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Friday, 4 October 2013

Working off the fine

Because I messed up the other week and recived a parking fine of £60.00 I have been punished with thecane and also sent off to help decorate a charity shop run by a friend of my wife. For this work I m being reimbursed with the princely sum of £60.00, which I then have to hand over to my wife.

I arrived at the shop early Monday and it has taken more than 3 days to finish the job and put everything back in its place. Sandra, the friend, is very well organised and there was no messing around with her as a site boss. 

When she was away getting materials I did entertain myself with a day dream about what she might do if she caught me slacking, but of course they remained as thoughts only .

There was nice little interlude on Tuesday when two girls, obviously students, arrived to buy some stuff on their low budget. Sandra and I were working in the backroom and the girls managed to come all the way through the empty shop. 

When they realised that the shop was not functioning ,they apologised and in a joking fashion Sandra told them they could always lend a hand if they wanted. They declined in an embarrassed fashion and got out fast.

"The youth of today" Sandra commented. "They are not keen on hard work."

"Indeed," I responded.

"Just no sense of discipline these days."

I let that one hang in the air.

Anyway, job done. Wife and friend both seem happy so I figure that the parking incident is behind me.


  1. Don't bet too much on the parking incident being behind you. Painting was only half of your punishment, the rest will be with you presenting your bottom for a spanking.

    1. You are probably right. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I'm really enjoying your blog.I'm sure you found serving yor punishmetr a boit off a turn on..I guess you are lucky/unlucky that a humuiliaiting punishment uniform wasn't required.


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