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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Winter's gloom

Barren winter, with his wrathful nipping cold:

Wouldn't it be nice if summer was just around the corner. How I envy those in Southerly locations.

In Winter it is so much more difficult getting spanked. There are all those clothes to take off and my wife goes around huddled in a dressing gown instead of being stripped to her knickers like she is in summer in the bedroom.
With Valentines Day in the UK not far away, I have been searching the net for a gift.

Perusing at lingerie is fun but this time I found myself distracted by the swimwear sections of the apparel sites.

When my wife is telling a quick story to get me off, she has in the past used a lifeguard in a red swimsuit and a young man swimming when the red flag was up as the start point.

In the few short minutes of story telling, by the time she has got to the point where the young man is taken up to the lifeguard station and having his pants yanked down for a spanking, I have usually cum.

Sometimes the web can lift the gloom and make you feel sunny again.

Saturday, 30 January 2016

In my place

Yes darling it is nice to be home. I do hope you’ve done your housework today - I don’t want to have to cane you again. What’s for dinner? 

 My wife asked to see my bottom yesterday. She admired her own handiwork because there were still several weals and red lines on the cheeks from the previous day's thrashing.

She asked if I thought I had learned my lesson and I said that I had.

For a moment I thought she was going to repeat the exercise but then she just told me to pull up my trousers and to serve her well that evening.

I made her dinner, ran her bath and afterwards when she was in her dressing gown and downstairs in the sitting room I gave her feet a pedicure and rub whilst she caught up on a programme about Russia.. It was good to be back on my knees in front of her.

Have a good weekend.

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Obey or else


This is proper. it’s nose is below its Owner ankles in Her presence.
I had to submit to a no-nonsense punishment today.

This had nothing to do with weight loss and my wife decided that I needed to be reminded who is the  boss in our relationship, without any delay.

I had made the mistake of covering my tracks on a financial transaction which she had told me not to make without consulting her. It came to light in a conversation she had had with our adviser.

I was summoned to the bedroom last night and given fifty strokes of the cane, very hard on my bare bottom.

I have learned my lesson.


When your Wife comes home from work to find that you’ve been surfing the internet instead of doing the housework…

Monday, 25 January 2016

A strapping exchanged for her pleasure

The New Year's weight loss has started and I am constantly hungry. I have only one alcohol drink every two days.
Exercise commenced and each week I am trying to burn  off some inches.

I am not due to get any spankings until the target weight is reached, but my wife said on Saturday that she was encouraged by my attitude so she would show me what I might get a lot of, if I get slimmer.

At about 6.30 pm I was sent for the strap, my favourite instrument, and told to lie face down on the bed and wait there whilst she got dressed and ready to go out.

I pulled back two pillows then stripped off and lay in position with my bottom high and me legs together. I was conscious that my tummy looked large and tried to hide it by pushing my waist into the pillows. Thinking of what was to come I started to stiffen and to hump the pillows a bit. When I realised what I was doing, I stopped because I figured that my wife would not be amused if she saw me getting off.

Maybe ten minutes later I heard the bathroom door open and she came over to stand by the side of the bed. I turned my head to look at her. She was naked and her newly shaven pussy at eye level was a distraction I savoured.

My wife lay the strap across my cheeks and I quivered with anticipation.

Then she laughed and said maybe she wasn't going to spank me after all. She just wanted to tease me  so I was told to stand up and get on the weighing scales. The result wasn't great but there was evidence of a couple of pounds reduction.

"How badly do you want a spanking?" she asked.

"Very badly Miss."

"Well you're getting there but you are nowhere close to a spanking just yet."

"No Miss."

"But now that we are both naked you can serve me ."

She took my hand and tugged me to the bed where she lay on her back over the pillows.

Her open legs and pussy were elevated and I knew what I had to do.

Twenty minutes later after quite a lot of rolling around the bed and some hard painful smacks across my balls and half a dozen orgasms on her part we got dressed to go out for supper.

"That was fun." she said as we left the house.

"Yes Miss."

Here's a strapping negotiation from Ms Kane 

Dana uses the strap

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Travel joys

We travelled back from Spain the other day after spending New Year at a friend's house.

The plane was busy but  I had an aisle seat. My wife fell asleep early on in the flight so I was reading and generally people watching.

One girl very close to me, who kept standing up to chat to friends nearby, had a fabulous butt encased in a tight pair of leggings. It was difficult to see that she could have been wearing panties as everything was very visible.

Then one row up from her was a girl in white jeans who had the most amazing bottom. Very curvy.

She made two trips to the loo which were very watchable.

The cabin staff had their usual blue pencil skirts on, which always remind me of mistresses and school.

Then came one of the best - a woman in jeans two or three rows ahead, who kept bobbing up and down sorting some stuff out in the overhead locker. 

So, all in all, I had a full set of fantasies to occupy mind on the trip.

Monday, 4 January 2016

Starting 2016

The party is nearly over.

New Year’s Day was quiet, as it usually is. 

In the morning I did chores whilst my wife had a well deserved sleep- in and then we went out to a friend’s house for drinks and nibbles. 

The whole friends thing is getting strange now as our parents are dying off and we are becoming the oldies. There is no-one ahead of us in the queue of life. The children are hardly young any more but at drinks parties there are always some  teenagers and even the occasional toddler, which have come  along in a second marriage. 

I don’t know how those guys find the money or the energy to do the whole thing twice over.  The younger wives often look a bit bored and out of place.

I chatted to a new couple in the village. These newbies people always get pounced upon as they bring a feeling of vitality into the generally static assemblies. In this case they were both in their forties. They may have had children. It wasn’t mentioned. 

At one point the man got taken away to talk golf clubs  or something, so I stayed chatting with the woman and even went off to get her another drink. She was attractive and bright so you can guess that it wasn’t long before S my wife sidled over to join us and introduce herself.

Disappointed in the way things had turned out I excused myself and went off to the kitchen to seek out other female company of my own age.  Instead I found a group of guys, beers in hand, talking about sport which I am not that interested in. They would have been surprised to find out I was wearing a girdle and thong panties under my trousers. 

This had been my wife’s idea as a reward for doing chores earlier in the day and because she wanted me to look slimmer at the party. My New Year’s resolutions would start on the 2nd of January and would involve some serious weight loss and temperance.
My wife had told me at New Year, after the painful ball smacking and leg spanking, that there would be no more spankings of any sort until I have lost 30 pounds in weight. This seems a quite ridiculous target but it’s what is needed apparently.

So the sexy feeling of feminine underwear on New Year’s Day was my last treat. As I stood there listening to the guys drone on about football I had a little fantasy where that new woman I had just met who was brought around to the house after the party and she and my wife revealed my bare cheeks below the girdle and caned me hard for drinking too much white wine. It passed the time. Then the whole dynamic of the kitchen changed when some women came in to fetch more food from the oven.

I enjoyed a bit of flirting with the ones I knew well, complimenting them on their dresses or how well they looked.

Back home I took a chance and asked my wife if we could play. She said no, the regime had started so I went off in a disconsolate mood to finish the laundry and ironing. 

I washed out the girdle and panties and my wife's nice underwear from the other night by hand in special soap. Later that night in bed S produced a notebook and pencil. She was going to keep a log of my behaviour and consult it once I had lost weight.

She told me she would be writing up six strokes of the cane for chatting up that new younger woman. I got an immediate erection as I lay there close to S but there was nothing to be done with it.

If there are no spankings in January or even February to write about in this blog you will know I am struggling to lose the weight. I will try and finish some fiction stories instead.

It won't be long until our anniversary but I doubt I will have lost enough weight by then to earn my strokes.

Saturday, 2 January 2016

I arrived  home about noon on New Year’s Eve. I found my wife in the study area frowning over her laptop.

I kissed her on the cheek but she hardly looked up.

“This bill is way too high this month,” she said.

I asked her what bill she was looking at?

“Your mobile phone up to the 23rd of this month,” she said crossly.

“Well don’t forget I was travelling, so a lot of that I can claim as an expense.”

“I suppose so, but we do need to cut down on our running costs.”

Confident Feminine Authority“I know,” I said. “I will make it a New Year Resolution.”

She carried on looking at the bill. “I thought you were driving back from Surrey on the Tuesday before Christmas, the 22nd?”

I agreed with her that that was true.

“So what’s this telephone charge of fifteen minutes if you were in the car?”

I did a quick calculation in my head. “I must have pulled over I guess.”

“On the M25, hmm..?  Which service station would that have been then? Did you get a coffee? Where’s the receipt for your travel expenses?”

I was trapped. If I continued to lie it would just get worse.

“OK, OK.”  I said. “I was using the phone and driving, but it was hands-free.”  I was on sticky ground.

She turned to stare at me. “You know that’s rubbish. The courts have said loads about hands-free calling still being an offence if you are in an accident.”

“Alright. Don’t go on about it.”

“No, I will go on about it. Imagine if you had caused someone to be injured or worse over Christmas.”

I am sorry. I won’t do it again.

“No you won’t and I am going to make sure of that once and for all.”

She stood up and too a flat spatula from the utensil holder.

“Drop your trousers, in fact take them off.”
I struggled out of the shoes and trousers and stood there waiting. I figured it wasn’t going to be much of a spanking with what in effect was a wooden spoon with holes in it, but I should have known better.

S pointed at the kitchen counter. “Stand with your bottom against that facing me.”

I slid into position with my back against the worktop.

“Put your hands behind you and hold onto the edge of the work surface. Now open your legs wide.”

She came over and tied my shirt into a knot so that my crotch was exposed. I still had my pants on but that were not going to offer any protection. I had a dread feeling about what was about to happen and I had no erection, despite her cool hands touching my skin whist she tied the shirt around my stomach.

Waving the spatula at me she lectured me about the mobile phone and then spanked the spatula on the underside of my balls, in the tight elastic of my pants.

The pain and that hollow feeling in my testicles shot to me head and I had to grip the worktop hard, in order not to move.

Before I had caught my breath she smacked my balls again.

“Don’t, smack, use, smack, the phone, smack, when you are driving. Smack. Understood?”

I could barely speak. The pain was intense.

“Yes, ma’am. I understand.”

“Good so we will give it one more go, only now you will tell me what you will do.

She held the spatula against my pants as I started to repeat her words and I paused between them.
“I ,” , the smack came fast, “will not”, another mind blowing smack, “use” smack, “the phone,” smack, “when I am” smack”, driving.” The last very hard smack lifted me up on my toes and  I creased over with the pain, barely breathing it was so sore.

“Now turn around so I can smack your legs like a naughty boy.”

She put the spatula down and took out the long wooden spoon that I had only recently bought. It was too large for cooking but S took a liking to it for spanking and allowed it to stay in the kitchen

I did as I was told and ten times she spanked the back of my legs.

I actually felt great after that painful session since I knew my wife was very much in charge.

We had a great New Year and I smothered her pussie in kisses when we got home. She wore some fancy pants and hold up stockings so I was in heaven.

Friday, 1 January 2016

Distracted by magazine

In a Sunday newspaper magazine this week there was a delightful picture of a naked woman in an Spa hotel in Arizona.

I  read the magazine one evening in bed whilst my wife was in the bathroom. When she came through into the bedroom, my cock was stood out of my pyjamas and in one hand whilst the magazine was in the other. I hadn't meant to be fondling myself, It was done in a distracted fashion.

I whipped my hand away when I saw her, but not fast enough.

She asked me what I was doing and then snatched the magazine out of my hand.

Forcing him to wank

She was not best pleased  and I was sent for the bath-brush.

I was made to bend over the bed with the pyjama bottoms down and then she placed the magazine on the bed covers, open on the travel page, in front of my eyes.

I had to ask for each stroke and say in a loud voice "I must not look at naked women and wank " each time the brush smacked across my bottom.

It was one hard beating and I was not sorry when it was over.
Ritual discipline.

I suggested going down on her to make amends, but she told me she did not want to come whilst I had the image of another woman in my head. She fell asleep grumpily, with her body turned away from me.

I slid under the covers and advanced one hand over her nightgown to her crotch but she pushed it away.


What a gift!
Maybe I can pleasure her another day when my naughty behaviour is forgotten.