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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Fresh start for Rowena

Surprise events at the Riding School. Rowena finds that  she likes discipline in her life and discovers new things about herself.

Rowena spent the afternoon tidying up the stables after the children had gone away from their riding instruction. She had been pleased to be asked by Sally, the riding school owner if she could look after the farm, whilst Sally went in to town to do some legal stuff.

Having only joined the stables about six months ago Rowena had worked hard to be friendly and generally useful. There was no need to do either because she was paying a handsome fee to ride one of the horses twice a week and she could have just driven up and had her time out in the fields with her favourite pony and then left, but that wasn’t in her nature.

She enjoyed everything to do with horses and riding and now that her husband had left her and gone off with a younger filly, she was well off financially and had time on her hands. At 48 she was still fit and good looking enough to attract a new man but she was no longer interested in a relationship. Men only led to trouble she had decided

There were only so many coffee mornings and lunches she could go to, so now Rowena divided her time between housework, a local charity and now her passion for riding. She had done her research and found this small livery stable with only twelve horses and a cheerful owner who seemed to enjoy having company during the week, when few adult riders came along because they were working.

Generally speaking, the mornings for Sally involved stable work and her afternoons were filled teaching children how to stay on a horse. On Saturday the stables were filled with teenage girls fussing around their ponies and horses and providing free labour for mucking out. On a Sunday Sally either rested or did housework in the farmhouse or entertained friends.

Sally had once been engaged to be married but she had pulled out before the big day and had not regretted her decision. Her parents had passed away within a few years of each other and she had inherited their farm. The land was rented out to a local farmer and all she had to do was receive the income, which left her free to engage in her equine passion.

As Rowena placed some feed in front of the last remaining horse which she had to stable for the day, she looked at her watch. Sally would not be much longer. She decided to polish her saddle with soap and placed it on the trestle near the workbench. She was soon absorbed in her work and heard no sound until the whizz and whack of something hard landing on her bottom. Jumping with the shock Rowena uttered a shriek of surprise and turned to see a tall man in a suit holding a riding crop, that presumably had just delivered  the stripe of pain on her jodhpurs.

“Oh god. You’re not Sally.”

“No, obviously I am not. What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“Look I’m sorry that was truly awful of me. I must apologise. I don’t know what I was thinking of.”

“Who the hell are you anyway?” Rowena asked, rubbing both hands hard on the back of her bottom.

The man who, although middle aged, was perhaps not unattractive, explained that he was Mike Hudson, the father of one of the girls, Katy, who had a horse at the stable.. He had passed by to pick up some clothes which his daughter had left by mistake, in a bag, at the weekend.

“That must be it  there,” said Rowena  pointing to a multi-coloured satchel in the corner of the stable near the door.

“I am sorry I didn’t see it.”

“No you saw something else instead. What makes you think you can go around whacking women on the bottom anyway?”

“Like I said I thought you were Sally and I just did it for a bit of fun. She’s quite a good sport you know, quite a gal.”

“And I’m not I suppose?”  Rowena asked with a smile on her face.

They stood facing each other, neither saying anything.

Finally Rowena broke the silence.

“Well I don’t suppose any harms done. Maybe you would like to carry on?”

Turning her back to him Rowena bent a little over the top of the saddle pushing out her bottom. She turned her head back to look at him.

“Well, cat your tongue?” she asked looking back over shoulder.

“Are you sure?” Mike asked, not quite believing what was being suggested.

“Sure I’m sure. Just don’t go mad with that crop. I’ll tell you when to stop.”

Mike stood behind her fingering the tip of the crop between his fingers and then raised his arm. The crop shot across the tight material and left a momentary impression in the fabric.

“Ouch,” Rowena muttered.

Without warning he cropped the bottom again and then a third time. Rowena wiggled her hips to shift the pain but stayed where she was Mike admired her pluck and was about to strike again, thinking that she might take another six or so strokes.

“What the hell is going on?” Sally’s strident voice rang out from the barn door. She strode towards them and stood with her hands on her waist looking furious.

“Well I’m waiting Mike. What are you doing whipping one of my customers.?”

“Rowena stood upright, one hand rubbing at her bottom.

“It’s OK Sally, I kind of asked for it.”

“Be quiet please Rowena,” Sally commanded. “I was asking Mike.”

“Look Sally it was a misunderstanding.” Mike explained how he had spanked Rowena with what he described as a little tap.  “I thought she was you and I got a bit carried away in the moment.”

“I’ll say you did and so then you went to give her more of the same did you. Maybe Rowena should see you get a taste of your own medicine?”

Sally put out her hand to reach for the riding crop Mike was holding.

“Oh come on Sally!”

“I mean it Mike. Get over that saddle but drop your trousers first. Unless you want me to report you for assault of course, and then stop your daughter coming here..

Looking into Sally’s eyes Mile knew she meant business. He took off his suit jacket and placed it carefully on the stool near the bench. Moving slowly over to the trestle support he undid the belt around his waist and let the trousers fall to the ground as he bent over the side of Rowena’s  saddle .

Moving up behind him Sally grabbed the waistband of his boxer shorts .

“And these as well Mike.”

“Oh no,” he complained. “Not bare.”

“Yep, bare bottom. It’s the only way . Now be quiet while I whip you.”

Sally grinned across at Rowena who was wide mouthed at the spectacle in front of her. How many times had she pictured her ex-husband in just such a position, waiting bare -assed for the whipping of his life, as pay back for the humiliation he had brought her. Silently she hoped that Sally would teach this representative of the male of the species a damn good lesson.

Mike stretched his legs out behind him as Sally ran the tab of the crop up the back of each tight thigh. Sally raised the whip high in the air and the whipping began. She was unforgiving in her efforts and his white skin became quickly pink and the deep red as the strokes landed hard and fast.

Mike groaned and moaned and shuffled his feet trying to absorb the flashes of pain. The saddle trestle rocked back and forth as he tried to move forward with the stroke to reduce the impact.

There was no holding Sally back. She looked as though she was taking careful aim, and quite a lot pleasure, ensuring that  the full extent of Mike’s bare  bottom had its fair share of  red lines on the surface of  Mike’s bottom. Rowena had tried to count the strokes but gave up once Sally had gone beyond fifteen.

In a dramatic gesture Sally finally threw the crop on the floor and told Mike  to get dressed and go home.

“I will see you around Mike. Just try to be good in the meantime.” Sally smacked the bare bottom as she went by.

Leaving him to dress Sally took hold of Rowena’s wrist and led her out of the stable.

“Wow. That was fun. Did you see his ass? Nice and toasty. I need a drink after that – do you want to join me.”

Rowena was pleased and excited to be invited into the farmhouse. She had wanted a look around inside the centuries old building since she first came to the riding school.

As the door closed behind the women they heard the BMW turn in the yard and then disappear. Rowena wondered how comfortable Mike would be in the car seat, even if it was leather upholstery. The pair took off their riding boots in the storm porch and walked in their socks into the farmhouse kitchen. Sally pointed at a chair by the long pale colour wooden table which was deeply scarred with years of use and bleach cleaning.

“Right then, A large glass of Chardonnay is called for I think, we have both earned it. Thanks for looking after the shop and I’m sorry that Mike took a swing at your bum. I can’t blame him really. It does look kind of tight in those pants.

Rowena flushed at the compliment. She had always wondered what she looked like in her riding gear. Maybe she still had it if younger men were interested in looking at it.
As the wine was being poured, Rowena asked a question that was uppermost in her thoughts.

“Erm, Sally It seemed that Mike wasn’t totally surprised to have his bottom spanked?”

“Hah. You call that a spanking do you? I thought it was a pretty good whipping.”

They both laughed, remembering the sight of the naked cheeks quivering under the lashing of the crop.

“Well yes, whipped would be better I suppose. I mean, has that happened before, you whipping him like that?”

“Oh yes. Mike is a bit of an addict actually. His wife died a few years ago and he has been pestering me to go out on  a date with him since he and his daughter turned up here a couple of years ago.”

Sally took a sip of wine before she continued. “I don’t blame him for trying but I am really not interested in him or any other man come to that.”

For another five minutes Sally explained her history and her lifestyle to Rowena as they sat at the kitchen table enjoying the relaxing effect that the wine was having on their limbs and brains.

“I‘m a bit like you, you know,” Rowena said once Sally had finished. “Now that I am on my own I can’t see how I would let a man tell me what to do anymore.”

“Absolutely and some men, like Mike, actually seek the total opposite. He likes being bossed around and he pays me double the fees to have me do it. I have to punish him from time to time, but hey, it pays some bills. So to answer your question, today was not the first time.”

Rowena took all this on board in a bit if a daze. Today had not turned out anything like she had expected it to.

Taking a deep breath she asked her next question.

“So do like, you know, do you do that with anyone else?”

"Aha. You’ve caught me out now.” Sally laughed at Rowena’s eager expression on her  face.

“Yes I do. The stables don’t cover their costs and my own horse costs a lot, so yes I do have a couple of clients who like special treatment.”

So now Rowena had arrived at her last question.

“Would you, I mean, could you whip me?”
“I could and I can. I wondered if we were getting to this. Did you like your little spanking from Mike then?”

Sally stood up from the kitchen table and went to the porch door.

Rowena watched as she took down a  riding crop from a hook among the coats.

“Bring your wine and we’ll go the sitting room. It’s more comfortable there.”

Rowena followed feeling every ridge through her socks in the cold stone tiles on the floor in the hallway. They turned into a large room at the front of the house. This was obviously the room for entertaining as it was tidier and more fashionably decorated than the everyday kitchen. Sally took the wine glass from her and placed it on the coffee table, pushing the horsey magazines to one side. She sipped her own wine and waved the crop at Rowena.

“So let’s have the jodphurs off shall we?”

In a dreamlike fashion Rowena unbuttoned the waistband of her riding trousers and wriggled them down over her hips. She sat on the sofa to pull the elastic sided trousers off over her feet and then stood up wearing only her socks, pale pink high leg panties and blouse.

Sally sat down on the edge of the coffee table and slid open a drawer concealed in the frame beneath the table top. She pulled out a small wooden paddle with a short handle and round hole in the flat paddle blade..

“This is my favourite little paddle Rowena and I am going to warm you up first." She slapped the paddle against the top of her thigh, before continuing.

" It came from Ireland actually. My mum brought it with her when she married my father and it’s been in the house a long time. My Grandma used it on her when she was growing up and she in turn paddled me with it when I deserved it and sometimes when I didn’t. It might look small but I can assure you it hurts.”

Staring down straight into Sally’s eyes and then averting her eyes to the floor, Rowena became instantly submissive. She had no idea where her next question came from but she knew she had to ask.

“Please would you spank me Miss.?”

“Yes I will. You have been very naughty haven’t you?”

Their words hung in the air for a moment. Rowena just nodded her agreement.

“Go to that bookcase over there and fetch me the two belts on the top.”

The belts she was referring to consisted of one made from broad leather and another elastic snake-buckle belt,  which Rowena had not seen since her childhood. She handed them both to Sally and stood back in obedience.

“Arms out in front, hands clasped together.”

From her sitting position on the edge of the table Sally wrapped the snake belt two or three times around Rowena’s wrists. She clipped the buckle together. Rowena felt constrained but not uncomfortable.

“Move to the end of the sofa and bend over.”

With her hands tied together using her arms to support her was difficult but Rowena slid into position over the armrest of the large leather sofa. She stretched out with her head on the seat cushion and her legs behind her. She was practically balanced see-saw like over the wide leather support, because her toes did not touch the carpet.

Sally looked at the peachy pink knickered posterior for a moment taking another sip of wine and then lifting the leather belt from the table top. Casually she ran the end of the belt over Rowena’s bottom and thighs, watching her squirm with anticipation. Then she knelt and wrapped the belt around the crook of Rowena’s knees. She pulled the belt tightly through the buckle so that there could be no movement in the legs.

With gentle touches she ran her fingers up the soft thighs and hooked up the hem of the left side of the panties and then the right side  making a tight wedge of cotton material in the crack and exposing the globes of white bottom cheeks to view.

Still kneeling by her side Sally stretched her arm back to the table to reach for the paddle and placed it on the sofa in front of Rowena’s face. Then she very lightly spanked one cheek and then the other using only the tips of her fingers. Between spanks she rubbed the soft flesh gently and then carried on tap, tap, tapping. Rowena moaned with the pleasure of having her bottom pinked up and smarting in this slow leisurely fashion.

After five minutes of this treatment Sally stood and picked up the paddle. Rowena watched the paddle as it was taken away from the sofa and closed here eyes in anticipation of what it would do next. Sally moved so that she was slightly to one side, and in front, of Rowena’s bottom and could deliver downward spanks easily on each cheek. She began the real spanking. This time the slaps were a little harder than the hand spanking, but not by much, and the cheeks took on a new deeper pink hue.

The light spanks then turned louder and heavier. Rowena moaned with pleasure and attempted to lift her bottom to meet the paddle

“Lie still.” Sally whispered softly in her ear. “We have plenty of time and there is no rush.”

Rowena relaxed her upper body and surrendered to the flurry of spanks. When they landed on the backs of her legs she jumped a little and mouthed a few ouches.

“Not so much fun right there are they?” Sally laughed as she smacked away. “My mother could get me howling in a few seconds when she really spanked my legs.”

After quite a long time Sally put the paddle down and soothed the hot bottom with rubbing motions of the palm of her hand.

“All good now?”

“Yes miss. Very, very good.”  

Carefully, not wanting to rush her fences, Sally let her fingers run between the bound thighs and  into the tight crack of Rowena's cheeks.  With her other hand she took hold of the top of the panties and yanked them up hard into the crease. Rowena responded by trying to open the gap pushing her legs against the leather belt binding. Sally’s fingers slipped into the warm recess of soft lips.

“You want to be spanked Rowena?”

“Yes Sally”

“”Miss!” A loud smack reverberated round the room as Sally brought her hand down on one cheek.

“Yes Miss Sally, I want to be spanked.”

“Good, then I shall spank you and I will whip you and you will do as I tell you. You will do as I tell you every time without argument or you will be spanked. Do you understand?”

“Yes Miss Sally, I understand”

The fingering in the bottom crack continued and Rowena arched her back trying to encourage a penetration in between the stretched cotton gusset and her vagina.

“Steady girl. You will have to wait. Everything comes to she who waits, so go steady. The best is yet to come.”

The hands left Rowena’s begging bottom and she wiggled trying to get comfortable with the tight panties.

The tab of the riding crop was the next thing to smack her. Making rapid movements across the bottom and down the thighs Sally had the submissive woman moaning with pleasure in a few minutes and then the real whipping commenced.

Hard cracks of the bendy nylon crop lashed across soft skin at the crown of Rowena’s bottom and she squealed with the pain. For two or three long minutes the cropping continued and thin red lines became joined together to become purple patches

When she sensed that Rowena was finally on a high, Sally stopped and quickly undid both the wrist and leg restraints.. She pulled the panties off down the legs and over Rowena’s feet and told her  to shuffle forward over the arm and onto her back. As the fiery red bottom touched the cool leather cushion Rowena smiled up at her new Mistress.

Passing the tab of the crop over Rowena's thighs in gentle strokes she came to the V at the top of her legs. The pussy was shaved in a tidy fashion, just a small triangle of hair. Sally tapped the leather against the mound and Rowena opened her legs in acceptance. The smacking of the tab against the pink skin of the pussy lips brought Rowena to a new high and she lay there moaning and writhing.

"You are such a naughty girl Rowena. So naughty. I think I am going to have spank you a lot."

Rowena groaned and agreed.

"Yes Miss. Thank you Miss."

“Come on upstairs, quickly now.”.

Sally took hold of Rowena’s arm to pull her from the sofa, then smacked the side of her hips and prodded her to go through the door an then up the stairs. Sally repeatedly spanked the bare bottom in front of her, telling Rowena to speed it up and turn right at the top of the stairs. They both giggled as Rowena stumbled on one of the steps and nearly went face down in her efforts to get ahead of the spanks.

Once in the bedroom Sally closed the curtains and told Rowena to get on the bed.

Within seconds Sally had stripped her clothes off and was kneeling on the bed helping Rowena to get rid of with her blouse and bra. 

They were under the bedcover in a trice and as Sally's lips touched hers and a hand went between Rowena's thighs.

And so began a new phase in Rowena's
 education at the riding school.

Monday, 29 September 2014

No rest on Sunday

"You were quite welled behaved last night.”

My wife turned to me in bed this morning and rummaged with my kit under the bedclothes. “So as a treat you can wear some nice panties whilst you clean this morning.”
I kissed her on the cheek and thanked her for her thoughtfulness.

I set off  to make her a coffee and then showered and took a pair of black tummy control pants from the back of my drawer. I put on a T shirt and was headed off to make breakfast when my wife called me back to the bedroom.

“Get the bath-brush and lie over my knees.”

When I was in position she paddled me hard for 60 seconds. She made me look at my watch to mark time. If you have never had a rapid fire one minute spanking you have no idea how long 60 seconds can be and how many whacks can be delivered in that tine.

I was struggling to take the pain by the time she had finished but managed to lied there with full acceptance of her authority over me.

When I got to my feet she told me not to rub my bottom and to get on with breakfast. “You are too tubby,” she said. “So you will have nothing to eat this morning but you can serve me in a grand style.”

When she had retired to the sitting room to enjoy her coffee and the papers, after finishing breakfast, I got on with tidying up and then started my routine of bathroom cleaning and vacuuming. She called for more coffee twice and on the last occasion she told me that I was going to be busy that day. She planned on buying some bulbs at the Garden Centre and I was to get them all planted that afternoon . Because the weather was warm she said I should work in shorts at the front of the house.

“That evening,” she went on, “I could sort out her knicker  and bra drawer.” They were very untidy and she wanted to get of some old stuff. Whilst she was watching TV I was to put everything out on the bed and she would come and decide on the unwanted pieces. I could then put the rest away neatly.

So my day flew by. I made a lunch for my wife to enjoy on the terrace and was told again that I could not eat. Finally at around 7pm we went for a pub meal and she let me have only salad and soup. “It’s time we tackled that weight of yours properly,” she said.

Back home when she settled down to watch her programme and I busied myself with her underwear. She was pleased with the result. I had to call her up to choose what she was throwing away and then whilst she showered I made a nice job of arranging the panties into colours and styles.

Finally I was ready to stop my chores and when she appeared in her negligee from the bathroom I knew that I would have one extra task to perform before I could climb into bed. She lay on the bed and called for her vibrator, so it wasn’t going to be she had in mind for her orgasms, rather her trusted friend. As I went off to hand-wash her panties and the ones she had been wearing all day. I could hear the buzzing under the bed sheets and I turned to watch her face, eyes closed, and features scrunched up with pleasure.

If it wasn't for our usefulness for chores and fixing cars I think women would phase out men..

Friday, 26 September 2014

Holiday time

We took a short holiday in the UK last week and a good time was had by all. We stayed in two nice hotels on pre-booked rates and enjoyed upgrades in both (after asking). We`saw friends in a couple of places but most of the time we just enjoyed being alone. We both love antique shops and walking and lunch in deli’s so there was a lot to do in the South Downs area of England. The weather was set fair and everywhere was fairly quiet because the schools were back.

In one hotel we had a room with a four poster bed. Usually these are too small for sleeping but the room had an oversize sofa so my wife declared it eminently suitable accommodation when we were showed in. I would be on the sofa and she could sleep, Princess style, in the four poster.
This hotel was also a showstopper because of the quality of the Spa facilities. My wife had a couple of treatments and spent a long time reading her book in the very warm glass conservatory area, which protocol deemed to be a female only room.

As we were not going through Airport Security on this holiday my wife had suggested that I pack a few toys and I needed no second bidding. We managed a spanking and some sex on most days or nights and one afternoon was a special session.

We  had drunk some wine at lunch and then walked back to the hotel. My wife said she wanted some time alone to snooze and told me to go for a walk and then have a swim in the hotel pool.. She told me to take a bathrobe and come back to the room at 6pm, dressed only in the robe and pants. Something nice might happen, she smiled at me as she took the covers off the bed and lay down with her book.

I took my swim shorts and a robe from the bathroom to the spa facility and locked them away in a cupboard. I then set off for a walk and spent some time in a pub in the town. Returning to the hotel at 5pm I went for a swim and a sauna and just before six I showered and set off for our room , leaving my outdoor clothes in the locker.

There was a Do not Disturb sign on the bedroom door,so I knocked and waited. I answered the “Who is it?” with “It’s me “ and the door opened. I couldn’t see my wife as she was behind the door. 

Stepping into the room the door closed behind me and she slipped a blindfold over my head. 

Taking my arm I was pulled further into the room until my legs bumped into the end of the bed.

The belt around my towelling robe was loosened and she pulled the robe off in a vigorous manner.

“Lift your arms out wide.”

She took a hand and I felt the robe belt being wrapped around my arm and then yanked to one side as she fastened it to one upright of the four poster.

“And now the other arm.”

Using what I figured was the belt from her own robe she fastened  it round my wrist and tied me in a vertical spread eagle fashion.. I was excited as hell as she pulled my pants down and took them off my feet.

“Spread your legs wide.”

As I did so I felt the edge of the mattress move. My wife  must have climbed on the bed as she lifted my half erect cock with the end of a riding crop. I could see nothing but I could picture her kneeling, either naked or in some underwear.

“Happy?” she asked. I said “Yes.”
“Nervous?” she asked . I nodded my head.
“Having a good holiday.” “Yes Ma’am,” I replied .
“Good, so its time for some punishment.”

What followed was blissful. She smacked my legs, balls and prick with the tab of the crop and I danced around in pain. I could easily have slipped my hands free from the belts because the material was too bulky to be a firm tie but instead I held onto the towel material with my fingers to give myself some support.. I broke out in a sweat with the pain but relished the control nonetheless.

After many minutes,that seemed like hours, she spanked  the underside of my balls hard with the open palm of her hand and I winced and growled with pain.

“Not so happy now are you?”

“No ma’am.”

“So what do you want now, you bad boy?”

“A caning on my bottom Miss.” I said hopefully

“Possibly. But what do you really want.”

"A strap-on dildo fuck, Ma’am?"

“Oh, you’re back on that are you? So where is the strap-on ?”

“I haven’t got one Ma’am”

“No and I don’t want you to get one either. But maybe I’ll fuck your bottom. Would you like that?”

"Yes Ma’am.Thank you Ma’am.”

“First, that caning. How much is this room costing us?"

“One hundred and ten, with breakfast Ma'am.”

She laughed and said she didn’t need the detail.

From behind me I heard the rattle of the cane on the chest of drawers. I had bought the whippy one because that is the quietest in a hotel room but it also stings the most.

Carefully and slowly she delivered one hundred and ten cane strokes to my bare bottom. They were the sexiest thing I had had in ages. I listened to her counting in a soft voice and it could have gone on for ever so far as I was concerned.

When my butt was fully roasted she undid the ties and invited me to lie on the bed on my front.. She removed the blindfold and I turned to look at her as peeled off her panties to reveal a freshly trimmed bush. She put the towelling robe on top of the sheets and I climbed on to the bed. She got up behind me and straddled my legs. With her hand she spanked my bottom lightly and commented on how red it was, then she lay down over me and pushed her mound up against my bottom. Her soft skin was so cool it was wonderful against my hot bottom. 

Spreading my legs she ground the hard bone of her mound against my anus and I pushed my prick into the mattress. I mimicked her humping by lifting my bottom to meet her push.

She began to tell a story about a naughty girl being punished at school, by having her blue gym knickers taken down and paddled on the bare in the headmistresses study and I came in only a few minutes.

Rolling me over on my back, I felt the squidgy mess of cum on the robe against my bottom and then my wife moved up my body until her waist was over my face. I licked her lips and she dropped her weight until I could hardly breathe but I carried on my work regardless. She deserved every effort for what she had just given me.

All in all a nice afternoon of delight. 

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Absent without leave

Sorry for the paucity of blogging.I was away for a week without privacy or internet access. Normal service will resume this week.
In the meantime, here are some things we got up to on holiday.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Day out on the river

We were invited to a Rowing Regatta the other day. Not our usual sort of thing but it was a work supplier freebie, so what the hell. The day was beautifully sunny and my wife wore a nice summer frock and I had a suitable blazer and trousers outfit.

After some welcome drinks we wandered out of the marquee to see what was going on. The races were due to start after lunch and we had riverside seats reserved.
Neither us knows much about rowing although I enjoy watching it on the TV during the Olympics.

As we strolled through the marshalling area, where boats were being rigged in a frenzy of activity, my wife was the first to comment on the athletic build of the competitors. She mentioned that rowing outfits were very tight affairs and left very little to the imagination. She particularly admired the well hung proportions of one guy who was well over 6 foot. He had his uni-suit rolled down to the waist and was enjoying flexing his muscles lifting and heaving boating gear around the place.

My gaze was focused on the tight bottoms of the female crews wrapped in lycra uni-suits and bending
over fixing various mechanical pieces to the outside of the boats. Supporting trestles lay scattered around the field and my thoughts were in overdrive as I pictured an alternative use for the trestles.

The lunch was good and we drank a fair amount as the host company had laid on a shuttle van from the nearby train station, so I didn’t have any driving to do. The races went quickly and we were soon having afternoon tea followed by prizes. There was yet more opportunity to watch the athletic rowers close up on the podium. Yet more smiles on my wife’s face. I hid the direction of my gaze on the female teams by wearing sun glasses.

Eventually after a very pleasant and alcoholic day we arrived back home. My wife went upstairs for a shower whilst I made a light supper to enjoy in front of the TV. I heard her call me upstairs and found her stood on the landing by the lockable blanket chest where we keep our spanking gear. She was completely nude and had her hair tied back in a headband. She looked slightly damp and glowing after her shower. I gave a low wolf whistle and she turned and smiled.

“Maybe later big boy,” she said.

Leaning forward showing  off her great ass she pulled out the long Spencer paddle, the one with the holes in a row, which let the air pass through just before it lands on a bottom.

Follow me, she crooked a finger and I went into the bedroom behind her, enjoying the wobble of her hips.

“So,” she growled at me in a low husky voice, “you enjoyed all the girl’s bottoms today did you?”

“I didn’t notice them ma’am,” I said

“No, not by much you didn’t. Drop your pants and bend over the end of the bed.”

I did as I was told and waited with my bottom in the air and my hands on the counterpane.

“Well I think rowing has some interesting terms don’t you. Like stroke and cox and paddle when their ready for the off.?”

She landed a solid whack across my pants.

“ You don’t really think I didn’t notice all that oogling you were doing of the girls at the regatta?”

She spanked me again.

“Sorry ma’am.”

 I straightened my legs and pushed out my bottom as she slowly peeled down my underpants. I love that bit, at the start of a spanking, feeling the cool fingers brush against my skin as the tight waistband travels over the curves and then down to my thighs, baring my bottom and leaving me gagging for the spanking.

“Right then, twenty strokes.” She emphasized that last word. “And so lets paddle!.”

Between the strokes she watched the second hand on the bedside alarm clock tick through thirty seconds and then landed another sharp whack, which had me lifting up on my legs and making ouch sounds and drawing deep breaths.

When she had finished the very sound beating and my bottom was fiery red she turned me around and pushed me down on to my knees. Lifting one foot onto the top of the bed she opened her neatly shaven pussy for a very good licking. I obliged as she held my head firmly in position. She nearly got there but not quite, as she prefers overhand licking to underhand.

Jumping on the bed she summoned me to her side and I shuffled over with my trousers round my legs, my pants falling off and my prick waving around. It was an ungainly movement but I got there in the end and I squirreled my face down and then between her thighs. It didn’t take many seconds of tongue flicking to have her screaming with an orgasm.

Her hand was close to my legs and she started to smack my balls as I took her into a third and fourth orgasm. The smacks were sore but I stood my ground and licked for all I was worth. We were both in a bit of a frenzy and she grabbed my prick hard , jerking it around in that painful way that I go nuts for. I wasn’t about to cum, the hand job was too rough for that. I just enjoyed the suffering of the ball smacking and prick yanking and smothered her cunt with my lips and pushing my tongue deep inside her.

When she closed her legs together tightly, signifying the end of my endeavours, I stood up straight and took of my clothes so that I could take the sweat off with a shower.

She lay still for a moment fingering herself gently with half closed eyes and then got into her dressing gown. The evening was still warm so she remained naked under the robe leaving me to wonder if there might be more activity later on.

Supper and a bit of a documentary and then we were back in bed for the night. My wife told me a story about a rowing girl being spanked by her trainer and I wanked and came within only a few seconds.

I hope we get invited back to the Regatta next year. Perhaps the rowing suits will be even smaller.