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Monday, 30 December 2013

The house to ourselves

All the Christmas house guests left on time and I had four very busy hours cleaning and washing the bed linen and towels. The collection of stuff they left behind includes an iphone cover, a small pair of red knickers jammed inside the bottom of bedding, one sock under the bed and a bottle of perfume. I will trash the knickers and sock.

 I am surprised at the owner of the knickers - I would have thought she was more into comfort panties. Maybe they were a Christmas present.

My wife hit the shops on Saturday determined to get some bargains from the Sales. She returned tired but happy and I enjoyed a fashion parade of her acquisitions although she refused to show me the everyday bra and pants set which she had picked up, saying that she was too fat after all the Christmas food. Once again the idea that we should both go on a diet in the New Year raised its head. I said that I thought I could touch my toes a lot better these days and she excited me by suggesting that she might like to see that later on.

As she picked up the clothes and started to put them away I asked if we might open some more boxes on the Advent Calendar, even though we are now beyond Christmas Day. She said she would think about it but for now she was going to take a bath and I had better start dinner. Pushing my luck again I asked if I could do the cooking  wearing my panties and a T shirt but this was refused. Stop thinking about your cock all the time and get on with the food, she demanded. As I left the room she did say that I should take a tablet as it might come in useful later on. This raised my spirits considerably.

I had made a pastry with some left over turkey and this, with some vegetables, made a perfect TV supper. We watched a Christmas video of Life of Pi and then I served up a fruit trifle. I told my wife that this was going to have to be the mast of the desserts for a while if we are going to do this diet. When the video was over my wife stretched back in her chair and I took the hint.

 I was going down on my knees when she told me to strip off and fetch the long riding crop. By the time I got back to the sitting room she had removed her lounge suit bottoms and was lying on her back on the sofa propped up by the arm rest at one end. The tablet had done its work and I had a passable erection which looked as though it might last. 

Taking the crop from me she told me to go down on her but with my bottom turned towards her.  As I began to lick slowly and gently she started to whip my bottom and between my legs using the crop in her left hand. 

The strokes were not hard and just gave a pleasurable sting. She used the whip strokes to guide me in the tempo of my licking - soft slow strokes and then hard crisp smacks told me to slow down or speed up. She eventually came with a violent shudder and lay back moaning and groaning with evident pleasure. 

I remained in position on the floor with my head resting on her tummy and after a while the crop landed again so I resumed the action on her very damp pussy. She came again, six or seven times. Go and do the washing up and the come back with a Baileys she suggested.

 I left her lying sleepily on the sofa and cleared up. I put on some pyjama bottoms and sorted out the liqueur drink and some chocolates.

Back in the sitting room we sat side by side on the sofa and sipped our drinks watching some talk show on the TV. After a while her hand went to my crotch and my erection sprang up. Turn off the TV, she said and then she knelt up on the sofa with her back to the room and arms spread across the top of the couch.

She parted her legs and I dropped my pyjamas and entered her. We fucked enthusiastically, with her telling me how much she enjoyed whipping me and I came within a few minutes.

Back upstairs and lying in our bed, both of us content with our exertions, my wife promised to start opening the rest of the Advent Calendar boxes before the New Year. 

That is quite a lot of strokes to look forward to.


  1. Michael,

    Thanks for sharing. I hope that all of the Advent Calendar boxes are just as much fun.

    Happy New Year,

    1. Great to hear from you Joey. Have a thrashingly good time in 2014.

  2. Sounds like a perfect evening and more to come.


    1. Hello Ronnie. Thanks for stopping by. It looks as though my wife and I are back in the groove and I am enjoying life.

  3. Lovely...I fear I am being put on a diet after New Years. Hannah is very clever about it - if I reach my weekly goal I am allowed to slip into her and, if I am lucky, come. If not she adds the square of the pounds I have missed by to my weekly maintenance.

    Great incentive.

    1. Hello and thanks for the comment. I enjoy your blog a lot. Pounds squared sounds tough but meaningful. I might suggest it here.


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