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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Saturday round up

That week went quickly. One minute it is  Monday and now it's Saturday. Life seems to be on fast-forward the whole time.

It was a quiet week for world news, but I  enjoyed the news story about the Classroom Assistant in the USA who happens to model lingerie in her spare time - see Massachusetts Teacher

It seems that half the parents support her and the other half want her sacked. 

All I know is that my primary teachers did not look or behave anything like her.

On the home front, I had a job which took me away from the house for a night and I managed a complete evening on my own in a hotel room with a bottle of wine and lots of spanking stuff on the laptop. 

I had been placed on a "no masturbating" routine whilst I was away and since my wife can always tell if I have disobeyed that instruction I stuck to vigorous rubbing and then stopping.
This in itself can be quite exciting.

Back home I got on with some cleaning chores and did a pile of ironing yesterday whilst my wife was at work.. To amuse myself I got dressed up in knickers and took the riding crop downstairs in order to give myself regular whip strokes to encourage me to complete the task.

I have a feeling the punishment for speeding is imminent, either later today or tomorrow and I have the jitters in my stomach thinking of how hard it might be. More later perhaps.

Anyway at least it has stopped raining for a while, so that is one good thing about the weekend. It was beginning to feel as if we had moved to Seattle.