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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Catching up

   Apologies for absence as they say. 

Work has been getting in the way recently and then there are always the chores at the weekend. No Thanksgiving holiday over here. I had a Spanklet ready but it wasn’t quite finished so I did not post it. 

I seem to have too many real life accounts and fiction stories which are unfinished at the momentt. The same goes for chores. My inability to complete tasks over recent weeks has led to a profusion of entries in the de-merit book and there is a lot to be dealt with at some point. 

The punishment book was called for on Saturday morning because I had been too opinionated at a supper party the previous night. That led to an entry of 20 strokes of the cane and 20 with the strap. 

Then on Sunday because I have still failed to complete the decoration of the Guest bedroom, with some final painting, there was another entry of 30 strokes with no instrumentt decided upon. That particular project must be handed over this weekend so that my wife can put the finishing touches to it before Christmas. Maybe if I get it done by Sunday the tariffs in the demerit book will be dealt with in the afternoon. It is not my call obviously and I know better than to suggest things.

Right now I am craving a hard session on my bottom. It would really clear my head.

I pushed at the boundaries on Saturday night thinking that something might happen but I think that my wife saw through the attempt and must have held back to make me feel yet more submissive..

We had some good sex and there was a fair amount of story telling to get me to come in a hand exercise. 

I spent quite a bit of time “down under” on Saturday night and this was appreciated. When it came to my time on Sunday I stood by the side of the bed, all jelled up and ready to go, with my cock in my hand. My wife used the vibrator on herself for a while and then got bored so she paused to run it up and down between my thighs, teasing me with the rolling movement of the head between my bottom cheeks. 

She swung her legs  over the edge of the bed and held the tool in her crotch. Then she yanked me to my knees and instructed me to give her a blowjob, as it were. The head of the vibrator still tasted of her and I set about the task with enthusiasm. She told me to wank with one hand and I steadied myself with the other hand on her knee. 

As I licked and sucked the cock, she started to tell a story about how she was a French teacher in a Boarding School and I was the teenager in my last year, who had a failed assignment and needed correction in her study that evening. 

Needless to say she did not get very far into the story, which involved a thrashing over her desk, before I had to remove my hand from her knee and cup it to take my spurt so that it did not end up on the carpet. I knelt there, my mouth still around the vibrator, my knees trembling and gasping a little for air. After a few moments she told me to swallow the contents of my hand and lick my fingers clean. It seemed for all the world that I had given a proper blow job given that I had the taste of come in my mouth. 

Whilst I was putting away the toy and tidying up the bedroom she lay back and was asleep in minutes.

 I closed my eyes and finished off the teacher story in my head. I hadn't had a session but I had been given a grand time.

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  1. Michael,

    Thanks for sharing. I hope you are sorted out this weekend.



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