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Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Friday, 18 January 2019


 I am supposed to be doing FFF exercise today but I saw this image and thought it was nice.

The holiday is going well and there is quite a lot of sun and warmth during the day so my wife did a bit of sunbathing yesterday on the secluded terrace of our accommodation in Spain.

She is off to the Turkish Bath today, in the city about 30 minutes away.

I hope she gets the greatest possible massage.

I will do a bit of sightseeing but no alcohol as I am the submissive designated driver.


Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Short trip away from the grey UK

Related image

Arrived in Spain for a short holiday. Weather very good and lots to see and do to take one's mind off Brexit.

My wife will have that gifted trip to the Turkish Baths and I might get some holiday spanking.

Monday, 14 January 2019

Sunday, 13 January 2019

Sex away from home

Nude Birthday Pinup 5x7 Print by BarrySachsBarryGood on Etsy, $6.00
We stayed over with friends on the Saturday between Christmas and New Year,  after going to their house 50 miles away for a dinner party. They introduced us to some of the  new friends they had made since moving away. We drank a lot and had a few laughs and stayed away from Brexit.

Image result for couples spanking

We played some games after the meal but not the type shown in the picture unfortunately.

When the guests had left we helped with the tidying up and the dish-washing and then the four of us retired to bed.

 When all the to-ing and fro-ing with bathrooms was over and the house settled down for the night my wife and I heard our friends having sex in the next door bedroom so we decided to do the same. We took off our PJ bottoms and  I gently stroked  my wife's clit and she fondled my balls. 

Related image

After a while she pushed my hand away from the front of her vagina and placed it on my stiff prick. I grabbed myself whilst she turned on her side and put the palm of one of her hands over my mouth and then began to smack my balls with the outstretched fingers of her other hand. She smacked me hard and I would have groaned audibly with the pain if her hand had not been over my mouth. 

I opened and closed my thighs as she smacked me in the hope that she would smack me near my anus and  under my balls, which she did.The stinging slaps there were delicious. I pumped hard until I was on the cusp of orgasm  Whispering through her fingerings I asked her if I could come. 

She said no and promptly stopped spanking me. I struggled to think of something non- sexy so that I would not shoot my load.

I succeeded and lay panting whilst she squeezed my balls very hard. It was painful but nice. 

Suck me, she instructed.

I rolled around the bed until my feet were on the pillows and my face was between her thighs and did as I was told. Afterwards she went over on to her other side and fell asleep.

I was left nursing my sore balls.

The next morning we had a short walk with our friends and then breakfast in a local cafe,
No-one mentioned the first floor noises of the previous night.

We said our goodbyes and drove home and giggled in the car about our antics.

As we neared our village my wife asked me what I wanted to do when we got home. 

I said that I would like 36 strokes of the cane and to fuck her in the ass. She just laughed said that was too bad, because there was a lot of laundry which I needed to get on with. 

Hey ho. I did the laundry and some ironing as well and she took down the Christmas decorations. She did not want to wait until the 6th.

Friday, 11 January 2019

Not a drone but,

Scene on a farm on the South Downs in England, near Gatwick Airport, sometime during late December 2018

 It wasn't a drone Officer. It was just a pair of my knickers which blew off the line in the wind. 

How can I say that I am sorry?

Thursday, 10 January 2019

Queen(ing) for a night

Image result for queening chair

After a nice comment which Vanessa Chaland left on one of my posts I was reminded to look again at her web site here - Fetishfurniturefactory

It is US web site and there are lots of nice kinky things to look at and dream about owning.

As well as chairs and benches Vanessa sells some nice looking floggers.

I would love to have a Queening chair in the bedroom but it would be a bit of a give-away.

I am very fond of having my wife sit on my face whilst I go to work on her delicious vaginal lips and anus. I could lie there trying to force my tongue deep into both for a very very long time.

Rimming her does not happen that often and when it does it is usually because she has had one glass of wine too many.

We had a nice little session last Saturday night. She hadn't expressed any interest in sex but when I was laying by her side in bed, ready to sleep as two spoons in a drawer, I started some gentle hand massaging of her mons and hey presto she turned into a woman possessed. She pulled down her own knickers from under her pyjama top and I wriggled out of my pyjama trousers. I pressed my prick against her cool bottom and applied  more vigorous rubbing with the palm of hand against her clit. My prick worked its way comfortably in between her cheeks and we lay there enjoying ourselves for quite a while.

After 5 minutes or so she moved away and before I knew it she was completely naked, sitting on my face and slapping my prick and balls with the closed fingers of her hand.I licked her from the front of her vagina to the back of her anus.

Related image
I jabbed my tongue into her pussy and into her ring with alternate strong moves of my mouth and chin. She sat on her knees over my head and chest and the more she smacked my inner thighs and balls, the more I tried to lick and push my tongue deeper into her anus. 

After a while she rolled off me and onto her back. She pulled my head down and forced my lips on to her clit and the hard part of her pubes. I pressed my tongue  carefully onto her clit and began slow circular motions with the tip of my tongue. It took a while, but eventually her thigh muscles became tight and her legs stretched outward and she came came in a long wave of orgasm.

I manged to give her another 5 orgasms before she declared time out. I got off the bed and helped her put on her knickers and her pyjama top and then rolled the duvet over her. She was asleep in seconds. 

It was a great night.

Image result for cunnilingus woman on topImage result for cunnilingus woman on top

Republished from 2018

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Saturday, 5 January 2019

A gift to my wife

As one of her Christmas gifts I bought my wife a spa and massage treatment in a Turkish Baths in Spain, located in a town that we are headed for next week for a short holiday.

She is very excited about the present and the opportunity for her to have some time to herself.

She raved about her last visit to this steam baths and spa and particularly about the masseuse who was a young male with strong fingers.

Hopefully she may get as good an experience as this when goes this time.