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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Catching up

   Apologies for absence as they say. 

Work has been getting in the way recently and then there are always the chores at the weekend. No Thanksgiving holiday over here. I had a Spanklet ready but it wasn’t quite finished so I did not post it. 

I seem to have too many real life accounts and fiction stories which are unfinished at the momentt. The same goes for chores. My inability to complete tasks over recent weeks has led to a profusion of entries in the de-merit book and there is a lot to be dealt with at some point. 

The punishment book was called for on Saturday morning because I had been too opinionated at a supper party the previous night. That led to an entry of 20 strokes of the cane and 20 with the strap. 

Then on Sunday because I have still failed to complete the decoration of the Guest bedroom, with some final painting, there was another entry of 30 strokes with no instrumentt decided upon. That particular project must be handed over this weekend so that my wife can put the finishing touches to it before Christmas. Maybe if I get it done by Sunday the tariffs in the demerit book will be dealt with in the afternoon. It is not my call obviously and I know better than to suggest things.

Right now I am craving a hard session on my bottom. It would really clear my head.

I pushed at the boundaries on Saturday night thinking that something might happen but I think that my wife saw through the attempt and must have held back to make me feel yet more submissive..

We had some good sex and there was a fair amount of story telling to get me to come in a hand exercise. 

I spent quite a bit of time “down under” on Saturday night and this was appreciated. When it came to my time on Sunday I stood by the side of the bed, all jelled up and ready to go, with my cock in my hand. My wife used the vibrator on herself for a while and then got bored so she paused to run it up and down between my thighs, teasing me with the rolling movement of the head between my bottom cheeks. 

She swung her legs  over the edge of the bed and held the tool in her crotch. Then she yanked me to my knees and instructed me to give her a blowjob, as it were. The head of the vibrator still tasted of her and I set about the task with enthusiasm. She told me to wank with one hand and I steadied myself with the other hand on her knee. 

As I licked and sucked the cock, she started to tell a story about how she was a French teacher in a Boarding School and I was the teenager in my last year, who had a failed assignment and needed correction in her study that evening. 

Needless to say she did not get very far into the story, which involved a thrashing over her desk, before I had to remove my hand from her knee and cup it to take my spurt so that it did not end up on the carpet. I knelt there, my mouth still around the vibrator, my knees trembling and gasping a little for air. After a few moments she told me to swallow the contents of my hand and lick my fingers clean. It seemed for all the world that I had given a proper blow job given that I had the taste of come in my mouth. 

Whilst I was putting away the toy and tidying up the bedroom she lay back and was asleep in minutes.

 I closed my eyes and finished off the teacher story in my head. I hadn't had a session but I had been given a grand time.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Sunday Spanklet - LateTrain

Spanklet  (n.) - definition - a very short story where an individual is spanked or caned.

                      “You’re late.”

He heard her voice from the bathroom and looked around the door.

 God, his wife looked great and Steve had a hard on in seconds.

“We’re due at the Lakers in an hour so you’d better get a move on.”

“Sorry my love. The train was late and there was no signal for the phone.”

Liz turned to look at him. She was neatly trimmed and that took his attention more than the hard stare in her eyes.

“So when did you start parking at the The Nags Head when you go on the train to London?
 I would have thought the station car par park was easier, given that it is at least 4 miles closer to the trains?”

His heart thumped and his mind raced. Steve couldn’t think on his feet fast enough to come up with a riposte.

“Oh, stop dithering. I know you’re lying. Julie just rang, asking if they could have a lift and she told me she saw your car at the pub.”

Steve thought how he much he  would like to kill Julie right now.  That interferring bizzum. Why did she have to drop him in it?

“Sorry. I just thought …”

“I don’t care what you thought. You lied. Now shower whilst I put my make upon and then I’ll make you wish you were stuck on the train for a week. And one more thing - you can tell your sister Liz that you got caned when you see her tonight. She will want to know all about it."

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Communication disguises

Reading about the self inflicted problems of senior officers in the Army on the other side of the pond, who were thinking with their genitals,  I have learned that one of the involved couples used a nifty way of communicating by e mail.

To avoid having the messages ping back and forth through the ether (or along a cable), which might mean they could be intercepted and read, they instead used a single e mail account jointly and wrote a message and then saved it in Drafts. The other party could then come along, log in and read the mail and reply, once again saving it as a draft and so on.

Since we both shy away from texts and work e mails which refer to spanking and discipline I might suggest this as a means of communication between my wife and I. 

Does any reader use anything similarly discrete to send messages which you would be embarrassed to either mis-direct or have discovered by some IT supervisor at work?

Of course being discovered for the crime of misuse of company e mails might have its own story to tell, in terms of disciplinary procedures, but odds on  the Super  would not be as attractive as this.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Great start to a mundane Tuesday.

As I got out of bed this morning my wife rolled over on her side and yanked at the elastic of my pyjama bottoms. They slid about 6" down to reveal my naked butt

"Unmarked I see. Get the cane. I have time to sort you out before I go to work."

This was a pleasant surprise.

"Can I shower first?"

"No. I am in the mood right now!"

The tone of her voice left no ambiguity as to her intent. I raced to the blanket chest with the key.

She was still in bed when I handed her the long cane.

"Stand in front of the wardrobe and push your bottom out."

I scrambled into position and stood, legs akimbo, with the wobbles in my muscles and a fog in my brain. 

 I heard her go the bathroom.

In a few moments she was back and my pyjama trousers were pulled to a puddle of cloth on the floor. She held my stiffening cock in one hand and swished the cane through the air with the other. I shivered with excitement.

"Hold yourself and start wanking"

I shifted my position and replaced her grip with mine. As she stood to one side I began to rub.

"Wait a minute. You look a bit dry."

With a feeling of amazement I looked down and watched as she knelt and placed her mouth over the end of my prick and sucked and washed the tip with her lips and tongue. I moaned a little with pleasure of the experience and wiggled my hips.

When she had finished lubricating me, my wife resumed her caning position and the first stroke whizzed down across the centre of my bottom.

"Wank, but don't you dare come."

The instruction was clear enough and the message was reinforced by another speedy stroke of the cane. Keeping my balance with my bottom pushed out was tricky. My right hand was occupied and I was supporting my body weight with the less strong left arm. 

She caned me slowly, leaving long pauses between each stroke and telling me what a naughty boy I was, whilst sliding the end of the cane up and down each leg. This was electric stuff and I had only received maybe ten strokes when I felt I was ready to explode. I stopped the rubbing. I was on the point of coming.

The cane whizzed into me hard.

"Wank, I said."

The cane hit again.

"I can't Ma'am," I stuttered, legs and bottom shaking.  "I'm coming."

"No you're not. Now do it and do it properly."

I started again, holding myself less hard this time. The strokes of the cane were quicker and harder. 

"You're such a naughty boy aren't you?" 

I uttered a yes ma'am between the  stinging  strokes of the cane.. I was slowing up with the rubbing. My head was trying to control my nervous system, telling the zone at the end of my prick not to release the sperm. 

"Please Ma'am I need to come."

"No you don't. Control yourself. Do you want the cane or do you want to come?" She passed a cool hand over my wealed cheek on the left hand side.

"I need the cane Miss. I need it badly."

"So wank for 10 more strokes then."

She delivered them carefully and with a hard swing. The pain was delicious and I masturbated hard but willed my penis not to come. When the last stroke landed I took my hand away and leaned forward on both hands and arms. I was breathing hard. 

"Right then. Tidy up and get breakfast on the go. I haven't got all day to discipline naughty boys, enjoyable though it is." 

She dropped the cane on the floor and disappeared into the bathroom. As I  turned I caught sight of  her cute naked bottom before she was gone. 

Perhaps I forgot to mention that she had been nude throughout the session.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Freedom is not free

To all of those who have died defending our freedoms in the West we say thank you.

And today we remember particularly those who died fighting the Germans, Italians  and Japanese in two World Wars

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Sunday Spanklet - Anticipation

Spanklet  (n.) - definition - a very short story where an individual is spanked or caned.

I am due to travel on business for a few days, so yesterday  my wife decided I should receive a maintenance spanking.    

You need to drive away from here with a sore bottom, she said, to remind you to concentrate on your work and so that you know who is boss round here.

We had no social engagements this weekend. Both of us had paperwork to catch up on and I had a list of cleaning jobs as long as your arm. After a snack lunch my wife suggested a quickie in the bedroom. I gave her an orgasm or two and she encouraged me through a hand job.For a while afterwards we lay in bed allowing ourselves an hour of "us time".

We talked about our recent spanking activities and how much she was enjoying my attentive behaviour. She suggested that maybe 50 strokes with 3 implements would be good maintenance and that it could take place that evening.

After closing the house down for the night I showered, whilst my wife removed her make up and then dressed me in the punishment panties, which she took from the drawer and pulled up my legs. I went to the blanket chest and unlocked it. She stood over me as I took out the implements as directed, the long paddle, the crop and the stiff cane.

I followed her back to our bedroom and laid the instruments on the bed. 

Whilst she read a book for half an hour or so, she left me standing with my nose pressed against the wall, hands on my head and with my back to her.

I eventually heard her give a sigh and close the book, giving the impression that it was too much trouble to rise from the bed and deal with me. I felt myself stiffen and my tummy churned over as she came up behind me. With a gentle erotic touch she stroked her sharp fingernails up and down my body, teasing and then scratching.

She lingered over my bottom, letting her fingers run over my cheeks and then between my legs to grab and pull at my penis and the balls that were trapped in the tight silk pants.

 I was groaning with the pleasure and pushing  my bottom out, seeking a continuation of the sensuous pleasure before the pain that was surely coming my way.

"Go and bend over," she whispered.


I got back from a work trip last night. There was very little internet connectivity where I was staying, so I am looking forward to catching up on some favourite blogs. It is always nice to return to blogworld and to have a lot of friendly stuff to read. Almost like discovering a new spanking blog for the first time.

For the moment however I have some laundry to do and house cleaning to get on with so I will come back later.


Friday, 9 November 2012

Hello readers on "Love our Lurkers" Year 7

Hi all readers - if F/M spanking and Domestic Discipline and Females spanking, paddling, cropping and caning of men floats your boat, then why not stop lurking and introduce yourself or better still start blogging and let us in on your secret desires and happenings.

It would be good to hear from any of you -  Comments on my pages have been few and far between recently and it would be good to have some feedback.

Thanks to Bonnie at Bottom Smarts for pulling together this  Seventh Love our Lurkers Day.

Below is what this particular blogspace is all about.

Thanks for reading

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Out of service for a couple of days

I am away for a couple of days, in a place with intermittent internet service.
Sorry that the Sunday Spanklet appeared on Monday. Must try and master the Schedule  widget.
Good luck with the election in the USA.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Sunday spanklet - head down

Spanklet  (n.) - definition - a very short story where an individual is spanked or caned.

What two consenting adults get up to in their bed is quite interesting. The other night when I had started on cunnilingus and was making good progress, my wife opened her legs wide. As a norm she keeps her thighs clenched tightly together when I am licking her clit because the squeezing and rubbing action of her thighs seems to bring her to orgasm so much more quickly.

In spreading her legs I knew she was inviting me to explore with my tongue beyond her vaginal lips and towards her bottom hole. This only happens rarely. I adore licking and kissing her bottom and she knows it. She would never say so but she gets a kick out of me pushing my tongue into her ring. As a good submissive I could spend my life kissing and licking her cheeks and intimate areas, if only I did not have to work to earn money.

I shifted my position and asked her to roll onto her tummy. She declined and said it was too much trouble and I should get on with the job in hand or risk a whipping. That stiffened me considerably as I covered he clit with soft kisses I asked her to describe the whipping she might give me. She told me it would not be her doing  the whipping but a girl she would invite especially for the task. I listened to the story and worked hard until at last she wriggled and came.

I asked if I could come but she said no and promptly fell asleep.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Home Decorating

Day 1 of home decorating went OK, although I am not as speedy as I used to be at this sort of task.. I got the preparation  done and a lot of rubbing down. A bit more to do this morning and then I get to start painting. My wife bought all the paint yesterday on her lunch break so I have no excuses for leaving the house.

I managed to get a pasta dinner  ready for when she got home but since I had forgotten to put on the washing, there were no good points awarded for my culinary efforts and I hade to put 10 demerits in the book. There was not a great deal on the TV that was of any interest so we retired early to bed.

Just when I thought that nothing would happen on the training/discipline front my wife told me to retrieve the bath-brush and lie on my front over a couple of pillows.

She pulled down my pants in a slow deliberate fashion and spent some time giving me playful slaps and telling me what a good job I was doing with the decorating but that I musn’t let the other chores slide. Then in a flurry of strokes she gave me a dozen swats with bath-brush, six on each cheek, all in the exactly the same point on the top of the curve. These stung like the blazes but it was such a great feeling that I almost asked her to continue.

When she was done we cuddled like spoons, she behind me, and the cool of her skin on my overheated bottom was fantastic. She slid one hand around in front of me and gave me a bit of a rub and a wank, but then got bored because her wrist ached.

Another day has dawned and  before she left the house she told me that she expected great progress and that she might come home for lunch to check up on me.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

A weekend of chores

I work as an agent for a European company which takes a a holiday on All Souls Day so I may as well take one as well, since there is no one to talk to over there. They are planning to take Friday off and to make a long weekend of it.

My wife has other ideas for me than to let me lounge around for 4 days. She wants a guest bedroom decorated, so in an hour or so I will make a start shifting furniture. As an incentive she has promised some play at the end of each day, subject to my making good progress.When she asked me what might encourage me to do a good job I said the cane, of course, We will have to see what transpires.

On the subject of canes can I draw your attention once again to the Spockings and to this video in particular Domestic discipline 

I had better not get involved in video watching for obvious reasons but these guys are worth getting into trouble for.