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Saturday, 12 November 2016

Games night

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Busy day today. We owe so many people some hospitality, that we are giving a supper party loosely based around a charity giving exercise. The Charity turns up with some casino gaming tables and we provide food and liquor and the guests come and have a fun time spending a bit of cash on a good cause. We have said no bottles just bring cash to to bet with. 

I have been clearing space downstairs all week and also making the garage into a party room with some heaters. When the betting is over I will turn some music on and we can have a dance after clearing the tables away in the garage. 

My wife has warned me to stay off the subject of politics tonight. She knows that one or two of the guests will try to draw me out, just to get me to say what they don't want to hear.

She has added an incentive of a good spanking in the garage, on the day after the party, if I behave myself.

I surely will.

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  1. My wife loves to have me bend over but hands on knees is the norm ! She canes, or gives me the strap in that position which makes the caning really painful! I far prefer being over the arm of our sofa which alows more natural padding to absorb the stinging stroke ! TJ

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  3. Sounds like a lovely evening. Hopefully they will spend lots as it's for charity. Hope you remembered to stay of the subject of politics.


    Sorry about the deleted comment.

    1. Hi Ronnie. Staggering about a bit this morning. Yes, I think everyone who came had decided no politics.

  4. I do hope the party went well and you got your good spanking :) I absolutely love those!

    1. hi. It went very well and I was lucky enough to get my spanking. Thanks


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