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Sunday, 26 January 2020

Sunday spanklet - Questions, questions.

What's Love our Lurkers day?

 Richard felt his heart stop. Karen was on the phone to him from the house

Ah nothing. I er don't know.

That's strange its mentioned in an e mail. It's from someone called HM. You left the screen open on the p.c. in the study when  you went to work. It just says, thanks for registering.

Ah, yes,well that's just some spam e mail I guess.

I'm not sure Richard, it says something about Happy Spanks at the end . That's a strange sort of e mail. Have you been porn surfing ?

No don't be silly darling. I don't do that sort of thing.

Well you must be the only man in Christendom that doesn't that's all I can say.

No seriously it's just rubbish.

Anyway I have sent HM an answering e mail from my laptop asking if I can register as well so let's just see what comes back. I'll see you tonight Darling.

Er, ok but honestly I'm sure its just spam. Bye sweetie.

 Richard put the phone down. He cupped his head in his hands. Fuck, fuck and doublee fuck, he swore under his breath. How could he have been so stupid?

He couldn't remember what else he had looked at on the p.c. last night. He was pretty sure that Karen did not know about History on Google but now might be the worst possible time for her to think about browsing and maybe go and ask one of her friends about it.

The rest of the day went slowly for Richard. He couldn't concentrate. He just wanted to get home and delete everything from the p.c. Why had he started a blog he questioned himself. Why couldn't he keep things to himself ? It might not be too late. He just had to get home but he couldn't be early. That would raise suspicions.

He shuffled papers all afternoon, unable to concentrate.

When he arrived home it appeared that HM had responded to Karen and she knew all about Richard and his previously undeclared sexual interests.

Thursday, 23 January 2020

Thursday trivia

I have had a short period of regular blogging which may dry up for a while. I am working on a couple of spanklets and will get these on line asap.

I had a nice sex spanking the other night and was allowed to rim my gorgeous wife while she was wearing her thong panties. You have to kind of pull them to one side to get your tongue in position and this applies pressure on her pussy which she says makes her feel sexy.

Saturday, 18 January 2020


I have had some trouble with Comments and my blog not showing from time to time. Hopefully I can sort it.

Have a good weekend however you spend it.

Friday, 17 January 2020

Denial and Maintenance

I am back on denial after last Sunday and she has told me that it will be two weeks at least before I get to come.

 I have a maintenance caning due at the end of the month. She has said that 31/1/20 would be a good day and she would deliver 31 strokes of the cane, one wank and 20 with the paddle. The long Spencer paddle  on my bottom after an orgasm is painful indeed because no endorphins are released when my bottom is being roasted with the holey hardwood. It is just punishment plain and simple and she knows it.

I will be super good to make sure I merit the maintenance session and the release.

Thursday, 16 January 2020


We are planning on reforming a bathroom this year.

I was told to find some design ideas on the net and present them with costs to my wife.

Funny how you can get so easily  distracted on the internet.

Related image

Oh well, I must get back to the drawing board

Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Last weekend

Last weekend went off quietly, which was a good thing after all the Christmas and New Year activity. We sat and planned a vacation in Spain for May. We chose a villa again with a pool and I tried to see it on internet maps so that I could tell if it was overlooked by neighbouring houses.

I love skinny dipping but my wife will not countenance it if there is a chance we might be seen.

 I often go in to the water at night  when the moon and stars are out and I can do this in the dark even if there are houses close by. 

I like Spain because my wife gets quite fruity on holiday over there when she has a drink is not wearing many clothes in the hot days. 
 A few years back she would go commando on holiday evenings to excite me but now it is a thong or a brazilian knicker.

I didn't do anything over the weekend to merit corporal punishment so late on Sunday I asked if I could have some strokes with the bathbrush to calm my anxieties about a work project. My wife agreed and I lay over her legs whilst she was sitting up in bed. That position gives plenty of arm swing space for cracking spanks with the long brush. Before starting the spanking she commented that she could still see some red lines from the caning earlier in the week so she was pleased with her efforts.

The sex that followed was  nice and erotic and I was allowed to come for the first time since I had been placed in denial before Christmas. 

I was stood up by the side of the bed and my wife spanked my bare bottom with her hand whilst I pumped away. At the last moment I turned to face her and she let me cum over her body. I wiped my hand dry with my tongue and then knelt to lick the cum off her body. I cleaned her up with a wet wipe and she rolled over to sleep.

Monday, 13 January 2020

Well deserved caning

The caning last Monday was an efficient affair calmly and chillingly  executed by my wife. It had been overhanging me and was overdue since before our guests had arrived for Christmas. 

She had spanked me hard and speedily with the bathbrush on Christmas Eve for being bad tempered and had then reminded me of the 50 stroke caning that was due but for which she did not have the time with all the many preparations to give me proper attention.

Now following her weekend away she had made plans for the caning when I arrived home from a day's work at a client . She had worked from home and gone to an exercise class in the later afternoon. She had locked the front door from inside so she could meet me holding the senior cane and tell me to go up upstairs and wash and then go naked to the garage. 

She looked gorgeous in her stretch pants and tight top and when I walked past her in the kitchen my stiffening erection waving out front acknowledged how sexy she looked. She made no comment and I opened the connecting door and entered the  empty chilly garage.

 My wife had  parked her car on the drive. She had also set up the DIY workmate bench and  placed two garden seat cushion over the top. The long cane that she had been holding when she met me at the door was now resting on top of the cushion. My stomach turned and my legs went a bit jelly like as I contemplated the thrashing I was about to receive. 

Assume the position, was all my wife had to say when she appeared in the garage.

Fifty severe strokes later and I was crying and begging for a reprieve.

She  made me stand and laughed when she saw that the erection had  shrunk to a cold stubby finger of a dick. 

She let the cane fall to the cement floor with a clatter.

Clear up here and put the cane away, she instructed. I am going for a shower and then you are taking me to the pub for dinner but you are not having pies or chips because you need to lose weight. It is fish only.

Yes ma'am. Thank you for my caning, Ma'am.

It was a real pleasure. She ran her cool hand over the weals that she had created on my bottom. I really enjoy using the cane  on you. It lets out a lot of tension.

I dropped to my knees and kissed her her feet.

Yes ma'am. Thank you ma'am

Friday, 10 January 2020


Last Sunday went by in a blur as I finished making up all the beds and cleaned downstairs.
 I was ready for my wife's return by about 3 pm and she had sent a text to expect her at 6. 

That gave me time for a meal at the pub so I texted her asking for permission. She agreed just so long as the house was clean and tidy. She also reminded me not to drink more than one glass of wine, as per my diet commitment of only one unit of alcohol and only at the weekend.

When she arrived home I was very attentive and offered a supper and a drink. She said she would inspect the house first and then get changed. When she came back down she complimented me on my housekeeping. We talked about her weekend whilst I made  a meal. During the conversation she came up behind me and squeezed my bottom. 

Have you been naughty whilst I was away. 

No ma'am I fibbed

I am sure you have and you can tell me all about it in bed tonight. I already found those panties and tights hanging up to dry in the guest room.

My face reddened.
I had left left them out on purpose but I still felt guilty and nervous in front of her.

. Anyway you will get that thrashing I promised you over Christmas, the fifty strokes.  And then any extras we might decide on in the meantime. Tomorrow evening will be a good time.

That night in bed I caressed the soft, buffed, spa treated skin of my naked wife and confessed my knicker wearing. She was amused by the incident of the courier delivery cover up and said she wished it had been oura neighbour who I might have felt that I had to invite in.

I confirmed that I had not come during her absence and she said that my denial would continue for another day. 

She  accepted my offer of a cunni orgasm and she had more than a few, before we both fell asleep.

Thursday, 9 January 2020

A bit tied up

When I was self whipping my cock the other Saturday, as a reward to myself for doing some serious household chores, I found it hard not to flinch and try and move out of the way of the flogger. 
That evening it occurred to me that I could maybe secure myself and perhaps take harder strokes without moving.

 I took out a long  boot lace from my man-drawer and made a loop so that I could lasso my balls around the scrotum. I then fasted the ends of the bootlace to a pull handle, at exactly the right height, on the heavy chest of drawers in the bedroom. 

By leaning back the looped cord tightened around my balls and my  cock sat on top the cord in a semi- erect state. This was a perfect strategy as I could use my hips to pull away from the chest and the weight would tighten the cord and prevent me jerking away from the whip.

I held the riding crop to one side of my body and struck the leather tab hard on my cock. Next I flicked the tab up to the underside of my balls. The pain was intense but I hardly flinched. Ten times I did the same down-up, down- up flicks until my cock and balls were aching and sore.

The tightness of the cord around my soft skin was deliciously submissive making. It reminded me of the times my wife would tightly warp a pair of her thong knickers around my scrotum when I was lying on my tummy art her side giving her cunnilingus 

Wednesday, 8 January 2020

I got up early on Saturday morning. I sent a quick hello text to me wife, which did not get a response, and then bundled all the bed linen and towels, used by ourselves and our guests over Christmas, into the car.

The laundromat opened at 7.30  and as I had hoped I was the only customer. The lady manager let me take over three of her large machines and I was off and running. Two hours later I had washed dried and folded everything and I was back home. 

No breakfast other than a coffee and an apple, as I am on this diet. 

I strip washed and enjoyed the feelings of naughtiness when I put on the black panties, the  tights and a tee shirt. I took the red handled flogger and the round paddle out of the lockable chest on the landing and  laid them on a chair. I was ready to clean the bedrooms. My reward for finishing each room would be a self-spanking with the paddle and for finishing all the rooms a double dose with the paddle and a self cock whipping with the flogger.

I had cleaned one room by noon and I went into the main bedroom to set up my tablet to play one of the Nu West caning videos. As I watched the video I bent forward and paddled myself hard aboyt twnety times. I put my hand inside the waistband of the tights and held my cock tight,  masturbating while the video went on. I stopped after a couple of minutes. I had to hold off from orgasm and resumed my cleaning. Bedroom two went quickly and in an hour or so I was bending again for the paddle spanking. This time I imagined I had caught wearing the panties and had to bare my bottom. I slowly pulled the tights and knickers down to me knees and gave myself another 20 strokes with the paddle as hard as I could. My bottom was hot and I was excited as hell. I masturbated for a few  minutes and then pulled up the underwear. 

The master bedroom was next and it would take some time so I went downstairs for a bite to eat and a coffee. The doorbell rang and I couldn't really open it dressed as I was and I couldn't get upstairs without being seen by the person on the porch.

I put on a long kitchen apron and hoped that whoever it was would think I was in shorts.maybe. It was a parcel courier and he wasn't the slightest bit interested in what I was wearing. He just wanted a signature.

I was keen to receive the parcel when my wife was away as it is an anniversary gift and I did not want her opening it by mistake.

I returned to my chores and finished cleaning our bedroom in a couple of hours. 

To reward myself I picked up the flogger, pulled down the tights and knickers  and wanked myself to a reasonable level of stiffness by watching another spanking video on my laptop which I had placed on top of the chest of drawers. Turning to one side so that I could spread my legs apart and still keep one eye on the video I began to give myself whooshing flicks with the  flogger. The 9" strands are about ¼” of stiff black leather and it feels very much a whip when it hits the inside of your legs or your testicles. I closed my eyes and whipped myself as hard as I could manage. I  made myself cry out with the pain but continued to beat the soft skin into  shades of red.

After about five minutes of self lashing I picked up the paddle. Resting my head on one arm on top of the chest I pushed my bottom out and gave myself forty hard whacks. My whole torso front and back was now throbbing nicely and I felt damned good about what I had achieved that day.

The ironing would be next.

I couldn't wait for my wife to inspect what I had done but that's another day.