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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Incapable of following instructions

Monday nights can often be dull affairs. I was doing the ironing when my wife burst into the kitchen, wearing just her bra and pants.

My blouse for tomorrow is not in the cupboard.

I felt sick with panic . It was still at the dry cleaners.

That does it, she yelled. You say you want to serve me and yet all you do is let me down.

The silk blouse had gone in last Thursday and it would have been ready ready in plenty of time had I not been so forgetful.

I could get it early when the shop opens and drive it to your meeting place. She had an important client meeting at 11 in an office about 30 miles from our home.

You better just do that then.

When we were getting ready for bed later that night she stopped me from pulling my pyjama bottoms on.

You know I don't think you're trying with this submission and wanting to please me. In two days we have had a show of insolence and completely forgetting to perform an important task.

I am sorry ma'am. There is no excuse. I just messed up.

So on Wednesday night we will try once again with the cane and see if we can make a difference. If not we had better  stop all this nonsense since you seem incapable of following simple instructions.

No ma'am. Please don't give up on me. I can do a lot better. Please would you cane me now  so I can show how sorry I am.

No I will certainly not. Stop pushing your desires onto me. I am teh only one with needs around here. You have none and if I choose not to discipline you that will be your punishment. 
Now cover that cock up and get my nice toy from the drawer and go and sleep in the guest room.

As I handed her the vibrator from the bag she made a comment that at least she had one prick that did what is was supposed to do, without argument.

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  1. She is confusing forgetfulness with disobedience. I forget to refuel my car, so am I being disobedient to myself?

  2. I agree with Anonymous!! She should have simply allowed you to get her clothing tomorrow and "forgotten" the whole thing!!!

  3. Hi Anon and Baxter - you never know she may just put it down to memory issues or she may think she can train my grey cells to perform better.


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