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Saturday, 25 March 2017

All washed up.

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I think it's all over. Sex that is. I haven't felt aroused for months now and not having sex has not bothered me in the slightest. I don't seem interested in spanking anymore either. In fact I just want to work and then read a book and go to sleep. My wife is not happy about the situation. She is using the vibrator quite frequently and leaving it out for me to see that she is using it. Trying to shame me into action I guess.

Honestly I don't care. Even touching her is a perfunctory motion. I give her a kiss when I say goodbye and one when I say hello and that's it.

To be honest all I keep thinking about is being alone and not having to do anything except please myself. I won't run off though. I was brought up to stick things out, through thick and thin. Doing the right thing  does not stop the fantasies though. I would love to be on a sailing boat in the Pacific or on an island in the Indian ocean.

Ah well. 

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