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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Expect the unexpected or not

Wednesday was just one of those days when the unexpected happens.

 I woke up and my first  thought was about the punishment session I might be enduring that evening. While  I was keen to feel the  pain I  still wasn't sure how much of a beating I deserved. I had only forgotten some dry cleaning after all. On the other hand I had been a bit miserable over the weekend and my behaviour had caused some comment.

Then mid afternoon Wednesday my wife called to say that a friend of hers had broken down and would I go and help her out on the road. The friend is divorced.

I set off and found  Lynn and did my Sir Galahad bit by restarting her car. Effusive thanks all round.

When S got home she commented on  how pleased she was that I had been helpful and that Lynn wanted to thank me and would be dropping round..

 "Don't get any of your silly ideas," my wife said. "It will just be a bottle of wine or something."

"That s nice of her," I said getting a little stiff at the imaginings in my head.

"Now we were going to cane you tonight?"

"Yes ma'am."

"For something serious I seem to recall." .

"Yes ma'am. But not that serious. It was for the dry cleaning ma'am."

"Don't argue. It was bad enough and you should pay for your mistakes."  She paused. "However you have been very good today so I think I will ask Lynn to spank you".

I must have had a very surprised look on my face because my wife laughed and said " I'm joking you silly boy."    " I am not about to share your bare butt with anyone."

I half-laughed, as if it was the most ridiculous thing in the world.

"I will not be caning you  but you will get some treatment. "

Just then the door bell rang.

"Saved by the bell maybe. Not so lucky for you perhaps given how much you like my discipline."

Lynn was at the door and just as my wife had predicted she was carrying a bottle of wine.

When greetings had been exchanged and the gift offered, my wife suggested that Lynn should stay for a chat and they could share the wine.

Looking at me, S suggested that t I had work to be getting on with  in the study. I got the message. I was not invited to their chat. 

The spanking or caning never happened that day and I guess it is postponed but not cancelled.


  1. No matter the implement used to carry out punishment some times waiting for it to happen can be worse than the punishment. I can imagine you doing something while they chatted and wondering did she really mean it that she would let Lynn spank you. Maybe she is planning that for a future punishment.

    1. Hi archedone. Waiting is such sweet torment. I will continue to imagine a spanking from my wife and Lynn but it is not likely to happen.

  2. Wow, such a wonderful post. Just last night, Mistress had decided to join some girlfriends for happy hour. AS is usually the case a predicted "hour" of girl chat turned into several. When she got home, Mistress began telling me about a friend of hers/ours that was some "trouble" with her husband. Mistress was beginning to explain the advice she was giving her and started off by telling me that she didn't reveal "too much" about our lifestyle in giving her friend advice. Just then the kids came busting into the room and Mistress had to cease telling me what she told her friend. Makes me wonder .............

    I'm with archedone, the anticipation of a known punishment spanking has a real impact. Makes me wallow in my disappointment. The spanking is just as severe (perhaps even more).

    1. Hi SH in P
      Thanks for stopping by. Look forward to hearing the continuation of your wife's advice to her troubled friend.
      When the caning does start you wish you were still at the waiting stage and then the shock goes away and the enjoyment of the pain can start.

    2. Hi Michael. I'll be sure an update everyone about the advice Mistress K. gave to her friend. Unlike you, for me the shock doesn't away once the punishment begins but rather a whole different kind of shock begins. I know it is what I need, but I still want for it to end shortly after it begins.


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