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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Experiences to remember

In a recent post I mentioned that I had gone down on my knees and performed a blow job on a vibrator  which my wife held upright in her lap, like an erect penis..

This is a modest variant on role-play we used to get involved in a few years back. At one stage we each owned a "his and hers" vibrator and I was responsible for keeping them in tip-top condition.

 I can still recall one night when my wife asked me to retrieve "hers" from the bag in the cupboard and the batteries were dud. By the time I had raced around the house trying to find fresh batteries of the correct size, she had lost interest. The next morning my wife was still grumpy and remained so until she gave me a pretty harsh whipping to remind me to do my duties.

Any role-play which involves me getting fucked ,or pretending to be so treated, gets me going and I ascribe a little of my interest in spanking to this homo erotic side of my nature. From early on in our marriage I loved it when my wife got involved with her finger in my ring.. As sex toys became more readily available I bought some anal dildos and providing that I did all the preparations and cleaning up, my wife was happy to oblige and pleasure me. That all stopped for a while, I don't know why, but a couple of years ago she mentioned that I could buy a new anal toy if I wished. 

I pushed at the boundary and suggested a strap on but she wasn't keen so I dropped the idea.

 I am sure that no-one is that interested in exactly what we get up to, so suffice to say that a really good session for me involves a medium size vibrating probe and a hairbrush. I could lay over a pillow having my bottom spanked and getting fucked for hours at a time.

I haven't had that many encounters with the same sex. I had a few in my early teens and one in my twenties. More recently, when I was working in Asia I  had a couple of days to spare at an  hotel with a spa. The attendants were female for the ladies and male for the men. 

I know, everyone thinks that at a fantasy level it should be the other way round but let's face it  life is not like that and if a man wants a strange woman to massage him nude, then he will generally not find her working in a hotel health spa.

I had some time to kill over the weekend so I booked myself in for a massage.

When I reported to reception for my treatment I was taken into the room by a young man in his late twenties. The room he took me to was tiled on the floor and had a large leather massage table on one side and shelves with gels and oils on the other.  He indicated that I should take off my robe and my pants and stand in the middle of the room whilst he washed me down and then scrubbed me with some salts and a  brush. Being Asia, the room temperature and humidity was high and I was more than relaxed. Being naked in front of this man was not embarrassing. It all felt quite natural - a bit like being in a men's shower room back home.

When I was cleaned down he then poured a lot of warm oil all over my body and rubbed it in untl I was oiled from head to foot. He told me to get on the massage couch face down and proceeded to give me a vigorous head massage. I was quiet content to lie there with no covering as the room was plenty warm enough. Once he started on the  massage his strong fingers worked quickly all over my body. He worked up my legs and massaged my butt quite firmly. I had my legs spread  on the wide table and very casually he began to rub inside my thighs and up into the crack between my cheeks.The reaction to this touch was predictable and I felt myself stiffen between my stomach and the leather top. The fact that the hands were male did not reduce the pleasure of the sensual touching one bit.

He moved his hands up my back and gave a fantastic back and neck massage and then started to trail his finger tips up and down from top to bottom. As he passed over my bottom I twitched with excitement. and my prick became harder. After he had finished he gave me a couple of light taps on my bottom and told me to roll over on my back.

I forced my mind to think of other things to try and reduce the erection and then rolled over first onto my side and then all the way onto my back. My state of excitement was plain to see.

With no comment he drizzled more warm oil across my chest and down my legs and then started another head massage. I was practically drifting off to sleep. He moved to my feet and legs and again his fingers started to massage between my thighs. The effect was electric and I grew  a massive hard on, in spite my best efforts to think of something else. With no comment between us his fingers began to massage my testicles and he gently began to stroke my penis. There was little to doubt that all this was intentional and I believe he was enjoying teasing me. 

After a few minutes he moved his hands up to massage my chest and arms and I became a bit flaccid but not very much so.

He stopped the massage and I lay there quietly, with my eyes shut,as he moved his pots around tidying up the room.. The whole thing had been a delightful experience. Very silently he came back to the table and placed a small cotton cloth over my hips. He told me he would leave me to relax and he would be back in ten minutes. 

It was pretty obvious why he was leaving the room. When the door closed behind him I grasped my prick and caressed it into life. My skin was still oily and soft to the touch. I lay there and fantasized about him returning to the room with a long rattan cane and bending me over the massage table for a hard thrashing. I came within only a few moments and with a force which sent the cum onto my chest. I used the square of cloth to clean myself up and then drifted off into a deep sleep.

When he returned to the room he asked me to stand and then proceeded to wipe me down to remove the excess of the oil. I stood there in silence. When he passed me my pants and robe I put them on and searched in a pocket for the cash I had brought with me as a tip. He thanked me and asked me if i was happy. Very, I said. That was a great massage . He bowed and tightened the belt of my robe letting one hand slip inside and onto my penis. Ah, he said as he straightened the front of the robe, you seem a lot more relaxed now, that's good.

I can replay the whole scene at will in my head when I am lying in bed or daydreaming on the train.

I still wonder what would have happened if I had asked him to spank me. Maybe I will go back one day.

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