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Friday, 24 June 2016

Break from posting

I am going to take break from blogging for a while. I feel that I am not progressing with my writing skills and I am becoming a bit repetitive. I need to find some new ways of expressing myself.

Also I need to knuckle down to some work in the next month or so.

Enjoy what is left of the summer, especially if you are going to a pool party.

“ mydarkerside:
I think this should be the new international gesture for “I’d like you to meet my boyfriend” ”

Thursday, 23 June 2016

End of holiday playtime

So that's it . Holiday over. I began this post  whilst on the terrace of our holiday rental house, sipping a coffee, but have had to finish it off in grey old England. 

Yesterday we explored a mountain town with Roman and Moorish roots. It was hot but we enjoyed a cool break in a traditional Spanish cafe. We decided to have lunch on the road back home at a restaurant we had spotted on the way. . My wife had a few glasses of wine and I had a single beer. We were back at the rental house by 6 ish and we were not due to go out out for dinner until much later on .

We both knew what was going to happen. My wife had alluded to a session during the coffee break that morning, saying she couldn't wait to turn my bottom red, 

Once in the house my wife asked to see what instruments I could offer her to punish me with, so I recovered  the garden cane and the long length of irrigation tube that I had cut down to a metre length.We had used just such a tube at home so she was not surprised to see it and laughed at my ingenuity. I went to a drawer where I had hidden the long olive wood basting spoon. She liked that a lot and smacked the back of her legs , below her shorts, once or twice. "Hmm," she said, " that is just the job for a naughty boy."

She whacked the plastic tube hard on a cushion and it gave a satisfying whump noise. She thought the cane might break, as they sometimes, do so she would use it carefully.

I was sent for a swim whilst she arranged things.

“ via Lucy Loves Lingerie
”When she called me from the front of the terrace  she was holding the long wooden spoon . She was gorgeously nude except for the smallest of white cotton thongs, the type of underwear  you would put on under a summer skirt. She looked like a true goddess. 

 She wagged a finger at me and pulled me through the sliding doorway into the cool living room.There was a kitchen chair in the middle of the room and when she had sat down I had my wet trunks pulled off and they formed a puddle on the marble floor.  I was over her lap in seconds.

"This is just a warm up," she scolded me. "I intend to take my time with your punishment."
I stiffened on her lap with the sense of anticipation.

She spanked and spanked and spanked. My cold bottom was very soon extremely hot. Counting the spanks was both unnecessary and impossible. I squirmed and squealed with the stinging smacks, promising that I would be definitely good in the future.

“in color..
Wish my aunt had spanked me when she was naked.

When she was done I was pushed from her knees and stood in front of her.

She got up. "You're not the only to have surprises," she said. She held up a length of elastic cord. "I brought this with me. Turn around and put your hands behind your back."

In a few quick movements she had bound my wrists together quite tightly.
She pulled me through to the bedroom and bent me over the corner of the bed.
"Spread your legs apart." so I did.

"How many demerits do you have?"
"Twenty six Miss."  I admitted.

"It's Ma'am, not Miss." She spanked me with her hand. "So we will double that because it is the holidays."

I felt the end of the  plastic tube run up and down my bottom. For those of you haven't tried it this can be a severe  caning implement. It is less flexible than a cane and yet it has some springiness to it which transmits a very strong  line of pain when it lands on your naked butt.

The demerit punishment started slowly but then as my wife got the distance and her aim she let fly with a flurry of strokes. I lost count within seconds but she paid no heed to my count anyway. She used the rod like a woman possessed and I was in sub space in only a few seconds. I moaned with the pleasure of the pain. The fact that my wrists were tied added to my sense of submission.

She whipped me hard and it was well more than fifty two strokes before she stopped. 

"Climb further up the bed."
I wiggled myself forward on my face using me knees to propel me.

"Roll over"

I did this with some difficulty but eventually I was on my back, arms trapped below me and staring up at her smiling face.


“Milf Chocolate Girl here
” She smiled as she slowly pulled of the thin panties. Then she bent forwrad and rolled them up over my feet and ankles.

"It's very naughty that you like wearing panties but this is a holiday treat. "

The panties were stretched to breaking as I raised my hips and she pulled them over my cock. There was plenty of testicle and prick bulging out. the feeling of tightness was exciting as was the penetration of the string up between my cheeks.

She left the room and came back with the garden cane.

"Time for some fun." She cracked the cane over the front of my thighs and I thrust up with eagerness for the taste of pain.

She stood over me naked and trimmed and then knelt on the edge of the bed and swung herself over to straddle my face. Her cool labia rested on my lips and I began to lick as she started the cock whipping. 

I groaned appreciation as she rocked backwards and forward and landed the cane across my bulging prick and balls. she altered the pattern of the strokes and whipped the tops of my kegs. I increased the pace of my licks and tongue pushing in appreciation. As she moved she slid forward and my tongue travelled over her perineum and into her anus. I forced my tongue in as deep as I could.

"You're a naughty , naughty boy, wearing girls knickers and kissing my arse." she cried out, as she continued the whipping, riding me like she would a horse, lifting her hips and sliding backwards and forwards across my face. 

"Ride me, whip me.", I uttered as I caught my breath. I pushed my hips up to meet the cane.
My wife was lathered with her juice and my saliva. I wanted this afternoon to go on forever.

After a time her legs got tired with the strain of keeping her hips above me and she stopped and rolled off to one side. 

"Turn over and kneel up.". I struggled and she had to push my shoulders to help me upright into position. I looked down at her body full of wonder at how I had married this woman who so understood my submission and fantasies.

"You do look silly in those knickers."

"Yes Ma'am."

“  More femdom teens
Sucking on her panties as she pegs him.Do you want me to fuck your bum like a girl?

"Yes please Ma'am."

"Well maybe if you're a good boy when we get home I will, but now I want to come and you had better work hard. Twist around."

She untied the rope and I got into position to start the cunnilingus finale.

I took it very slowly, teasing her with tongue tip licking until she tapped my head hard with her fingertips and told me to get on with it. Her legs opened wider and she bucked her hips to grind her mons against my mouth. It did not take long to get to the first orgasm and then the next and the next.

After ten very "ooh aah, stop, don't stop,yes, yes "orgasms she cried "enough" and we both lay back on the bed exhausted, hot and sticky with fluids.

"Good job." she said. "Is your bum feeling OK?"

"Good and hot, thank you Ma'am".

"Well you can wank when we get home tonight."  She twanged the elastic of the thong panties against my hip.

"And you can keep those on tonight, to remind you who is the boss.". 

We dozed for an hour and then showered and went off for a meal with our friends from the beach. We drank a lot and came home by taxi. 

A  perfect end to a great holiday. Now back to vote in the Great British neverendum.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Glorious day in the sun

“ More on Regarder les filles
”Another fantastic clear blue sky as I sit on the terrace of the holiday rental, feeling the sun getting hotter. I have just swum naked in the small pool, whilst my wife sleeps on and now I have a cup of coffee and the chance to do a few emails.

We have to make the most of today, since we leave tomorrow, so we are going on a short car drive to do a bit of Spanish history, followed by a late lunch and then back here for some relaxation.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Return day minus 2

Only a couple more days of holiday to go. We will be heading back to grey skies, for the big UK referendum vote.

It was hot yesterday so instead of sightseeing we headed for a favourite small beach. As usual on a Sunday the Spanish families were out to enjoy their day of rest. This is good news. It is great to see people coming together and having fun in the open air. 

It also makes for good sightseeing when girls are moving about just doing everyday things, whilst not wearing many clothes. 

Needless to say I picked up quite a few demerits for staring, but that's not so bad is it?.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Sunny day

Only a few more days left on the holiday, so we are making the most of it. We went into town yesterday to stock up on food. My wife wanted some time in a pharmacy so I went into a local hardware store to buy a set of drinking glasses. We had broken one and I wanted to show willing by leaving some inexpensive replacements in the rental property.

Product Details
The hardware store had a cornucopia of household items, tools and garden stuff. They had bamboo canes and coils of black irrigation tube. In the back of the shop there was a rack of olive wood kitchen utensils.

It did not take me long to purchase three garden canes, a 3m length of 25mm plastic irrigation tube and a long wooden spoon and a set of 6 glasses. 

I placed all these items in the boot of the car, right at the back behind the shopping bags,  and then set off for the cafe bar where I had agreed to meet my wife. I felt a stir in my pants when I thought about the punishment session which might ensue before then end of the holiday now that I had some suitable instruments. I also thought I might find a place in the garage storeroom to maybe hide stuff away for our next visit and I could take the wooden spoon home as a memento . 

When we got home I offered to empty the car of our shopping and secreted the spanking items as I did so.

We spent the afternoon lounging around the pool and later that afternoon had some afternoon delight. My wife had one or two glasses of wine over lunch so she was up for some fun. She accepted my desire to kiss her cunt and her anal ring so I spent a long time down there.

Se laisser glisser sur tes ondesAfterwards she let me wank whilst watching her finger herself to yet more orgasms. She smacked my bottom whilst I stood by the side of the bed and warned me to add ten more demerits to the list for being such a naughty boy.

Holidays are the best.

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Beach day

I am always awake early on holiday and I enjoy being by myself with a coffee and doing my emails on the terrace of this rental house. I slip out of bed and leave my wife to sleep for another couple of hours. 

The owners of this place have installed a great satellite wi-fi service with the help of some UK teccie who lives nearby. There is a small charge on top of the rental but it is worth it. I get to do work related e mails at this time of day plus a little bit of blogging. Then I go to the town for bread and 
other essentials and cook breakfast.

We saw friends yesterday, who live permanently on the coast, and had a late lunch n a fish restaurant on the beach. I was doing the driving for everyone so I had to watch the three of them getting  stuck into the Sangria and beer.

The views out to sea were nice.

And just occasionally, the beach ready girls came up to the boardwalk to stand under a shower and get all that nasty sand off their bodies.

“ Bright and Early!
”We went back to our friends house for a swim in their pool and then drove home. I cooked supper whilst my wife showered and read a book. When I went into the bedroom she was lying naked on the bed holding the novel above her head. I told her she looked terrific and she thanked me. I asked if I could go down on her and she accepted my offer. I asked if I could lie over her legs for a spanking first and she agreed to that as well, saying I should get the hairbrush. . I stripped off my shorts, went to the bathroom for the brush and stretched out over cool legs. 

The spanking was delicious. My wife took her time with it and I was spanked from thigh level to the top of my cheeks. There was no conversation, just spank after spank after spank. I wanted to lie there all night.

Once she was finished I settled down to give her the longest possible performance of cunnilingus.

We ate supper on the terrace watching the sun go down and I ended up swimming in the small pool with nothing on.

Great day.

(Acknowledgements to Otto)

Wednesday, 15 June 2016


I was just a little bit naughty last night. We were sitting on pavement chairs in a Spanish Tapas bar and I was casting glances along the road at a group of young women who were walking up and down searching for the best (or maybe cheapest) place to eat.

They were not wearing a lot of clothes and one was drop dead gorgeous with long dark hair and high shorts.

I spent too long looking at them and my wife tartly suggested that I should leave her and go across and join them if I wanted.

I said I was sorry and turned my full attention back to her.

When we arrived back at the rented house my wife suggested that I start a holiday demerit list and put 10 strokes on it for my oogling at girls earlier on.

We had a good time in bed.

I will hunt around to find a suitable instrument for her to use today.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Holiday report

The holiday has got off to a splendid start.

We were driving down a quiet Spanish road, about 40 minutes after landing, when my wife turned to me and unzipped my trousers. She said that I had been very good on the flight not drinking and not commenting on some louts who were being loud and rude a few seats behind us. Better to leave that to the cabin crew she had said.

As I wriggled to loosen my pants she pulled my cock out and leaned over to start sucking it.

 This car sex had not occurred for ages and I felt very much in love. She played with me for about 5 miles and then we were pulling into the off-road track that led to the villa, so she sat up and recovered her composure as we were bouncing around too much and she had started to giggle.

I zipped up before we got to the neighbouring villa where we were supposed to collect the rental keys.

The next morning we went down to the town to play some tennis and pick up some groceries. My wife  was not undressed like this, but she did have on some nice white tennis knickers under a short blue skirt.

Then it was back home and time for our first swim in the pool.  We lay out in the hot sun and I brought out some beer and olives and crisps. We lay around for a couple of hours, jumping in the pool to stay cool.

“…the cane…
”Before I started to cook dinner, my wife suggested a quick spanking session. I took off my trunks but she kept her swimsuit on. There was no cane to hand but she did have a hairbrush and a sandal, so the spanking was nice and stingy.

When we were finally on the terrace after dinner and she was stretched out on a lounger I asked if I could go down on her. She opened her legs and I lifted the light summer skirt to one side. There were no panties so I guess she had planned for this eventuality.

I do like holidays in the warmer climes. You can keep Iceland so far as I'm concerned.

PS The rental property now has wi-fi on satellite so I am able to post whilst my wife sleeps on, but maybe not everyday. Time to see what i can rustle up in the way of a cane or paddle. I really feel like having my bottom scorched, as I sit here in my pants on the terrace.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Holiday time

W are off to Spain for a short holiday. Who knows what sights there may be on the beach?

It seems the Spanish are into spanking as much as anybody 
- this blog is always up to date   azotesynalgadas

The Spanish  have useful looking equipment like this saddle rest.

 Handy if you want to be bent over something which is not too obviously  a spanking bench.

You could even have this one in the living room of your house and keep a few toys in the cupboard.

Or you might come across these bar stools in the hotel.


I usually manage to get one or two spankings on holiday in Spain. We don't take much in the way of toys because of security checks at the airport, but the house we generally rent on the Costa del Sol has a garage storage space, where I have always been able to find a pervertible like a piece of wood or an old  beach bat.It is close to a small town which has an equestrian clothes and tack shop where you can buy a riding crop for a few Euros. I have bought a crop once or twice now and have wondered if I should leave the whip at the rental house when we left, but have opted instead to give them to a charity shop in the town in a bag with some summer clothes that we night not want to take home.

Les caresses de lumièreOne thing I do like about a holiday in the sun is seeing a lot more of my wife's naked body, as she trots around the house with nothing on.

Hasta la vista

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Birthday spanklet

Sandra was busy helping Mary get ready for the Birthday party . A  21st birthday party  is a special affair and they both wanted to look their best. Mary was intending to stay over at Sandra's once the festivities were over.

“ Julie Delcourt
Love Julie Delacourts drawings.

When Mary leaned over the dressing table to pick up the mascara she had dropped, Sandra took her chance.

Time for your birthday spanking I think . The first of many, maybe?

After 21 very hard spanks, plus 1 for luck,  Mary had the loveliest pink cheeks. Sandra knelt behind and gave the peachy bottom two loving kisses.

The next morning Mary found herself alone in Sandra's bedroom and picked up the hairbrush from the dresser. Pulling down her panties and turning to see the reflection of her bottom in the mirror she spanked herself hard, relishing each painful smack.
Self spanking admiring her handiwork
Art by Julie Delacort

The bedroom door opened and Sandra's mother walked in.

I can help with that, my dear. It will be a pleasure.

The squeals from Mary were proof positive that Sandra's mother knew what she was doing with a hairbrush.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Starting a married life together

The wedding we went to this last weekend was a big success. The number of guests was not  large and we alll stayed at the same small country park hotel. 

In fact there was no guest staying at the hotel who was not at the wedding, so at 3 pm they closed the spa to be "women only" so the  bride and bridesmaids could have their make up done without prying male eyes. 

My wife went down to have a massage and sauna that she had pre booked and I was left to take a walk, with strict instructions not to go near the bar. 

The bride and groom had  been married a week ago in a civil ceremony, with just two friends present, so the hotel ceremeny at 6 o'clock was a "blessing only" by a local preacher which lasted 30 minutes and then it was party time. 

This has to be one of the best weddings we had been to in years; there was no standing around with long photo sessions, just a speedy hurrah for the happy couple with champagne and then into dinner. 

There were some good speeches including one from the chief bridesmaid which was the funniest of them all. Then dancing and drinking until the early hours of the morning.

We were too tired for sex before bed but the next morning before breakfast my wife took me into the bathroom and lowerd my pants to spank me hard with her hairbrush. I had brought along the nylon cane as instructed the previous week, but she told me that my official punishment would have to wait until we got home.

We went down to have breakfast, me feeling good with a well spanked bottom, and spent some time chatting with friends. At one point my wife disappeared and then she told me that she had negotiated a late check out rate  with the desk, so we were going to stay on a bit longer . It turned out one of her friends had suggested this and  it also transpired that S had booked herself a manicure and pedicure at the spa at a discount for later on.

We didn't see the bride and groom until they appeared at about 11 oclock all ready to drive to the airport for their honeymoon. There was a lot of kissing and hugging and happy shouting as they drove off in a decorated car and then most of the guests dispersed to pack and go home.

We went for a stroll  and had a bar lunch. Then my wife suggested that we go upstairs for an hour or so before her spa appointment and watch some tennis at the French open on the internet. 

As we lay on the bed watching the TV, my wife noticed that I was stiff and I had to admit that the tennis knickers of the Spanish girl were the cause. I was told to add another 6 strokes to the penalty punishment I would be receiving that night at home and then she switched off the remote and suggested that if I was feeling that excited I should get my head down and service her. 

We discarded our clothes except for pants and I got to work on her pussy after peeling her knickers over her thighs. Since we were practically lying "toe to head" I had my butt towards her, kneeling with my bottom raised, and she began to torture tease me, whilst I was busy on her cunt, by slapping my balls with the palm of her hand and digging her nails into my scrotum. I was murmering for more.and I gave her everything I could with my tongue and mouth to encourage her not to stop the slapping and squeezing betweenn my legs. The pain she inflicted was both agony and ecstsy all wrapped up in one. When she tapped me on the head with her finger to indicate a sufficiency of orgasms I got up from  the bed and did the typically English thing of making a cup of tea.

Whilst she went off to the spa I made a decent job of packing and tried out the whippy cane on my bottom a few times. I was keenly anticipating the caning when we got home. and my wife did not disappoint me.

“I assume that the caning by this beautiful Mistress must be severe.
” Once we had driven home I took forty strokes bent over the blanket chest in the bedroom and she made me count and ask for each one. 

She surprised me later in bed by telling me that she had taken me up on my suggestion of a present and had left an anonymous  wrapped box containing a nylon paddle hairbrush at the Hotel desk reception with the bride and groom's name on it. She had put in a card with a typed note "To keep hubby in line." 

She laughed as she wondered if it had been taken on the honeymoon or kept with the other presents to be taken home by her Mother.
She can do without the dress
A great weekend on all counts and I hope their honeymoon is a lot of fun.

The next day

Thank goodness!

It looks like last night's spanking does not show anymore.

Mind you it was kind of fun.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

An so to bed

There are few things nicer than seeing a woman laying on her front on the bed wearing  a very conventional nightgown or short nightie, , when it is slightly raised at the back to expose a tiny expanse of bare bottom.

If she has placed a hairbrush by her side then you can be fairly certain what she is thinking might happen.

If the punishment is a more planned affair then there might be additional instruments set out and probably a waiting period once the nightgown is removed.

An angry flatmate with a score to settle might make sure that you don't go to sleep until the issue is resolved.

Spanked and punished naked but white socks…
I love it!!!!!

Once the chastisement is finished it is time to forgive and forget and go to sleep with sweet dreams.