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Thursday, 31 December 2015

New Years Eve

I hope your party, if you are having one, is as good as this one.

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Things that come into your head

Sometimes you come across an image which just shouts out to you.

Daniel got back to his Docklands apartment at around 7pm. It had been a long day and he was looking forward to a drink.

As usual, it being a Wednesday the rooms were clean and tidy. 

His City job meant that he could afford a cleaner and the Chilean girl, Anna Luiza. from the agency had turned out to be a real gem. She had come to the UK five years ago with a boyfriend, but that hadn't worked out and without a visa cleaning work was her only option, at least until she met Mr Right and got married.

He took a beer from the fridge and then saw the note paper on the kitchen island.

I am in the bedroom.

Picking up his glass Daniel walked down the hallway to the end, more than a little puzzled

His toys were laid out in a neat row on the bed. Anna Luiza was stood against the wall. There was another note.

 I found these in the cupboard, with some magazines. I am sure you know what to do. I need to take the lingerie back to the shop so I cannot wear it for long. A bit naughty I suppose. Anna xx

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Ronnie's one word meme (Heart and Soul)

1. Yourself: Tense

2. Your boyfriend/girlfriend (spouse): Special 

3. Your hair: Shortish 

4. Your mother: Departed

5. Your father: Departed

6. Your favorite item: Strap

7. Your dream last night: c1960

8. Your favorite drink: Vodka

9. Your dream car: Aston

10. The room you are in: White

11. Your ex: None

12. Your fear: Failure

13. What you want to be in 10 years? USA

14. Who you hung out with last night? S

15. What you're not? Messy

16. Muffins: Lemon

17. One of your wish list items: Tahiti

18. Time: Short 

19. The last thing you did: Hoovered

20. What you are wearing: PJ's

21. Your favorite weather: Chilly

22. Your favorite book: Many

23. The last thing you ate: Wife

24. Your life: Lucky

25. Your mood: Swings 

26. Your best friend: S

27. What are you thinking about right now? Spanking

28. Your car: Blue

29. What are you doing at the moment? This

30. Your summer: Active

31. Your relationship status: FLR

32. What is on your TV? Floods

33. What is the weather like? Spring

34. When is the last time you laughed? Ages

35. Your favorite color? Blue

Monday, 28 December 2015


I suppose one way of being humbled would be to be spanked by my wife and a disciplinarian.

And another would be to be formally caned in front of her wife's friends.

There is a third way and that is to be locked into a tortuous humbler, with your balls pulled back and exposed to the cane or whip.

I appreciate that my female readers will not want an eyeful of male genitalia, but in case this appeals to some other readers, and for a limited time only, I have placed some humbler images in my slideshow on the left.

Personally I would love to try out one of these but don't know to suggest it to my wife.

Enjoy the photos and I will put the slideshow back to more acceptable images in two days time. 


Sunday, 27 December 2015

The gloves came off

The Boxing Day surprise came out of the blue. Our family guests took it into their heads to go shopping instead of the conventional walk. We were doing chores so my wife told them to go ahead and we would catch them up for a coffee.

We didn't really want to go shopping but we had to be sociable. They took a cab into the town and my wife volunteered me to stay sober and drive us all back although that would mean two trips because there were five of them.

"That way," she had said  "They could drink something in town."

 I had a better idea. It was everyone coming back by taxi and my wife and I not going to town and then we could all walk to the pub and I could have a drink. 
The guests liked my wife's idea because there were more bars in town and they were bored with our local pub..

When the door shot behind them and the taxi drove away, S turned to me and said she didn't like being argued with and that if she had  a plan, then that plan was what would happen.

I saw the look in her face and apologised.

I don’t like nonsense, I won’t allow it.

"Get the long cane and meet me in the dining room."

I did as instructed without a murmur of dissent.

She undid my belt and dropped my trousers and ignored my erection. "Bend over the table!"

There was a silence and then a "zip whoosh" before the cane landed and I jumped with the pain of the hard stroke.

Twenty strokes later and S laid the cane on the table and told me to get dressed and get on with my jobs. We will leave in an hour,  she told me and she expected better behaviour during the day.

That's pretty much what she got and we had some quiet sex later with me going down on her.

PS I know Boxing Day is not about boxing but this image was better,

Saturday, 26 December 2015

All over once again.

So that's it. All that rushing around and Christmas is over. I managed to cook for 8 people with all the trimmings and then I did the washing up, with the help of some of the guests.

 My darling wife never had to lift a finger all day so we will just have to see if I get that Christmas present that she and talked about last weekend. I fear she may disqualify me on the grounds that I didn't do all the washing up of the dishes on my own.

My gift to her went down well and the day can generally be regarded as a success. Now for a country walk with family and then a pub meal and we will be back to work before you know it. 

We will be on our own toward the latter end of next week, so maybe there will be some fun and games then.

Friday, 25 December 2015

Merry Christmas

I hope your day is happy and peaceful.

And that your gift is not received like this 

but rather, your thank you goes something like this.

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Recreational Sunday

It turned out to be an interesting weekend, iun the run up to Christmas. I was doing Christmas chores for most of the time on Saturday and my wife was preoccupied with a work problem that needed to be finished before she starts her few days off. I was able to help her with some of the complexities of the accounts, so that put me in her good books.

We declared Sunday a non-working day to catch our breath before the family Xmas visits start and we finished the house decorations and had some lunch at the pub and then came home to catch up on some TV programmes. I use an oldish  laptop connected to the TV screen for internet viewing so I am able to find old films fairly quickly. We watched an oldie and then my wife said she wanted to watch another film. She asked me if I knew of any spanking videos . I feigned ignorance on that score and she said she didn't believe me, given how much time I spend on the internet. 

So I told her I knew of one which she might find a bit unbelievable, but at least it had a story line of sorts. I found Exit to Eden on a download site and took a few minutes to register. I mentioned that it might take a while to get sorted out, so S went off to get a drink. 

Image result for exit to eden images

When she came back she was carrying a cane  as well as a wine glass. "Just in case I get any ideas," she said jokingly. 

When the video was ready to roll she sent me off to make something to eat for the two of us. 

"Put your punishment pants on to serve me,"  she instructed as she settled on the sofa with a glass of wine.

I made a salad with some left overs and went upstairs to change. I could hear the film as I passed the living room. I washed myself and retrieved the red knickers from the drawer and got an immediate erection as I put them on. I found a T shirt and went downstairs to serve my Mistress.

S smiled at me as I entered the room. "This is quite good," she nodded towards the screen, meaning the film, as I placed the meal in front her. "Get me some more wine."

Back in the room my wife told me to get on all fours in front of her facing the TV so that I could watch. She lifted her legs and placed her feet on my back.

"This is nice,,we should do this more often." she said, picking up the cane and tapping my bottom a few times.

At the point where the outside party starts in the film, S told me to put it on hold. I stood up and stretched my aching legs and then she pointed at one of the chairs and told me to bend over. She caned me hard a dozen times over the knickers and I thanked her profusely for each stroke.

We resumed our video watching, with me back down on my knees and as it came to an end S agreed that it had been a bit silly but enjoyable. She stood up and told me to tidy up and come upstairs.

She was in the bathroom when I got there and the cane was on the floor. I was desperate for a few more strokes so I lay over the edge of the bed and rubbed myself against the mattress to try and get the erection back. I held the cane in my outstretched arms.

"What;s going on?" my wife asked as she appeared from the bathroom.

I turned my head to look at her. She was naked and obviously expecting that I would perform on her .

"Please Miss, please may I have some more?"

"More?" " You want more?" she said in her best Oliver Twist impression.

"Yes please Miss, a dozen or two dozen more would be nice."

"And what will you do in return?"

"I will lick you forever."

"That's a given. What else will you do?" She had taken the cane and it cracked smartly across my bottom.

" I will make the entire Christmas dinner and do the washing up Miss."

The cane struck again.

"Now you're talking boy. Hold hard and don't wriggle."



Early Spanking Mag

He must be in heaven
She thrashed me hard, countless times until I was well and truly in sub space.

When  I was red and sore and happy in my head we climbed on the bed and I sucked and tickled and licked her shaven pussy to multiple orgasms. 

S allowed me to wank on all fours beside her, which I managed with some balancing on one arm whilst me head was between her legs. I spunked into the palm her cupped hand, which she then slid down to her waist for me to lick clean, during a  pause in my primary task.

When we had finished what was a memorable tumble, the like of which we haven't had for some time, we lay back exhausted on the bed. Her head was in the crook of my arm and I kissed her gently.

"So what would you like for Christmas ?" she asked. Her hand slipped down to my crotch and cupped my balls. She squeezed gently.

"The small red whip and an ass fucking."

The squeeze became stronger and she dug her fingernails into my crotch. I wriggeld with pain and pleasure.

" You're incorrigible. It had better be a good Christmas dinner."

"Yes ma'am, it will be." I assured her.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Merry Christmas one and all

Afscheid van kerstmis
Een laatste afscheid van kerstmis. Doei!

Seasons Greetings to all. Thank you for stopping by this year and sorry that there has not been much written on this blog in the last 12 months.

I hope you get presents, all wrapped up nicely.

Vrouwelijkheid onderstreept
Mooi vrouwelijk ondergoed.
De vrouwelijkheid en aantrekkelijkheid wordt nog eens extra onderstreept door streepjes van de cane op de billen.

And maybe a winter warmer on Christmas Eve