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Saturday, 18 August 2018

Friday, 17 August 2018

Fitness for Friday - my week 8

Here is my week  so far as fitness. 

2 days of 10000 plus steps (never had a "fit bit" before so though I should get one)
4 days gym of circuits
Some swimming 
My wife instructed me to go off the alcohol

So net result, some weight loss and feeling a bit more lively.

Also went to doctors to for a review of meds 

Saw these nice images so I thought I would include them. Take your pick.

Have a good weekend.

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Worshipful Wednesday 7

Well, come on then. Down on your knees behind me and start kissing it. Then we will see what we are going to do with that stiffness you have developed.

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Economy drive means no booze.

An interesting and stimulating evening last night. I got home from a day's work on a project and I found my wife in the kitchen sipping wine and looking at her laptop.

We are overspent this month, she said, and it looks to be your fault.

I didn't have much to say. I had probably gone a bit made with wine and  meals out since we got back from the holiday.

It's time we had an economy drive, she said, and a good thrashing will start things off well.

I was immediately excited at the mention of thrashing

The economy drive will consist of you not drinking alcohol for a month - that will help your fitness and weight loss and it means I can carry on with my wine consumption. It also means you can do the driving when we go out.

Yes ma'am . Thank you ma'am. 

I nodded in agreement, eager to perhaps get started with the thrashing, but not so keen on the no drinking part. 

Thank you for thinking about my health ma'am.

Oh I am always thinking about you. Now I want the weight off your body so this sobriety is a good way to start. So off you go now and you can get the cane out  and I will be upstairs soon. A few dozen strokes will take your mind off alcohol and give you something else to think about.

I made my way upstairs and had a shower and washed myself thoroughly. I popped one of my erection tablets into my mouth.

 I retrieved the cane from the drawer and went to get the chair from the guest room then waited, buck naked, for my wife to come upstairs.

Once in the bedroom she peeled off her clothes slowly in front of me and I stiffened seriously  with a little help from the tablet. 

When she was down to her bra and pants she came up behind me and rubbed herself against my naked bottom. The effect was electrifying. I pushed back and she grabbed my cock hard and began to yank it up and down. 

You're such a naughty boy she whispered in my ear. Now wait there and I will be back to deal with you.


She went into the bathroom to freshen up. The caning she gave me was a humdinger and I still had the stripes on my bottom this morning.
“double delight

Mind you, the cunnilingus I gave her was also pretty special.

A nice start to an alcohol free month.

Saturday, 11 August 2018

Disciplined vacation choice Part 1

I have posted attractive looking male bottoms before now. I am quite keen on a nice looking bottom on a man, although my primary interest is in female butts. My interest in boys butts might stem from the time I was a young teenager and my friend and I experimented sexually.I have clear memories of his white bottom and of me rubbing my erection in the crack of his cheeks whilst he lay on the bed.

Maybe I am a little bit bi -sexual.

One of my F/M/M current fantasies, which I run in my mind like a video story when I am masturbating, goes something like this.


I arrive at a house belonging to a couple who are into BDSM. I have booked a two week holiday there in the sun of a southern climate. It was advertised in a spanking forum as a "spanko heaven"

 Single people or couples could book a room in the separate cabin style room and pay a reasonably  price for the accommodation. They need to agree to to do jobs around the house and in exchange they receive punishment. (Remember: this is a fantasy)

On arrival the husband of the house is out at work and the female owner shows me around and takes me to my room which is in a low one story building close to the house, although separated from it across a garden by the swimming pool in the middle of a courtyard.

In my room the owner makes me strip and she offers me a mid length kaftan style robe and leather sandals. She shows me where there are 5 more robes and tells me that I have to wash and iron the dirty one each day. She hands me a sealed polythene bag which she tells me contains 5 thong pants made of strong cotton. I am to wear these pants each day and change them before supper and wash them out each day.

She watches me remove my travel clothes and points at the shower cubicle. The water is cold and does not seem to get warm. I say nothing and wash myself under her supervision. I had been to boarding school so cold showers were nothing new and that was where I had gotten my introduction to serious corporal punishment. 

Image result for man in kaftan

I dry and get myself into my first thong pants and slip the kafthan over my head and body. I am already warm in the dry heat of the climate. She shows me a cupboard where I am to place all my holiday clothes and personal belongings. I will not be needing them during the stay she says unless one day they take me sightseeing or to meet some of their friends..

My host takes a cane from a hook on the  wall inside the cupboard, A riding crop and a long paddle are hanging on other hooks .

She explains that each night before bed I will receive a maintenance punishment irrespective of any other  thrashing I might have had during the day. She asks if I understand her? 
I say that I do. 

She tells me to lift my robe to my waist and bend over. She canes me hard, a dozen strokes or more.

I stand at the end resisting the urge to rub my bottom. She says I took the caning well. She is impressed.

(At this point I might have applied the death grip to my penis and cum or I might ease off and carry on running the video in my head)

At her command I follow her out of my designated room. She points at the pool and says that her husband will instruct me on pool cleaning duties. I nod and we head inside the house. Inside it is cool. Much cooler than my room. 

She shows me the family rooms and the study. Most punishments will take place in the study she tells me. She points to a bench against the wall. The top lifts up she explains and you will spend a lot of time bent over it, as well as over that stool and the desk. 

I stiffen and she notices the  bulge in the kaftan robe. She asks if I am excited? 
I say yes - very.

She suggests that I take some some further strokes before she takes me into the kitchen and explains my sous chef duties. I ask her if the strokes would be hard? ( In real time I am pumping myself like crazy at this stage). 

She says yes, very hard strokes, very hard across my bare bottom and she goes to the wall and the cupboard behind the desk.

She takes a long rattan cane from a hook and flexes it into a half circle in front of me .

Related image
She points to the chair by the desk and I bend over. I feel her lift the kaftan up and my bare bottom is exposed in the thong pants. She taps the cane a few times across and then strikes. And strikes and strikes and strikes.

At this point I either orgasm with the cum spilling out onto my tummy or I quickly take my right hand grip off my prick and control my orgasm for the next part of the story.

To follow: Part 2 of the story where the husband returns home and the mistress of the house  tests my submissive nature.

Friday, 10 August 2018

Fitness for Friday - my week 7

Related image

The weight didn't shift for days this week and then all of a sudden a kilo disappeared on Wednesday.
I don't know how that worked but as of this morning it has not come back.

I managed a gym circuit on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and then one on Tuesday, I did an evening stroll with my wife on Wednesday.

I asked her if she felt like motivating my weight loss with cane strokes but she is still not keen. She says the cane is there to be for naughty behaviour and not for doing good healthy things.

Image result for red tanga bikini
I went past the pool at the club and there was what might have been  a hen party of young women sat around the water.

The club has a beauty spa and I think weekday hen days are a lot cheaper. One of the girls caught my eye as I stared through the glass screen. She was  in a delightful red bikini and her cheeks wobbled  gorgeously  as she got up and did a little walk to the door of the sauna .  I hope to be back swimming soon after I have had the stitches in my leg removed. 

The good weather in the UK seems to have gone so I guess a lot of those mini skirts in the streets will go with it.

Have a good week.

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Worshipful Wednesday 6

"Well I am sorry you don't agree young man , but I must insist that a thrashing is the only way to deal with your rather silly behaviour last night."

"Go and clean up and bend over the bench with your pants down".

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Queen(ing) for a night

Image result for queening chair

After a nice comment which Vanessa Chaland left on one of my posts I was reminded to look again at her web site here - Fetishfurniturefactory

It is US web site and I think the dollar/sterling  conversion is a bit up the swanny.
There are lots of nice kinky things to look at and dream about owning
As well as chairs and benches Vanessa sells some nice looking floggers.
I would love a Queening chair in the bedroom but it would be a bit of a give away.

I am very fond of having my wife sit on my face whilst I go to work on her delicious lips and anus. I could lie there trying to force my tongue deep into both for a very very long time.
We had a nice little session last Saturday night. She hadn't expressed any interest in sex but I started some gentle hand massaging of her mons and hey presto she turned into a woman possessed. Before I knew it she was naked, on my face and slapping my prick and balls with a hairbrush.
It was a great night.

Friday, 3 August 2018

Fit for Friday - my week 6

I had a dark area of skin on my leg removed thsi week and with sutures applied I cannot swim for a couple of weeks.
I made up for not swimming by doeing soem extra work in teh gym.

I think I have a lost two kilos in 14 days and someone asked me if I had lost some weight.

I saw a lovely male bottom in the changing room the other day and got quite excited about going up to him and spanking it.

Image result for naked male bottoms

Then on another day there was a gorgeous young woman in black leggings doing a nice mat routine in the area of the gym where I could keep watching her whilst making it look as though I was looking at the timer clock.

This gym work out business has its perks. 

Related image

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Wednesday worship 5

Related image

She always asks for a private  swim up pool in her holiday hotel room and makes him wait with a towel to dry her down.