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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Submission and pleasure

What two consenting adults get up to in their bed is quite interesting. 

The other night when I had started on cunnilingus and was making good progress, my wife opened her legs wide. As a norm she keeps her thighs clenched tightly together when I am licking her clit, because the squeezing action seems to bring her to orgasm so much more quickly.

In spreading her legs wide at that stage, I knew she was inviting me to explore with my tongue beyond her vaginal lips and towards her bottom hole. This only happens rarely. I adore licking and kissing her bottom and she knows it. 

She would never say so, but she does get a kick out of me pushing my tongue into her ring. She is too ladylike to ask me to do it. 

As a good submissive, I could spend my life kissing her, front and back, if only we did not have to go to work to pay the bills.

Things got hotter and my wife began to slap and spank my balls with her closed fingers and to dig her nails into my scrotum as I knelt by her side. She pulled and yanked my penis as if it was the  leg of a cooked turkey, which would not come away from the carcass. The pain was excruciating and wonderful. The more she tortured my prick and balls, the more enthusiastically I licked and pushed my tongue inside her anus, and the more she squirmed with pleasure.

In the end neither of us reached orgasm and we gave up. We lay side by side, panting with the exertion of our sexual efforts and then we used our own hands to try to achieve personal satisfaction. 

I pumped my prick hard and she fingered herself to orgasm. The head of my prick was sore and I could not come. My wife got to her high point on two or three goes and squealed with her pleasure.

I enjoyed the pain and am still thrilled by the red soreness in the head of my prick. I hope to come soon but have now turned my thoughts to a good hard thrashing with a cane  this weekend.

Submissive and loving it.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Jubilee hots up

The U Diamond Jubilee weekend is approaching. We may or may not get decent
weather but things are hotting up on the patriotic clothing front.

The retro lingerie company What Katy Did is also getting in
on the act with their decorative girdles.

There are plenty of Jubileeparties planned and this would be my idea of a good way to celebrate with a group of friends.

I would like to go white, red and blue under this paddle.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Bottoms up

I am aware that I need to write up some accounts of events recently and come up with  a couple of new spanklets. I will focus on these soon.

Lat night things took a surprising turn. We were due to go round to friends for a meal so we had an hour or more to get ready. My wife called me into the bathroom and told me to help and give her  a full body exfoliation whilst she was in the shower. I enjoy doing this as it gives me a chance to get up close to her naked body. I stripped to my shorts and stood by the side of her in the walk- in cubicle shower, whilst she washed herself down with bath gel. Then area by area I applied the exfoliating soap and then rubbed the skin brisly with a glove loofah sponge. Pretty soon she was glowing pink and clean all over.

When she was done she told me to get down on all fours so that she could sit on my back whilst she washed her hair. We hadn’t done this for ages but she said was tired from all the standing, so I crawled up under the shower stream and relished the feeling of her bare bottom on my sin as she sat down.

 I stayed patiently in position as she went through two hair washes and then a long wait whilst she applied the conditioner.She turned off the water so that the conditioner could do its work for 5 minutes or so.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking , she asked?

Yes ma’am.

She stood up and I heard the bath-brush rattle against the tiles as she took it off the hook and then sat down again on my back,

The spanking started and in a few seconds I was in submissive heaven. She landed the smacks slowly and carefully and the sound of the brush on my wet shorts resounded smartly around the bathroom walls. It was, quite frankly, delicious and I warmed up quickly. 

I lost count of the number of spans she gave me. I could have stayed lin that position all night but eventually she stood up and told me to leave whislt she finished off her hair. I walked to our bathroom wet and happy with a lovely scorched bottom.

The whole evening went well. My wife had a few too many drinks and was tipsy when we got home. I was stone cold sober but still basking in the warmth of my spanking. Once we were bed I went down on her and she came quickly. As she rolled over on her side I thought that was it, but she went right over onto her stomach and told me I could come on her bottom if I wanted. 

I quickly grabbed some KY and gelled up my prick, then I staddled her legs and started to stroke her bottom with my left hand whilst I wanked with my other hand. Just as I was about to ask her if I could come, she told me to stop. I waited with prick in one hand.

You can spank me if you want, but just ten spanks.

I needed no second invitation and took my time. This only happens once in a blue moon so I wasn’t going to rush things. With a long pause between spanks I brought my right down sharply against first one bare cheek and then the other. I made sure they were hard spanks and she kicked and wriggled but her legs were trapped beneath me so she wasn’t going anywhere. At ten I stopped and rubbed her reddened cheeks.

I hope you enjoyed that, she said.   You can finish yourself off now. 

That didn’t take long.

 I grabbed a paper tisse from the bathroom and carefully wide off the cum from the soft skin of her spanked bottom. 

By the time I had washed myself and come back to the bed she was asleep.

I kissed her on the back of the neck and covered her up with the duvet.

Lying by her side I was awake for a long  re-running the events of the evening in my head. Eventually I drifted off to sleep.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Jubilee Celebrations in the UK

Things are hotting up in the UK as people prepare to celebrate  the coronation of Queen Elizabeth 60 years ago -also known as The Diamond Jubilee.

A UK department store has launched a suitably retro range of lingerie for the occasion - see Huffington Post Diamond Jubilee Lingerie , the style of which may appeal to a number of readers of this blog.

There is a UK holiday of two days in a couple of weeks time so many people are planning parties and the weather might be turning in their favour.

My wife and I will probably end up at someone's celebration BBQ and the local pub is putting on a Jubilee lunch and games day, so we will probably go along to that at some stage. 

My wife asked me how I would like to celebrate the Jubilee the other day and I said I thought that  a Diamond Day would be appropriate. She told me to expand on the idea so I  made a list and left it for her to read the next day.

Give you 60 minutes of massage and foot rub
Do 60 minutes of chores 
Give you a voucher for 60 minutes sun bed treatment
Receive 60 strokes with the cane
Do 60 minutes corner time
Receive as many strokes of the bathbrush as you can give in 60 seconds

After reading it my wife said that she liked the list but thought that 60 minutes of corner time would be a waste of time. She told me I should do 60 minutes on the running machine at the gym whilst she is on the sunbed. She added that I would have do a lot more than 6o minites of chores over the holiday weekend.

 A bit later on she asked if I had thought of any other requests for Jubilee Day. I didn't know if she would agree but I went ahead and asked if she would dress up retro style and give me my punishment in a Teacher- Pupil role. She said she would think about it.

Roll on Jubilee Day !

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Saturday jobs

The chores list was posted on the fridge door last night. My wife is headed out for a day’s shopping and expects to come home to a clean house. I doubt I will get through all the items but I guess she knows that.

It is early morning now so I thought I would get this written whilst she is still asleep.

We are going out tonight so I am not sure what discipline might take place. I would like to get some things from the blanket chest and lay them out on the bed ready for her return this afternoon, but that would be presumptuous.

I will just have to get on with things and see what happens.

Friday, 18 May 2012

A nice end to the day

Things have not been very lively on the sex front recently so last night was a a pleasant surprise for me. After supper my wife went upstairs for a relaxing bath whilst I got on with the dishes. I was doing some ironing about an hour later watching TV when I heard her call from the landing.
She told me to close up the house and get up there double quick.

 By the time I had switched everything off and entered the bedroom she was lying on the bed in bra and pants and was busy with her vibrator. Her eyes were tightly closed and she was clamping and unclamping her legs trying to reach orgasm. I knelt to kiss her toes but was told not to interefere, just to go and shower and wait. When I came back into the room, naked and stiff, she had a smile for me.

I stood and watched in adoring admiration of her body whilst she removed her knickers.

She pointed her finger between her legs and I clambered onto the bed, getting into my usual position for cunnilingus, where I lie on the bed, head downwards with my body at an angle to hers and my feet towards the top of the bed. As I began to kiss and lick her pussy I felt her cool hand reach out and start to stroke my bottom. I had only been going a few minutes when she told me to go and get the bath-brush.

 I resumed my position and my wife shuffled up the bed a little so that she was supported by the pillows. The spanking with the brush head was gentle at first and then became harder as I built up the momentum with my tongue. As she shuddered to an orgasm the smacking ceased and we both lay still, catching our breath. I made a move and prepared to go down for a second dive but she told me to get a condom and some KY jelly. This could only mean one thing. 

Back on the on the bed and head down on job, as it were, I heard her open the packet and fiddle with the tube of jelly. Then a condom encased finger was pressed into my bottom and I opened my legs. I licked her wet lips slowly and she responded with slow circular motions of her finger around my anal ring. When I pushed my tongue inside her vulva she responded with a strong push of her digit into my anus. We were off and running.

 I licked and kissed her energetically and she finger fucked me with equal passion. She kept telling me what a naughty boy I was, enjoying being finger fucked. I responded by bouncing my hips on the bed rubbing my cock against the sheets and pushing up against the finger. As she came a second time all the action stopped and again we rested. 

My wife pulled her finger from inside me and told me to fetch some tissues. After disposing of the condom I went back to the side of the bed. I was hard on and I didn’t know if I would be invited inside her. She asked me if I had enjoyed myself and I said yes, in a husky sort of voice.

 She asked if I wanted to be fucked with my dildo and I responded that I did, please ma’am. 

Maybe, just maybe, at the weekend, she said. If I was really good she would fuck me hard.

 I began to touch myself and she gave permission for me to masturbate. I stood there admiring her body and pumping for all I was worth. Just as I was getting to the climax she told me to stop and go to bed in the next door bedroom.

I lay there in the cold empty bed, avoiding hand contact with my hard cock. I imagined a strap on fucking. We have never done this. When on a couple of occasions I have asked if she was interested in doing it,  she has always said no. She will sometimes use a “boy” vibrator on me on high days or holidays, but she has never agreed that I could buy a strap-on for her. 

I fell asleep fantasizing about how it might have happened in our younger days.

If you are interested in more serious strap-on fucking, there is a nice clip if you scroll down to the bottom of this page on the link - Sensual Pegging  

The woman's casual dress gives the appearance that this is just a normal day in their lives. 

There is some gentle spanking with a spatula and hand  which makes it even more interesting for spankos. For some reason her very plain green knickers go straight to the sex buttons in my head.  I can imagine someone spanking her with a long paddle whilst she is busy with him.

Have a great weekend. 

Monday, 14 May 2012

Thoughts of panties and knickers

Over on Respecting Mistress, our FLR internet colleague has been working hard at his relationship and has some interesting tales to tell of his pathway into discipline and submission As he struggles to adapt to his wife being the boss and to take his cane and strap strokes with relish, he also recounts his interest in PVC. This is not my bag, but each to his own. Some items of fetish clothing which I did not know exist are PVC knickers for men. RM  is obliged to wear these when he reports for his discipline sessions, though I guess that they are removed before the spanking begins. RM Punishment Pants

Reading his blog got me thinking about the male predilection, in the spanking scene, for wearing feminine underwear. I am not addressing the roleplay of sissy’s and full female dressing up, only a male's desire to wear panties or knickers.

 Over on Our Bottoms Burn  Bogey is keen on taking the paddle over a girdle or large size panties. I should point out that he and Bacall are sensual spankers rather than punishment paddlers.

There are plenty of other blogs to read where the male spankee is into pantie wearing and quite a few sites where they can be purchased discreetly online.

 In our house there is no need to be secretive about buying them - we just go to the renowned knicker store M & S and choose them off the racks.

I have been keen on wearing knickers for most of my adult life. I was maybe 11 or 12 when I was spanked by an Aunt for looking through her underwear drawer. I thought she was out for a while but she caught me in the act. Whether or not this got me into spanking or knickers or both I don’t know.

Nowadays I have a collection of nickers, all of which are kept in a bedside cupboard drawer. My wife chooses which ones we purchase and I am not supposed to wear them without her knowledge. My current Punishment Panties are the ribbed "control" type with a deep panel at the front  and  a thong at the rear. My wife prefers to cane or whip me in these because she does not find my dangling "bits" appealing and has no wish to see them when I am bent over. These punishment pants offer no protection of course. My wife likes them because they are obviously tight and restrictive on me and they keep my stomach in a little bit.

 I am supposed to wear my other  knickers only when she says so. Often this will be when we are going out. She likes to think of me feeling uncomfortable over some long dinner party or trip to the theater.

I have of course disobeyed my wife's instructions many times and put on a pair of knickers when I have been going to the office or facing a long work meeting. Most of the time I am not found out, but once or twice she has ordered a quickie spanking in the kitchen or bedroom and discovered that I have them on when my trousers were removed.. This has usually resulted in more severe punishments at a later date.

One of my more pleasurable domestic duties is to look after my wife's lingerie drawer and keep it tidy. I am happy to spend a few minutes each day folding the knickers and keeping them in order of cut or style. 

If  I am on my own in the house, I might pull out a pair of her frilly ones and try them on for a quick hand job. I would not wish to be caught doing this of course.

I can't imagine being allowed to wear a pair of these control pants. The padding looks as though it would give too much protection.

I suppose I am psychologically flawed having this fetish, but I guess it doesn't harm anyone and my wife is happy to go along with it so I suppose I am one of the lucky ones.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Sunday Spanklet - The honeymoon is over

Sally and Nick had the most amazing honeymoon in the Maldives and arrived home jet-lagged, but happy to be back in their own love-nest. They had lived together for two years before Nick had finally proposed marriage. Sally had moved out a month before the wedding date so that she could arrive at the church from home. She had also imposed a “no penetrative-sex” rule from the day Nick had gone down on one knee in the restaurant. He thought this restriction was a bit of a puzzle, given all the sexual frolicking they had got up to in their bed since they first met, but he agreed to it.

Sally explained that if she wanted to wear a white bridal dress on her big day, she needed to feel that she was a token virgin. She did not rule out all sexual activity at this time, so for nearly three months they both enjoyed oral sex and mutual masturbation.. Neither of them went short of orgasms in those busy days leading up to the wedding, but Nick’s strong erection had never made it to Sally’s open legs.

Once the marriage question had been popped it appeared to Nick that he lost all control. It was as if there was a silent army of women just waiting in the wings for him to ask Sally to marry him, and then they suddenly appeared to micro-manage the whole business with his girlfriend, leaving him with only the Stag night to plan and to keep paying the many wedding bills as they came in.

Their memorable day had passed in a blur. The first night as a married couple had been spent in a hotel near the airport and then they flew out to their honeymoon paradise on a white beach. They spent  day after day having sex, sleeping, eating, swimming and drinking. They had sex in every position imaginable in their secluded quarters, on and off the bed..

Now they were back in their home they put away their clothes, started on some laundry and cooked a quick meal together. After that, they set about opening the wedding presents which Sally’s mother had brought round to the house whilst they were away. The happy pair drank some wine and made amusing, light hearted, comments about the different presents or their guests. Nick wrote up the thank-you list. Sally came across one gift that had no card on the paper. Inside there was a long wooden hairbrush made by Kent Brush Co. Puzzled as to who would think of giving this as a wedding present, she pulled open the carton to see what might be inside. On a string tied around the  neck of the brush there was a neatly typed folded card;

On the front it read   For Sally 

and then on the inside the message  was – google dwc

None the wiser she placed the brush on the sideboard along with the other gifts.

An hour or so later when they had tidied up the waste paper they went off to bed. They made love in a lazy, tired sort of way and then fell asleep.

In the morning Nick went off to his work for the first day with his new responsibilities as a married man. Sally warned him that money was now a matter for the two of them and that his habits of drinking at lunchtime or in the bar near work on his way home, would have to stop. They had discussed financial matters one evening of their holiday and they both agreed that it was time to start saving money for their future.

Sally had taken an extra day off work so she could straighten things out and get to see her Mother to tell her all about the honeymoon. After making the bed and cleaning up breakfast she started to put away the wedding presents, separating out those things which she might try and take back to the shop. When she came across the hairbrush she decided to log on to the internet site written on the card to see if that would shed any light on who had given it. What she saw halfway down the Google page came as a complete surprise.

It was nearly an hour later before Sally finally logged off the pc. Her Mother would be arriving soon to take her out to lunch and Sally was still in her nightwear. She raced through to the bedroom to get ready and took the hairbrush with her. As she washed and got changed Sally’s head was in a spin and she felt quite sexually aroused by the stories she had just read, the blogs she had come across and the images on the screen.

Sally had thought she knew most things about sex and adult behaviour but this aspect of marriage and of men’s behaviour was totally new to her. She wondered who amongst the guests at the wedding might be in relationships like the ones she had just read about.

Returning home after a lovely afternoon with her Mother, Sally prepared a meal and spent another half an hour on the internet. When Nick returned home she welcomed him with a hug and a kiss. The taste of wine on his lips was a disappointment to her but she did not mention it. They settled down to the evening and Sally started to write the thank-you notes  whilst Nick watched television.

The week passed quickly. Sally enjoyed her job and managed to fit in a home life with a busy work schedule but she decided that Nick would have to play a bigger part on the housework front.  One lunchtime she typed up a list of domestic duties and how they would share them.

On Friday morning her friend sent a text inviting them to a kitchen table dinner. Nothing special,just spaghetti and some wine. Sally accepted gladly. It would be nice to get out of the house. Arriving home she took a shower, got dressed and then sat waiting. Nick did not arrive until gone 7 and Sally was pretty sure where he had been.

She was now more than ready for his homecoming.

When Nick stepped into the hall and closed the front door,he was called into the sitting room. 

The curtains were drawn and Sally was seated on a straight backed chair in the middle of the room. The hairbrush was on her lap and she held a contract in her hand, ready for Nick to sign.

 Their relationship was about to change.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Something to watch

Bonjour mes amis

I am fairly certain that watching the movie in this post Submission (M/F) on  Au fils des Jours  is a spankable offence but it is certainly worth a sore bottom. 

Once you are there click on, film avec de la fesse. After you have watched it you will probably want to explore the blog even if your French is not up to much.

If your Saturday is quiet you may want to settle down and take a few minutes to yourself.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Those far off days

When I started this blog I may have mentioned the punishments handed out at my school and at many other schools of the time. Recently, after getting into a discussion about naughtiness and discipline, a cyber-friend asked me about those times long ago in the 60's and 70's.

Corporal punishment was then an accepted way of dealing with pupils. There may be valid reasons for it not to be so nowadays, but having gone soft on this issue we have reaped what we have sown I think; in the outbreak of hooligans and thuggish behaviour by juveniles and teenagers .

My junior school was a feeder into the main school, provided that you passed an examination at 11 years of age. You were in short trousers until 13 and woe betide you if you were spotted without your cap and blazer or fooling around in public.

Punishments in the junior school were usually a slippering in front of your class. You just went up to the front when called, bent over and received however many whacks with the plimsoll (trainer) that the teacher felt like giving you. More serious infractions such as fighting or  telling lies resulted in a summons to the Head’s (principal’s) office where you would receive six of the best with a cane. By the time you moved to the senior school you may  have never been punished or you might have had the cane quite a few times.

At the senior school the staff could give you lines, order a detention period after school or use the plimsoll. The teachers who favoured the plimsoll were well known. We never thought it was strange behaviour on their part – it was just quicker and easier for us to be whacked than doing lines or extra work.

Serious infractions resulted in a call to the Head’s office after Assembly. There might be a few pupils there in the queue or just you. You went in when called, stood to receive the telling off and then took off your jacket before bending over for 6 strokes with a particularly mean and zippy cane.

You left the room with a sore bottom but a cool image.

Again there were pupils who travelled through their whole senior school years never meeting the slipper or the cane and there were others, like me, who can remember many occasions when they  bent over for one implement or the other . My last caning was for drinking and smoking during a school trip - I was 17.

Did these punishments make me into a spanko? Who knows? 

They didn’t do me any real harm and I left school a highly motivated person, who knew right from wrong.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Hermione, Wellred Weekly, gardening and telepathy

For some light entertainment and a great piece of journalism you might want to read Hermione's gardening article

I only stumbled across Wellred Weekly the other day so it was weird that Hermione should pop up there as an author  within  a few days.

With Gardening in mind last evening (and not yet having read Hermionies blog) I decided to do one or two jobs out there on the only dry day we have had in weeks. As I was fixing some irrigation tubing (don't ask why with all this rain) my wife came out at about 7pm with a glass of wine. She noticed a length of the 1/2" black plastic tube on the ground and picked it up. 

Swishing it through the air she  asked me to stop what I was doing and join her in the garden shed. Surprised but interested I did so. She closed the rickety door and said I  was to pull down my trousers. She told me to bend over and gave me twelve pretty good strokes with the tube. It is made of hard plastic,  with micro holes along the length, and is stays fairly rigid when you swish it. The air passing over the hole at the end makes a sort of whoop noise as it descends. The effect was amazing - a very different but hard form of caning.

My wife liked the results a lot and told me to place the rod in the blanket box for the future. I took a quick photo before I went to bed. The paddle gives you some idea of the length of the new toy.

Then I go and  take a quick look at the blogs and there was Hermione's gardening theme.

There are many coincidences of topics like this, in the group of spankos who I see as being the regular bloggers that share my tastes in styles of spanking. Quite often one of you will mention something that was just in my head only a few hours or days ago. Maybe there is a certain telepathy going on among this select "spank gang" of bloggers?

A case in point, just last week, went as follows.

I was recalling Hot Pants of the Seventies and thinking of writing about them in a Spanklet. Then OBB comes up with a post about  Short shorts .Then in a matter of days, the Sunday Times does an article about Bottoms being the new Breasts and so I was able to inspect  more pictures of cheeky shorts over brunch. All of a sudden the world was full of shorts.

So maybe a spank thought goes into the head of one of us and is then  transmitted telepathicaly to our group of readers?

Anyway, back to the garden -