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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Things that come into your head

Sometimes you come across an image which just shouts out to you.

Daniel got back to his Docklands apartment at around 7pm. It had been a long day and he was looking forward to a drink.

As usual, it being a Wednesday the rooms were clean and tidy. 

His City job meant that he could afford a cleaner and the Chilean girl, Anna Luiza. from the agency had turned out to be a real gem. She had come to the UK five years ago with a boyfriend, but that hadn't worked out and without a visa cleaning work was her only option, at least until she met Mr Right and got married.

He took a beer from the fridge and then saw the note paper on the kitchen island.

I am in the bedroom.

Picking up his glass Daniel walked down the hallway to the end, more than a little puzzled

His toys were laid out in a neat row on the bed. Anna Luiza was stood against the wall. There was another note.

 I found these in the cupboard, with some magazines. I am sure you know what to do. I need to take the lingerie back to the shop so I cannot wear it for long. A bit naughty I suppose. Anna xx

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