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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New Year Resolutions

It is that time of year again when we might resolve to be better people. 

Here are my 2014 resolutions:

1. To lose weight

2. To focus on the happiness and well being of my wife every day

3. To stop drinking alcohol in January and then see if I can extend my abstinence one month at a time.

Any suggestions as to what might make me keep these resolutions would be gratefully received.

Obviously this might help, but it might be a little too harsh.

Monday, 30 December 2013

The house to ourselves

All the Christmas house guests left on time and I had four very busy hours cleaning and washing the bed linen and towels. The collection of stuff they left behind includes an iphone cover, a small pair of red knickers jammed inside the bottom of bedding, one sock under the bed and a bottle of perfume. I will trash the knickers and sock.

 I am surprised at the owner of the knickers - I would have thought she was more into comfort panties. Maybe they were a Christmas present.

My wife hit the shops on Saturday determined to get some bargains from the Sales. She returned tired but happy and I enjoyed a fashion parade of her acquisitions although she refused to show me the everyday bra and pants set which she had picked up, saying that she was too fat after all the Christmas food. Once again the idea that we should both go on a diet in the New Year raised its head. I said that I thought I could touch my toes a lot better these days and she excited me by suggesting that she might like to see that later on.

As she picked up the clothes and started to put them away I asked if we might open some more boxes on the Advent Calendar, even though we are now beyond Christmas Day. She said she would think about it but for now she was going to take a bath and I had better start dinner. Pushing my luck again I asked if I could do the cooking  wearing my panties and a T shirt but this was refused. Stop thinking about your cock all the time and get on with the food, she demanded. As I left the room she did say that I should take a tablet as it might come in useful later on. This raised my spirits considerably.

I had made a pastry with some left over turkey and this, with some vegetables, made a perfect TV supper. We watched a Christmas video of Life of Pi and then I served up a fruit trifle. I told my wife that this was going to have to be the mast of the desserts for a while if we are going to do this diet. When the video was over my wife stretched back in her chair and I took the hint.

 I was going down on my knees when she told me to strip off and fetch the long riding crop. By the time I got back to the sitting room she had removed her lounge suit bottoms and was lying on her back on the sofa propped up by the arm rest at one end. The tablet had done its work and I had a passable erection which looked as though it might last. 

Taking the crop from me she told me to go down on her but with my bottom turned towards her.  As I began to lick slowly and gently she started to whip my bottom and between my legs using the crop in her left hand. 

The strokes were not hard and just gave a pleasurable sting. She used the whip strokes to guide me in the tempo of my licking - soft slow strokes and then hard crisp smacks told me to slow down or speed up. She eventually came with a violent shudder and lay back moaning and groaning with evident pleasure. 

I remained in position on the floor with my head resting on her tummy and after a while the crop landed again so I resumed the action on her very damp pussy. She came again, six or seven times. Go and do the washing up and the come back with a Baileys she suggested.

 I left her lying sleepily on the sofa and cleared up. I put on some pyjama bottoms and sorted out the liqueur drink and some chocolates.

Back in the sitting room we sat side by side on the sofa and sipped our drinks watching some talk show on the TV. After a while her hand went to my crotch and my erection sprang up. Turn off the TV, she said and then she knelt up on the sofa with her back to the room and arms spread across the top of the couch.

She parted her legs and I dropped my pyjamas and entered her. We fucked enthusiastically, with her telling me how much she enjoyed whipping me and I came within a few minutes.

Back upstairs and lying in our bed, both of us content with our exertions, my wife promised to start opening the rest of the Advent Calendar boxes before the New Year. 

That is quite a lot of strokes to look forward to.

Friday, 27 December 2013

Christmas jollies and other things

Guests, cooking, chores and having a drink at the neighbour's can get in the way of writing, so I would just like to say that it has been fun whizzing through my favourite bloggers  accounts.of Christmas. 

I am sorry to see that a couple of people have decided to sign off from blogging at the end if 2013, but maybe they will come back after a refresh period. 

On a whim and a fancy can I say "hi" to a North American lass,K, who gave up blogging a couple of years back. She has a big house, made with a lot of timber and large garden in a chilly part of the USA and gave us a lot of fun with her accounts of becoming a spanko. If you are still reading this blog for any reason K then hello and a Happy Christmas to you and your large family.

Boxing Day, the 26th, was good fun and when my wife and I found ourselves alone for all of half an hour I suggested that we might open box 16 of the calendar. She frowned in that exasperated manner of "I haven't got time for that sort of thing" but then changed her mind. 

In a mock attempt at anger she took hold of my ear and led me to the kitchen. Still holding on she yanked the long wooden jam spoon from its hook near the range and pushed me over the kitchen table. In a no-nonsense fashion she  spanked  quickly, with sixteen strokes to each side of my bottom. The spanking was delightfully hot and stingy. I thanked her for the opening the box and for the total of 202 strokes so far this month.

I was in a great mood after that and willingly did the little jobs she demanded of me, for the rest of the day. 

We get our house back to ourselves on Friday afternoon so I am hoping for some relaxation time.

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Happy Christmas

Well after all that effort here it is Christmas Day. i hope you all have a jolly time.

We succeeded in getting to box 15 of the Advent Calendar yesterday but have had to stop there. Apparently we might resume tomorrow.

I hope my wife will like her present, but she will probably think it is for me.

Not sure what I might be eating today as I am on a diet.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Have yourself a Merry Christmas

I hope everyone is where they want to be for Christmas by the end of  the day. 

Thanks for visiting the blog this year.

 I am up and about getting ready for Christmas chores and letting my wife sleep in. There may be a slot today when I can suggest the Advent Calendar needs attention at about mid-day, just before some Christmas guests arrive.

If you haven't bought your wife a present this year can I suggest an economical solution might be a good massage, as demonstrated in this video , from Mariposa's site    Relaxation.

And of course a present for him might be available in Australia but it will arrive late;  take a look at Some nice underwear.

                                                     Have a good one.

And remember to say thank you

Monday, 23 December 2013

Pardon me

Excuse me whilst I fiddle about with Picasa trying to get a new headline image for the blog. I will get it right soon.

I hope some of you have noticed the slideshow on the right hand side. I keep changing and adding to the set of images so it does not become too dull.

I managed to introduce the opening of Advent Calendar Box 13 this morning by taking the bath-brush into the bedroom along with her early morning cup of tea.

My wife gave me the 13 crisp spanks over my pyjama bottoms before resting back on the pillows and sipping her tea and opening Christmas cards which were left over from Saturday. 

Whilst this spot of "me time" was going on for her, I polished the heels of her boots which had become scuffed from driving. 

I had three sets of boots to do. One was thewinter snow type with flat heels, one was the shopping type with workmanlike heels and the best were her dress set with long sharp heels. 

They were all shining by the time I had finished. 

I enjoyed performing the task with my smarting and stinging bottom and I asked if there was anything else I could do for her? She took the fun out of my reverie when she said yes, I could clean the downstairs toilet.

I was left to prepare the house for Christmas when she went off to work. She will be late home and I have to pick her up from her office drinks party tonight. 

Maybe if she is in a good mood I can ask her to open Box 14 with the riding crop.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Christmas caning last Saturday

My wife resolved to make the cane sing last weekend. I was able to ask for 2 days of Advent Calendar on Saturday because she announced that she had time to deal with me just before we went out with friends. She thought it would be amusing if I was to sit at dinner with a scorched bottom.

“You will be on the edge of your seat,” she said. “And be very attentive.”

When I had done all the jobs for the day I climbed the stairs to find her laying on the bed in her dressing gown, drying the nail varnish on her toes and fingernails.

She took the glass of wine that I offered and told me that the bathroom needed cleaning.

“Not a full clean, just around the bath and on the vanity unit and the small bin needs emptying.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“And come back her naked with the long whippy cane.”

“Yes ma’am”

Ten minutes or so later I walked back into the bedroom with a stiffy waving in front of me and the cane offered out in my hands. She tried to look serious but I could see she was laughing at me a bit.

“You won’t be needing that wobbly thing but I am glad you’re pleased to see me. Get down on your knees at the end of the bed.”

I did as instructed and she slid herself down the bed until she was sitting on the end of the mattress.

“Pass me the cane and ask for your treat.”

“Please ma’am? Please could you open box 11 of the calendar?”

“I surely will and quite hard too. Turn to the side and get down on all fours.”

She tapped my bottom with the cane to judge the distance and told me to move a bit further away from the bed. Lowering my head to the ground and raising my bottom high, I waited with butterflies in my stomach. I wanted the cane but didn’t, if you know what I mean.

Whizz and crack, the cane came from on high and zipped into my skin. I buried my head deeper into the carpet and pushed my bottom up higher practically begging for the next stroke. It came quickly enough and she paced herself through the next nine strokes with what I judged to be ten second intervals. The waiting between each stroke was deliciously tense making and gave me time to contemplate where she would land the cane next. My stiffness had gone by the fourth stroke

“Stand up.”

I got to my feet.

“Thank you for the 104 strokes so far ma’am.” I stood there with my head down, avoiding a direct gaze on her quim, which was visible where the robe had fallen apart at her waist.

“Lie on your tummy on the bed.”

I moved round to the side of the bed

“Put some pillows down and lie over those.”

This was novel. She doesn’t usually do comfort spankings.

When I was in position my wife got up and stood to one side swishing the cane through the air.

“I’m waiting.”

I turned my head  to look at her. She had removed her dressing gown and was stood naked.

“Please ma’am? Could we open box 12 of the calendar?”

“Oh yes, and I am going to make these count.”

With careful consideration she caned me twice, but they were moderate strokes. I relished the comfortable position and ground my penis into the mound of the pillows. In my youth I might have come very quickly on the bed linen when spanked on my front. My enjoyment was cut short.

“This isn’t working. I can’t get any swing without hitting the ceiling. Kneel up on the bed and put hour hands on your head.”

The springiness of the mattress meant that it was difficult to keep my balance in an upright position. I spread my knees a little farther apart and locked my fingers together on the top of my head.

She swung the cane again this time twisting her body from the hip and delivering the equivalent of a forehand smash in tennis. I yelped as the cane landed across my bare cheeks with a force she hadn’t achieved in a long time.

“Much better.  I like this position. Now keep still and I will start again.”

The 12 strokes that followed created sharp waves of pain and I had to close my eyes and clench my cheeks each time the cane landed.

She laid the cane on the bed and came round in front of me to fondle my penis.
“Is this going to come back?”

“I don’t know ma’am.”

"Well in that case you can do me and then we can get ready. I hope you enjoyed your caning "

“Yes ma’am. Thank you very much.” I mumbled this a little as my mouth was already wrapped over her lips and I was licking with gusto.

"How many have you had so far?"

"128 ma'am."

"My, my. And still plenty of boxes."

I nodded my head as best I could given that it was firmly clamped between her thighs.


The week has passed quickly and there has been no opportunity to ask for the calendar to be opened.
We both have the day off tomorrow so maybe we can make inroads into the 13 boxes still to come.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Healthy Living

Anyone out there remember Health and Efficiency?

This magazine was a god-send for a boy teenager in the 70s. 

So many secret moments of doing you know what, holding a copy of the magazine in one hand and something else in the other.

This was also the decade that I discovered the existence of saunas but they were very much a Nordic experience and not one that I was likely to come across in the UK. 

Certainly not one like this. 

I was even more intrigued at that age to learn that saunas meant switching with birch twigs, something I have yet to experience. A whipping in a sauna is on my bucket list, with ladies only present.

The stimulus to all of these thoughts was when I came across this image; discovered on Tumblr,

It immediately screamed Health and Efficiency at me , but the blonde girl's hand would not have been allowed there in 1975.

In 1949 the magazine was in good health but the cover was a little more discrete, with bikinis and not nudity. To be fair this is as exciting as the fully nude covers which came later.

Hey ho. Tempus Fugit.

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Christmas red

Christmas and the colour red just seem go together somehow

Last Thursday night I had a splendid red bottom after asking my wife to open 3 of the Advent calendar boxes in one go.

We were both out on Tuesday and then we had to go to my wife’s work Christmas dinner on Wednesday, so it was only yesterday, on the 12th, that I was able to present myself for the next spanking after the 9th of December

I was at home most of Thursday and after getting dinner ready I left a note downstairs and went to the bedroom a few minutes before I expected my wife to arrive back from work.

Upstairs I pulled out the round headed pandy bat from the instrument box, washed myself carefully stripped bare and then I slipped into my red punishment panties and put myself in the corner. When I  heard the car on the drive I straightened up and placed my hands on my head.

I heard her bustle around downstairs and then the sound of footsteps on the stairs. She breezed in and went to the bathroom leaving me standing there like the naughty boy I wanted to be.

Moments later she was stood behind me and telling me to turn round. She was dressed in her bra and office skirt with black shoes and looked gorgeously stern.

“Well,” she said." Your’e all dressed up aren’t you? Did I say you could wear knickers today?"

“No ma’am. Sorry ma’am.” I looked down at my feet. “Please ma’am may could you open the Advent Calendar ma’am?”

She grabbed hold of my testicles through the thin panties and pulled me over to the side of the bed.

“Bend over, hands on top of the duvet.”

I saw her pick up the paddle and braced myself.

"So ask me nicely then.!"

"Please ma’am, can you open box number 10 of theAdvent calendar ma'am?"

The paddle landed smartly on one cheek and the ouch effect was sharply transmitted to my head. My wife expertly landed 10 strokes and paused.
Thank you ma’am. That’s seventy ma'am".

"Oh we are off to a good start. You seem to have all the numbers in your head this time." 

With a quick movement she yanked my boy boy shorts up to expose both cheeks of my bottom.

"Please open box 11 ma’am."

That day's spanking followed quickly and  I was soon asking her to open box 12

My head was in a great place when  box 12 was fully opened  and I  thanked her for the 93 strokes  as she placed the long pandy bat on the bed and rubbed my blazing my bottom with one hand. She  scolded me again for wearing the panties and told me to stand up and face her. Looking straight into my eyes she brought the open palm of her hand smartly up and spanked my balls. I jumped with the pain but she told me to hold still and not disobey her in the future when it comes to wearing female garb. She spanked me three more times and then went off to change out of her work clothes.

“By the way, a few of the girls at work said what a perfect gent you were at the party. I just told them you were well trained. I might reward you with the cane this weekend. "

“Yes ma’am. Thank you ma’am.”

Whilst I was getting dressed I took a look in the long mirror on the guest room wall and  got a kick out the very red bottom, dotted with those blotchy white marks where the paddle had landed repeatedly.

There are plenty of nice red gifts out there to buy my wife for Christmas, so I had better get down to the shops soon.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Advent calendar and Christmas cheer

The Advent calendar game, which have we played in the past, had been forgotten about in recent years, until last week, when I thought it would be a nice idea to buy my wife a luxury chocolate Advent calendar as a treat.

“What about you?” she asked when she had unwrapped my gift and savoured the first Santa shaped choc.

“How do you mean?”

“Well I’m sure you know what I mean.”

I did indeed but I wanted her to suggest it. She just smiled at me and since she obviously wasn’t going to expand on what she had said, I volunteered.

“You mean where I get spanked each day leading up to Christmas?”

“Yes boy, that’s the one. I think we could fit that in don’t you, since you have been nice enough to think of me?”

“Thank you ma’am, that would be very gracious of you.”

For the last few days of that week I figured that she had forgotten this conversation, since no spanking took place but then on Sunday, as we were finishing a snack lunch, when she had opened the Day 8 chocolate with her coffee, she suggested that I should go and get the long paddle and join her in the dining room. Just pants and  shorts she said.

In an excited state I sped upstairs to the bathroom to wash myself quickly and then retrieved the paddle from the toy box. The long paddle is the one with the holes drilled on it and it delivers a “super-sting”.  Having it waved in front of me is a bit like Superman facing Kryptonite, my strength and resolve just starts to melt away.

I popped an erection stiffener pill from the bathroom cupboard and took a slurp of water from the tap. I did not know if I would need it but it wouldn't hurt to get a hard on if it was needed.

Back downstairs my wife was waiting tapping her fingers on the table top.

“Get over the table.” 

She took the paddle from me and I bent over the end of the cold wood surface. She does not permit bare bottom spankings downstairs on the grounds of hygiene.”

“Stretch right out and pull yourself on to your toes”

I gripped the side of the table with each hand and wriggled my butt  up into the position she wanted.

“Now we are a bit late with all this Advent business, aren’t we, so I will have to catch up. What day is it?”

“The 8th ma’am”

“So here we go then. You can ask for your Advent gift  and then count the strokes. I am sure you know what to do.”

I stared straight ahead and tried to do the math in head. There was a lot of catching up to do and clenched my bottom in fearful anticipation.

“Please open box number one, ma’am.”

Crack. The paddle landed full across my bottom and I jumped with the pain on the cold skin.

“Please open box number two ma’am.”

Crack, crack. She delivered two hard smacks.

“Please open box number 3 ma’am.”

As my readers will have worked out by now, I should have been getting those particular 3 spanks on the 3rd of December, but since this did not happen I now had to take the daily Advent spanks in one go, all the way to day 8.

She cracked the paddle smartly just at the top of my legs.

“You’re not counting. Shall I start again?”

“No ma’am. Sorry ma’am, that’s five ma’am.”

“No you dunce that’s six,” she said in an exasperated voice.

I groaned as I went through the numbers in my head and realised it had actually 3,2 and then 1 stroke.

“You need those again to remind you how to count I think.”

In quick succession she spanked me six times on the crown of my bottom.

“So where were we?”

“Please open box number 4 ma’am.”

I braced myself by locking my arms and took the spanks whilst holding my breath until she stopped. When I exhaled I said 10, thank you ma’am, and then corrected myself quickly.

“I mean sixteen sorry ma’am, I forgot the extras.”

“You said that just in time.”

She passed quickly through box 5 and 6 and I was about to ask her to open box 7 when she laid the paddle on the table top.

“Let’s take a look shall we? Make sure we are getting a  good coverage.”

Inserting her fingers into the waistband of my shorts she peeled them down at the back. I lifted my hips to release the front of the pants, which were stuck on my erect penis, but she spanked me with the palm of her hand instead.

“Stay where you are. I am only taking a quick look.”

After baring my cheeks for a moment she pulled the shorts back up tightly around my ass and picked up the paddle.

“Please open box number 7, ma’am."

“With pleasure.” 

My wife smacked the wood blade just below the high point of my bottom and proceeded to land the next 6 in just the same place. I stifled a cry but took them stoically. I was just on the edge of a submissive state.

“Thank you ma’am. That’s thirty four, ma’am.”

I felt the paddle stroking my cheeks through the stretched material as she pondered where to go go next. The circular movements were mesmerizingly erotic and I lifted my bottom to show the pleasure I was feeling.

“Please open box number 8 ma’am”

From the tops of my legs she started the hard cracking spanks and ended with a terrifically noisy crack. I lay there happily grinding my erection into the table top, loving the red sore hot bottom and the pain in my penis.

"Stand up."

She pushed me to one side and took my position over the table, pulling up her skirt as she bent over. Her knickers were in one hand. She must have removed them during the spanking.

“You can come inside if you want. And give me a few spanks.”

I yanked my shorts down to my knees and slid in behind her. She was silky wet and I used my right hand to slap her left cheek in an overarm stroke. That first spank left a  lovely red mark on the white skin and I used my left hand to give her a matching spank on her right flank.  I pushed in and out and spanked her six times on each butt side and then I trembled and shot my bolt.

Whilst I slid out of her with a rapidly softening prick, she turned and rested her bottom on the edge of the table.

"Lick me clean," she demanded in a soft voice.

I knelt and placed my mouth and tongue over her cunt. My cum was already flowing back down and I licked the salty liquid into my mouth. I moved the tip of my tongue to her clit but I knew she was unlikely to come in this position. She needs to be relaxed for it to happen. 

Pushing my head away she got off the table.

“Clean up and I’ll see you upstairs.”

The afternoon passed in a nice lazy fashion and once she had been pleasured, we both drifted off to sleep for an hour or so.

We went out for a drink that evening and she teased me about my spanked bottom, wondering if she should tell the guys at the pub about my desire to be a naughty boy and have his bottom smacked. She suggested that I should not forget to open my advent calendar again or it might be dealt with the cane. I agreed without hesitation.

Last night before bed I went to the bathroom and brought out the bath brush whilst  she got into her pyjamas.

"Please ma’am," I asked."Could we open box number nine ?"  I handed her the brush.

 I dropped my pants and stood against the wall with hands on my head and my bottom pushed out.

The ensuing smacks where hard and she gave me 9 on each cheek, just for her fun she said.  I was dancing from one foot to the other by the finish.

"Thank you ma'am. That's sixty,ma'am."

She laughed and said we had a long way to go and she hoped for my sake that I  would not lose count. It would be tough but necessary to start again. 

Roll on Christmas. I think I am going to enjoy December.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

A little of what you fancy.

Tumblr and spanking would appear to be a great match, although maybe some  moderator will come along and decide that sexy spanking pictures are not what they want to have available on their platform . We will have to see. 

Every day there seem to be more attempts of Government control over what we can enjoy on the last century's greatest invention.

My own view is that if something is illegal in the real world then it should be illegal on the internet. Other than that, please live and let live.

I have probably spent too much time on Tumblr recently, for which, if I had declared it to my wife, I would undoubtedly and justifiably be punished. 

Here are two videos from Tumblr which might appeal.

Have fun and enjoy life.

Nice Hairbrush M/F

Swift caning F/M

Monday, 2 December 2013

Pleasurable pastimes

When we are out with friends, either at a restaurant or at their house for a meal, I can tell quite easily when my wife has gone over the edge with her wine and is entering tipsy-land. She gets a lot more voluble and giggly and I start to think of what might happen when we get home.

Last Saturday night, at a neighbours house, there was another woman present who was also getting merry and between the two of them they got quite silly, in a nice kind of way. Things were looking up, I thought, for some post-brandial sexual activities.

I have to time things carefully when I see this opportunity or my wife will be too sleepy when she gets home. There is a delicate balance between her willingness to do things she would not normally engage in and just plain tiredness, where she closes her eyes within seconds of her head hitting the pillow.

I like to think of it as her “Goldilocks state”, where things are not too hot and not too cold, but are in fact just right.

At around midnight I made going home movements and we left with the other couple whose spouse was also inebriated. Once at home I undressed my wife slowly and led her to the bed. She was more than happy to just lie there on her back whilst I knelt at the end of the bed and slipped her knickers off and began to lick her slowly and carefully.

She opened her legs wider than normal in a sign that I could go further back if I wished and I progressed without hurry to the ring between her soft bottom cheeks.

This is a favourite place of mine and I can spend a long time “muff and ring diving”. She wriggled and writhed happily as I  pressed my tongue deep inside her anal hole and then out and across the soft bridge of skin to the back wall of her vagina.

Time after time I repeated this action and was rewarded by soft moans of pleasure. I slipped one hand around her bottom and slowly inserted a finger up and into the ring. She resisted at first and then surrendered. Still keeping my mouth and tongue moving in well moistened playground of her labia, I brought up my other hand and pushed a finger into her cunt slowly rubbing it in and out...

When I sensed that she was getting to orgasm I removed all digits and got on all fours by her side to concentrate my tongue action on  her clitoris. There was plenty of encouragement as she thrust her hips up and down to increase the pressure and then she gripped the side of my head with her hands and shuddered to a climax.

She came two or three times more, with some further slow action from me and then I rolled away and covered her with the blankets so that she could curl up and sleep.  

I did the same, happy in my thoughts, replaying the last fifteen minutes in my head.

The next morning when I brought her tea there was no sign of movement under the bedclothes. 

As I placed the cup on the bedside table, a hand came out holding a piece of paper from the notebook my wife keeps by the bed.

Do some chores and come back in two hours with the strap, it read.

I did just that and a great Sunday spanking ensued.