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Monday, 31 August 2015

Wet weather time wasting

40766-atl.jpg (660×440)

It's a public holiday in the UK  and no surprise, il pleut.

As my wife went shopping I had a little time for some browsing. I should be fixing some light bulbs and cleaning a bathroom but hopefully I will still have time for that, or else.

Here is a nice caning by someone who knows what they are doing.

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Sometimes you just need it.

270CF1C900000578-3014124-image-a-131_1427471593687.jpg (634×1048)

Sometimes you just want a spanking.

There is no way round it. You want to be bent over and  have your bottom spanked hard  you just have to ask for it. This is what I did last Sunday and I was told to find the bath-brush and the cane and  be in the bedroom at 6pm and to wait.

I finished my jobs at around 5.30 and went to shower. I pulled out the cane from the chest and the brush from the shower and put myself in the corner a few minutes before 6.
I had my hands on my head and my eyes closed and listened to my wife moving around the room. Suddenly I felt her hands around my cock and her hips pushed up against my cheeks. I could tell she was just in underwear and I stiffened under her tight grip.

So you've been naughty, she whispered in my ear.

Yes ma'am, I croaked pushing back into her legs by bending my own.

I'm going to be very hard on you  since you've been a bad boy and bad boys get spanked?

I was wondering if she had been reading about D/s in the Mistress Manual I had bought her last year. I had never seen it since and didn't know if she had kept it. I was not about to ask this, when she was pulling me by the ear into the middle of the room.

Yes ma'am .

Bend over and touch your toes.

I got into position. She pushed me further over.

Cane first and then the brush. You said before that was the hard way so let's try it. Count the strokes and thank me.

With no further comment she caned  me very efficiently and I counted, One thank you ma'am, two thank you ma'am, all the way to eight when my brain was in such a spin I forgot where I was. Nine ma'am thank you ma'am.

No, that was eight. So I will add two strokes to what I was thinking of giving you.

I took the thrashing and passed from pain to pleasure at about stroke twelve. Counting always makes it harder to get into sub-space because I have to concentrate on the action not the resulting endorphin thrill.

At fourteen she caught me under my bottom and I yelped. At eighteen I was willing her to stop but she carried on until twenty six. I very nearly lost my count again at twenty and I was perspiring down my back with the effort of keeping the position and absorbing the pain.

Pull out the blanket chest and get across it.

Do you mean along it or over?

Along. I want to sit on the bed.

I made a space of about a foot between the end of the bed and the edge of the blanket chest.

Get the rope.

Unlike the instruments, which are in a locked box on the landing, we keep some sex  toy stuff like blindfolds, vibrators and silk rope in a drawer in the bedroom. I felt the weals in my bottom start to throb as I walked across the room. Any sign of an erection had gone.

I handed my wife the rope and stretched out along the cushion on the blanket chest. I was in two minds about where my request for a spanking was going but it was too late now.

There was no going back.

Coming round to my head S knelt down and tied my wrists together and then looped the end of the rope behind the small legs of the chest. 

Slide backwards.

I wriggled back until my hips were at the far end the chest. Open your legs on either side.
I stretched my legs wide and down until my toes were touching the ground.

Perfect, she said approving of her own handiwork. Now I 'll just push this lot out of the way..

She reached a hand between my legs and squeezed my balls and penis up and underneath my groin.

Don't want to hit those do we?

No ma'am.

I was exposed, restrained and ready  and my wife got started. She sat on the end of the bed her legs to one side and the wooden bath brush was the perfect length for to reach both cheeks without stretching. The spanking began lightly at first but the flat swats over the cane weals were very stingy. I concentrated on the image I must be presenting, my bare bottom raised for a serious spanking and I  imagined a naughty boy scenario of someone being spanked by his aunt. As the brush started to hit more seriously I shuffled around, only to be told to keep still. The position I had been put in meant that every inch of my bottom was in plain sight and S placed the strokes inside my thighs and up and down my cheeks. 

The swats became harder and I mean very hard.

You're getting some nice white spots, she said. Let's keep going.

Yes ma'am, thank you ma'am.

Eventually after many tens of spanks  I cracked and asked her to stop. 

In a minute naughty boy, you asked for this,so the least you can do is let me enjoy myself.

The spanking speeded up and she hit my thighs, the crease of my bottom and the crown. I felt the tears welling in my eyes and started to beg her to stop and that I was sorry, very sorry for being naughty.

tumblr_m8vqhtkxfw1r7jcmio1_500.gif (490×276)

That made no difference and she carried on and to be honest I was grateful for that. I have not had such a hard time in a long while.

When it was over and I was released she turned me over and tried to straddle me but teh erection would not come. She tried everything including stripping but all my thoughts were on my wonderfully sore bottom and not in my penis. After a while she gave up and climbed on to the bed with  her vibrator.

At least something gets stiff around here, she laughed. I hope you had a good time?

Yes ma'am. very good thank you. I am sorry I can't perform.

I lay back and listened to the quiet humming of the dildo and then the not so quiet squeals of pleasure.

After she had rested awhile I made myself useful.

8powtk12ogee.jpg (350×197)

 A great way to spend an evening.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Just my bad luck

femdomarchy-femdom-infographic-image-d.jpg (504×693)

I took many strokes of the cane and  with the  bath-brush last Thursday evening as a maintenance spanking. I wasn't being punished for anything. I was just an available bottom.

There was no lead up, no nice introductions, no role-play just me getting stripped down to my pants and bending over.

My wife had had an awkward male customer to deal with at work on Friday and,to put it mildly, she was just fed up with men by the time she arrived home.

"You're all useless," she grumbled as I bent and touched my toes. She dragged my pants down to my knees and struck very firmly indeed with the brush on a cold exposed bottom.

I found myself breathing hard as the paddling progressed in its severity and when the cane was announced a the next instrument I asked if I could go over a chair or something because I was finding it hard to maintain position.

"Better still," she said." You can get on your knees."

She then stood over my head and struck the cane diagonally across my bottom, catching the top of cheek on one side and the thigh on the other side. There were six strokes from one side using her right arm then six the other way using her left. Those were slightly less painful but not much.

When I whimpered out loud she told me that she was not full of the milk of human kindness and that I would have to stay put and suffer for stupid men in general.

She did not let up on the caning until every bit of anger was out of her system, about thirty strokes later.

I was proud of my marks when I inspected them in the mirror upstairs and there is still evidence of the tip of the cane hitting my right flank this morning.

I guess that as my wife's  whipping boy, I just have to take the punishments that are really due to others.

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Sunday spanklet - virtual spanking

09_03_skype_opt.jpg (428×350)
Michael waited as the Skype connection was made. 

Sarah's hotel room came into view and then Sarah herself appeared on the screen. 

She was lying on her tummy across the bed and Michael could just make out the top strap of her bra and the curve of elastic of her pants on the edge of her thigh. It was obviously warm in Dubai, for her to be just barely dressed.

Michael was sat at the dressing table in their London house. His clothing was  more appropriate for  the chilly weather.

Hello darling. Hows it going? Sarah's voice was distant but clear enough over the laptop speakers

Oh you know, not bad. How about you?

Great. The contract is nearly signed and I may be home for the weekend, Just in time for my birthday. I hope you've bought me something nice.

 We've all missed you. Michael swung the laptop camera round to show Charley the cat comfortable on the bed cover.

He looks as though he's been busy.

Oh yes- his usual self, all action cat.

Have you been a good boy?

You mean Charley or me?

You, silly.

Well, you know, as  good as I can be when you're not here.

Take Charley out now will you? He's too young to watch. And come back the big wooden paddle while you're at it. The round shiny one with the hole.

When Michael returned he saw that Sarah had rearranged herself. The screen now showed her propped up against pillows with a headset microphone on. She was flicking through a magazine. The lap top must have been perched on another  pillow by her side because the  camera was high enough to show her breasts and shoulders as well as her face. 

He approached the camera and said, Hello I'm back.

When she heard his voice Sarah looked at the screen. God its hot here, she said. I just had to take off everything. With one hand she pivoted the laptop to show her bare hips and the fringe of hair on her pubes where her legs ran away down the bed.

Storytime? she asked with a sweet smile on her face, after she had swung the laptop back again.

Yes please. Michael replied with a slight croak in his voice. He was already aroused.

Well let me get me in the mood first. Put some music on at your end and turn it up.

He watched as her hand slid down stopping briefly on one breast and then continuing its journey out of sight towards her waist. Sarah's arm began to move up and down, almost imperceptibly.

Going over to the music player Michael selected a track he knew would please her.

woman-sexy-orgasm-bed-nude-.jpg (640×351)
When  Je t'aime started to play  he was already back in front of the screen.

Good choice. Now give me a slow strip.

He was no dancer but Michael swayed and moved as he slowly undid the shirt buttons. Sarah laughed as he dramatically threw off the shirt in the stripper style.

Then he bent to hurriedly get rid of his shoes and socks and stood again to reveal himself from the waist down. He slid the belt out slowly and then opened his trousers to show his bulging cock constrained in his pants. 

He removed the trousers and turned so that his bottom was on screen. Twitching his butt muscles once or twice and making Sarah laugh in the process he inched down his pants over his bare bottom. Turning to one side he gave her a full  view of a rampant and waving prick.

Very nice now stay right there

Michael listened to the music as watched over his shoulder whilst Sarah worked her arm more vigorously. Her eyelids were scrunched closed and her mouth was in a O shape as her breathing became deeper and her bosom rose and fell with effort.

 As she started to moan the tune stopped so he quickly moved to restart it and went back to the lap top. His hand slid down to his cock.

I can see you. Leave it alone. Don't distract me. Sarah gave short rapid instructions in between her breaths.

Just as the sultry music reached a high point a second time he watched Sarah shudder and groan and then shudder once more as her torso arched with pleasure.

God I needed that, she laughed as her eyes opened fully and she turned to look at him. Just as Michael was about to say something her she held up one hand to stop him.

Wait, wait. There's more.Her arm pumped as he rubbed herself once more. God, yes, yes, she squealed as a second orgasm overtook her.

Sarah fell back crumpled against the pillow. Oh my god that was good.

Right, she said after a few moments 

Enough about me . Story time. Get that paddle. How about the Deputy headmistress. Lets see now. There was another pause.

Assuming a new persona Sarah flicked off her web cam. She could still see Michael of course, but she was now just a stern voice to him.

Michael, this is the second time in a month you are here. What have you got to say for yourself.

There was silennce from Michael.

Nothing hey? Well I have plenty to say. I have a report here that you brought the school into disrepute with loutish behaviour on the bus last Tuesday. Is that correct?

Michael mumbled that he probably had.

So I can either send you to the headmaster or deal with you myself. Which is it to be?

I will take  your punishment, Miss Stevens. Michael used Sarah's maiden name to add more effect in the play.

His  hand had strayed to rub his stiffening cock, forgetting  for a moment that he could still be seen, even though the pc screen was inky black at his end.

Leave that alone . The tone and sharpness of Sarah's command jerked him up straight.

I'm going to paddle you  so you can count yourself lucky you're not in front of the Head. I will now count out the strokes young man. Are you ready?

Yes Miss. He held the paddle out to the screen.

One. Michael swung the paddle around his waist and spanked himself hard

Two. He struck again

Three, and once more.

It went on this way withMiss Stevens counting the strokes until he had whacked himself hard twelve times. His butt felt gloriously warm.

You can go now and don't let me see you here again


The screen flickered back to life and when Sarah became visible Michael saw she was lying on front once more and he could see only her face and shoulders.

Turn around and let me see.

Michael spun around.

pantsdown.jpg (500×746)
Mm, nice bottom. A bit pink but I am sure I can do better when I see you. How does it feel?

Nice and tingly thanks.

You can wank then.

Michael turned back to the screen and saw that Sarah had placed a peeled banana in her mouth and was making soft murmuring noises with the O of her lips.

hqdefault.jpg (480×360)

It took him only a few minutes to rub himself to orgasm watching her facial expressions and movements . He caught his spunk in his left hand and stood there awkwardly.

Well go on then . Lick yourself clean, just like your Mistress taught you..

He lifted his hand to his mouth and swallowed the creamy cum. 

Good night, you naughty boy.

The screen zinged off and he stood there, weak-kneed but content.

He couldn't wait for Sarah to get back home and maybe the Deputy Head would deliver a  thrashing with the cane.

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Stressed out.

There was nothing I should have been spanked for yesterday but I just needed to relax so when I arrived home and my wife was in the bathroom I asked her for a stress relief spanking. 

We had a bit of time before we were due out so she obliged me. 

Taking down the bath-brush from the hook she told me to drop my pants and bend over the washbasin.

Forty very hard swats later and I was feeling a lot better.

329shq00277.jpg (168×112)
I kissed her toes and we got on with the evening.

One of the best bath-brush spankings on video is here in Spanking Library and is well worth $3.00

Have a good Saturday

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Pantyhose playfulness

Girls in tights being spanked are a particular favourite and I also get a kick out of wearing tights.

It is my birthday soon and when S asked me what I would like, apart from the customary celebratory spanking, I asked if I could wear panties and tights for the day. 

She thought about it and then said yes, provided I shave my legs . She said she doesn't like to see hairs under the nylon, on a man or a woman. 

She also told me it would have to a thong I wear, not panties as she wants the spanking or caning to hurt through the tights.

I rather presumptuously asked  if I could go to a salon for this hair removal but she said that 
SVJ105_WHITE.jpg (200×240)was way too expensive and she would do it herself. 

She has years of experience after all. She has offered to make a game of it this weekend and she will wear something appropriate. 

I hadn't banked on her personal attention  but now I suppose  will have to go through with it.

Hopefully this will bring us closer and make my birthday spanking something special.


Victoria's Secret.jpg (620×336)

This last image has nothing to do with the post, but it is rather nice.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Weekend of waiting

I had thought that 8/8 would be a great day but you know how things are sometimes. Things never turn out as you might wish.

 It was  Saturday and there was too much running around to do during the day to allow time for afternoon delights. |In the evening we met with friends and by the time we were home my wife was already expressing a feeling of tiredness, which I knew to be the signal for " not tonight".

So when Sunday dawned I made a special effort. Coffee in bed, breakfast with pancakes, everything just right for my Mistress. I cleaned the bathrooms, fixed a few undone jobs and all the while imagined that we might get together in bed for a while to allow me to honour my Mistress and spend time with my tongue in her pussy. 

By the time evening came around I was agitated that nothing had been suggested. I knew full well that I had to wait for a signal and it was not until we had switched off the TV that my wife announced she would spend time with her vibrator alone. I was told to sleep in the guest room.

She patted my cheek and smiled at me."You just have to learn to be obedient don't you."

She is right. I have a lot to be thankful for and I must be more accepting of my submission.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

A few thoughts to while away the time.

Whilst researching images for figure 8 bottoms  for Int Spanking Day I found some inspiring bottoms. 

"There is only way to get into the rowing club. You must reach high levels of  fitness and self-discipline.
You are fortunate that I can help you with both."

"Stay where you are Missy. His Lordship will be here soon. He is not best pleased about you breaking that Japanese vase."

The noise of the car on the drive surprised her. He was home too early and she wasn't quite ready. She had planned to greet him naked under a fur coat at the front door, so as to distract him from the damage to side of her car. He was bound to see it now 

"Put the riding crop on the bed and bend over the chair. I will deal with you when I am dressed."

"So do you want to fuck it or spank it?"

Wanted:  A Sugar Daddy with the means to unlock my charms.

Saturday, 8 August 2015

8/8 is for spanking and something else

My wife does not acknowledge  International Spanking Day in any formal way. I showed her an article  about it a couple of years ago and she said she would spank me when she wants to and not on any particular day.

So  I tried a different tack and yesterday I reminded Saturday that the 8 of August is the International Day of the Female Orgasm  (lots of oh, oh, oh's  in 88 I guess).

 This day originated in Brasil and has spread to a few countries.

The background to marking this day  is as follows.

"The international day of orgasm is held every year on the initiative of the Councillor of the Brazilian people in Esperantina, Arimateio Dantas, who decided to compensate his wife for some sexual debts ... [and] proposed a day dedicated to stimulate sexual pleasure in its maximum expression," the site writes, coining yet another term for woman's climax."

I don't know if the Councillor continues to garner the female vote in elections but the world owes him a debt for introducing a really useful day of celebration. .

 I am pleased to say my wife expressed interest in celebrating this day when I told her about it last week and she agrees that I should  honour it. I have set myself the undeclared target of giving her 8 multiple orgasms with my tongue this evening. 

Later on  I might raise the topic of Spanking Day again and see what happens.

Have a good weekend, whatever..

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Muff fashion

Because it is summer and swimsuit time there has been a bit of talk in the women's magazines about them  perhaps giving up on Brazilian trimming and going back to furry. 

I remember bushy V's from my early dating days. They did not preoccupy me then because they were just something to get past in search of the hidden prize. 

I do, however, prefer a trimmed and nearly  bare spot now. I enjoy spending a lot of time down there and a hairy lady garden would irritate me. My preference coincides with what my wife is pleased to do for herself and that's a little wisp of bush.

It will not  matter a lot to me what the fashion gurus dictate about "to trim or not to trim" becomes because I won't be kissing anyone else down there anytime soon.

Personally I think trimming will continue into the future.

My wife told to me to shave and stay shaved quite a few years ago and that makes wearing panties more exciting for me.  

Pubic hair does not get in the way when she "prick whips" me either.  I love the lash of the leather thongs down that bare flesh between my leg and my scrotum. 

The shaved genitals can give rise to some stares in the changing rooms at the pool or sports club  so I tend to cover myself with a towel or face the wall when showering most of the time.

 I recall the interested look I got from a nurse when I had a groin inserted angiogram. She had come ready to shave me only to find I was all ready to go. I did stiffen a little when she moved my penis to one side to insert the tube but I thought of the cold dark stormy sea and it went away. 

The week is going by quickly and the weather is a little more like summer here in the UK.
 I hope all the naughty naturists are having fun in the sun.

h&enaturisthealthandefficiencynaturist-10-2009-62.jpg (500×708)
I can remember all the airbrushing that went on in this magazine in he mid to late sixties. It was my best companion at about 12 ears of age along the catalogues of lingerie. Then Mayfair and Penthouse came into view at the barbers and I was off. Both of these mags had full muff shots and even better they had letters about spanking. Happy days.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Expect the unexpected or not

Wednesday was just one of those days when the unexpected happens.

 I woke up and my first  thought was about the punishment session I might be enduring that evening. While  I was keen to feel the  pain I  still wasn't sure how much of a beating I deserved. I had only forgotten some dry cleaning after all. On the other hand I had been a bit miserable over the weekend and my behaviour had caused some comment.

Then mid afternoon Wednesday my wife called to say that a friend of hers had broken down and would I go and help her out on the road. The friend is divorced.

I set off and found  Lynn and did my Sir Galahad bit by restarting her car. Effusive thanks all round.

When S got home she commented on  how pleased she was that I had been helpful and that Lynn wanted to thank me and would be dropping round..

 "Don't get any of your silly ideas," my wife said. "It will just be a bottle of wine or something."

"That s nice of her," I said getting a little stiff at the imaginings in my head.

"Now we were going to cane you tonight?"

"Yes ma'am."

"For something serious I seem to recall." .

"Yes ma'am. But not that serious. It was for the dry cleaning ma'am."

"Don't argue. It was bad enough and you should pay for your mistakes."  She paused. "However you have been very good today so I think I will ask Lynn to spank you".

I must have had a very surprised look on my face because my wife laughed and said " I'm joking you silly boy."    " I am not about to share your bare butt with anyone."

I half-laughed, as if it was the most ridiculous thing in the world.

"I will not be caning you  but you will get some treatment. "

Just then the door bell rang.

"Saved by the bell maybe. Not so lucky for you perhaps given how much you like my discipline."

Lynn was at the door and just as my wife had predicted she was carrying a bottle of wine.

When greetings had been exchanged and the gift offered, my wife suggested that Lynn should stay for a chat and they could share the wine.

Looking at me, S suggested that t I had work to be getting on with  in the study. I got the message. I was not invited to their chat. 

The spanking or caning never happened that day and I guess it is postponed but not cancelled.