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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Sunday Spanklet - James is brought to account

Spanklet  (n.) - definition - a very short story where an individual is spanked or caned.

Continued from a previous spanklet    - Memory Lapse

“Right, so now that the easy task is done, its time to get down to the hard bit. It’s certainly going to be hard for you at any rate.” 

The tall woman took James hand and pulled him from his place at the dining table, where he had been sat working on his laptop.

As Marcia Holden, Procurement director at Marchlins, took the chair away and placed it in the centre of the adjoining living space in her smartly furnished home, James  stood waiting, his hands fidgeting in front of him. She called him through and he stood in front of her as she held out the memory stick in one hand and wagged a pointing finger at him with the other.

 He cursed his own carelessness for the umpteenth time that day. Leaving the memory stick in the USB port of his client’s PC had been foolish because it contained all the workings for the proposal he had pitched, including the high profit margin, a part of which he would have as a bonus; but he had been even more stupid for having used the same stick on which he kept his more personal files. The ones containing the stories about his fetish for spanking and also some downloaded video files.

Marcia had discovered everything when she took the memory drive home after work and she wasted no time using the contents to her advantage.

She had called James to her house on the Saturday and told him to reformulate his proposal with a lower price. This would be advantageous to her company and she anticipated some praise from her boss for driving a hard bargain on the new software platform by saving the company more than $100k in upfront costs and $20k in annual service charges.

Now that the revised proposal had been e-mailed by James to his Director, there was nothing to do but to wait for his approval. Given that James had indicated that the business would be lost without this reduction, Marcia was confident that the deal would be struck early in the week. 
Now she was free to attend to the matter of James'  carelessness.

“So James. We have dealt with the prices and it is time to deal with the fact that you were trying to take advantage of our relationship with your high charges and  there is also the matter of your bringing a memory stick into my company, which might have contained all sorts of viruses from your sex downloads.”

“I’m sorry Marcia. I did not think. I was in a rush to get to your office and I had worked all night on the numbers. I just wasn’t thinking.”

Be quiet and it’s Miss from now on. We are not on first name terms any more. You have abused the trust in our relationship and you have shown yourself to be little more than a naughty schoolboy so that’s how I propose dealing with you. Given what I have seen in your files, that’s how you see yourself being treated or at least what you fantasize about, so it’s high time you got a lesson in business ethics."

“How old are you, by the way?”

James had been silent, standing with his head down staring at the floor and at Marcia’s  long shapely legs and pointed shoes.  He felt a twinge of excitement as he listened to her angry voice.

“Twenty six ,Miss.”

“And have you been punished before like these people in your stories?”

“Not really Miss. Maybe a spanking a long tine ago.”

“I thought as much. This is all in your head, isn’t it?  Only now it’s going turn to into reality. Maybe it won’t be as much fun as you thought.”

James said nothing. His stomach was churning with butterflies of excitement as he listened to Miss Marcia’s scolding.

“Go up to the bathroom. Wash yourself and put on the panties and T- shirt that are on the windowsill. That’s all the clothing you will need. Frankly I think it is vaguely ridiculous that a grown man wants to wear women’s pants but that seems to be the case in a lot of the videos that I see you like so let's see what you look like.”

James turned to leave the room.

“And bring down the hairbrush that I left on the chair. Be quick about it. Any more than 5 minutes and you get a lot more punishment.”

Marcia listened to the sound of his footsteps on the landing and busied herself with the preparations. Closing the curtains during the day was a bit of a giveaway to her neighbours, that something interesting might be taking place. Nevertheless she did not want people prying, so closed they would have to be..

She had spent a long time on the internet researching this spanking business once she had opened James’ files. There was a hell of a lot more there than she had thought possible on the subject but it had all helped her decide on how to comport herself and handle James.

From a cupboard near the fireplace she retrieved the things that she would need to teach this young man a lesson. The riding crop had been an easy find in a local tack store but a cane had proved more difficult. They were not exactly displayed on a shelf at the supermarket. Maybe she could get James to buy one if there was a next time? The wrist restraints had been simple to obtain as well. One of the many photos that James had on his stick showed a man with his hands fastened behind his back with those electric cable ties. the local hardware shop had plenty in stock and she quickly worked out how to lengthen them by interlocking the fastening. She had thought about tying James to a chair but that all looked a bit complicated. Anyway if he didn't take what was coming to him without being tied down then she would always threaten him with telling his boss about his special interests and how he was going to lose that contract.

The hairbrush had been trickier than she thought. The ones in the drugstore were all much to light. Then last Thursday she had a brainwave and hit the internet stores. Within a few minutes she had come up with just the thing – wood, long and paddle shaped. It was not a cheap purchase and by the time she had added express delivery it had set her back more than $50. Never mind she thought, she could always use it to brush her hair.  When it had arrived at her office on the Friday, the courier bag with a carton inside was passed to Marcia by her secretary without any comment.  She had been unable to contain herself and at lunchtime, after unwrapping the parcel in a hurry, Marcia silently locked her office door and raised her skirt above her waist.  It was not easy to spank herself, but those few quick slaps over her pants convinced her that she could do some serious harm damage to a bottom with this particular paddle. She put the brush back in the box and spent the rest of the afternoon daydreaming about the next day. When she finally got home she had rushed upstairs and stripped off for a shower. The box was opened again and this time she was able to spank herself harder and faster, using first one hand and then the other. There was no doubt about it she thought, as she looked in the mirror at the red tinge on her bare skin, this brush would deliver a stern message.

As she heard James come down the stairs Marcia shut the door from the hallway, then fussed with her hair, tying it back in a black ribbon, and smoothed down her dark skirt, before finally seating herself upright on the dining room chair. The knock on the door was timid at first but then, when it wasn't answered he knocked more firmly.

Marcia smiled and waited a little while longer, before speaking up.



  1. This has to be the best yet, DB - the first part was quite a while ago, if I remember correctly - but it is still fresh in my memory. Who could forget the quite awesome Ms Holden?!

    Very well done - thank you for sharing a great talent with us.


  2. I do enjoy your Sunday Spanklets. Thanks.


  3. Hi OBB - sure will continue as i have now got the storyin my head.

    Thanks HH - you are a very supportive reader and I will press on.

    Hi Ronnie -it is great to have you as a reader. You are always in my mind when I write.


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