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Saturday, 23 September 2017

Slowly got back together

Una joven mirando en la distancia.

It has taken a while but it looks as though we are back as a couple, my wife and I.

I have surfaced from the depression, which she helped me through, and there seems to be a sunny side to our life once more.

She tried her best with guile and charm  to bring me back from the abyss but one thing she said she would not do was to use discipline. 

She made it plain that she was tired of the submissive role I wanted and the spankings and the whipping and that she wanted straight forward loving from me, for a long while at least. 

(That rejection after so many years of playing together  initially contributed more to my depression, as I believed that BDSM and the spanking scene was a fundamental part of me.)

So, according to her rules, if I wanted to stay married I had to learn to live without the excitement and thrill and tummy stirring in a threat of the cane or paddle across my bottom.

For a trial separation, I left our home for about three months and lived on my own in a small rented property and tried to give up drink and took long walks in the country. That seemed to help get my head straight. I met a divorcee in a local pub and that's another story but I didn't stray sexually. (Close thing though)

S, my wife, and I got together occasionally and  we met at weekends on neutral territory and talked a lot. Latterly we rented a room in a small hotel in a market town and we stayed away from being in the same bed and booked a twin bedded room.

As we started to feel closer we experimented with tantric sex. My wife had downloaded some demo videos on her lap top and we tried to follow them. Interestingly we did a lot of giggling which seemed to help just as much as  the touchy-feely tantric sex stuff. For quite a few years now I hadn't been able to get an erection that lasts  and S thought that tantric sex might help. 

Mel believes we have 12 now not 7. That's 5 more areas of possible connection #wowsers. Who knows lol #spaceCadet ;)

I developed quite a skill at giving her orgasms with the palm of my hand and she excited me just by finger touching. 

After a while we found we had spent one or two  days together enjoying each others company just like the old days. I avoided any mention of spanking. 

We gotback to just meeting up and seeing where things went. We also did quite a bit of car park fondling, just  like teenagers.

One day my wife called  me  and said it was time I should come home, with a few conditions attached. 

I had to take more exercise and keep off the drink because she thought that had been affecting my brain in some way and making me impossible to live with.

Image result for tantric sexI agreed and moved back home last month. 

(My wife had told friends and family that I was away working on a long term work project).

We are trying to have some sort of sexual contact every alternate day. No matter what time it is or how tired one of us feels we are engaging in at least ten minutes of touching and caressing each others body.

S is using her heart to try to regain my mind.

Friday, 8 September 2017

Holiday snaps

He better not have bought  Tourist Class.
blazer amarillo

dress in sparkles: hi-low affairThe hotel is lovely darling and I do hope you brought some toys.

So did you study that book I bought for you to read on the plane, my Darling. I don't want any misunderstandings on our little vacation.?

She taught me this and I was like what the hell. Now this is the only sign I know LOLElle UK - Pierre Bailey - 2011.  Makeup by Lisa Eldridge #Makeup #Beauty #Fashion

I think you overdid the drinks tonight. Pants off and assume the position.

Laced back skirt - LOVE...if only I could find a slightly tamer version of this for work! Have always loved this cut and love little unique details

Your sister is so enjoying our little holiday snaps. She is learning a lot about marriage from me.


Saturday, 25 March 2017

All washed up.

Image result for life is pointless

I think it's all over. Sex that is. I haven't felt aroused for months now and not having sex has not bothered me in the slightest. I don't seem interested in spanking anymore either. In fact I just want to work and then read a book and go to sleep. My wife is not happy about the situation. She is using the vibrator quite frequently and leaving it out for me to see that she is using it. Trying to shame me into action I guess.

Honestly I don't care. Even touching her is a perfunctory motion. I give her a kiss when I say goodbye and one when I say hello and that's it.

To be honest all I keep thinking about is being alone and not having to do anything except please myself. I won't run off though. I was brought up to stick things out, through thick and thin. Doing the right thing  does not stop the fantasies though. I would love to be on a sailing boat in the Pacific or on an island in the Indian ocean.

Ah well. 

Image result for life is pointless

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

A rather tasty bottom gets spanked on camera

I know its a bit lazy on my part but I thought you might like this video if you haven't seen it.

Watch your volume before you click play.

Friday, 20 January 2017

God Bless America

Here's to change and to the representative democracy that permits it.

Friday, 6 January 2017

Naughty start to the year.

There are a couple of things that you should not do in our house if you are the disciplined male.

Unfortunately I got caught doing three of them in quick succession in the first few  days of 2017.

Now you might think that because it is the holiday season and the New Year that one might be let off with a warning, but that is not the case with S, my Mistress and Wife.

Number one, I answered back. We were both rushing to get to work and I snapped at her when she asked me where her car keys were. I had taken her car to a wash and not put the keys back in the rack.

Number two, she caught me wanking last Sunday afternoon. She had gone out for a walk in the nearby woods with a friend from the village and I was supposed to be getting a bedroom prepared for decorating next weekend. I got distracted and lay on the bed, letting my imagination go wild and she came in and found me with my pants down and my hand on my cock.

Number three, I forgot to pay the December credit card bill and she got the reminder call. I also got that look from her about the call, so I am sure she will take it out on my bottom.

So my demerit list, which had gone down to zero just before Christmas, when I got the painful session with the new cane, which I haven't written up in the blog as yet, has now gone up to 36 strokes in less than 6 days.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Work gets in the way

It's time to get back to work. From experience it is not easy to blog in January because so many people want things to happen.

I must adopt more self - discipline or have it given to me.

See you in a day or so.

Monday, 2 January 2017

New Year - New Start

Image result for discipline outlives motivation

I hope the year gets off to a rollicking good start for you. 

It is indeed an open book - what will I write in this blog in 2017 and what will I get to read about in this spanking community? 

Here are a few things that my wife and I talked about in bed over Christmas, when we were thinking about our relationship and how it might get livened up in 2017. I made a list to remind us both what was said.

“ inte33:
“ 💕 ☺️ 💕

1. Allow  spanking to become a part of our daily routine.

2. Let pain give me the strength to take on new tasks
3. Hurt me more than I can bear with the cane
4. Embrace my submission.
5. Learn from my mistakes and ask for punishments

Image result for fesse

6. Each stroke should teach me a lesson.
7. Allow obedience to instruct my every thought
8. Rekindle the passion in our bed
9.   Allow my wife to dominate and inspire me to work harder
10. Tell each other our deepest desires.

If it is a New Year's plan of yours to start a Female Led Relationship, and you want your partner to spank you or you want to find out how to start disciplining your man, but you don't know how to suggest either activity,  then take a look at How to spank your man  and read what Ms Wilder has to say on the subject 

and then at The disciplinary wives club

Bonne fessee in 2017 

Image result for male and female bottom

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Looks like it is over

I guess all those people who came to stay for the festivities are headed home now.

For some it will be a long train or a bus ride in the cold weather and for others a short trip to the campus dorm.

Saturday, 31 December 2016

Goings on at our place

On Christmas Eve, we went for a drink at a neighbour’s party. We had eaten some supper beforehand because we didn’t know if there would be much food. My wife ,S, looked gorgeous in a black trouser outfit with a white Christmas sweater.

We mingled separately and I didn’t see what she had to drink but, when the time came to go home it was obvious that she was a bit tipsy.

We said our goodbyes and walked home.

S went upstairs and I checked the doors and switched off the Christmas decoration lights

Image result for woman in bedroom
When I got to the bedroom S had made it to a chair but she was just sitting there in her paty clothes,holding a  wooden hairbrush in her hands.

I really ought to give you a Christmas spanking, she said.

No I replied, I think it’s you who needs a  spanking for being drunk.

Well go on then, spank me,  she held out the brush, and afterwards you can kiss my bottom  and show me some respect, you naughty slave.

Listening to her I knew she was over her personal alcohol limit and that I needed to go careful and not rush things,  if I wasn’t to spoil the evening.

I helped S to her feet and led her to the bathroom. I quickly undressed her whilst she giggled away and when I knelt down to take off her pop socks tights’ I kissed the triangle of her sexy knickers. I stood up and wrapped her up in a dressing gown.

 S sat on the loo and flipped open the dressing gown and I stripped off my clothes whilst looking the other way. She told me to stay facing away whilst she used the water spray that I had fitted after a trip to a foreign country. ( I remember that we had both agreed, whilst on holiday in the hot climate, that this was a great addition to personal hygiene and simple to fit to the home water system.)

Calling me over to her side she pulled my penis forward and tied her knickers tightly around my scrotum.

There you go slave, all wrapped up nicely for Christmas.

She spanked my balls hard with the end of her hand 

I've got to do my make up, she remembered

Image result for woman in bathroomShe took a cotton pad and some remover and did a quick job of taking off most of the make up and mascara.

You look beautiful .

Thanks but I bet I look a bit of a wreck, she said, Anyway I am all yours slave, for one hour.

Taking her hand I led S back to the bed. I stood her between my knees and pulled her over one knee, locking her legs with my other legs.

Slowly and not very hard I started to spank her with the palm of my hand.

She wriggled as I gave her maybe ten slaps,and I heard her say 

Huh call that a spanking slave? It’s more like a tickle.

Then lets try this. I picked up the hairbrush and spanked her slowly but hard, ten times on each cheek.

OK, OK that’s enough.

I let go of her and she crawled forward until she was completely on the bed lying on her tummy .She opened her legs and lifted her hips a little bit. I got onto  the bed and then lay down behind her.

Leaning forward I started to give her  bottom cheeks  light kisses all over the pink skin. She moaned her appreciation and wiggled her bottom, inviting more attention. I pulled apart her cheeks and gazed at the small brown ring then  ran one finger up and down her crack and stroked the skin between her cunt and anus. She wriggled some more and then I lay on my tummy and pushed my face between her cheeks so that I could apply my tongue. Slowly I circled round with the tip of my tongue. I wanted this to last for as long as possible.

Oh you are such a naughty boy.

Yes miss, I mumbled from deep in her bottom

And naughty boys deserve their punishment don’t they?

Yes miss

Still wrapped up tightly in her knickers my erection was rubbing on the sheets and I started to hump the mattress.

They get a very hard punishment I think but they have to kiss ass properly first.

I mumbled agreement and then pushed my tongue deep inside her ring. There was more moaning  and I set to work, vigorously inserting and retracting my tongue in a fucking motion.

After three or four  minutes  I pulled my tongue right out and began licking her again, reaching down her soft perineum to the entrance of her cunt and then back up to her ring.

S arched her back inviting my tongue back into her ring and I needed no more prompting to restart the tongue fucking of her anus again. I felt her slide one hand under her hips and I could sense she was fingering herself at the front. The more energetically she rubbed herself and her clitoris, the harder I tried to fuck her with the few centimetres of my tongue.

We were both breathing heavily and panting and my face was wet with saliva and perspiration.

I felt her body tighten as S neared a climax and then she went limp. I pulled my face out from between her cheeks and rolled over on my back. I lay there for awhile with my prick in my hands and untied the  panties which were still firmly secured around my scrotum.

I tried to wank but couldn’t get stiff enough.

As I lay still I could hear the soft noise of my wife's breathing. She had drifted off to sleep.

I pulled the duvet up from where it had fallen off the end of the bed and covered her. I left her to sleep whilst I tiptoed around the room tidying up the clothes in the bathroom and getting into my pyjamas.

I was wide awake so I crept downstairs for a drink and sat and watched a movie for a while.

Santa's little helper  had brought me exactly what I wanted for Christmas. Now I hoped that there might be little relaxation and time to read a book over  the next few days of seasonal good cheer.