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Saturday, 28 November 2015

Black Friday with shades of grey


In the UK we had the import of the States' Black Friday yesterday.

I agreed to meet my wife in the late afternoon to look for some household goods.

Nothing we wanted was priced any lower than it would have been usually. The reduced stuff was just the old models that would have gone in a sale in January. So that was black.

Then we went for a meal and got fairly mediocre food and service , so that was black.

Then it rained as we walked back to the car, so that was black.

Back home the central heating wasn't working so I had to get that sorted. Eventually it got warm and my wife stopped glaring at me. So the blackness lifted a little.

Then after she had a long hot shower and a warming glass of red wine, she got very fruity on the bed.

So that was Grey and the day didn't seem so bad after all.

Once she had orgasmed and was falling off to sleep she suggested I have a whipping this weekend, just for fun.

Monday, 16 November 2015

Times past

I had to visit an office close to a University the other day and the walk to the building  was a joy. So many females in leggings and boots on the footpath and square. It was hard to concentrate.

Classy outfit idea style with skinny jeans and combat boots

It took me back to those college years in my twenties, when an erection was something that just happened, not something you had to try and maintain for more than a few seconds.

The spanking pictures were few and far between in the 70's and there was a huge thrill when you finally tracked one down.

Janus magazine was only sold in a few newsagents shops and it was hard to find a copy.

I spent a lot of time at college trying to find girlfriends who would be spanked. I was partially successful.

Heart and Soul: A Treat in Stockings me prior to a spanking, via

When I first travelled to the States as a young man I was overjoyed to find many more spanking mags, but they mostly came with pictures and no stories.

Here are a few retro shots for older readers.

YEOWCH 2014: erotic spanking 71105_MO03_123_1105lo.JPG via

Retro 1960's Spanking Photo Gallery - Free Classic Spanking Photos Retro 1960's Spanking Photo via

Lady Spank - Page 6 of 14 Photo reblogged from Vintage via

Nowadays you can get the image that you desire at the click of a mouse.

Just like these.

As an animal lover and keen equestrian, I do not believe in using the riding crop…on horses anyway…naughty bottoms? That’s upto Him.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Not so unlucky, on Friday 13th

Friday the 13th turned out not be so unlucky. I got home about 6 and my wife called me upstairs.  

I wondered what I had done that might deserve a summons, but then was pleasantly surprised to see her standing in the bedroom wearing glorious lingerie complete with stockings. She smiled and beckoned me over by crooking her finger.

"You look pleased to see me," she said, touching the growing stiffness in my groin.

"Well yes, you could say that."

"I was out shopping today before I met the girls for lunch and thought I might treat myself to some new underwear. I got carried away in the store and decided I might like to wear this for that wedding next week. It doesn't need to be just the bride who is glamorous does it?"

"No,  I said and you look fantastic."

"Well we've got time for some rumpty in bed," she talked as she went to the window to draw the curtain,"before we're due out so why don't you go and shower?"

 Given that it was already dark outside and the bedroom was lit up, I was glad that our house does not look straight onto another but into fields, otherwise I might have wondered who had seen her in her sexy kit.

I was taking my clothes off in an instant. As I started with my belt and trousers she went to the dressing table and turned around holding her hairbrush.

"Do you think it was naughty of me to spend so much money on these?" She pointed at her bra and then at a new dress hanging on the wardrobe which I hadn't even noticed. The husky tone of her voice and her lowered chin gave me a clue.

"Very naughty," I said sternly.

"And what happens to naughty girls Sir ?" My wife turned and half bent forward pushing her bottom out.

"They get spanked."

"Ooh sir, that sounds sore sir."

I marched over and took the hairbrush from her hand, pushing down on her back some more, so that she rested her hands on the upholstered stool. The new knickers framed her bottom splendidly. They had that sort of mesh nylon panel across the cheeks which has become so popular with underwear designers these days. I ran my hand over her delightful bottom.

"Not too hard," she whispered, "don't spoil it."

I knew what this meant . My wife does not like to be spanked, but very occasionally allows it to happen. I know better than to overdo the limits.

"Now you're a very naughty girl and I will have to spank you. How much did you spend today?"

"Oooh a lot sir and I had a two glasses of wine with Julie and Sam at lunchtime."

"Well a good spanking should sort you out and remind you to behave."

She wiggled her hips as I smacked the brush softly against one cheek and then the other in quick succession.

"Ouch sir, please don't spank me. I'll do anything."

"Be quiet and take your punishment". 

I went on to give her ten medium hard spanks to each side of her bottom and enjoyed every second of the spanking. When I stopped I rubbed my hand all over the knickers. There was a nice pink glow showing through the fine mesh.  I put the brush down and ran my fingers up the black silk gusset into her crotch and rubbed her there firmly with the flats of my fingers. S groaned and wriggled a little bit and then stood up.

Pouting a little in roleplay, she made rubbing movements with her hand behind her back she said she was very sorry and sore  and told me to go and shower.

I stripped quickly and got under the stream of hot water soaping myself quickly. S came in and stood by the side of the shower and took my erection in her hand manipulating it vigorously.

"Pass me the bathbrush naughty boy."

I unhooked the brush from the wall. 

"Get out of the shower."

She put one foot on the wooden clothes box whilst I stood there dripping and shivering. When she pointed at her knee I went over it supporting my weight on the edge of the bath and then she whacked me hard. It felt terrific. I made no sound as she smacked me hard again.

I pretended she was hurting me and said I was sorry that I had spanked her so hard and that I deserved a sore bottom. She agreed and swung the brush higher and harder. After a long 5 minute spanking she laughed, and said her leg was aching too much  to continue and anyway she wanted some fun on the bed.

When I got off her knee S raced through to the bedroom and I followed. She lay seductively on her back and then wriggled her panties down her legs and kicked them off. Her pink pussy in her widespread legs was cool to my mouth and I took my time licking and nudging her mound with my chin.

After she had come quite a few times S sat up and turned her attention to my prick and smacked it hard whilst pulling and yanking it..I lay down on my back whilst she retrieved the little red whip from under a pillow (she must have planned all this) and I watched her in dealing with me whilst she stood standing to one side of the bed, stockings and bra on stunning show. After a firm whipping from the leather thongs she told me I could wank whilst she played with herself. She got back onto the bed and we both came quickly.

The rest of the evening, a drink and tapas with friends was fun since we were both in a happy and loving mood. S was dressed in tight jeans and sweater so I knew the lingerie was back in the drawer at home.

I now can't wait for that wedding next week, as we are staying over at an hotel.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Love our lurkers

Thanks to Bonnie for developing this day all those years ago and the to the other spankos for keeping it going. 

Happy browsing

the cane delivers a message
which brings his respect to the surface
of the reservoir of her love


afterglow is the incentive 
for a slow dedication of his tongue
on her hidden pink fruit


relief is a cool hand 
reminding him of the power
she holds to please


a long slow anal screw 
puts her man back in his place
to finish a perfect evening

Shemale and gloves

And a nice couple of videos for those readers  who have some time to spare

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Loving our lurking spankers

I probably need a spanking for posting this on the wrong day.

Thanks to those left comments  and I have kept them here.

Monday, 2 November 2015

Autumnal days

Hi there

Sorry I have not written in a while.

Now that Summer has gone 


Lalalalaaa I am not here, this is not happening.

and river boat trips are finished,

we can look forward to tights and short skirts




Taken by Martina Keenan 


and, when the central heating is turned up, even less clothing indoors.

Of course, it can still can get very hot in Autumn if one is caught looking at spanking photos.