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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Holiday report

The holiday has got off to a splendid start.

We were driving down a quiet Spanish road, about 40 minutes after landing, when my wife turned to me and unzipped my trousers. She said that I had been very good on the flight not drinking and not commenting on some louts who were being loud and rude a few seats behind us. Better to leave that to the cabin crew she had said.

As I wriggled to loosen my pants she pulled my cock out and leaned over to start sucking it.

 This car sex had not occurred for ages and I felt very much in love. She played with me for about 5 miles and then we were pulling into the off-road track that led to the villa, so she sat up and recovered her composure as we were bouncing around too much and she had started to giggle.

I zipped up before we got to the neighbouring villa where we were supposed to collect the rental keys.

The next morning we went down to the town to play some tennis and pick up some groceries. My wife  was not undressed like this, but she did have on some nice white tennis knickers under a short blue skirt.

Then it was back home and time for our first swim in the pool.  We lay out in the hot sun and I brought out some beer and olives and crisps. We lay around for a couple of hours, jumping in the pool to stay cool.

“…the cane…
”Before I started to cook dinner, my wife suggested a quick spanking session. I took off my trunks but she kept her swimsuit on. There was no cane to hand but she did have a hairbrush and a sandal, so the spanking was nice and stingy.

When we were finally on the terrace after dinner and she was stretched out on a lounger I asked if I could go down on her. She opened her legs and I lifted the light summer skirt to one side. There were no panties so I guess she had planned for this eventuality.

I do like holidays in the warmer climes. You can keep Iceland so far as I'm concerned.

PS The rental property now has wi-fi on satellite so I am able to post whilst my wife sleeps on, but maybe not everyday. Time to see what i can rustle up in the way of a cane or paddle. I really feel like having my bottom scorched, as I sit here in my pants on the terrace.

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