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Thursday, 29 September 2016

Web and retribution

So that's it. The slideshow widget on this blog has gone, removed by the Blogging team on the basis that the Flash technology that it ran on is old hat.

I will have to present any photos one by one from now on, until I come up with anything better.

Here is one from another set of photos that I was building for a slideshow.

Back in domesticity, I dented the car the other day, against a low level post in a car park. and it will cost a few hundred pounds to sort it. Unfortunately my wife was with me at the time so I cannot put the blame anywhere else.

This could not have come at a worse time, not just because of the financial aspect, but because my wife has yet to use the discipline cane which I bought and I am pretty sure that this incident will feature in any future award of strokes.

On a lighter note I left our family pc switched  on with some "history"  of having looked at naked female models.

My wife discovered it and asked what I was playing at? I told her it was a mistake and that I was just researching an actress we had seen in a recent TV programme.

I wasn't believed and the bath-brush spanking that I had been craving all that day, was swiftly delivered in a no-nonsense fashion. I had my PJ bottoms taken down and was bent over the bathroom basin. Twenty hard spanks later and I was apologising profusely, but secretly pleased that my ruse had worked. I relished the cunnilingus which followed and all in all it was a great mid-week treat.


  1. I think you will be getting a weekend treat of the cane for the bump.


  2. Shawn, a bath brush my wife feels get the best results. I accepted the spankings while we were dating and will have it no other way. It is always otk, always bare, by her, and always ends with me doing the spanking dance. I have found ways to get spanked, she knows it and they are the worse.


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