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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Winter's gloom

Barren winter, with his wrathful nipping cold:

Wouldn't it be nice if summer was just around the corner. How I envy those in Southerly locations.

In Winter it is so much more difficult getting spanked. There are all those clothes to take off and my wife goes around huddled in a dressing gown instead of being stripped to her knickers like she is in summer in the bedroom.
With Valentines Day in the UK not far away, I have been searching the net for a gift.

Perusing at lingerie is fun but this time I found myself distracted by the swimwear sections of the apparel sites.

When my wife is telling a quick story to get me off, she has in the past used a lifeguard in a red swimsuit and a young man swimming when the red flag was up as the start point.

In the few short minutes of story telling, by the time she has got to the point where the young man is taken up to the lifeguard station and having his pants yanked down for a spanking, I have usually cum.

Sometimes the web can lift the gloom and make you feel sunny again.

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