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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Sunday Spanklet - The honeymoon is over

Sally and Nick had the most amazing honeymoon in the Maldives and arrived home jet-lagged, but happy to be back in their own love-nest. They had lived together for two years before Nick had finally proposed marriage. Sally had moved out a month before the wedding date so that she could arrive at the church from home. She had also imposed a “no penetrative-sex” rule from the day Nick had gone down on one knee in the restaurant. He thought this restriction was a bit of a puzzle, given all the sexual frolicking they had got up to in their bed since they first met, but he agreed to it.

Sally explained that if she wanted to wear a white bridal dress on her big day, she needed to feel that she was a token virgin. She did not rule out all sexual activity at this time, so for nearly three months they both enjoyed oral sex and mutual masturbation.. Neither of them went short of orgasms in those busy days leading up to the wedding, but Nick’s strong erection had never made it to Sally’s open legs.

Once the marriage question had been popped it appeared to Nick that he lost all control. It was as if there was a silent army of women just waiting in the wings for him to ask Sally to marry him, and then they suddenly appeared to micro-manage the whole business with his girlfriend, leaving him with only the Stag night to plan and to keep paying the many wedding bills as they came in.

Their memorable day had passed in a blur. The first night as a married couple had been spent in a hotel near the airport and then they flew out to their honeymoon paradise on a white beach. They spent  day after day having sex, sleeping, eating, swimming and drinking. They had sex in every position imaginable in their secluded quarters, on and off the bed..

Now they were back in their home they put away their clothes, started on some laundry and cooked a quick meal together. After that, they set about opening the wedding presents which Sally’s mother had brought round to the house whilst they were away. The happy pair drank some wine and made amusing, light hearted, comments about the different presents or their guests. Nick wrote up the thank-you list. Sally came across one gift that had no card on the paper. Inside there was a long wooden hairbrush made by Kent Brush Co. Puzzled as to who would think of giving this as a wedding present, she pulled open the carton to see what might be inside. On a string tied around the  neck of the brush there was a neatly typed folded card;

On the front it read   For Sally 

and then on the inside the message  was – google dwc

None the wiser she placed the brush on the sideboard along with the other gifts.

An hour or so later when they had tidied up the waste paper they went off to bed. They made love in a lazy, tired sort of way and then fell asleep.

In the morning Nick went off to his work for the first day with his new responsibilities as a married man. Sally warned him that money was now a matter for the two of them and that his habits of drinking at lunchtime or in the bar near work on his way home, would have to stop. They had discussed financial matters one evening of their holiday and they both agreed that it was time to start saving money for their future.

Sally had taken an extra day off work so she could straighten things out and get to see her Mother to tell her all about the honeymoon. After making the bed and cleaning up breakfast she started to put away the wedding presents, separating out those things which she might try and take back to the shop. When she came across the hairbrush she decided to log on to the internet site written on the card to see if that would shed any light on who had given it. What she saw halfway down the Google page came as a complete surprise.

It was nearly an hour later before Sally finally logged off the pc. Her Mother would be arriving soon to take her out to lunch and Sally was still in her nightwear. She raced through to the bedroom to get ready and took the hairbrush with her. As she washed and got changed Sally’s head was in a spin and she felt quite sexually aroused by the stories she had just read, the blogs she had come across and the images on the screen.

Sally had thought she knew most things about sex and adult behaviour but this aspect of marriage and of men’s behaviour was totally new to her. She wondered who amongst the guests at the wedding might be in relationships like the ones she had just read about.

Returning home after a lovely afternoon with her Mother, Sally prepared a meal and spent another half an hour on the internet. When Nick returned home she welcomed him with a hug and a kiss. The taste of wine on his lips was a disappointment to her but she did not mention it. They settled down to the evening and Sally started to write the thank-you notes  whilst Nick watched television.

The week passed quickly. Sally enjoyed her job and managed to fit in a home life with a busy work schedule but she decided that Nick would have to play a bigger part on the housework front.  One lunchtime she typed up a list of domestic duties and how they would share them.

On Friday morning her friend sent a text inviting them to a kitchen table dinner. Nothing special,just spaghetti and some wine. Sally accepted gladly. It would be nice to get out of the house. Arriving home she took a shower, got dressed and then sat waiting. Nick did not arrive until gone 7 and Sally was pretty sure where he had been.

She was now more than ready for his homecoming.

When Nick stepped into the hall and closed the front door,he was called into the sitting room. 

The curtains were drawn and Sally was seated on a straight backed chair in the middle of the room. The hairbrush was on her lap and she held a contract in her hand, ready for Nick to sign.

 Their relationship was about to change.


  1. Michael,

    Terrific story. Thank you.


  2. Cheers Joey.

    Anon- no need to write again.


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