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Sunday, 27 November 2016

Sunday spanklet - Wives make a discovery

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Harper and Ella had been friends since third grade. 

They did everything together, they went to the same college, met their future husbands, Ben and Anthony, in the same bar, got married in the same year and convinced their men to set up house in the same small commuter town north of New York.

 The boys they married  had room- shared at the same college and enjoyed playing the same sports. When college ended the boys even gotten similar jobs, Ben in finance and Anthony  in insurance.

The couples routinely took holidays together and weekends away and the girls were constantly round each others house. 

 Harper and Ella  had decided that the next year might be the year for having children, so the vacation they were on now was specially selected by them  as a Singles resort in Mexico.

They had adjoining rooms with a door between them. The girls kept it unlocked so that they could run in and out when they wanted to share make up or a hairdryer. It was closed in the evenings but they could still hear each other's activities. That didn't matter much because both women shared their life experiences in the tiniest detail.

This particular day, close to the end of the holiday, the  two women had gone to explore a local market and the boys were due to play tennis and then maybe head to the beach and water ski.

When Harper and Ella arrived back at the hotel, laden with things they didn't really want or need, Harper could not find the pass key to her room so they both went into Ella's room. 

They planned to change into their swimwear and head off to find the boys.

They both heard the sounds in the next door room  and Harper was the first through the adjoining door. with Ella close behind. What they saw astounded them both 

The two men were both butt naked. Ben was kneeling on the floor in front of Antony and from the erection that Anthony was sporting, it was pretty clear that the boys had been having a  sexual experience.
Ella pulled Harper back through the door and slammed it shut. They looked at each other in shock. When there was a knock on the door, Harper yelled for the men to stay where they were, she didn't want to see either of them.

The girls sat on the bed side by side. They talked in low tones asking each other if they had known about this or seen it coming and what they should do . Harper was close to tears imagining all her dreams of children and a happy marriage slipping away.

Then Ella  laughed. 

You know what ,she said, at least we should not have to worry about either of them running off with another woman. In fact  we could turn this to our advantage. 

She stood  up, walked to a drawer and then to the door into Harper's room. She threw some of her husband's clothes through the door. 

Get dressed, she said sternly, and make yourself scarce, she told both of the shamefaced  men.

Be back here in an hour and we will discuss what happens next. I think you will find your nice sweet wives are about to get a little bit mean.

Ella  slammed the door closed. It was time to get Harper on side. It was time the boys learned who had the real power.

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Saturday, 26 November 2016

End of an era

Image result for david hamilton

The photographer of these images went off to another world yesterday..

Image result for david hamilton

The photos that he took were a delight to me when I was an adolescent and a young man.

Image result for david hamilton

Image result for david hamilton

Friday, 25 November 2016

Non- conventional sex acts - censors at work

I read that the UK government is intending to ask ISPs to block or age restrict access to what they call non-conventional sex image web sites. 

They are apparently targeting pictures and videos that show spanking, whipping or caning that leaves marks, and sex acts involving urination, female ejaculation or menstruation as well as sex in public. 

 The authorities  have tried this before and are now coming at it from a different angle, by inserting clauses into an upcoming digital economy bill, which will obviously get very little attention.

You would think that they have more pressing things to do, such as sorting out our economy.

Be aware. They want your e mail and name and age so they can store it in big data. 

For more info take a look at  uk-government-confirm-move-force-isps-blocking-adult-sites

Thursday, 24 November 2016


Image result for spanksgiving
We don't do Thanksgiving in the UK. 

Maybe we should, as we have lot to be thankful for.

In any event, there could still be  bit of roasting going on this weekend in my part of the world.

n.Merry X'mas Spankingfemfatale -SECRET SANTA- by effeduploser

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

It's getting darker

Image result for winter landscape drawings

As winter approaches in the UK and darkness starts and finishes my working day, I start to feel like a trapped mole.

Then out of the blue, whilst surfing the web, I find something which is sensorily uplifting in every way.

Of course I do not forget  that I have many lady readers so here is something for you perhaps.

“With over 145,000 NSFW images of the sexiest & hunky guys to ever grace earth FOLLOW ME at &

It all makes perfect sense when they meet up for a drink and end up at her place.

Monday, 21 November 2016

Sunday - funday

I woke up with a plan on Sunday. To get the chores done and to get spanked, if I could. 

In our relationship it is my wife who generally chooses when to apply something to my behind. It is not my call. I should not be complaining - I had great time over  the workbench in the garage last week after the party.

Image result for erotic women in bed

I slipped out of bed this morning showered in the guest bathroom and stayed in my pants and dressing gown because my clothes were back in the bedroom. 

I left my wife asleep and the arrangement on a Sunday is that she calls me on the mobile when she is awake. This avoids me bringing her tea too early if she wants to lie in.

I started on the chores and sorted out the laundry and the hand wash of thje more delicate items. Then I laid out some food for breakfast and did some blogging and e mailing with a coffee. The tea call came through about an hour later.

On entering the room my wife was under the covers. I bid her a good morning, laid her tea down and went to the bathroom. She was sitting up in bed when I came out and I took off my dressing gown and got in beside her.

 We kissed and I said I had a favour to ask. I explained that I had a real urge to be spanked that morning and wondered if she would oblige. Funny that, she said because she had woken up thinking how nice it would be to lie in bed and come, on such a wet and gloomy day.

She put her mug of tea down and went off to wash. When she came back in her night robe she was carrying the bathbrush.

Right then over on your tummy, let's see that bottom. 

I began to say that I had not meant the bathbrush ,more a hand spanking. You don't get to choose remember. Besides I need some exercise

Now get over.

I rolled on the bed and savoured the feel of her fingers tugging down my pants. Slowly she curled the elastic and fabric down from my waist and I lifted my hips to allow them to clear my hips. Then she halted when they had reached my thighs. Gently she ran a hand up over my bottom. I shivered with excitement. She went round the other side of the bed and knelt up on the mattress beside me.

After this I want your full attention on me.

Yes ma'am, I volunteered cheerfully. 

We still haven't used the new cane have we?

No ma'am.

OK we will schedule it for sometime before Christmas. That's something to look forward to, at least for me, but it will be properly sore for you.

She laid the end of the bathbrush on one cheek and then lifted it and smacked down hard. Then the same thing on the other cheek. Teasingly slow, she spanked me thoroughly and hard. I was moving around to avoid the brush when we got to no more than a dozen strokes.

For goodness sake, lie still boy.

Yes ma'am. Sorry
I gripped the sheet on top of the mattress and steadied myself for the rest of the spanking..

Twenty more spanks and she called it a day. I lay still and absorbed the delicious heat in my bottom as she lay back on her  side of the bed. She pulled the nightgown off and I swivelled my body through 90 degrees to get my head  between her legs.She tasted clean and slightly perfumed and I got to work quickly as a my way of thanking her.

I felt her hand run over my well spanked bottom and then down between my legs. I wriggled backwards a little so that her arm was not stretched out and she grabbed my penis, squeezing it tight, then my balls, digging her nails into my scrotum. I felt duly submissive and licked at her even harder.She arched her back as the first orgasm shot through her waist and she held my balls in a tight grip. 

Image result for erotic women in bedShe laughed after that first orgasm. A deep happy laugh. Go on, go on,she demanded , slapping my bum.

I managed to get her to five biggish ones before we stopped. I flopped back on the bed and we feel asleep curled up together, me with a glowing but and her with some well kissed lips. 

We woke about an hour later and got on with the day. We haven't had morning sex for quite a long time so it was good to see we hadn't become too set in our ways. 

Saturday, 19 November 2016

LOL Day 2

Not sure what one is meant to write about on Day 2 of LOL.

Here is what I am thinking about at the moment , but I can't see it ever happening.

My wife has used my own vibrator on me, but has so far drawn the line on getting into a strap-on dildo .

After all the reading that I have done on spanking blogs during LOL Day 1, I am definitely in the mood for a good whipping. I just have to think of a way to ask for one this weekend.

Have a good weekend and thanks for all the comments.

Friday, 18 November 2016

Love our Lurkers - Day One - 2016


We are as happy as she is, to see all our Lurkers today.

If you like a little bit of spanking, giving or taking one, then please leave a comment and maybe tell us a bit about what you fancy.

It is very satisfying to hear from readers and makes blogging a rewarding activity.

If you are into erotic bottom warming and discipline  then please take a look around this blog and read some of the earlier posts.

Hopefully you will see something which will excite you.

In the admirable and exciting  blog Hermione's Heart , you will discover a  list of all those other spanko bloggers who would like you to say hello to them. 

“Une douceur trompeuse.’.. 👸❤️
”Hermione is  the Editor- in- Chief of  LOL, 
 so her instructions should be followed to the letter.

Once you have had a fun time exploring all those spanking bloggers, you can get back to what you should be doing.

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Thursday, 17 November 2016

Knowing my place

Image result for drawing london skylines

I made a pitch for some work in London the other day. The PA to the main buyer was gorgeous, in a dark suit, white blouse and heels. I followed her to his office in a mesmerised state watching her bottom roll from side to side.

It had been difficult to get this woman on side to help set up obtain the sales meeting. 

Seeing her, rather than just talking to her, gave me food for thought for the trip home on the train.

My Dominatrix explained to me that BDSM was just a form of extreme chivalry…

Of course if an eventual contract goes wrong, there might be a price to pay with her.

If you would like to read more about an office story then take a look at   Sunday Spanklet - Memory lapse a post of mine from a few years back

and then Sunday Spanklet - James is brought to account, . 

I never got round to writing a Part 3 but maybe I should.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

To have, to hold and to obey.

Not sure if many readers have spotted the new widget in the top left hand corner of this page.

Blogger took away Slideshows which was a nuisance. I have been trying to do slide shows on Tumblr and create a link to it,but it is not turning out so well.

In the meantime I found this Blogger widget that allows me to put up direct links to interesting stuff in one click of your mouse and I can ring the changes easily.

I have just added a story about a Wedding Night.

The other day I stood and watched a pretty bride coming out of a church in town on the arm of her man. I wondered what she might be wearing underneath that long dress and what they might get up to that night, if the groom stayed sober enough.

I have  erotic memories about my wife spanking me on our honeymoon. She did it about three times from memory and let me spank her once when we were having sex doggy style on a hot day. 

We weren't in an FLR at that point, she just knew from our dating and love making that it turned me on.

Here are  a few marriage images which caught my eye when I came home and searched for topics on weddings.

The bridesmaid was stealing the show

 The bridesmaid spiced up the wedding

Getting in position to thank the best-manThe bride starting as she means to go on perhaps?

No mistaking her desires here.

Image result for book cover the mistress manualA thoughtful friend might have gifted this 
to the happy couple

So that when they arrived back from their honeymoon, things were slightly different.

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Monday, 14 November 2016

Swimwear thoughts

We were talking holidays the other day.  Sort of planning a pre-plan. Just musing on where we might go.

Any way a few hours later I was googling bikinis.

In the past there were those crochet type, knitted swimsuits and then the  large, body covering split swimsuits which you couldn't really call a bikini.

Image result for retro woolen bikiniImage result for retro woolen bikini

Then  bikinis began to be made with less material but sold for higher prices.

Image result for big pant bikini with plastic side straps on bottomImage result for big pant bikini with plastic side straps on bottom

Knitted bikinis made a re-appearance but I don't think they are very dependable when wet.

Image result for knitted bikinis retro

Spanking a bikini clad bottom is a favourite fantasy. Regrettably a lot of the internet stories about swimwear spankings are M/f or F/f, so probably it is probably best not to post one of these.

Image result for spanked in a bikini
Image result for spanked in a bikini

Thinking about taking a pool spanking from my wife is always stimulating and Banjo had it dead to rights. I shall start thinking of a story.

Image result for spanked in a bikini

But for an all time great bikini this new style  has to get my vote. I could go across her lap in a heartbeat.


Sunday, 13 November 2016

Image result for drawing dancing at party

We had a great party night and we raised a good amount of money for the Charity. There was a lot of hilarious middle-age dancing to oldies 70s and 80s  music. The type of dancing  taht your children don't want to see you doing..

Image result for after party mess

Mistress and I  staggered around this morning, not sure where to start on the clean-up, and then, out of the blue, 6 friends arrived at 8.30'ish to help and a neighbour arrived with bacon butties, so by midday we were pretty much all sorted.

I had squirreled away two complimentary day passes for the pool and spa at a local hotel so we decided that was the best medicine for our tiredness and went off there. We spent a couple of hours in their steam room and sauna and pool and fell asleep on their loungers. Being a Sunday afternoon all the weekend guests had gone and we had the place pretty much to ourselves. They tried to get us to join but we politely said we would think about it.

Back home I started to make supper from the leftovers and my wife did some prep work for the weekend ahead. I was thinking that the spanking would probably not happen when my wife suddenly marched into the kitchen with the long paddle.

Garage now, she commanded.

When I was pants down and bent over the folding workbench she administered 30 absolute stingers to my bare bottom. It was painful on my hips being stretched over the sharp edged wood top but the spanking was heaven and I stayed put hoping for a few more swats. I adore my Mistress when she is enthusiastic about her task. She landed anther two and told me to get up and get on.

 I went back to the kitchen with a stingly bottom, as Ronnie would say, and spent a delicious evening sitting on a warm and glowing posterior.

We had some oral sex on the couch after watching TV. I knelt down whilst my Mistress lay back on the sofa. Mistress said she would add  £2.00 to the charity for every orgasm I managed to give her so that amounted to another £10.00. I was allowed to wank standing in front of her whilst she hand spanked my rear. 

I retrospectively offered to add a £1.00 for each paddle spank she had given me.

 All in all a very charitable weekend.

She knew what she was doing on our first date. When we got back to her apartment she spanked me, which made me bigger, harder and hornier, then took me to bed

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Games night

Image result for garage decked out for party

Busy day today. We owe so many people some hospitality, that we are giving a supper party loosely based around a charity giving exercise. The Charity turns up with some casino gaming tables and we provide food and liquor and the guests come and have a fun time spending a bit of cash on a good cause. We have said no bottles just bring cash to to bet with. 

I have been clearing space downstairs all week and also making the garage into a party room with some heaters. When the betting is over I will turn some music on and we can have a dance after clearing the tables away in the garage. 

My wife has warned me to stay off the subject of politics tonight. She knows that one or two of the guests will try to draw me out, just to get me to say what they don't want to hear.

She has added an incentive of a good spanking in the garage, on the day after the party, if I behave myself.

I surely will.

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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

New broom

Come Inauguration Day on a cold January day, will I be the only guy who is wondering what the First Lady is wearing under her long, warm and wooly coat.

Image result for melania trump lingerie

There's always a silver lining.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Nada importante

Image result for open bottom latex tights

I got a bit fed up with the all the news today so I spent a bit of time browsing.

Sometimes a picture can just cheer you up and take you out of yourself.

I do like panty girdles.

I will get on with some more serious writing soon, but here is a little ditty.

A naughty young lady called Bianca
Fell asleep while the ship lay at anchor. 
She awoke in dismay 
when she heard the mate say 
now lift up her top sheet and spanker
Dollhouse Bettie ~ Retro, Authentic Vintage & Pinup Lingerie ~ Rago 6797 White Lacette Long Leg Pantie Girdle:

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Hermione's hint

Be you a blogger or a reader don't forget to visit Hermione and Love our Lurkers and get your instructions for the 18th  and 19th November.