to twenty my prick was blazing hot.

- Stand up, she commanded.

I rose to my feet, wobbling a bit on my legs.

- Bend over with one hand on the stool and one hand on your cock.

As I got into position she cracked the whip against my legs a couple of times.

- Now wank while I thrash you. The quicker you come the less of a whipping you will get.

I t was difficult getting my balance and even more difficult getting my sore prick stimulated. My wife offered some encouragement with her words telling me what a naughty boy I was and then started to whip my bottom fairly hard. I closed my eyes and worked as fast as I could. The stinging strokes covered every part of my bare bottom. It took an age to get stiff and many strokes landed before I felt that I might keep the erection.

I pictured in my head what the scene looked like. Me, with the pink and blue knickers on my head, clothes pegs dropping down from my nipples as I bent over and  my wife wielding the crop on a red bottom. I pumped harder as the strokes fell faster and my wife scolded and chided me.

As the heat rose in my rear so the pressure built up in my head and I felt myself to be on the verge. Observing the protocol, I asked my wife if I could orgasm?

= Hold it, hold it. She whipped my the back of my legs ferociously

-I can’t.

- All right, she said after another 5 strokes, come now.

The whipping ceased as I released myself. The cum dripped onto the top of the stool and I stood there legs trembling and mind buzzing..

- Thank you ma’am.

I heard the crop rattle down on the table top.

 - I hope you learned your lesson. Now kneel down and lick the stool clean and the tidy everything away.

She pulled the panties from my head.

Wash these by hand and when they are dry put them back in my drawer. And don’t touch my things again.

- Can I take off the pegs ma’am.

- No leave them on and go and stand in the corner of the bedroom. Give you time to think about improving yourself.

My wife left me to consider my faults for nearly an hour. 

It was still early in the afternoon and I had a raft of chores to be getting on with. I was easily sidetracked when she appeared in the bedroom and stripped off. Calling me from my place in the corner she directed my attention to her neatly shaved pussy and I settled down to pleasure her. As I sucked and kissed her lips I considered how fortunate I am to have such an inventive partner.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Owning up - Part 1

Riding Crops are a favourite disciplinary tool of my wife. She likes the control and the fact that she can guide the sting to the exact point she wishes to strike. The cane is more difficult for her to handle and quite often she ends up hitting me on one small area time and again, which is neither satisfying nor erotic.

We have a fair few riding crops. 

One is quite long, not quite a dressage whip but getting that way, and it only just fits in the chest of toys on the landing. I think it is called a Polo Whip. I bought it on a whim but it hardly ever comes out the the chest as my wife thinks it is a bit too much to use on me. I have tried self-spanking with it and it produces some lovely marks. You need an outstretched arm and some practice to get the end to land across the bottom. 

Two others are moderately expensive, braided leather and glossy handles with rings on the end. 

One is a just a practical crop used in the horsey world and sold in riding tack shops. I think I paid around £8.00 for it compared to £20 or £30 for the others. It delivers the stingiest stroke. It is quite short but springy and because it looks so ordinary we keep it in the umbrella stand along with assorted walking sticks and the odd golf club and old umbrella.

And the last one is a second hand whip that I picked up in an antique shop a few years ago. It does not get used often as it is quite stiff and thuddy. Very good for role play when my wife is the Mistress of the house and I am the Under-gardener.

We were out in the car headed to the shops yesterday and we came up behind 2 female riders on horseback, in a narrow lane. I was quite happy driving slowly behind them watching some delicious bottom movements in brown and blue jodhpurs.

After 500 yards or so they brought their mounts to a halt at a farm gate which allowed me to pass. The lead rider gave us a cheery wave with a riding crop in her hand and I caught a flash of her muscled thigh in the tight material of the jodhpurs as we passed.

Back home, after I unloaded the shopping and was placing items away in the kitchen cupboards, my wife asked me if I had done anything wrong in the past few days? Maybe something I wanted to get off my chest? This is a catch 22 question which she enjoys springing on me. What does she know and not know?

I opted for innocence and said I couldn’t think of anything.

Quite sure she asked?

Yep, I said in a confident kind of way.

And these? she asked, pulling out of her handbag the pair of panties that I had worn and played  in last Friday

I found these stuffed under the bed last night when I dropped a bracelet. I didn't put them there so I guess it must have been you.

I flushed red with embarrassment

So explain please?

 I gave her the short version, without the fact that I had spent some time on the bed in them.
And the stain on the front?  She held up the pjnk and blue striped knickers, stretching them out so I could see the dry whitish marks.

The game was obviously up, so I told her what had gone on.

Disgusting, she said, and here am I thinking you are working away at the house and job hunting, when all your doing is lying around on your back dressed like a girl. 

Hold these, she said handing me the panties.

She left the room and came back with the small blue crop. Pointing it at my trousers I started to unbuckle them and when she made noises about my shirt and pants I took these off as well.

Now put those knickers over your head. She handed me the scrunched up bundle of cotton with the lacy trim.

I did as I was told. They covered the back of my head and the front panel was over my eyes. i could still see reasonably well through the thin material. I could feel myself stiffen and my penis waved about in an attempt to become erect.

I think those women on the horses today would laugh if they could see you now

I nodded my head in agreement.

Did you think I didn’t notice you ogling their bottoms this morning? That would have been enough for a spanking on its own but this panty and wanking business is too much.

Yes ma’am. Sorry Ma’am.

I think you are only sorry that you were caught out, not that you did it.

No ma’am. I am truly sorry for my bad behaviour.

We'll see.


I was struggling to finish this post, so I thought it best to break it into two parts. More next time.
Hope you all had a good weekend.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Pink is tops

My wife appeared dressed for the office in a pink shirt and  trousers finished off with heeled shoes.

I don't what it is about this outfit, but it makes me instantly submissive and sends shivers of pleasure down my spine. In winter, dominant office woman seem to prefer black and I could not argue with that, but in warmer weather I am  sucker for pink . It seems to be both a feminine and a dominant colour at the same time.

I gave her a low wolf whistle when I saw her come into the kitchen. She smiled but then frowned and told me she did not approve of sexist whistling so I was told to bend over the worktop and drop my trousers.

 I protested but not too much. 

She took the wooden spoon from the utensil jar and gave me a dozen quick fire spanks.The sting was harsh but the warm spots soon came up and I relished the pain and humiliation of an everyday naughty boy spanking. Normal service resumed quickly and I made her breakfast before she dashed off to work. 

I went speedily to a mirror to check on the marking on my bottom. It was fading but still there in splodges. Having already undone my trousers I decided to strip off entirely and put on a pair of her panties. I did the rest of the housework dressed in next to nothing. 

As I worked I made up a story in my head where my wife returns unexpectedly with a fellow office worker and I do not hear them come in. I am sure you can guess where these thoughts took me.

After a spell on the bed, doing what I shouldn't, I got back to work.

A nice start to the day.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Quite a weekend

So by Sunday morning I had received a half of the tariff of cane strokes awarded from the Punishment Book account and all of the paddle strokes, or so I figured.

We had to go out to visit friends that day and most of our morning was spent at the supermarket and me cleaning downstairs, whilst she did e mails. Running out of time, we got dressed hurriedly and when my wife enquired about the state of my bottom, I showed it to her.

There are a few marks of the cane  but none of the redness from the paddle. looking at you no-one would even know you had been punished.

I can testify that you have punished me ma'am.

Maybe so, but its disappointing for me. When we get home this afternoon I think I will refresh things. Maybe give you the full cane strokes again, just to see that you are sorted for the week.

Yes m'am. Thank you ma'am - I tried to sound grateful but 80 is quite a lot strokes.

Put your thong panties on. I want you to feel uncomfortable whilst we are out and I need you on your best behaviour. Maybe thinking about what will happen to you later on will focus your mind.

Yes ma'am

She laughed as I struggled to get the panties on - there was hardly any material and I had to wrestle with a semi stiff penis to pull them over my crotch

My wife came up behind me and  cupped the front of the panties tightly in one hand.

Your putting on weight. Not good. Let's go to the scales.

She watched the dial closely - 16 stone 4lbs.

Not good - we need to add weight loss to our list of tasks, starting this evening.

Yes ma'am-I acknowledged. 

I carried on dressing but before we left the bedroom I had decided to confess to an error the previous week.


What ?

I have something else to tell you.

I went on to describe how I had left the back door unlocked for a whole day the previous week because i had not checked thoroughly before leaving the house.
She was not best pleased. 

Imagine if we had been robbed, there would not have been any insurance.

I had nothing else to say so I just stood there.

Well it's good that you finally owned up but it was stupid and stupidity needs to be dealt with. You had better make an entry in the book. It can be the first entry of the new session because we still aren't done with the old entries.

Yes ma'am. 

Get the book then and hurry up. We need to get on our way.

I sped off and scribbled the entry down in the book. I had to come back to her and ask what punishment I should write down.

Twelve , with the cane. That was a serious offence.

A few minutes later we were leaving the house. She looked at me purposefully and I went off to double check that the back door was firmly locked.

The lunch out was good fun. The downside was that I hardky ate or drank anything. Each time I reached over for potatoes or bread I got a look from my wife and a glass of wine was out of the question. Once she caught me adjusting myself with my hand down my pants, trying to free up the tight elastic and she gave me a really hard stare.

Back home my wife  was a little tipsy and she fell asleep on the sofa. At about seven she woke with a start and decided that we had better catch the last of the day by taking a walk. I suggested calling at the pub for a drink and she agreed, but that I could only have one pint. There were a couple of village acquaintances at the bar and we chatted happily for an hour or so.

By the time we had walked home we both agreed that the fresh air had done us good and my wife went upstairs to get changed whilst I made a snack meal. When she came down i was pleasantly surprised - if not stunned. She flashed open her dressing gown to reveal a startling set of bra, pants and stockings.

Interested? - she asked.

Very.- I responded.

Well bad boys have to get get punished first, so I suggest you get down on your knees and show your appreciation, but first get those clothes off and fetch the riding crop.

I rushed to do her bidding and then served her the snack on a tray. Only now she wanted me as the table so I had to go down on all fours in front of her whilst she sat and watched TV, with the tray balanced on my back. This was a new thing - sometimes she surprises me with what she dreams up. I still had my thong panties on and was itching to sort myself out but I couldn't really move in case I upset the tray.

When  she was finished eating I sat at her feet and had my own meal whilst we watched a thriller then it was tome to wash up. Once everything was tidy she lifted the crop from the sofa.

Time to thrash you I think.

Yes ma'am. 

The butterflies raced in my stomach.

She stood up and slowly released the dressing gown from her shoulders. She placed the crop between her teeth whilst she undid the robe and handed it to me. She looked fantastic as she stood there swishing the crop up and down and then slapping the tab against the palm of her hand.

We said 80 strokes.

Yes ma'am.

So hurry up then.

I brought a kitchen chair through and bent over the back of it with my hands gripping the seat. My wife took her time and gave me all 80 strokes of the crop in a leisurely fashion.There was no need to take my panties off. they gave no protection but she did keep pulling up the waistband so that the thin strip of material cut deep between my legs. She knows from old times that I get very excited by this.

She made me count in 10's which was easy to do, as although each stroke cut hard they were well spaced apart,so I had no difficulty in breathing and counting at the same time.

As she threw down the crop behind me she waltzed off out of the room.

Don't be long. I'll be waiting.It's my turn now.

I knew she didn't mean her turn for a spanking. That would have been the cream on the cake, but I was happy to perform in the way she meant.

Oh and one more thing. The weight training starts tomorrow in earnest.

Yes ma'am.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

More sunshine

Another sunny day over here. What is going on?

At this rate people will be headed to the beach.