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Friday, 26 September 2014

Holiday time

We took a short holiday in the UK last week and a good time was had by all. We stayed in two nice hotels on pre-booked rates and enjoyed upgrades in both (after asking). We`saw friends in a couple of places but most of the time we just enjoyed being alone. We both love antique shops and walking and lunch in deli’s so there was a lot to do in the South Downs area of England. The weather was set fair and everywhere was fairly quiet because the schools were back.

In one hotel we had a room with a four poster bed. Usually these are too small for sleeping but the room had an oversize sofa so my wife declared it eminently suitable accommodation when we were showed in. I would be on the sofa and she could sleep, Princess style, in the four poster.
This hotel was also a showstopper because of the quality of the Spa facilities. My wife had a couple of treatments and spent a long time reading her book in the very warm glass conservatory area, which protocol deemed to be a female only room.

As we were not going through Airport Security on this holiday my wife had suggested that I pack a few toys and I needed no second bidding. We managed a spanking and some sex on most days or nights and one afternoon was a special session.

We  had drunk some wine at lunch and then walked back to the hotel. My wife said she wanted some time alone to snooze and told me to go for a walk and then have a swim in the hotel pool.. She told me to take a bathrobe and come back to the room at 6pm, dressed only in the robe and pants. Something nice might happen, she smiled at me as she took the covers off the bed and lay down with her book.

I took my swim shorts and a robe from the bathroom to the spa facility and locked them away in a cupboard. I then set off for a walk and spent some time in a pub in the town. Returning to the hotel at 5pm I went for a swim and a sauna and just before six I showered and set off for our room , leaving my outdoor clothes in the locker.

There was a Do not Disturb sign on the bedroom door,so I knocked and waited. I answered the “Who is it?” with “It’s me “ and the door opened. I couldn’t see my wife as she was behind the door. 

Stepping into the room the door closed behind me and she slipped a blindfold over my head. 

Taking my arm I was pulled further into the room until my legs bumped into the end of the bed.

The belt around my towelling robe was loosened and she pulled the robe off in a vigorous manner.

“Lift your arms out wide.”

She took a hand and I felt the robe belt being wrapped around my arm and then yanked to one side as she fastened it to one upright of the four poster.

“And now the other arm.”

Using what I figured was the belt from her own robe she fastened  it round my wrist and tied me in a vertical spread eagle fashion.. I was excited as hell as she pulled my pants down and took them off my feet.

“Spread your legs wide.”

As I did so I felt the edge of the mattress move. My wife  must have climbed on the bed as she lifted my half erect cock with the end of a riding crop. I could see nothing but I could picture her kneeling, either naked or in some underwear.

“Happy?” she asked. I said “Yes.”
“Nervous?” she asked . I nodded my head.
“Having a good holiday.” “Yes Ma’am,” I replied .
“Good, so its time for some punishment.”

What followed was blissful. She smacked my legs, balls and prick with the tab of the crop and I danced around in pain. I could easily have slipped my hands free from the belts because the material was too bulky to be a firm tie but instead I held onto the towel material with my fingers to give myself some support.. I broke out in a sweat with the pain but relished the control nonetheless.

After many minutes,that seemed like hours, she spanked  the underside of my balls hard with the open palm of her hand and I winced and growled with pain.

“Not so happy now are you?”

“No ma’am.”

“So what do you want now, you bad boy?”

“A caning on my bottom Miss.” I said hopefully

“Possibly. But what do you really want.”

"A strap-on dildo fuck, Ma’am?"

“Oh, you’re back on that are you? So where is the strap-on ?”

“I haven’t got one Ma’am”

“No and I don’t want you to get one either. But maybe I’ll fuck your bottom. Would you like that?”

"Yes Ma’am.Thank you Ma’am.”

“First, that caning. How much is this room costing us?"

“One hundred and ten, with breakfast Ma'am.”

She laughed and said she didn’t need the detail.

From behind me I heard the rattle of the cane on the chest of drawers. I had bought the whippy one because that is the quietest in a hotel room but it also stings the most.

Carefully and slowly she delivered one hundred and ten cane strokes to my bare bottom. They were the sexiest thing I had had in ages. I listened to her counting in a soft voice and it could have gone on for ever so far as I was concerned.

When my butt was fully roasted she undid the ties and invited me to lie on the bed on my front.. She removed the blindfold and I turned to look at her as peeled off her panties to reveal a freshly trimmed bush. She put the towelling robe on top of the sheets and I climbed on to the bed. She got up behind me and straddled my legs. With her hand she spanked my bottom lightly and commented on how red it was, then she lay down over me and pushed her mound up against my bottom. Her soft skin was so cool it was wonderful against my hot bottom. 

Spreading my legs she ground the hard bone of her mound against my anus and I pushed my prick into the mattress. I mimicked her humping by lifting my bottom to meet her push.

She began to tell a story about a naughty girl being punished at school, by having her blue gym knickers taken down and paddled on the bare in the headmistresses study and I came in only a few minutes.

Rolling me over on my back, I felt the squidgy mess of cum on the robe against my bottom and then my wife moved up my body until her waist was over my face. I licked her lips and she dropped her weight until I could hardly breathe but I carried on my work regardless. She deserved every effort for what she had just given me.

All in all a nice afternoon of delight. 


  1. What a wonderful story. Who wouldn't love a vacation like that?

  2. Thanks Sub Hub. I t was a fun time.


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