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Thursday, 6 August 2020

Last days of holiday.

My wife gave me the last holiday caning last night. It was a lot of fun.
 She had me lie over pillows on the bed and dealt with me quite severely.

Today is the penultimate holiday day so we will just laze away the day with pool swimming, sunbathing and sex. We will leave the packing until tomorrow.

I will visit the pharmacy in the local town because I  can buy the tablets I need to get stiff "over the counter" in Spain, no questions asked. It's so unnecessary to have to ask my female doctor for a prescription in the UK. It is also embarrassing when the doctor asks if they are working OK? I mean to say what is OK at my age when anything above 90 degrees is a major success. 

Wednesday, 5 August 2020

New instruction - ultimatum on drinking

We are going back to the UK in two days time. We will take three days to drive there through Spain and France. 

My wife's company has said she can work from home if she has to quarantine and I will just have to delay some projects.
Shame. We like it here.

The other night my wife insisted that we talk about my drinking. She told me I drink too much alcohol. I agreed.  So I am to be allowed two glasses of wine every second day. If I follow the path and I am truthful then the spankings will continue.

Otherwise all DD will cease. In a way I am pleased to have her instruction on this. I thought I might be on a slippery slope.

She thinks it would be best if I drink my two glasses on the last night in Spain and then nothing until we arrive home and the two day regime will start properly in the UK.

Tuesday, 4 August 2020


Hi all
It is great to receive Comments.

I apologise for the fact that I have switched to Moderated Comments.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Monday, 3 August 2020

A day for my wife

We are staying in Spain a little longer. My wife is trying to be a worker from home as she will have to quarantine and does not want to take it as holiday.

On Friday last my wife said she wanted a spank free day. No talking about spanking or doing it or alluding to it.Instead she wanted my full attention on her.

We drove 20 miles to the nearest big town and she booked herself in for a nails treatment and facial. She only had to wait an hour so we went for a coffee. She spotted a dress shop on the way so coffee was cancelled. She bought a linen dress.and we didn't have the coffee.

I walked around and did some pc work in a cafe  whilst she had the treatments. It took a long time.
When she was done we had some lunch, she drank and I didn't and we drove home.

In bed late that hot afternoon I commented on her smooth feet She suggested a foot wank if I wanted it so I stood at the end of the bed and she massaged my cock with her feet. God that was good, but I didn't come. She wanted me to wait so wouldn't let me hand wank.

In keeping with the instruction I spent a long time loving her naked body and gave her a long dripping session of cunnilingus which she seemed to enjoy a lot.

A nice day was rounded off with skinny dipping in the pool.

Saturday, 1 August 2020

Do we go back to the UK ?

We returned to the BnB from our trip to the beach to find that the owner had taken the opportunity to change the bed linen and towels. Fortunately my wife had told me to stash the spanking implements in our car before we had set off for the trip south. 

She would not have been a happy person if she thought the owner knew what we get up to.

We are not sure what to do about going back to the UK after the quarantine introduction. Do we stay longer or do we go now?

I am all for staying. We will discuss it tonight.

I hope that we may discuss the fact that I disobeyed my wife and took two credit cards to the beach by mistake, instead of just cash.

Serious consquences I think.

Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Beach dreams

On our second day on the Spanish beach my wife spotted a young man who did not take much care when changing out of his wet swimwear.

She admired his bottom. She considers me a little bit gay because I like wearing panties and tights and having things pushed up my bottom.

She has often posed the question if I would rather not have married her but followed a gay path?

In bed the other night she commented that she would love to whip a young man's bottom with a thin cane, with me lying back in an armchair having my cock sucked by said gay.

I said I would like the same thing and would happiiy swap positions with him afterwards.

Find the man and we will have to see, she said

Tuesday, 28 July 2020

On the beach.

We are enjoying our holiday in Spain. The UK has gone nuts introducing quarantine when we return from our trip. It is safer here than in the UK. Anyway we will just have to see what happens as we still have a week or so here. The UK Government "flip flops" more than my sandals do.

We took a trip of 100 km or so to get the coast and we booked a room for one night in a hotel in a beach resort. It was all very nice and quiet. The hotel staff were pleased to see us. 

We had a great time with mucho sexo and cunnilingo. 

Spanking implements were left behind on purpose at the BnB. 

My wife just wanted me to pay full attention to her, which I am doing.

Sunday, 26 July 2020

Sunday spanklet - Mother-in-Law and Working away from home

Michael had no choice but to take the job near Jedburgh in the borders. The 3 day week in late 1973 had led him to be redundant and he was lucky to find another company who wanted his engineering skills. His wife had said he should go stay with her parents in order to save money on accommodation. The job was the other end of the country from where he and his wife and baby daughter lived and it would have been impossible to travel to work each day. 

He knew they needed to save money and he had no option but to do as his wife Lesley had suggested,

Michael had not lived in anyone else's home for at least 5 years. He had a flat share at Uni and then he lived as bachelor in his own house when he got his first job. His parents had helped him buy  a terrace house, for not very much money, by today's standards.

He tried to settle in at his wife's parents home and to get used to being back for his mother-in-law's meals, but it was a suffocating experience.  Sheila even made him eat breakfast like he was some sort of schoolboy. Once or twice she had commented on how much she now enjoyed having a boy in the family - they had only had daughters. 

Things ticked along and he enjoyed the job. At the weekends he drove home to his wife and they  used the two days to keep their marriage on the up and up. Kate would dress up in some sexy lingerie on Saturdays and the sex was good, but for Michael he knew there was always something unspoken that was missing from the relationship..

During the week when he was away he started stopping off at the pub before arriving home. 

His mother-in-law did not know he was on the new flexi-time type of contract so for as long as he got to the office early and worked his lunch hour he could off early and keep some time for himself before getting to the house for dinner. Then one mid week evening he had arrived back at the usual time of 6 o'clock and when he said hello from the hall Sheila was a little bit off with him. She suggested that he change for dinner so he went upstairs to his room. 

He opened the bedroom door and saw the Swish  magazine on the counterpane open at a page where a young man was bent over supposedly being caned. Next to the magazine was a crisply ironed white handkerchief. 

He knew immediately what had happened, He had wanked in bed the previous  night,  holding the spanking magazine in his left hand and expertly flicking the pages with his little finger whilst pumping away on his erection with his right hand. After spurting out his semen he had wiped his navel dry with a handkerchief that he had placed ready on the bedside table.

Lost in his in his post cum euphoria he had slid the magazine and the damp handkerchief under the valance of the bed. That morning he had awoken late, forgotten about the evidence lying on the carpet under the bed, showered and dashed off to work.

Shit, shit, shit he thought. Wednesday was room cleaning and bed changing day and Sheila like the good housewife she was had checked under the bed. Hi stomach was in knots and his head was spinning as he pictured thought of her rifling through the magazine with the young men and women being spanked and caned. On top that she had taken the crispy dried- cum stained handkerchief and washed it before so carefully starching and  ironing it.

He sat on the bed and wondered what to do next. He had to go down and face his mother in law with a  secret that even Lesley did not know about. Hos wife obviously knew he wanked. They had shared that experience many times but she had no idea he fantasized about having his bottom smacked like a naughty boy or spanking hers whilst she was in cute blue schoolgirl knickers. Now his wife's mother knew all that in quite some detail.

He was shocked out of his thoughts by the sudden knock on his door.

When you are ready Michael I will be waiting in the front room. John has gone to the Conservative Club this evening for some sort or meeting about Members of Parliament so we won't be disturbed. We have a lot to talk about.

Yes Sheila.

Oh and one more thing once you have washed just come downstairs in the fresh underpants I put out for you. And bring that strap with you. Nothing else.

Michael looked around the room and saw the pants on the dresser. Placed with them was a long tawse. He remembered hearing that Sheila's father had been a schoolteacher in the small Scottish town. He  knew that would not be the first boy or girl to feel the sting of that leather strap on his bare behind, possibly Sheila's. He suddenly had a picture of her childhood sweetheart, John maybe bent over in front Sheila at the school they had both attended. 

A few minutes later and he was taking one step after the other down the stairs to meet his destiny in the front room. He didn't know that on Friday he would be driving back to his wife with a blistered red bottom and a  note and the strap on the car seat beside him.

Saturday, 25 July 2020

A holiday at last, a pervertable and a sore bottom.

We drove through France to Spain for a break the other day and found a nice AirBnB in the countryside with a pool and a reasonable sized town nearby. The weather is glorious and we are just chilling with hardly any clothes on around the house. Everyone is wearing masks quite happily and they are pleased to see the tourists coming back.

We have had some good sex in the last few days. We drifted apart a bit during lock-down. Too much togetherness.  Coming by car meant I could bring some implements so I packed a paddle and a cane once I had asked my wife what I could take. I also brought her a new vibrator as a holiday present with some of her faourite perfume to boot.

The owner of the ABnB had been doing some work on the place during lock-down and there were some gash building materials in his garage/ workshop.

How to make a nearly silent kinky toy for a couple bucks! DYI-Kink ...

I fashioned a "loopy johnny" from some waste electrical cable and took it to my wife to ask her to try it out on my bare bottom  last night. She did and she liked it so much she would not stop. It was really sore but the afterglow was fab. I spent a long time between her thighs munching my way through a thank you. Her cunt was dripping by the time she came, I wiped my mouth and cheeks dry on her cool skin afterwards.

We have some of these trouser hangers at home. I might suggest we use one and buy a leather loopy johnny for to really have a go at my ass. Fun times ahead