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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Saturday round up

That week went quickly. One minute it is  Monday and now it's Saturday. Life seems to be on fast-forward the whole time.

It was a quiet week for world news, but I  enjoyed the news story about the Classroom Assistant in the USA who happens to model lingerie in her spare time - see Massachusetts Teacher

It seems that half the parents support her and the other half want her sacked. 

All I know is that my primary teachers did not look or behave anything like her.

On the home front, I had a job which took me away from the house for a night and I managed a complete evening on my own in a hotel room with a bottle of wine and lots of spanking stuff on the laptop. 

I had been placed on a "no masturbating" routine whilst I was away and since my wife can always tell if I have disobeyed that instruction I stuck to vigorous rubbing and then stopping.
This in itself can be quite exciting.

Back home I got on with some cleaning chores and did a pile of ironing yesterday whilst my wife was at work.. To amuse myself I got dressed up in knickers and took the riding crop downstairs in order to give myself regular whip strokes to encourage me to complete the task.

I have a feeling the punishment for speeding is imminent, either later today or tomorrow and I have the jitters in my stomach thinking of how hard it might be. More later perhaps.

Anyway at least it has stopped raining for a while, so that is one good thing about the weekend. It was beginning to feel as if we had moved to Seattle.


  1. I love too see a naked man doing house work, it's about time! Keep up the good work "Girls" Amber H.

  2. This is Amber again, I love this website! Quite sexy too! Put the naked man, in a very frilly French maid outfit? " Ooh la la! With Zee panties, etc. Good luck too! Amber H.

  3. Have you received your spanking for the speeding ticket yet. I wish a person could go to a sexy female police officer for this sort of penalty instead of having to pay the ticket. Paying the ticket is nothing for me, and I soon forget, meanwhile the points keep adding up on my licence. Having said this, it would have to be a hot sexy woman officer applying the sentence for my infraction, otherwise.....forget it!

  4. My wife gave me my first naked spanking on our wedding night and hasn't stopped in the past 30 years. markiee


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