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Sunday, 12 June 2016

Holiday time

W are off to Spain for a short holiday. Who knows what sights there may be on the beach?

It seems the Spanish are into spanking as much as anybody 
- this blog is always up to date   azotesynalgadas

The Spanish  have useful looking equipment like this saddle rest.

 Handy if you want to be bent over something which is not too obviously  a spanking bench.

You could even have this one in the living room of your house and keep a few toys in the cupboard.

Or you might come across these bar stools in the hotel.


I usually manage to get one or two spankings on holiday in Spain. We don't take much in the way of toys because of security checks at the airport, but the house we generally rent on the Costa del Sol has a garage storage space, where I have always been able to find a pervertible like a piece of wood or an old  beach bat.It is close to a small town which has an equestrian clothes and tack shop where you can buy a riding crop for a few Euros. I have bought a crop once or twice now and have wondered if I should leave the whip at the rental house when we left, but have opted instead to give them to a charity shop in the town in a bag with some summer clothes that we night not want to take home.

Les caresses de lumièreOne thing I do like about a holiday in the sun is seeing a lot more of my wife's naked body, as she trots around the house with nothing on.

Hasta la vista


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