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Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Switching roles - unlikely


I am happy to be a submissive husband and take my punishment, which is lovingly handed out by my wife, but I would occasionally like to be able to spank a female bottom.

Sometimes I come across an image on the internet which just flicks a switch.

Like one of these two for instance. Peach is such a nice colour, ne c'est pas?

Monday, 28 March 2016

The Easter Bunny came

My wife decided that her Easter Bunny would bring her some time on Saturday afternoon with her very own Rabbit.

After lunch she went upstairs and stripped to her pants and got under the duvet. I sat at the end of the bed and lifted the duvet cover off to expose her feet and ankles. I propped her legs up on her pillow and settled down to give her a creme foot foot massage. Each foot took about ten minutes to massage well  and then I painted her nails. 

Whilst the nail varnish was drying I went to vacuum the hall and came back to get her Rabbit vibrator out of the back of her knicker drawer. By this time my was wife was dozing but still awake.

I told her the Easter Bunny was here and she said he was very welcome.

I rolled the duvet over to one side to expose her hips whilst keeping her top half covered. Slowly I pulled her pants down and took them off over each soft foot.

Then I switched on the Rabbit at low speed and ran it up inside her thighs. Holding the penis end at an angle against he  vagina I let the rabbit do his work. When she began to wriggle I turned up the speed a notch and set the revolving head beads to work. My wife held her hand to her mouth in that cute way to stifle a moan and within only a minute or so she had her first orgasm.

I  let her relax and then ran the vibrator over her V once more. I pushed a little harder this time and she came again and then again in quick succession.

She indicated that the bunny's job was done and rolled over for an afternoon nap.. 

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Sunday spanklet - On the line

He got the call on the train on his way back home. 

The morning meeting had gone well and he was pleased with the success of the trip. He had spent the previous night in a hotel in London, so as not to be late for the presentation the today.

The woman on the cell phone was the desk manager of  thathotel.

"Mr Watkins, I hope you enjoyed your stay with us. You left a couple of things in your room this morning. Shall we post them on to you?"

His heart sank and his head spun, as he remembered putting the whip and vibrating anal plug into the small drawer by the side of the bed when he had arrived at the hotel. They were in a drawbag, along with some jelly in a tube. He had intended to have a self-play session that evening  to relax and had taken a couple of toys from the cupboard at home, but the wine he had with room service made him fall asleep instead.

"Er, thanks but could you keep them there and I'll pick them up next time."

He couldn't take a chance on the toys arriving at home or worse at the office. His partner would not find it funny. 


It was bad enough to be escorted from the classroom to the headmasters study by the school secretary for a caning, but then she would wait ,and take you back. On the way back she would ask things like does it sting much? Or how long do the marks last? Very embarrassing for boys of eighteen or nineteen.

Something about this all male ritual that young men were subjected to  fascinate her.  No one had ever ever landed so much as the slightest sting on her firm young bottom, even when she was growing up. Yet some of the boys in that school seemed to be getting thwacked every other day. What must it be like to watch? The secretary always thought to herself. She liked to imagine bending over headmaster’s desk, his shorts down, trying to keep a brave face, but unable to controll his wincing. The headmaster standing above him: imposing his gown. At this thought a deep desire seemed to overcome her, like sweeping tidal wave from within"Certainly Mr Watkins. Our guests leave all sorts of things."

She paused and he thought the call had been lost.

"On this occasion though, would you please ask for me personally at Reception? The chambermaid was particularly embarrassed at finding what you left and we should both like to remind you not to leave your belongings in the future."

"Yes of course, thank you. I will be down there again in a couple of weeks."

"Very well. Please ask for Room 101 when you make the reservation. It's on the ground floor next to my office. You have 14 days to collect your things in person or I will post them to you. Goodbye now and have a nice day."

As the call ended he was sure he heard the sound of a giggling laugh at the other end of the line.

Saturday, 26 March 2016

Shopping and waiting.

We had to go shopping yesterday. We completed the household stuff quite quickly and went to a department store for a coffee  after loading the bags in the car.

My wife said she wanted an hour of shopping on her own, without me trailing after her, so I was left to my own devices. We agreed to meet in the cafe.  I wandered through the store and inevitably ended up on the edge of the lingerie section. 

As I picked up some very brief knickers  from the rack I was surprised by a voice behind me.

"Can't find what you're looking for Sir?"

I turned to find a friend of my wife behind me. I didn't know her well. We had been introduced at a party last year.

"Only joking," she said, as my face went a deep red. She had been imitating a shop assistant.

"I won't tell if it's a present of course. But if it's for you then maybe the blue would suit you and you need a bigger size."

I laughed and said I was looking for an Easter gift.

"OK. Have fun."  she said and then she was off. I watched her shapely bum, encased in a tight skirt, as she made her way further into the bras and knickers.

I set off for the coffee shop and as I sat and waited for S  a short fantasy came into my head, involving my wife and the woman I had just met. Here is the jist of it.

          Have a good Easter.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

New panties - sorry I mean knickers

My wife bought some new knickers over the internet, in preparation for a forthcoming wedding party. They arrived yesterday.

She modelled them for me at bed time last night because she said I had been good and had taken my thrashing respectfully the night before and deserved a little treat.

I told her I would be good forever, if she wore panties like these every day. She mentioned that she didn't like the word panties and that I was to call them knickers or pants.

S declined to wear these tight knickers  every day, just to please me, but she did say that I could stroke  and kiss her her bottom. She lay face down on the bed and lifted her hips on a pillow. I knelt behind her on the bed and paid homage to her wonderfully cool bottom with caresses of my hand and regretted that I wasn't allowed to spank it. 

When she opened her legs a little more I pulled the elastic of her pants to one side and began to kiss her ring, sliding my tongue inside and running it around the rim. S moaned and groaned and pushed her bottom back in my face, encouraging me to go on.


After a couple of minutes of true submissive bottom licking on my part she rolled off the pillow and tugged down her pants. I got off the bed and  stood at the side of the mattress. She asked me to show her my bottom to see if the cane marks were still visible. They were and she said she might put more on there at the weekend. I bent over and kissed her pussy furiously, determined to give her a good orgasm. 

When she had had three or four climaxes I helped her to wriggle into her pyjamas and she rolled over to sleep. I folded the new knickers and placed them in her drawer thinking it would be good to see them again at that wedding.


Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Returning home to a look.


Daisy Ridley

I had the cane last night.

 After the hairbrush spanking on the Sunday, my wife decided that she had been letting things slide too much. So when I arrived home from a project I am working on she was waiting, with a look that would freeze a polar bear.

She pointedly told me we would go out for a pizza because it was late and there was nothing cooked in the house, which appeared to be my fault.

"Before that," she said, "I'm going to thrash you."

It was a quick no nonsense caning over the dining room table. I kept my pants on but that offered no protection. She thrashed me thirty times and made me count each stroke and thank her. I miscounted twice and got four across my the back of my legs.

I was willing her to stop after twenty. I just couldn't get into the sub zone with these strokes.

I knelt and kissed her feet afterwards and told her I love her.

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Lesson in not flirting

At a social gathering last Sunday lunchtime my wife thought that I spent too much time talking and laughing with a rather attractive student daughter of one of our friends, who happened to be home for the weekend and was helping her mother host the party.

At one point S took me to one side and told me to stop flirting and act my age. She hissed at me that  she would deal with me when we got home.

As it turned out the party went on for most of the afternoon, so it was getting dark as we walked home.

"Don't think I've forgotten," my wife said as I turned the key in the front door. "Go upstairs and wash and bend over the bed."

A few minutes later I was in my pants and standing with my legs spread and hands on the mattress waiting for her to appear.

She marched in to the bathroom and I heard the ominous rattle of the bath-brush against the tiled walls of the shower cubicle.

My pants were yanked down and she swatted one cheek very hard with a sharp crack that reverberated around the room. "You made me squirm watching you chat up that young girl and you probably made her squirm as well. You obviously need a lesson in how to behave  so you better be prepared to take it." 

There was no further conversation, just a hard continuous spanking. My bottom grew redder and hotter and my breathing between stroke became more puffy. Those of you have experienced the bath brush delivered in earnest will know it is painful.

After getting close to a hundred spanks my knees began to buckle with the strain of taking the punishment and I began to ask her to stop and tell her that I had learned my lesson.

She refuted that claim and carried on swinging the brush and told me to stick my bottom out and higher by arching my back.

When she stopped at last she told me to stand and face her. She lectured me again and then flicked the bath-brush up between my legs and into my crotch. I buckled over with the deep stomach churning pain.

She waved the brush in front of my face and  told me to go and stand in the corner of the room until she had finished changing her clothes.

When I was finally allowed to dress and go downstairs I was quite penitent and told my mistress that it would not happen again.

Friday, 4 March 2016

Girls weekend

Carla had been acting up all day. She and her older cousin Rita had been out to the mall  to try and find Rita an outfit for a wedding party. 

Their husbands had taken the children away for a camping weekend and the two women had been looking forward to a weekend where they would just do their own thing. 

They had walked from shop to shop looking at dresses and shoes and coats, but Rita left each shop in a quandry as to what suited or didn't suit her.

 After a couple of hours Carla had muttered "just choose something for fuck's sake" and that had immediately soured the atmosphere between the pair of them. 

Rita angrily retorted that they had better just go home and she would come out again with a more helpful friend. Carla had apologised and promised to be more enthusiastic. 

They looked in a couple more places and eventually returned to one of the first shops, where Rita at last settled on a purchase.

They walked back to the car  and when they had placed the bags in the back Rita turned on her cousin and told her that if she had been one of her children and had cursed her in public, she would have given her a damn good spanking.

They drove home in silence. The restaurant was booked for later that evening and they were supposed to be seeing a  rom-com film; the sort of girly film that their husbands would have groaned at, if they had to accompany their partner.

Once in the house Carla went off to her room, supposedly to have a nap. Rita settled down to read a book. After ten minutes or so Carla appeared in the sitting room, buck naked with only socks on her feet.

Presenting herself naked to her mistress…

"You're right," she said as Rita looked up in surprise. "I was a complete a bitch today and you should spank me ."

Her words hung in the air as Rita took in the possibilities of the scene. 

"Come over here."

When Carla was standing in front of her Rita ran a hand between the bare legs and up towards the clean shaven pussy. 

Carla shivered and her legs trembled as a finger made its way  into the pink lips.

"Actions have consequences you know."

"Uh, uh." Carla mumbled.

Rita looked up into her cousins face whilst she continued to stroke  the .soft moist skin.  

"So what do you say?"

"Please spank me Carla. I was very naughty this afternoon."

"Go out onto the deck and bend over the railing. I am going for the hairbrush and you're not going to be sitting very comfortably this evening."

"Maybe we might end up skipping the film?" Carla said, as she made her way outside.


Lovely view of a naughty girl!