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Thursday, 24 October 2019

Memory lane

I was thinking a lot about my younger adult years the other day.
Janus the magazine had a big impression on me. 

I can remember discovering the magazine in a small shop near my college digs in a Scottish city where I was at college. I could not believe what I was reading when I picked it up of the shelf. 

Spanking stories, directoire knickers being opened to presenta  bare bottom for the birch,young ladies being caned and the very occasional man over a woman's knee. I remember the letters page in particular giving great insight into spanking amongst others.

I purchased the magazine every month for the hour years I was in Scotland. I even showed issues to some of my girlfriends when I was try to encourage them to let me give them a spanking. The nice thing was you could take the last magazine purchased back to shop and get a discount on the next issue. I kept two or three of my favourites at any one time and I had to be very careful where I hid them as I moved from one accommodation to another. 
I can remember at least one occasion when I think my landlady must have seen them when she was doing repairs to the house, but nothing was said. I think  my face reddened when I saw her the next day.

When I moved to London the Janus magazines became a larger size and there were a lot more photos.
The price went up but it was still very affordable with the 50% refund when you took the last issue back to the shop on Old Compton Street.

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Over time the price went up but satisfaction was always guaranteed. Hey ho happy days.

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Monday, 19 August 2019

My wife left me a note late on Saturday afternoon where she knew I would see it because I would be cooking a meal.

It read "6 pm Garage, bench, car trip, 30 cane and then a drink at the pub. Destroy this note."

My heart leaped and my stomach fluttered.I had an hour to finish my chores, prep the meal and shower and get into my punishment shorts. I raced through everything and made it just in time. When she entered the garage through the side door I was standing by the portable work bench in plimsolls, pink lacy panties size 16 and a T shirt. I was taking a risk because my wife had not mentioned the female attire as an option. 

On her instruction I was to bend over the bench. I had left a wide gap in the middle of the bench in case she wanted me to straddle it length ways and clamp my balls tight, as she had done once before. 

This time though it was just to be a brisk caning. She commented that she had not said I could wear panties and made me take them off and hand them to her. She scrunched them up into a ball and rammed them into my mouth. 

Not a sound young man. 

Pushing me roughly on the back I leaned  over the uncomfortable workbench, bottom bared and raised as high as I could make it go to present the curve of my cheeks to the rod. I stretched my legs wide and grasped the bottom metal bar on the other side.I was nervous as hell.

She stroked the backs of my legs with the tip of the cane and then with a swish she lifted the cane sweeping up and down, leaving a searing streak across my bare bottom. 

One  I counted silently in my head and  stared hard at a spot of oil on the cement floor and allowed myself to be sucked into the pain. The next 10 strokes were delivered slowly and carefully. I found it hard to control my breathing with the gag in my mouth. At one point I opened my mouth i shock at the pain and the knickers fell to the ground. The thrashing stopped whilst she made me dismount the bench and retrieve the knickers. She held out her hand and I passed her the panties. In a quick movement she wrapped them around my balls and tied them tight and then pushed me over the bench again. She was able to grab the silky fabric that hung between my legs and pull it up tight into the crack of my cheeks. She yanked and pulled hard several times and I groaned with the discomfort. I half wondered if I was going to get a ball spanking..

The next twenty strokes were delivered swiftly and efficiently. The pain in my bottom was intense and there were tears welling up by the time she stopped.

She let the cane fall onto the floor and told me to tidy things up and dress.

That takes care of the French road trip.

"Yes ma'am, Thank you ma'am"

You can wear the panties to the pub if you like as a special treat. 

I love that woman.

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Friday, 9 August 2019

Holiday over, chores to do and the odd punishment still to come

We are back in the UK now and not enjoying it one bit as the politicians seem to making such a hash of our lives and job prospects and everything is predicted to go up in cost. It was so nice to escape all this mess for a while and just be on our "lonesome-ownsome" in Spain

I had a great many spankings whilst we were away, some formal with the instruments, and some informal, with wooden spoons or her sandal, and my wife promised she would keep up the discipline at home with at least fortnightly sessions.

She said she was pleased with my obedience and looked forward to showing me off at a few social occasions as a well behaved husband.  She also mentioned that the Slave - Mistress role play had turned her on and that on another day in the near future she would be looking for her slave.

 On the trip home I was a lot more responsible and I didn't think I had done anything to be punished for. I was still due to pay with a thrashing for demerits 3 and 4 incurred when were driving to the holiday cottage. My wife had dealt with two acts of carelessness but I still have to pay the piper for leaving a passport and money in a hotel room safe and driving off without them and the other because I did not let her guide me into a car park space and I ended up denting the car. Too arrogant ,she said at the time 

One bit of good news on our return is that there is no sign as yet of the French speeding ticket. I got a damned good thrashing for that and yet maybe we wont end up paying any money. I don't resent the caning because I was actually speeding.

Got to go now as I have chores to do.

Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Pool side slave

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I had climbed naked out of the pool at the holiday cottage after our skinny dip. It was about 9 pm at night in Spain and it was still warm and quite light. The sun had yet to go down. I knelt down on the hard terrace flagstones as instructed and  went  on to all fours, with my arms stretched out, palms down. I shivered as the water evaporated from my skin, making me feel chilled. 

Related imageI looked sideways at the terrace door as I heard my wife came out. She had a towel turban wound around her damp hair and a pair of black panties and  low heeled sandals. 

She was holding the riding crop in one hand, gently flicking the end of it across her leg so you could hear a tap, tap, tap of the leather tab as it smacked her tight skin. In the curled grip of the fingers of her other hand she was holding something else but I couldn't see what it was.

Seeing me looking up at her she commanded me to get my head down and my bottom in the air. I heard a soft click as she placed what I thought might be the riding crop on the terrace table and the she came up behind me.

My mistress told me that I had been a good slave over the last few days and a well behaved boy when her friend was visiting, so she was going to give me some pleasure as well as some pain. I relished the role play and I replied that only wanted to please her. You don't say anything unless I ask you she commanded and dont make a noise when I punish you.

From the corner of my eye I saw her slip her pretty manicured feet out the sandals.

 I felt her cool hand run gently over my bottom and she pushed my feet apart with her foot. I heard a gloop of cream exiting from a tube and a few seconds later the end of the butt plug was pushing at the rim of my anus.

The jelly felt cold as she wiggled the pointed end of the plug into the hole. I relaxed and then tightened as the tip and then the bulge  made its way further inside.

When she felt the resistance I groaned and that was when she pushed hard and the plug sank in to its reduced cross section.The pressure and sensation of the tip against my prostrate was sen ,,fucking,,sational.

I moaned with pleasure and thanked my Mistress for pleasuring me. Slowly she twirled the end of the plug around a few times, slipping it in and out by small degrees.She then pulled it out and pushed back in more vigorously and began to spank me with her leather sandal. The spanks were stingly but not hard and I pictured how she must look smacking away at my bottom in just her panties, tits bouncing with the movement. I ached for her to take the panties off and cram them into my mouth.. 

I was  in sub heaven for full five minutes as played with my ass and spanked my bottom cheeks palyfully with the sandal.

When she decided that I had had enough butt play she went to the table and coming back smartly she laced my bottom sharply four or five times with the end of the riding crop.

 Time for some pain, she threatened.

See the source imageFrom behind she kicked my ankles farther apart and ran one bare foot up between my legs onto my balls. She pushed gently with her toes and then withdrew the foot. I knew what was coming. She had started doing this a few years back in an exercise of control....a second or so later she had kicked my testicles hard and I I groaned as the deep dark pain shot through my pelvis into the pit of my stomach.

She paused to play with my balls again with the toes of one foot and took her foot. I shook inside with the tension and  the top bone of her beautiful foot smacked into my balls. I rolled forward on my arms and knees, a bit like a rocking horse. Four more times she showed me who was in control and four more times I grunted with the mind blowing pain. In the end she offered her dainty foot for me to kiss and to thank her.

She stood at my side and placed one foot on the back of my head. Get your head lower and your ass higher, she told me. I squirmed as my face cheek came into contact with the stone tile. I arched my back and she smacked the leather tab of the crop sharply into the crack of my bottom hitting my balls. I yelped. Be quiet, she said. You are going the get forty strokes of the crop and you better take them without a lot of fuss. Afterwards you can spend time sucking my pussy in the bedroom and then sleep on the floor, like the slave you are. Do you understand? 

Yes ma'am, I said in a loud military style response. Thank you ma'am

My wife obviously found whipping me to be an easy and enjoyable task because she did not stop at forty strokes. I actually lost count as she swung the crop swiftly  up and down, up and down, cracking it diagonally  across my bottom and the tops of my legs. I ached for her to change sides to alter the placement of the strokes from one cheek to another.

When she finally tired of inflicting pain she took hold over my by one ear and pulled me to my knees. Come along slave. Your bottom is red, my arm is tired and I want you down on me.

I rose with care, clenching my bottom so that the movement did not pop out the butt plug from its place in my ass. I relished the soreness in my cheeks and the full sensation in my rectum. I walked carefully with short steps into the house,

The cunnilingus went on for thirty minutes or more and at one point I had to remove myself to the bathroom to remove the plug and clean myself from a wank that my wife allowed me to have mid way through our cuddles.. I returned to her finish my clit licking duties and bring her to a well deserved orgasm.

When she had had enough multiple orgasms with her fingers doing the work thrills she rolled under the sheet and settled down to sleep.

I took one pillow from the bed and lay down on the floor as a well behaved slave. It was uncomfortable but I enjoyed the submissive feelings and savoured the warmth in my spanked bottom.

Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Worshipful Wednesday 14

Sorry about the car darling, but maybe you could teach me to be more careful in the future.

Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Holiday day trip =part 1

Monday morning and I was awake early. I was excited about what we might be doing that day. We had talked about going down to the sea at Gandia and exploring the town a bit and then having a beach layabout afternoon.

Also my wife had talked about giving me a good seeing to, with disciplinary treatment, after what I hoped I had proved was good behaviour on the previous day when we had a visitor.

When I took her some tea in the morning and we talked about the day ahead she spoke of the trip and the meals we might have by the sea, but nothing about whipping me. After breakfast when we were finally in the car on the way down the road and still no talk of spanking or whipping, it dawned on me that this might be one of her control days. 

Basically she would not discuss smacking my bottom and I would just have to be a submissive husband. There was no question of me raising the subject of being disciplined as this would not be correct  for a slave. I would just have to be patient. My brain was crying out for some disciplinary instruction but I removed all thought of spanking from my head and focused on pleasing her.

We enjoyed a wonderful day at the coast with some sightseeing and then beach sunbed time. Spain has these beach restaurants where you can hire a sunbed and shade for €5,00 and they generally have great seafood in the restaurant/ cafe area.

Image result for images naked spanking in pool

We were very hot, sea salty and sticky by the time we got back to the holiday cottage at eight o clock.and I suggested a swim in the pool. We were stripped off and in the water in a few minutes, enjoying our skinny dip and underwater petting as we stood in the shallow end. My wife climbed out and I was sorely tempted to give her bare bottom a playful slap but I resisted the urge.  As she walked she wiggled her hips provocatively and turned her head to look back at me over her shoulder. 

"Hurry up and get out of the water. Get on your knees and wait for me"