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Monday, 18 May 2020

Lock down drinking

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Not quite sure how this staged release from lock down is supposed to work in the UK.

My wife and I can each see one friend so yesterday we invited a couple from the house down the road, who we see at the pub under normal circumstances, and the 4 of us sat in the garden at two tables spaced 2 metres apart.

I don't suppose we were meant to interpret the social meeting rules in this way but we did.

Later that evening I had a bit too much to drink on top of what I had already drunk that afternoon. My wife reminded me that I was supposed to be losing weight and not drinking so much. She told me to make an entry in the Punishment Book.

We watched a new TV series on N that evening, all about crime and drugs in Ibiza. The orgie scene took me by surprise. Very erotic goings on but no spanking that I could see. Worth watching again to see what I missed.

Sunday, 17 May 2020

Toys back in the box.

Some of the restriction son our lives have been lifted here in the UK and it is possible taht we may get a visit from one of our children.

Yesterday I had to pack away a couple of the instruments which have been left in plain sight for the last few weeks.  My wife has enjoyed not having to wait for me to fetch something that I could be spanked with.

I also had to place the Punishment Book in a bedroom drawer. 

This has been in the kitchen and I have made entries when instructed to do so. We haven't used this method of control for a few years so it has been fun (?) to get back into the habit of writing "errors and misdemeanors" in the book. 

I haven't had a proper thrashing since the lock down started, just spankings and the odd light caning. I need that thrashing to clear some of the depression that has set into my head by being cooped up.

My wife asked to see the book before I put it away and she spent some time annotating the entries.with a pencil. At times she was sucking the end of the pencil as if she was deep in thought.

When she handed me the Punishment Book she told me not to look inside and to take it straight upstairs. She said she might deal with me this coming week.

I did as I was told and I still have no idea what is written in the book. That's part of the DD that we share. 

Enjoy your Sunday.

Friday, 15 May 2020

Just a thought

Sometimes you just need the right picture and some time on your own.

Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Submissively serving

My wife went in to work on Tuesday morning. Before she left she gave me a list of cleaning and laundry jobs she wanted doing.
She also made me bend over in the bedroom and inserted the butt plug. I want you to wear that all day and I will phone you to check.

I asked if I could wear some panties instead of the thong because they would hold the plug in more securely than a thin strip of material. She agreed and made me put on the pink knickers that we had once bought together at a local department store.

As I washed up the breakfast things she came and patted the crease in my bottom and said goodbye.

Remember it stays in all day 

The plug is a nice size, not too big and not too small. When it's inside me the feeling of submission is sublime. 

Doing my chores in the bathroom means I have to be careful not to bend over at the waist. I adopt the female, knees together, squatting pose to get down to the corners on the floor and clean all those stubborn bits. In my panties I feel very girlie when I move like this so that the plug does not move out.

Twice my wife called to check I still had the butt inside and to tell me exactly how she was going to treat me that evening. She wanted to be served supper on her own so she could watch a rom-com and she told me to dress appropriately as her servant.Then after her meal she wanted a foot massage and maybe I could relax her elsewhere. She has begun to enjoy her power over me in the lock down.

I got everything prepped, I took a shower and checked that I was well shaved and got everything ready. I met her at the door wearing just a T shirt and a pair of tights and holding out a glass of wine.. When she had checked that the plug was still in she went off to inspect the bathrooms and do her own thing for a while.

I served a lovely three course meal in the dining room while she watched her film on the laptop. 

Afterwards I laid out everything for the foot massage in the bedroom. She sat in the chair reading a novel whilst I knelt in front and soaked and washed and massaged her feet with creams.

When she had lovely soft feet she stood up and lay on the bed and I knelt by the side of the bed burying my head between her thighs. She came very quickly and rolled over to go to sleep.

I tidied up all the massage things and went into the bathroom. Removing the butt plug felt almost as good as when it had been pushed in.

What a glorious day.

Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Just dreaming in lockdown

A favourite fantasy.

I would love to be disciplined whilst strapped into a humbler.

I dare not suggest it to my wife because she would then want to know where I had seen one.
I don't think she has ever heard of one of these restraint instruments. She wasn't at all familiar with CBT restraints when she heard about them on a female sex podcast called Sexpots.

To the humbler add panties, stockings and a butt plug as well and then the crop being lashed across my bare bottom
and I am away.

Sunday, 10 May 2020

Kitchen surprise.

I had just come in from a morning of chores in the yard and garden and I was leaning against the island worktop, taking a long cpld drink, when my wife came into the kitchen.

Ugh, she said you look horribly dirty and sweaty. And why are you wearing outdoor shoes in the kitchen?

I'm sorry I said as apologetically as I could 

You will be. Get those shoes off and take off your trousers.

I raced to do what she said. As I pulled down my trousers my erection bulged in my pants. The problem was they were not regular pants like trunks.
Ever since lock down started we had a new DD agreement that I would wear a thong pants when doing chores. This means I get a bare bottom punishment and my wife is not exposed to my bits.

You can forget about that, she said, reaching for the carpet beater that we are now keeping in the kitchen because no visitors or offspring are likely to be in the house during lock down. Put your hands on the worktop and stick your bottom out.

In a flurry of strokes she whacked me hard with the carpet beater. I find it doesn't really hurt but it does give a well punished glow to my skin.

What does hurt however is the long wooden spoon which is hung for decorative purposes on the side of one of the wall cupboards.
My wife put the carpet beater down and went to fetch the spoon.

Pretty soon I was jumping around as she reddened the backs of my legs with swift spanks. I begged her to stop but she ignored me.

I was sent upstairs to clean up and get on preparing lunch.


All that was missing was a nice OTK treatment but that's for good boys, not bad ones.

Friday, 8 May 2020

New blogger platform

I am getting the hang of the new blogger platform.

I particularly like the way it can see all the relevant images that are in the pc .
Here are some from a long way back.

I will write soon.

Wednesday, 6 May 2020

Nice time on Monday

I had a treat the other night.

A proper over the knee spanking. My wife told me to get undressed and bring the long handled round paddle to her. This one has a hole in the middle to allow the air to pass from under the paddle area as it is swung. 

The spanking went on and on and was truly delicious. I am not permitted to talk or moan or groan when I am punished. It puts her off her stroke she says. If I could I would just have said please, please carry on, don't stop.

 After a long long time she stopped and I was told to show my appreciation of my mistress in the usual way.

Sunday, 26 April 2020

Sleepy Saturday

Late afternoon yesterday my wife had a video meeting with some of her friends.  I made the dinner and went upstairs to do some project work.

Whilst we were eating the meal my wife asked me what I wanted to do afterwards. I asked if we could watch the second Fifty Shades film. She said no, because the first one had been too silly.

We watched a Scandi Noir instead.

Bit of a quiet day really.

I would have preferred this.

Friday, 24 April 2020

Lockdown and lingerie

For most of our married life I have bought my wife an item of lingerie for her birthday, as a small add on present. This might range from a pair of thong knickers , to a bra and panty set or once or twice a basque and stockings. She would probably say that I bought these as presents for me and I can't really disagree since I enjoy seeing her in the partial buff but "gift wrapped"as it were.

Yesterday I was tidying her knicker and bra drawers as one of my many sub duties (she likes them neatly folded and ordered  in colour and style) and my wife came in to inspect my work. 

She agreed that I had done a good job and went to fetch the bath brush. She gave me ten quick swats on my behind over my trousers as a a reward for a good job. 

I thanked her and then she went on to say that she thought she would get rid of some items of her lingerie as there was just too much and she hardly wore a lot of the things. She said that I was not to buy her any more and that I should think of something different. She asked me to choose my favourite pants and bra and leave them out and she would wear them that night and perhaps take the tawse to my bottom. 

She gave me thirty stinging whallops with the leather tawse at bedtime. They were deliciously stingy.

She is very thoughtful in these lockdown days. Now I have to think of an original add-on present for her next birthday