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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Celluloid titillation

Film Directors in the 1940s may have been limited in what they could present in terms of sex and nudity, but they were adept at titillating their male audience nonetheless.

This actress Dona Drake would have got my full attention in the cinema and had me coming back for more.

Somebody once said it's what you don't see you're interested in, and this is true.

That bottom and the chair could only lead to one thing in my mind.

And the Film Studio media guys knew how to how to do  shoot that would get you back for the next film.

Dona Drake - 1948 Publicity Photo

Nowadays the producers can take things a lot further and we get to watch our favourites at home. 


Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Good boy stuff

My wife had an exercise class last night,. She did not arrive home until 8'ish, so I had an opportunity to prepare a nice supper and get on with some housework. I arrived home early afternoon and set to work. The bathroom and living areas were sparkling by the time I had finished.

When she had taken her shower S commented on how nice the house looked and said I could have a good boy maintenance punishment. I chose the cane and a pair of pink knickers and stripped off quickly before she changed her mind. She stood towelling her hair laughing at me as I  struggled into the panties with my stiffening cock. Then she swiftly delivered 30 hard strokes whilst I bent over the dressing table chair. I was able to watch in the mirror  as her arm lifted and then whooshed the cane across my bottom. 

GULP!!!!!!!S then said it was her turn to choose something so she made me stand with my hands on my head and delivered 5 stingers across the front of my legs. When S finally put down the cane  she instructed  me to look into her eyes whilst she slapped my balls hard with the palm of her hand. The deep growly stomach churning pain shot up from my groin. 

I thanked her for her time and patience and we went downstairs for supper.

She is always energised by the excercise class. Hurrah.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Turning our thoughts to travel

We were planning where we might go on a holiday this year. 

We want to find somewhere warm with interesting things to see.

We need the accommodation to have solid walls to muffle any noise.

And of course a comfortable bed.

One thing I do like about holidays, is that my wife likes to wander around in the nude provided it is hot.
I am a Woman. I outrank you.

And of course she likes me to pay her lots of attention.

Life in a modern marriage - part 19

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Merited discipline

I was doing jobs in the garden this weekend, whilst my wife was out shopping. I took some rubbish to the refuse tip in the car and came back home to find an angry wife.

 I had forgotten that a parcel was due to be delivered and that I was supposed to be there to sign for it. Of course the delivery truck just had to come in the 45 minutes I was away from the house.

 S waved the "we've been and gone away with your parcel" note in front of my face.

"A simple enough instruction, I would have thought?"

"Yes ma'am. Sorry ma'am. I forgot."

"I needed that skirt for this evening."

"I know Ma'am. I am sorry I messed up."

"Go into the garage and wait for me."

I set up the workbench and stripped off my clothes. I knew what was coming so I thought things might go better if I had things prepared. She reappeared with the cane and gave me twelve hard strokes. I thanked her for each one and apologised for letting her down. 

Things were better between us that afternoon and we ended up have a great night out.

Today I have to go and fetch the parcel from the depot as I couldn't get there before. She has mentioned that there might well be a second lesson in mindfulness and attention to instructionsthis evening.

 Hey ho.

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Sunday spanklet- Getting warm in France.

Their drive over to the Provence area of France had been fun. They had spent one night in a motel and driven two eight hour days to get there from England.

Once they had arrived in the village it took a bit of time to find the lakeside holiday complex, which had self- catering cottage accommodation as well as B and B in a large house, but by nightfall they were settled in and John had cooked some steak on the BBQ while Katie unpacked. The bottle of wine they bought the day before did not last long.

That first night they had quickie sex, mainly because they felt they had to at the start their holiday, but they were both tired and neither of them got much pleasure from the coupling.

There were only 4 cottages in the complex so it was quiet and peaceful when they got up early the next morning. The sun was already starting to feel warm.

Katie tidied up the living area of the one level dwelling whilst John drove off to get baguettes and fruit from the local village.

When he got back to the cottage John looked over at the lake and saw his girlfriend  on the pier about to take a morning dip. He also noticed the man stood on the porch of a nearby cottage  who was staring intently at Katie. The bikini she was wearing was the reason why.

John turned and went in to the cottage with his purchases as she slipped into the water.

Ten minutes later Katie ran in through the door laughing and towelling her hair dry and dripping water from her wet feet and legs standing in the large  room that served as both  living and dining space, with a studio type open kitchen at one end.

"That was great, she exclaimed, "cold but really refreshing. i love being on holiday. What have you got for us?"

"Just the usual breakfast things. You had better go and shower before you get a chill." John's voice was quiet and frosty.

"What's up?"

John turned quickly and pulled Katie towards him by her arm..

"I'll tell you what's up," he growled as he put one foot on a dining chair and forced Katie over his raised knee.

Katie was so surprised that she just lay there limply for a second, dangling with her feet off the ground, but when the spanking started she howled and wriggled.

"Your bare bottom is what's up and so is this hand." He spanked her again, hard, with a slap that resounded round the room and he went on spanking her. 

Katie's protests made no difference and the bare cheeks of her bottom were treated to a long fiery spanking.

When John stopped and lifted her back onto  her feet he told her that the bikini she was wearing was simply not suitable for this holiday place. It might be OK on a beach but not in the country.

Katie rubbed her bottom to ease the pain and looked up at him with a rueful expression on her face.

"OK, OK. No need to go on at me. I'm on holiday for Christsake."

She stormed off to the bedroom and slammed  the door shut . A few seconds later, feeling contrite about what he had done John followed her into the room. She was stood in the doorway to the small bathroom half turned and trying to get a glimpse of her red bottom in the mirror. He went over to take her in his arms and kiss her. 

The kiss was returned with passion and Katie pushed him over towards  the bed . In a flurry of action she had taken down his shorts and pants and stripped off his top and then pushed him back on the bed.

She jumped on him, licked her fingers quickly to wet her dry vagina  and then got astride his cock. They fucked like crazy, rolling around the bed into every conceivable position. When he came before her, she demanded that he get his tongue into action and lick. The cum was still dripping from her lips into his mouth as he flicked his tongue round her clit.

When they were spent they dozed for a while, enjoying their nakedness on the bed in the warmth of their small nest. 

Katie got up and stood by the window looking out over the lake. 

"You've never spanked me before, " she said ."Not properly anyway."

"I  know. I'm sorry." John lay on his back and admired the red tinge of her gloriously spanked bottom. 

"Don't be she said, it was nice. A shock, but nice. It shows you care."

"So you had better get dressed and we'll have some breakfast."

"I'm starving," she said, " but I don't know if I can sit down to eat." 

She giggled and reached into the suitcase for some panties and a top.

"You had better find a swimsuit in there. No more bikinis."

Despite his instructions to the contrary Katie wore the bikini every morning for the rest of the holiday. The results were predictable.