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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

A day away from FM

Changing topic just for a day, I  do enjoy cute girls and women in spanking scenarios. 

My wife will occasionally play "naughty girl" and get herself spanked, but it is infrequent.

These cute women are the stuff of glorious fantasy .

If you are a spanko you don't have to see a red bottom to get the message that there will soon
be a resounding slap of hand on cheek. 

 Here is a favourite video, which leaves you to imagine how sore her bottom might be getting.

(Move the mouse off the image after clicking)

Hot Girl Suffers Through a Painful Spanking by realspankingsnetwork

Monday, 7 October 2013

Spoke too soon

When I posted yesterday evening I may have been getting ahead of myself regarding a spanking. We were preparing for bed, after my wife had watched her favourite Sunday programme whilst  I had been on the internet and my wife was rummaging in her drawer for some nightwear items when she came across the Punishment book under the knickers.

She flicked through it and turned to talk to me.

"We might as well deal with the driving incident now, so instead of fetching the paddle go and get the bathbrush."

"Oh no. Please can't it be the paddle?"

"Don't argue unless you want to make it worse."

When I returned with the brush she was sitting on the edge of the bed in her pyjama top and some panties. 

"Come and kneel down in front of me. Keep your shorts on I don't want to see all your bits."

I positioned myself sideways-on to her legs and put my head to the ground in submission so that my bottom was sticking up high.

"This is such a good position," she commented. I get to sit down and relax and you get what's coming to you."

With that she landed the first stroke on my right cheek. I cried out an ouch and then she smacked the other cheek. As I smarted she stroeked the brush up my legs and around my bottom. 

"Eighteen to come. I'm going to go slowly so you had better think of how how your driving is going to improve."

I waited and tried to relax my bottom. The crack was followed by a huge spank on the back of my legs below the pants.

"That's not fair." I complained as I tried to wiggle the pain away.

"Not fair? I decide what's not fair so you can have that one again."

She smacked my other leg in the same place.

"OK , OK I am sorry. You decide ma'am, you decide."

"That's better. Now be quiet whilst I concentrate."

She spanked slowly and carefully and, after ten more cracks, leaned forward and peeled down one side of my shorts to expose my left cheek. 

"Mm, yes that is nice and red. Are you sorry for your stupid man driving?"

 As she spoke she snapped the elastic of the pants back into place around my hips.

"Yes ma'am. I won't do it again ma'am."

The spanking started again and she appeared to be wielding the brush with even greater energy.

At the end of the spanking she stood up and invited me on to the bed, asking for some more of what she had the previous night.

"You might call it desserts,"she quipped as she lay on her back and pulled the crotch of her knickers to one side. 

I got on to the bed beside her and buried my head in between her legs. As I sucked and licked she stroked my pants with her left hand. 

"Ohh that is warm, even through your pants. I think I should do this every night."

I said nothing but tried to nod my head in the clamp of her thighs so that she would  know I consented. Then I just got on with the serious task of making her come.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Driving badly earns the paddle

There are 50 strokes of the cane in the Punishment Book which are yet to be expunged and now, I am sorry to say, there are 20 with the paddle.

The day had started well, after such a pleasant episode of cunnilingus last night and we were both in a good mood. I did some jobs and then we drove off to see friends.

On the way this guy started harrassing me in the car and kept pulling up close behind me. My wife spotted me trying to accelerate away from him and gave me a scolding about my driving. This caused a bit of red mist I have to say and when the driver tried to overtake I gunned the accelerator a little to make it impossible for him to overtake. 

When we finally arrived at our destination my wife was in a mood.

"Don't ever drive like that again. You had better make sure you are better behaved over lunch."

I thought it would be better to clear the air so I apologised.

"OK Just don't do it. I know he was being a pain but that's no reason for you to drive stupidly."

We kissed and made up and I rang the doorbell.

As we waited my wife patted my bottom. 

"You need to add 20 strokes of the paddle to the book for your silliness. I will enjoy giving those."

Just as I said "Yes ma'am." the door opened and I don't know whether our hostess heard me.

I wrote up the tariff when we got back home and replaced the book in her knicker drawer.

Hey ho.

A pleasant evening in

There wasn't any spanking yesterday. Just a few slaps to my bottom when I looked bored in the sofa shop.

We didn't see anything we liked so gave up and went for a drink instead.
I cooked a meal and we watched internet catch up TV .

I offered to give my wife a foot bath and rub and unsurprisingly she accepted. Whilst I busied myself with the spa thingy and the hot water and creams she went off and put on her dressing gown. 

When she sat on the sofa I knelt and asked her to lift her feet into the warm water. As she did so the robe fell away and I caught a glimpse of a her at the top of her thighs. She was naked.

"Are you sneaking a peek young man?"

"No ma'am."

"Well don't. Just get on with the job in hand."

For the next half an hour I concentrated on giving her  a great foot rub with vigorous scrubbing and then gentle creaming.

As I finished, I knelt lower and kissed each foot on the bridge of her toes. 

When she lay further back in the sofa and spread her knees apart I guessed that I wasn't finished.

"Well what are you waiting for boy?"

Within a few seconds my head was between her legs and my tongue was in action.

She slid forward to give me better access and we were away. 

Afterwards we both dozed on the leather couch.

"Maybe we should keep this old sofa after all?" she mumbled in a sleepy voice.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Nothing much

The decorating task was finished on Wednesday so that left Thursday and Friday to complete a project I am being paid decent rates for and do a bit of housework.

I am doing my "touch toes" excercise every morning and evening under the watchful eye of my wife. All I can say is it is going to take a few weeks before I can do it and hold the position for any length of time. The incentive is there as she has commented more than once that it makes the best caning and paddling position for her. 

My wife thinks that I should be able to do this and hold it for at least five minutes. I have my doubts.

We have to go shopping together this Saturday because I need some new work clothes and she wants to look at a new sofa.

I know what I would prefer as a piece of furniture but it is not going to happen.

Friday, 4 October 2013

Working off the fine

Because I messed up the other week and recived a parking fine of £60.00 I have been punished with thecane and also sent off to help decorate a charity shop run by a friend of my wife. For this work I m being reimbursed with the princely sum of £60.00, which I then have to hand over to my wife.

I arrived at the shop early Monday and it has taken more than 3 days to finish the job and put everything back in its place. Sandra, the friend, is very well organised and there was no messing around with her as a site boss. 

When she was away getting materials I did entertain myself with a day dream about what she might do if she caught me slacking, but of course they remained as thoughts only .

There was nice little interlude on Tuesday when two girls, obviously students, arrived to buy some stuff on their low budget. Sandra and I were working in the backroom and the girls managed to come all the way through the empty shop. 

When they realised that the shop was not functioning ,they apologised and in a joking fashion Sandra told them they could always lend a hand if they wanted. They declined in an embarrassed fashion and got out fast.

"The youth of today" Sandra commented. "They are not keen on hard work."

"Indeed," I responded.

"Just no sense of discipline these days."

I let that one hang in the air.

Anyway, job done. Wife and friend both seem happy so I figure that the parking incident is behind me.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Rewarded for all that effort

I got home from helping my wife's friend at her charity shop at about 5pm on Sunday. My wife suggested a meal out at the pub but before that she called Sandra to see how I had got on.

Apparently I had been very helpful ,so that was the good news.

Before we left the house my wife asked me upstairs. I thought I might be due the cane as I still had those 50 strokes in the book but things turned out differently. She told me to shower and bring back the little red whip from the chest on the landing and stay naked. I took care not to splash around in the bathroom, given that I had only just cleaned it that morning.

Back in the bedroom my wife was wearing just a thong and a bra. My head was buzzing with excitement.

She told me to pull the bed chest away from the bed and to lie on my back. She got me into a position which she lwanted, with my head supported and my feet and ankles hanging over the end. I turned my head and watched as she slowly removed the thin panties and then taking  the whip, she stood at my side and ran the leather tails up and down my legs and torso. 

She drove me mad with excitement and I just lay there with my hands by my side as she teased me with feathery touches. After a few moments she raised the whip and then struck it across the inside of my thighs. She continued doing this as she lifted one leg and straddled my chest. My erection was bobbing around, desperate to feel a stroke of the whip.When she was in position with her bottom over my face she slowly lowered her body so that her pink lips touched mine.

"Lick slowly ,she instructed. "There's no rush."

She continued the soft flogging, working over my testicles and prick and then back to my thighs. With a swaying motion she pushed her hips back and forth over my tongue so that one minute I was licking her clit and the next the ring of her anus. All the pressure was from her- if she wanted it harder she pushed down and if softer then she lifted herself up.I groaned with pleasure as she increased the force in the flicks of the whip.

Leaning forward slightly she rested the whip on my chest and then grabbed my penis with her cool right hand. She pumped vigorously, pulling and yanking the rod one minute and then sotly rubbing it the next

"If you come I won't whip you. You're such a naughty boy you know that don't you?"

I murmered my agreement with a mouth full of soft wet cunt.

As she pulled hard on my prick  groaned in the torment. I was close to release but I wanted more pain from that leather whip. She ground downn hard on my face and I licked for all I was worth, trying to get her to orgasm

I felt the whip being lifted from my chest and then she flogged me in a frenzy. She managed to get the end of the whip tails to flick down and up inside the cleft of my bottom and I lifted up my waist, willing her to place more stroke there.

Just as I sensed that my tongue was having a good effect on her clit, she moaned.

"Wank yourself you naughty boy,"she said in a low husky voice.

I needed no second bidding and grabbed my cock. With her left hand she rubbed at her own mound to get extra pressure and then, just as I spurted semen on to my chest, she shuddered and came.

For a moment the room was quiet and I just lay there spent. My wife clambered off me and threw herself back on the bed. 

"More, " she demanded.

I rolled off the bench and jumped on the bed beside her, with my head down between her legs.

She had five or six more hip jerking orgasms and then pushed my head away.

We both lay exhausted, head to toe, and  I sucked and kissed her beautiful feet.

Eventually she made getting up movements.

"I hope you enjoyed that."

What else could I say but "Yes ma'am. Thank you ma'am."

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Sunday cleaning and a reminder to do better

When I woke on Sunday I lay in bed with an early morning erection and thoughts of how to make the day nice for my wife. I played with myself quietly, rubbing but not too vigorously.

“Are you awake?” The voice from underneath the pile of pillows on my left sounded sleepy.


“What are doing?.”

“Nothing” I took my hand off my cock and rearranged my shorts.

"In that case get up and do ten exercises."

I stood in the middle of the room and slowly bent to touch my toes. I did another nine up and down and managed to get a bit closer to my feet with my fingers than I had done yesterday.

Standing up I asked her if she wanted a cup of tea. 

“Not his morning. Today I want fresh orange juice and a croissant.”

I knew we had neither in the kitchen so I got into some trousers and a shirt and told her I would drive to a shop.

“Good. That means I can go back to sleep.”

The round trip to the 24 hour supermarket took about 40 minutes. Back home I made up a tray with the juice and warm croissants and some flowers I had bought. I percolated some fresh coffee and took the tray upstairs, along with the Sunday papers.

“Oh what a treat, “ my wife exclaimed, as she sat up and rearranged the pillows behind her.

“A pleasure ma’am.”  I gave a small bow of service.

“Well don’t just stand there. You can get on and clean the bathroom.”

As I left the room she added that she would inspect my efforts.

I grabbed the cleaning materials bucket from downstairs and set about my task. It took me about 45 minutes to get the room sparkling and then I reported back to the bedroom.

Setting the tray to one side my wife clambered out of bed and I followed her into the bathroom. 

She looked closely at the sanitary ware and bath and pulled out a small hair from behind a tap. I had seen that and thought I had got it with the sponge. This find made her look even more closely in the corners of the room and then she ran a finger along the frame round the door. There was dust on her fingertip from the top of the door.

“I thought you said you had cleaned this room?”

“Well Ma’am there were only two small things.”

“Two is too many. Drop your trousers and bend over hands on the bath.”

She reached inside the shower and pulled out the bathbrush.

“Please ma’am not that brush.”

“What else would it be in the bathroom? Now get bent over.”

I assumed the position but she decided she wasn’t happy and told me to remove my trousers completely and take off my pants. I had a handsome erection by the time I had done this but she ignored it.

“You must know the Punishment Book backwards by now. What do I still owe you?”

“Seventy two with the cane ma’am, with the twenty added from yesterday.”

“Ah yes, that nonsense with the back door. Well I’ll take twenty two and swop them for this brush and round it up to twenty fours for this sloppy work in the bathroom."

I groaned inwardly. That brush is horrendous.

“After this you’re going to meet Sandra to help clear her shop ready for you to paint tomorrow. I want to send you off with a reminder to do a good job. Maybe I should tell her that you got a good spanking. I am sure she would be amused.”

I knew she wouldn’t do this but you can never be sure.

“Please don’t do that Ma’am. I will do a good job I promise.”

“You couldn’t count very well the other day I seem to remember. This time I want you to count and tell me each time that you won’t forget to lock the doors in future. Understood.”

With that she whacked the brush into my left cheek.

“Yes ma’am. One ma’am. I must not forget to lock the door.”

“Two ma’am. I must not forget to lock the door.”

The spanking continued at a leisurely pace. She was in no hurry and she took care directing the brush to a place where she had not landed a stroke.
I was hopping from one leg to the other by the time she got to twelve and I found it difficult to collect my thoughts and repeat the mantra.
She carried on calmly thwacking away, using the weight of the brush head to land really sore spanks which echoed round the tiled room.

Eventually we arrived at twenty four and I was instructed to dress and get on my way.

“That bottom looks a lovely shade of red. I do like this brush you know. I should use it more often.”

“Yes ma’am. Thank you ma’am. “

“Be back by four,darling. If you get a good report from Sandra there might be a reward.”

I set off with a spring in my step, determined to earn that reward.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

One step forward and two steps back

Saturday went by in a flash. When I had cleared away the breakfast things and run my wife to the shops by car and was back in the house, my first task was to handwash her silky knickers. 

I did not know if they would survive the machine drier so I put them on the line outside. They looked a bit incongruous hanging there by themselves so I  did a wash of the bed linen and then the weeks clothing. After an hour or so I had plenty of other things to hang out with the knickers.

 It was one of those glorious September days, blue sky and sun and with a hot bottom from the morning caning. I was glad to be alive and in such a rewarding  marriage.

I went to the shed and pulled out the sack of bulbs and the trowel and set about the planting. There were more than a hundred bulbs to plant in and after a while I became fed up with the whole digging business.
I took a break and wrote up the blog and thought about wanking but remembered that I was still not released to do so. Reluctantly I went back outside to the bulb planting.

Eventually they were all in the ground. I was running out of space towards the end and thought about tipping some of them in the bin but I knew I would probably get caught out., so I persevered.

I checked on the laundry on the line and the knickers were nearly dry. I figured that a gentle go with a hair dryer would do the trick so I took them upstairs. It worked OK and I placed the still warm knickers folded nicely in her drawer.

The cane was still lying on the bed where my wife had left it that morning. It was an ominous reminder that I still had fifty odd strokes still to come.

Downstairs I pulled in the rest of the laundry and used the machine to dry it off. Checking the clock I saw that I had an hour before I needed to pick my wife up.
I went back out to the garden and did some general weeding and tidying up of dead stuff. The whole scene looked pretty nice by the time I went to shower. I inspected my bottom in the mirror and could just pick out some line marks.

Going downstairs I got a text from her. - Meet me at XXXX on the second floor. I want your opinion on some clothes. Be quick-

I set off speedily. Too quickly as it turned out.

Once in the store I found my wife and passed a view on three dresses which she showed me. She went to the changing room and I sat outside. Once the decision had been made I was sent off to pay and caught up with my wife in the tights section, which was inevitable close to the lingerie. 

She caught me eyeing up a rather pretty girl who was holding up various flimsy items trying to decide on what to buy.

“Keep your eyes on me if you don’t mind,” my wife said crossly.

Once we were home I followed her into the house.

“Let’s see what you got done in the garden.”

As she went to the back door I got a sickening feeling in my stomach. I realised my mistake.

“This door’s open. You left the house wide open.”

I started to explain but figuredit was hopeless. All my good deeds for the day were for nothing.

Muttering about how stupid I was she went into the garden and came back saying that everything looked good but she could not believe I had left the place open.

“I thought I was disciplining you so you would become more attentive. Now I find that you can’t remember even simple tasks.”

“I'm sorry Ma’am. It won’t happen again.”

“Just go upstairs and wait for me.”

When she came up she left me standing there and put away her purcheses. She opened the knicker drawer and retrieved the punishment book.

“I see you have done one thing right today,” she commented holding up the freshly washed knickers.

"Strip off and go and get me the paddle." I came back and handed it to her.

Pointing at the end of the bed she told me to get over.

“I was going to entertain you with the little whip this evening and let you come but you can forget about that now.”

“I am sorry m’am”

"You will be."

She cracked the paddle into my bottom with a hefty swipe. I yelped and she struck again.

“How many strokes?”

“Forty ma’am.” 

“So count them.”

She laid the on with the paddle in a vigorous fashion and I tried to keep up with the numbers as best I could but I inevitably lost track. When she stopped it might have been forty but more likely it was fifty plus.

“No stand up and touch your toes ten times."

I did the best I could but with a painful bottom and a back that was stiff from the gardening I was not successful. She said I should try again before bed and told me to go and make myself useful preparing dinner.

“And write up 30 strokes with the cane in the book for not thinking about locking doors. Sometimes I wonder why I married you.”

The evening passed off well after we had both had some wine and we watched a film.

I did better at trying touching my toes that night but she was not impressed. I offered to go down on her  thinking that might lead to something but she declined. 

I fell asleep thinking of what the next day might bring.