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Friday, 17 March 2023

Difficulty with comments

 Try as I might I can’t find a way to leave a comment on another blog or a reply on my own blog when using the phone rather than a laptop. I am logged in correctly but there seems to be some setting that I can’t locate which would allow me to comment. 

I cannot use a laptop because ours is now a shared pc. I have this old iphone on which I can explore my spanking fetlife and write materials but it is all very unsatisfactory.

Monday, 13 March 2023

Still around on blogger, but no discipline to report on

Hi folks. I hope all is well with the spanking community and my blog friends. The spankings here remain thin on the ground. I think the sex part of our marriage might be over as my wife is not at all interested.
We are thinking of moving house. One of my first thoughts was what to do  with the blanket chest on the landing which contains a sizeable number of spanking implements. They are not much used now but getting rid of them would be a wrench.
More seriously, the question is where we would move to? I should like to sell up and go and live in Europe and have a motor home and travel around. This is not what my wife wants to do. She wants a small house in the UK, with its excellent public services and low tax rates! 
The absence of sex and spankings is worrying. There has been neither for nine months now. I have dropped hints to no avail. What is to be done?  I have thought about leaving and living on my own. Asking her if it’s ok to visit a disciplinarian. Putting up with things as they are and living with my fantasies because this is called getting older? Answers on a postcard please.


Tuesday, 3 May 2022

Stumbling along

 My wife and I talked of many things over the weekend. Mostly home and news stuff. I told her how good she had looked on Saturday evening when we went out with friends. She accepted the compliment. I stroked her back a little and she purred catlike with pleasure. I suggested going upstairs. She said she wasn’t sure. I left it at that. I wanted to ask her to discipline me but didn’t. Hey Ho.

Monday, 2 May 2022


 Hi I can’t seem to do certain things when using blogger on the phone. Probably my own fault. Commenting is difficult - CB I am trying to leave comments- and organising dates off post publishing - see a post from yesterday which has come up before the post from the day before. Hope I resolve things soon. Talking of which my wife and I are going away in a mini break this weekend so I am going to pack a paddle and take a gift fir her. Maybe something will come up as they say. Meanwhile news from the world just gets worse doesn’t it. Enjoy whatever holiday you have in your part of the world today.

Sunday, 24 April 2022

Missing you all and TWD

Hi I hope you are all well. It’s been some time since I was blogging. I decided to clean up my act and lose the pc with all the spanking stuff. Basically my wife started to want to use my laptop from time to time when we were travelling a bit in 2021. I could see trouble ahead so I announced the untimely death of my Dell and the need to buy a new laptop. I transferred all my stuff and images and videos to a Cloud account and my old laptop was destroyed and minced up. Then I got a new phone and kept this one for my fetish viewing. This phone lives in my briefcase drawer with an impossible to crack password. So as it is difficult to type a lot on an iphone I haven’t done any blogging.

The other thing that’s taken my mind off blogging is that my wife has lost interest in sex and has no desire to get into spanking.
Hence my online silence. Anything I write about now will have to be based on historical happenings or some fiction. Maybe she will get her libido back sometime soon. 
Only time will tell. In the meantime all the instruments are gone from the blanket chest in the hall and all I can do is look longingly at the bath brush in the shower. 

Monday, 18 January 2021

Best gift yet

Years ago I would buy lingerie for my wife for Christmas. Then one year she told me not to because I was buying stuff for me to look at her wearing, so it was really a gift to myself.

So what she did was to leave catalogues around the house with the corners of pages turned and items ringed in pen. It was then quite straightforward. I should buy whatever I could afford from her wish list.

This Christmas was no exception but there was only one suggestion and it came in the form of this e mail link  - Womaniser Review

Wow - what a success. The best £80.00 I ever spent.

Don't hesitate - it may be a bit pricey but it works! Now my wife can hardly wait to snuggle up in bed and switch on.

Sunday, 17 January 2021

Hello again- drinking issues.

 Sorry not to have written much recently. We made a holiday trip in the UK before the November lock down. Just a few days away but it was nice and we are looking after our pennies and waiting to see when we can go to Spain again. 

Now that we are back in lockdown the prospects for UK or Continental travel are not good. 

We are just getting round to sex and spanking again after Christmas. We have decided to have sex in the afternoon to break up the day and maintenance canings and paddle sessions in the evening.

On the Saturday before Christmas I got found out telling my wife a lie about having a drink in the middle of the afternoon when she was out shopping. I drank some vodka in the sitting room and made the silly mistake of leaving the drinks cupboard not as I had found it and the cupboard door open a bit. My eagle-eyed Mistress of the House spotted everything and challenged me over dinner, asking if I had had a drink while she was out?

I looked shocked and said no. She asked me one more time and I knew the game was up. I told her what I had done and she got mad at me for lying to her. 

The evening passed without much conviviality between us and she was definitely frosty the next  morning. Usually when I do something wrong that is minor I will have a spanking session postponed or even cancelled for quite a time. This wrongdoing wasn't minor however and I admit to some nerves as we got ready for bed. When she saw that I was nearly naked and about to get into my pyjamas she brought me to heel.

She told me to get on my knees on the bedroom carpet in front of her. She then cupped my chin in her hand and lifted my face up so that she could stare directly into my eyes.

You are supposed to not be drinking.

Yes, ma'am

So why did you drink and why did you lie about it?

I don't know ma'am. I just got carried away.

So you should be punished to stop you being "carried away" as you put it?

Yes, ma'am.

Come with me. She grabbed a wrist and pulled me into the bathroom.

Stand in front of the basin and bend over.

I took up my position anticipating a hard spanking with the bath brush. I was half erect with excitement. With some surprise I watched her right hand pick up a bar of soap and her other hand ran the water .

I read about this somewhere. I won't have you lie to me so you will have your mouth washed out to teach you a lesson. 

She rinsed the soap under the water and sudsed it up and then she pushed it against my lips. I resisted at first until she slammed her free hand into my balls. 

Open your mouth, she hissed at me quite angry  now.

I acquiesced and let the frothy soap bar in between my teeth. I gagged on the taste and she laughed and spun the bar around to make sure I had a mouth full of soap. Then she took the bath brush off its hook in the shower and came to stand by my side.

Keep the soap in your mouth and don't say a word. she commanded. Stick your bottom out.

She whacked me as hard as I have ever known her whack. Within a minute or so my bottom was ablaze. I just stood there feeling ashamed as she spanked away at my butt. 

It took awhile for her to teach me a lesson and my bottom felt really sore when she stopped.

Go and sleep next door. I don't want to see you until tomorrow. And don't touch that prick.

She flounced out of the bathroom. 

The next day I apologised once more  and said I would stay off the drink. 

She said if I did there would be some treats after Christmas.

I don't think it will be this but you never know.

Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Friends and a future Mother in Law

The 5 friends had grown up together in their neighbouring farms . Their two Christian led mothers were no push over and each of the cousins had been spanked at one time or another by their mother or by the person they called Aunt in the case of the other mother. 

They had roamed the countryside for hours on end and enjoyed their childhood freedoms. Only when they had got up to some mischief had they been brought to task and punished. This was generally over quickly and there were never any grudges or sullen looks,. Either singly or in a group the children were lined up, pants or knickers taken down and then over the lap of whichever Mom had discovered the misbehaviour or prank. After a dozen or more swats with a  hairbrush or wooden spoon it was "pull your pants up" time and you were free to go.

Alice and Susie were Aunt Kate's children and Annette, Sally and Martin  were Sarah's three in that order of age. They were constantly in and out of each other's house and it did not occur to them that they should knock on either of the farmhouse's back door before dashing in. 

  The four girls and Martin had played sex exploration games before advancing into puberty and they had even invented a spanking game. They would play snakes and ladders and take a spanking or give a spanking if they went down or up a ladder. 

Annette, the oldest of them had brought these playful games to an end, when she started to see that Martin had a stiffness as his pants were taken down by one of the girls to give him a spanking.

Martin and the second youngest friend, Susie, the daughter of Aunt Kate, had played together a few more times when the more bossing Annette had not been around. In their early teens Martin pulled Susie over the end of the sofa on some pretext and spanked her over her pants. She giggled and said it had not hurt as much as her Mom's paddling. 

As they moved through their teens Martin and Susie had found their own interests  and done their own thing for a few years but the attraction between them had remained strong. Their mothers had often joked that they could see the pair of them marrying. 

Martin had no interest in college. All he ever wanted to do was work on  his father's farm. Susie on the other hand was keen to be a scientist so she studied hard and left for University. They saw each other often between her semesters and both of them had date friends when they were apart.

 When he turned 23 Martin's parents had offered to retire and pass on shares in their children. His father Ian  had become unwell and after his recovery he no longer wanted the active stress or running the enterprise. The parents would continue to take a modest income from the business but Martin would run the farm and his two sisters would have an equal stake on their parents death but take no income. Instead Annette and Sally  got some cash to help each of  them to buy a house.

 When all the family affairs were agreed Sarah and Ian left the UK for a quiet life in Spain and Martin settled down to manage the farm. Whenever Martin needed advice or help he had turned to Susie's father,  Bob, or Uncle Bob as he called him, and he would often stroll over to the neighbouring farm in the evening and ask one question or another. They would invariably share a drink. 

 One summer evening, on just such a mission, Martin had entered Aunt Kate's kitchen and finding nobody there he made for the farm office, a room in the back corner of the house. The previous Saturday when Susie had come for the weekend  she had brought across a meal which her Mother had cooked for them The pair had talked a lot and Martin had walked Susie back home and given her a perfunctory kiss on the cheek as they had said goodbye. Martin had finished off the pie later the next day. Now he was returning the clean baking dish and he placed it on the kitchen table.

 Moving through the kitchen toward Bob's study  he opened the  door which led into the hall and stopped in his tracks. The  voice he had heard, said "Five, thank you miss"

 Then he heard Aunt Kate speak, Not even halfway yet Bob. I hope you are sorry for your insolence now. When I tell you that you should stop drinking when we are with company, then you stop straight away. You don't go on to have another two glasses of red wine.

 Yes ma'am - I am sorry. I will listen to you in future. I was disrespectful and I am sorry.

 The next strokes will get harder until we get to eighteen. After the paddle your bottom looks very sore already. I hope this will have the appropriate effect on your behaviour. Lie still and stick out your bottom nicely. 

 Martin heard another whizz and pictured his Aunt with her strong arm swinging through the air. He felt an erection growing in his pants. The cane whistled and then cracked against the unseen bottom. Martin suddenly remembered where he was and he knew he had to leave. To get caught eavesdropping if Aunt Kate came out of the dining room would be much too awkward to explain.

 When he heard the seventh stroke landing on his Uncle Bob's bare ass, Martin turned and headed quickly out of the house. He hurried down the track and across the field to his house. He didn't need any porn to help relax that night. As he lay in bed with a large erection in his hand his imagination proved to be quite enough stimulus

 Two days later Martin knew that Bob would be heading to the local agricultural market  and would be gone for most of the day. 

 At around 11 that warm summer morning Martin came in from the yard, showered and dressed in smart trousers and a shirt and a pair of brogues. He left the house with a spring in his step and arrived at the neighbouring farm five minutes later. He saw Aunt Kate through the kitchen window and waved and this time  he knocked on the door. Her shout beckoned him in.

 Not like you to knock Martin, Kathy said with a smile on her face. You’re looking very smart for a weekday morning. Are you going somewhere? You do know that Bob's not here.

 Er, yes, I know Auntie that's not why I came.. He shuffled his feet and he felt his face redden with the awkwardness of the situation. I actually came to talk to you.

 Kate stood there with an inquisitive look on her face.

 Go ahead. Out with it. 

 Um, well. I came here the other evening and when no-one was in the kitchen I went through to find Uncle Bob.

 You mean last Tuesday?

Yes Aunt Kate . Last Tuesday at around 7 o'clock.

 He watched her pick up a bowl from the dresser and take some flour from the cupboard. Aunt Kate turned with the bowl in her hand and the flour bag in the other.

 Martin stared at the bowl she was holding and turning in her hand. She was  teasing him, making it clear that she knew he had been here because he had left that damned bowl on the table. 

 So what is it you wanted to say Martin? Kate had a slight smile on her face as she turned away to face the sink.

 Well, um ,you know when we were young and you used to spank us ?

 Yes I remember Martin, you always seemed to be in some trouble or other.

 And you told us that we should always own up if we had done something wrong because it would be worse for us if Mum or you found out later on.

 Yes, that would certainly be good advice Martin. I hope you have always followed it.

 Well, I mean, sorry, I, um need to tell you that  I eavesdropped on you and Uncle Bob last Tuesday and I heard you caning him.

 Aunt Kate sighed as if she was somehow disappointed but Martin knew she was not surprised because she had  worked out that he must have been in the house that evening.

 So you overheard me punishing my  husband. How long did you stay?

 For about 4 or 5 strokes Auntie and then I left.

 Well that was very unfortunate. I am sure Uncle Bob and I would have been very annoyed with you if we had caught you being a peeping Tom.

 Yes Aunt Kate and that's why I came to say how sorry I am and.. Martin paused and hung his head looking down at the ground, and I should like you to punish me. 

That was it. At last he had made the request. In all his fantasies  about taking more severe spankings from his favourite Auntie he had thought about having his pants pulled down and his bottom caned hard. Now here he was, finally asking her for a strict punishment. 

 Aunt Kate smiled at his discomfort in finally telling the truth. 

 Now I understand you Martin and I think understand why kept trying to get spanked when you were a teenager. It is not a problem. Plenty of people like to be submissive and others like to be dominant. I will be happy to help you find your way. You have been very naughty spying on Bob and I  and you deserve a punishment. But you will find out it's not a game you are playing and you will have to be very well behaved. 

 She picked up the bowl again. 

Is that what you want? Martin nodded.

 I did wonder how you were going to explain the fact that this was back in my kitchen, Aunt Kate laughed, and now I know.

 Martin stood there shuffling from one foot to the other in his embarrassment.

 I have something to say to you Martin if we are to have a spanking arrangement. . As a family we are all getting tired of waiting to see if you are going to ask Susie to marry you. She is not going to wait around forever and it is time you got your act together. So do you want her to be your wife or not?

 Martin blushed and fidgeted like a schoolboy.

 Yes, yes I think I do Aunt Kate . I mean I know I do. I just haven't had the courage to ask her?

 I can help you to make that commitment Martin. I suggest you listen carefully to what I have to say. I will satisfy your spanking curiosity and I will take you in hand over the next few months. I will come to your house  and tell you what needs doing to smarten it up and we will discuss when and how you are going to propose to my daughter. If you haven't proposed to her within 3 months from today I will make it known in the village among my daughter's friends that you like to have your pants pulled down and get spanked and that you maybe even wear school girls clothes for that purpose. I know some men get off on that. In short I will embarrass you and make it difficult for you to go to the pub or see any of your mates.  Is that clear? 

 Yes Aunt Kate.

 So here is my offer. You can walk out of the house now and you and we will never talk of any of this again and I will tell Susie that you have no intention of marrying her. 

Martin nodded

 The alternative is you get your spanking desires satisfied in full by me but  in return you commit now to ask Susie to marry you. If she turns you down, which I very much doubt,  then your spanko desires will remain safe with me and I will not say anything to anyone. Understood?

 Yes Aunt Kate, Thank you, I understand.

 She told him to go into the dining room and wait for her and think about what he wanted to do.

 Ten long minutes must have passed before Kate came in and told him to turn and face her. She placed a long handled hairbrush and a long rattan cane on the dining room table. Kate had changed into a  black skirt which was buttoned up the front. The black tights and  ballet type pumps that she was wearing completed her stern look.

 Kate had worked as a teacher before she had her children and she knew a lot about imposing discipline on boys and subsequently on men. It was clear to Martin  now exactly who was the boss in this household.

 Right young man, time for that punishment that we both think you needOr you can walk out.

Which is it to be ? Say it clearly so we both understand.

 I would like to marry your daughter and I will ask her by the end of July.

 Kate pulled a chair a good distance away from the table and sat down. 

 Very good Martin. I am sure everything will work out just perfectly. Now pass me the hairbrush and come over here.

 Kate unfastened Martin's belt and loosened his trousers, letting them fall to the ground and then she patted her lap indicating that he should bend over. When Martin was stretched out she pulled up his underpants into the crease of his bottom and bared each cheek. He felt the cool back of the brush rub across his flanks.

 It's been a while since I saw this bottom, Aunt Kate joked. Your Mom or I should have given it a lot more spanking when you were younger but I can make up for that now. You are going to become a wonderful model of a real submissive man,  one that is properly led by a female. There is no going back now. Unless you want all your friends to know you have been over my knee, of course.

 She smacked the brush down hard and the spanking began.

Martin struggled a little with the pain delivered by the brush  but then he lay still as  the repetitive strokes struck all across his bottom. His fantasy was coming true and he felt his erection rubbing on the fabric of his Aunt Kate's skirt. 

 The spanking went on with a fire building up in his bottom and the pain speeding along his nerves to his brain. He became lost in his submission and although he felt every damn spank he didn't weaken in his resolve to take the punishment. All the while he was wondering what the cane would feel like.

When she stopped beating his butt and rested the brush on his back she told him that was fifty spanks  and he was halfway. Marin whimpered that he thought he have had enough.

 Not even close young man, not even close.

 Aunt Kate ran her hand across his bottom and over the taut thread of cotton where his pants were trapped between his legs. She stroked him lightly in between his thighs, almost playfully. 

I can feel  you have lost that erection. It didn't take long to go.

 Yes, Aunt Kate, I mean no, I mean I am sorry I got excited.

 Don't worry. It is quite flattering really. It may come back when you do your next corner time but first we have to finish with the brush.

 The spanks rained down once more and this time they seemed to be a lot harder. Martin strained his legs to keep his balance and remain over his future mother-in- law's lap. If this is a spanking he thought, then what is the cane going to be like?

 After another twenty strokes she stopped and Martin lay quite still over her lap. He thought the  spanking might now be over as he had totally lost count. The brush was placed on his back once again and he felt her hand run between his legs. He pushed his weight up a little and spread his legs a bit wider allowing her fingers to reach up again to apply pressure on that most sensitive area. With her other hand on the waistband of the pants she yanked the waistband of his pants up over his waist pulling  the cotton material higher into his crack. 

 He moaned and his leg muscles went taut indicating he might be trying for an  orgasm as he rubbed himself against her skirt. Immediately she pulled her hand away and lifting the brush she slapped it down hard on his right cheek.

 Just teasing you, MartinDon't you dare get excited.

 He relaxed again and lay quite still over her lap, stopping the gyration of his hips.

 Let's get this hairbrush spanking  finished so we can move on.

 The remaining spanks were delivered at a blistering pace, with Martin wriggling and whinging that "it hurt so much." To which she jokingly replied that it was meant to.

 When she was done with the spanking Aunt Kate let him remain over her lap for a couple of minutes  to calm down and then she tapped his legs and told him to go stand in the corner with his hands on his head. 

 You need some quiet time to think about what's coming next, young man. 

 As he got to his feet Aunt Kate bent forward  and raised his trousers from around his ankles until Martin took hold and fastened them. 

 Back to your corner and put your hands on your head this time.

His bottom was sore and his muscles ached so it was a slow walk that Martin took to his place in the corner. When he got there he raised each arm and interlocked his fingers on the top of his head. 

 Kate left the room telling him she would be back when she had finished a small job in the kitchen  and for him not to move in the meantime.

 As the heat in his bottom cooled to a gentle warmth Martin replayed the spanking in his mind and he felt his erection grow. He wanted to rub himself but was wary about dropping a hand and so instead he promised himself some time on his bed that evening. He waited patiently, with his arms beginning to ache but he did not dare take them down.

 When she returned to the room he heard a "tap" noise  of something being placed on the table. Then a light clatter of wood on wood and a whoosh, whizz as Aunt Katie sliced the cane she had just picked up through the air. There were more "whizz" sounds as she practiced her swing and on one of the strokes she must have aimed for the cushioned seat of one of the dining chairs because there was a sharp "whump" as the bamboo hit the fabric. Martin shuddered as he imagined that could soon be the noise of the cane hitting his bottom. Aunt Kate did three more of those cushion whacks and then spoke.

  Martin come over here.

 He turned to see Aunt Kate pointing the end of the cane towards an object on the table. It was the cooking pot that Martin had brought with him the other evening. 

 So now you see Martin that I knew you had been here when you left this dish in the kitchen. 

 Martin's face reddened with guilty shame. 

  I thought at the time that you might have heard me disciplining Bob and I wondered about confronting you. You saved me the trouble with your honesty. I must say I am thoroughly enjoying punishing you for your spying on us, even more so now that I know you want it.

 Martin shuffled from one foot to the other not knowing how best to respond. He was getting turned on with all this talk of punishments.

Remove all your clothes except your underpants and put them on the sideboard over there. Quickly now.

Whilst he was stripping Kate continued to swing the cane from high to low like a tennis stroke. Once Martin was almost naked she admired his strong muscles and thought how good Bob had looked back in the day. A glance at his groin showed that Martin was getting aroused yet again. It was time to send all thoughts of his cock from his head she thought to herself.

Go over there, nodding her head towards the long side of the table where she had cleared away the chairs. 

 He did as he was told and stood there with his large erection forcing its way through the elastic waistband of his pants so that the pink head was visible.

 Bend over and rest on your elbows. Keep your back straight and push your bottom out. Look up. 


When Martin was bending over she came up behind him and pulled his pants tightly up into the crease of his cheeks, baring his cheeks  once again. She admired her own handiwork as his bottom was still a nice shade of pink. Not as red as it had been when she was smacking him with the brush but still pink.


Have you been caned before Martin?


No Aunt Kate . I have not.


But you have thought about it eh? 


She smacked  his red butt twice with her hand.


Yes Aunt Kate I have thought about it a lot.


Well I think I am quite good at administering a thrashing and you are certainly going to feel this one. I am pleased that you offered yourself for a punishment but that will not make it any easier for you. You will get 12 of my hardest strokes  You will ask for each stroke. You can pause for no more than one minute between strokes before you ask for the next one. If you get out of position or put your hands on your bottom to rub it there will be extra strokes. 


He saw her hand pick up the cane from the table and then heard the whizz as she flexed it behind him. For a brief second Martin was both aroused and scared at the same time. His cock was squashed against the hard edge of the desk and it felt quite stimulated as well as painful.


Is that understood?


Yes Auntie Kate. 


There was a pause and she tapped his bottom with light strokes to get her aim. There was a whizz, whoosh and the cane slammed into his bottom. He gasped at the severity of the stroke and held his breath as  fought to absorb the pain signals that had rushed to his head.


You need to breathe, Katie instructed.


Martin let out a breath and as he did so he remembered to count. 


One Aunt Kate


Eleven more to go Martin. I hope you enjoy every stroke. It is nice to think you will soon be properly enrolled in our family.


The cane struck again. This time a little higher. 


Martin relaxed. The pain wasn't so bad. He could take it and possibly enjoy it he thought. Little did he know.


Two Aunt Kate.



The cane struck again this time much lower down at the tops of his legs and Martin jumped with surprise and rubbed his bottom.


That's an extra stroke Martin. Get back down.


He did as he was told and stretched himself over the table again. He was embarrassed but excited at the thought that his bare bottom was now showing two red weals that he had dreamed about. Being told he would get one more for his infraction did not seem too bad.


Three Aunt Kate.


He braced himself. Thwish, then thwack the rod laced into his bottom with greater force than before. 


He groaned with the pain and uttered a low voiced, Four Aunt Kate.

 That's a medium hard stroke Martin. A few more at that level and then we step up  a grade until we get to thirteen.

 Yes Aunt Kate. Thank you. 

 The caning continued at a slower pace. Kate was in no rush to stop inflicting pain on this bottom. One vivid red line followed another and Martin's moans got louder.

 At stroke eight she left the cane pressed in hard against his skin and waited. His mind was numbed and it took Martin some time to focus.


Eight thank you Aunt Kate. 


Now they get harder still Martin. I am going to cane you hard four times plus the one extra and you are going to learn something about my discipline measures. 


Yes, Aunt Kate . Thank you aunt Kate


You don't need to count these. You may not be able to anyway.


She rubbed the cane up and down his cheeks for a full minute, touch the tops of his legs and the bottom of his spine. He pushed back with his bottom enjoying the sensation. He opened his legs wider hoping the cane might run in between his thighs to touch his balls. Martin was surprised when she tapped him there, not in a gentle manner, more of an "I am in control so don't mess with me" kind of gesture.


Suddenly the smooth cane was lifted from his bottom and he sensed that she had a new purpose. There was a whoosh and a band of fire spread across his bottom. Martin grunted with the pain. Then another whoosh and a second stroke landed a little lower down this time. Martin jumped off the table and grabbed his ass in both hands. 


Christ, I can't take that sort of stroke, he complained.


Get back down you impudent boy. You told me you wanted a caning and I am giving you one. You now get two extra strokes and if you are not over that table in five seconds there will be more.


She lashed out with the cane against the back of his left leg. He hopped from one foot to the other as she continued whipping the backs of both legs.


And I am going to give you two more for taking the lord's name in vain. I know your mother was not a believer but in this family we take our Christian values very seriously, as you will find out when you marry into it. 


As Martin bent himself over again Aunt Kate hit a stroke high up on the back of his right leg and it crossed his balls. He yelped. He was frantic in his thoughts  that there might be more of those. This was no longer so much fun.



Seven to come Martin. These are all your own fault you know.


Yes Aunt Kate. I am really sorry.

Martin relaxed his body against the table top and let out a long breath trying to calm himself.

The last hard strokes were delivered in a whirling blizzard. He had no time to think about the pain each one brought to his bare butt, he just endured them. There was certainly no pleasure for him. This was a thrashing the like of which he had never imagined.


As the cane was laid on the table in front of his face he gazed on the thin rattan which had delivered some pleasure at the start and such pain at the end.

He lay there without moving as Kate stood behind and ran her cool hands over both cheeks.


You did well there Martin. I hope that satisfied you. From now on you will be a much better behaved young man. I look forward to teaching you more about submission until I hand you over to Susie at the altar.


Yes Aunt Kate.


It will be Yes Mom very soon. I can't wait to have a boy in the family. She smacked his red bottom bottom hard. Stand up now.


Slowly he got up off the desk top and turned around leaning back against the table. As he placed his hot bottom down against the cool wood his erection sprang to life.


Get dressed Martin and come through.

He pulled up his pants over the cock that was waving in front of him and reached for the rest of his clothes. Martin felt quite proud of the stripes on his bottom.

It wasn't long before he was in the kitchen exchanging pleasantries with Kate as if nothing had happened. The house telephone rang. It was Bob and he heard his "Mom-to-be" tell him that Martin had dropped by and had wanted a chat with him.

I think he wants to ask you if he can marry Susie, she spoke into the phone, whilst looking meaningfully across at Martin. She paused whilst Bob was obviously saying something in reply.

Yes Bob I am sure he knows now what he is letting himself in for. He understands that the women in this family won't take any nonsense.