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Thursday, 29 September 2016

Web and retribution

So that's it. The slideshow widget on this blog has gone, removed by the Blogging team on the basis that the Flash technology that it ran on is old hat.

I will have to present any photos one by one from now on, until I come up with anything better.

Here is one from another set of photos that I was building for a slideshow.

Back in domesticity, I dented the car the other day, against a low level post in a car park. and it will cost a few hundred pounds to sort it. Unfortunately my wife was with me at the time so I cannot put the blame anywhere else.

This could not have come at a worse time, not just because of the financial aspect, but because my wife has yet to use the discipline cane which I bought and I am pretty sure that this incident will feature in any future award of strokes.

On a lighter note I left our family pc switched  on with some "history"  of having looked at naked female models.

My wife discovered it and asked what I was playing at? I told her it was a mistake and that I was just researching an actress we had seen in a recent TV programme.

I wasn't believed and the bath-brush spanking that I had been craving all that day, was swiftly delivered in a no-nonsense fashion. I had my PJ bottoms taken down and was bent over the bathroom basin. Twenty hard spanks later and I was apologising profusely, but secretly pleased that my ruse had worked. I relished the cunnilingus which followed and all in all it was a great mid-week treat.

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Skirting around

On holiday this year, there was a nice distraction on a hot day when we visited a historic castle in Spain.

A gust of late afternoon wind from an onshore breeze caught the short summer dress of a tourist on a fortified castle balustrade. Her underwear and bottom were on view at close quarters and took my mind off arrows and boiling oil.

This afternoon, back in the UK, I was in a local small supermarket watching a young female student struggle with her purchase, her money and her handbag all at the same time. 

As she repeatedly bent over to sort things out she exposed a great deal of small tight bottom from under her very short skirt.

Naughty but nice is the correct expression, I think. 

The question is, do I tell my wife about my delightful experiences?

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Slideshow goes

Image result for alana blanchard lingerie

Oh dear. The guys at Blogger  are no longer offering the sidebar software that allows me to have a Slideshow of delectable images. From late September it won't be there. Shame. as it took time to set up and I like to ring the changes by having a new slideshow from time to time. I built 10 different slideshows in total. Maybe there will be an alternative but they haven't said. So until they take it down  I will change it every day..

On another topic, this woman is the model star of an airline safety film, shown on board as you buckle your seatbelt. Nice distraction and it would make you watch the video I suppose, if you are a bloke at any rate.

Image result for alana blanchard lingerie

On the other hand if you get caught at home searching for attractive models it isn't so safe, and you might find your own seat on fire.


Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Permission granted.

loft lifeYou're very quiet.

Sorry I was thinking.

What about.

For a moment I said nothing and then

I was wondering when you might be going to cane me. with that new cane.

Ah yes. The new cane. Are you worried about it?

Well yes, worried and excited I guess.

Are you excited now?


Show me. Stand up.

look innocent

I got to my feet and undid my belt and dropped my trousers. My prick was bulging out my pants.

That looks nice. Come here.

I shuffled over toward her with my trousers around my ankles.

Take your pants down.

 I pulled the elastic waist band  up and over the head of my penis, which jumped into the fresh air, and then slowly rolled the pants down to my thighs.

Turn around.

I shuffled again. My wife leaned forward and placed one cool  hand on my butt and slid the other around the front, taking my erection in a firm grip.

So you would like to know when I'm going to cane you? 

She pulled hard on my prick, rubbing her grip up and down vigorously, Then she slapped my bare bottom with her other hand. Answer me!

Yes ma'am

She spanked me again. And you don't want to know how ?

Well I suppose I do want to know how, but I'm not sure I'll like the answer.

 I pushed my butt back towards her as she wanked me still harder.

You're nervous.Well you should be. 

She let go of me and tapped the side of one bottom cheek.

Turn around. I spun round to face her.

Now wank. She settled back in her chair to watch me,

Over the next thirty seconds she told me in some detail how she was going to cane me and cane me so hard that I would wish I had never asked to be submissive.

Fellatio Love
by Loki Arts
Fresh Paint

I pumped hard in front of her and just when I was about to ask her if I could come,  she pulled my hand away.

Stop right there.

Leaning forward again in the chair, she took my balls in one hand and squeezed tight and then dipped her head to out her mouth over my prick. She licked and I felt an ounce of pre-cum rise out of the tip. 

She opened her mouth wider so that she could speak. Start wanking again.

 I took hold of myself just below her lips and rubbed. She started to slap and spank my balls with an upward flick of the palm and fingers of her hand and I moaned with the pain in my groin and the pleasure of her tongue. She sensed I was coming and lifted  her mouth away. 

Come in your hand, she instructed.  

I pumped myself more vigorously , bending my knees and thrusting my hips to join the motion of my hand. Just as I began to spurt I cupped my left hand and forced my prick downwards with my other hand, so that the cum spurted out onto my palm. I shuddered with the orgasm and squeezed out all the white stuff.

When I was done and standing weak-kneed and drained, she told me to lick my hand and swallow my stuff.

The taste was bitter and then creamy sweet. 

So that's it boy. That's your last orgasm until I thrash you.

I pulled up my pants and then my trousers. 

Thank you Mistress, I managed to utter my appreciation.

You will have to remember to thank me when I'm caning you. Now get me a cup of tea..

Sunday, 18 September 2016

A gentle massage.

The temperature is dropping in the UK now, so I guess that summer is coming to an end.

In our house a massage for my wife has to be executed in a warm environment, so when my wife suggested on Friday night that she be given the full works of a relaxation session before the week starts, I knew that I had to act quickly. 

She went off to an  aerobics class in the late afternoon on Saturday and I had a hot bath waiting for her at the right time for her getting home. The room needed the central heating on to make it perfect for my Mistress.  When she came up the stairs  I helped remove her sweaty top and leggings and took her through in her g- string to the bathroom.  The air was sweet with incense oil burning. She stood silent whilst I pulled down the pants and knelt to lay kisses on the inside of her thighs and on her bush. She told me to leave her, before stepping into the bath. 

I had laid out towels on the mattress and had the duvet ready to cover her body when the massage was over.

After a long soak she called me in to dry her off and wrap her in a robe. While she sat on the bathroom chair I dried her ankles, feet and toes and kissed each foot.

You are a good slave, she said, but quite naughty. What should I do with you?

You should punish me Ma'am.

I will. I will thrash you with my new cane this week. You won't know when. But now I want my massage. Is everything ready?

Yes ma'am, all is prepared.
Image result for nude massage

She fell asleep after the treatment and woke up at about 8pm to enjoy the dinner I had cooked.

Image result for nude massage

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Rain results in pain

I was late home again last night so no supper was ready for my mistress.
It wasn't really my fault. The sunny days had turned into a thunderstorm and roads were flooded and people were driving like lemons.

Image result for tumblr  woman waiting with hairbrushAnyway she was in a mood and my excuses fell on deaf ears. I offered to fetch a ready meal  from an upmarket department store shop in a filling station, which I knew was still open, because I had just passed it or alternatively we could go for a pub meal.

She chose the ready meal because she did not want to get fancied up to go out again. I set off to make the purchases and she went up to shower.

 When I got home she called me upstairs,bent me over the bed, removed my trousers and  pants and spanked me hard, 30 times,  with the bathbrush.

Then I was sent back down to get on with the cooking.

Her mood improved, after she had released the tension by spanking me, and once she had a glass of wine she was fairly chatty.

My spanking was a lot harder than this one. 

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Warm evenings

Image result for joanna vanderham naked
Image result for joanna vanderham naked

It is still very hot weather here in the UK. When my wife arrived home yesterday evening she went off to shower and then appeared for supper wearing very light clothes. We settled down to watch a TV programme, in which this woman has a more modern role than the one depicted. I thought how good she might be at spanking. She has a certain look that indicates she might be quite a honey at discipline.

Anyway, once the programme was over, I told my wife that I had collected the new cane from the mail box shop. She told me to fetch it. On her instruction I knelt in front of her and  unwrapped the long cardboard parcel and held it out for my wife to slide out the cane, by the crooked handle. She did this in a protracted way keeping her eyes on mine all the time.

She stroked the smooth rattan cane and said she was pleased. It looked as though it would fit the bill. She could sense my excitement I think and opened her bare legs under the thin cotton nightie she was wearing.

You may pull down my knickers and kiss me if you like!

I needed no more encouragement and within a few seconds I had my head buried between her thighs and my tongue licking at her lips. She wriggled lower down in the chair so that her bottom was on the edge of the seat cushion and I ran my tongue softly between her ring and pussy. 

When she had come two or three times we packed up and went to bed. She was holding the cane behind her, across her panties, as I followed her up the stairs. Once in the bedroom she told me she was putting the cane away in her wardrobe and not in the chest with the other toys. She would bring it out when she wanted to thrash me properly, she told me, and it would only be her who decided when it would be used. To emphasise the point she lifted the corner of the duvet and swished the cane down hard on the mattress. It crumped into the white bed sheet and left a long depression. Sounds good,eh? 

I am in no doubt that cane is going to hurt a lot.

When I saw this photo,I wondered if this was the factory that made the School canes with which I was beaten, in those far off days, when boys did as they were told or faced the consequences. You can see that she is an experienced superviser, who only wants the best reaction at the receiving end of the supply chain.

Image result for how to give a caning

Saturday, 10 September 2016


Image result for dollar and shopping

Not for the first time, he wondered if the credit card overspend had been deliberate.

“ © Photo: Nicola De Luigi
This is my work, please don’t remove credits.

Instructed to get a purposeful cane

The other day my wife took out her copy of the Mistress Manual and the Toybag Guide to Canes and Caning from the velvet bag in her wardrobe, where she keeps handcuffs, blindfolds and other small toys.

She sat on the chair in the bedroom flicking through the pages , whilst I was cleaning the room and changing the bed-linen. 

I am not sure that I am caning you hard enough, she announced.

It feels quite hard to me I said, cheekily touching a stiffness in my pants.

No, I don't think so. I hardly ever get you crying ormoaning when I am whipping you. I am going to have to change how I do it.Maybe we need to get a new cane. Something less whippy. More of a punishment cane. I want you look into it and you are authorised to buy one. Just make sure you get one which makes you jump when I use it. 

When I had finished my cleaning duties she stood up, took her clothes off and lay down on the bed.

Oh I do love warm weather and clean sheets, she purred. Pass my vibrator and leave the room. I want some me-time.
RĂŞver d’un ciel bleu resplendissant

I closed the door and left her to it. A few minutes later I was on my lap top ordering a Reformatory Dragon cane from Quality Control. I was actually trembling as I clicked the buy button, with feelings of dread and excitement.

I will let you know when it is used.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016


Image result for sales

"Your monthly sales are up."

"Your regional penetration figures are good."

"But your profit margin leaves a lot to be desired."