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Saturday, 5 October 2013

Nothing much

The decorating task was finished on Wednesday so that left Thursday and Friday to complete a project I am being paid decent rates for and do a bit of housework.

I am doing my "touch toes" excercise every morning and evening under the watchful eye of my wife. All I can say is it is going to take a few weeks before I can do it and hold the position for any length of time. The incentive is there as she has commented more than once that it makes the best caning and paddling position for her. 

My wife thinks that I should be able to do this and hold it for at least five minutes. I have my doubts.

We have to go shopping together this Saturday because I need some new work clothes and she wants to look at a new sofa.

I know what I would prefer as a piece of furniture but it is not going to happen.


  1. Bent over hands touching your toes makes your cheeks very tight, and makes for a very ouchy spanking. Being caned or paddled in that position will really set your bottom on fire. I think I know what you want in furniture. My wife R had me build a spanking bench that is used quite often.

    1. Hello

      Archedone I agree it is the tougher position but it is traditional for naughty boys.

  2. Hi Michael, The lull before the storm? I was intrigued with the your wifes little whip , whipping into your cleft! Sounds so interesting! I must make one and present it to my wife to try out ! Terry

    1. Hi Terry
      Here is one you can try if you live in the UK, from Bondara.
      The suede ones are not as good as the leather thongs, if you like your pain that is.

  3. what is that piece of furniture? does anybody know?

    1. It is a pegging bench, but I don't know who sells them.


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