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Saturday, 31 December 2016

Goings on at our place

On Christmas Eve, we went for a drink at a neighbour’s party. We had eaten some supper beforehand because we didn’t know if there would be much food. My wife ,S, looked gorgeous in a black trouser outfit with a white Christmas sweater.

We mingled separately and I didn’t see what she had to drink but, when the time came to go home it was obvious that she was a bit tipsy.

We said our goodbyes and walked home.

S went upstairs and I checked the doors and switched off the Christmas decoration lights

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When I got to the bedroom S had made it to a chair but she was just sitting there in her paty clothes,holding a  wooden hairbrush in her hands.

I really ought to give you a Christmas spanking, she said.

No I replied, I think it’s you who needs a  spanking for being drunk.

Well go on then, spank me,  she held out the brush, and afterwards you can kiss my bottom  and show me some respect, you naughty slave.

Listening to her I knew she was over her personal alcohol limit and that I needed to go careful and not rush things,  if I wasn’t to spoil the evening.

I helped S to her feet and led her to the bathroom. I quickly undressed her whilst she giggled away and when I knelt down to take off her pop socks tights’ I kissed the triangle of her sexy knickers. I stood up and wrapped her up in a dressing gown.

 S sat on the loo and flipped open the dressing gown and I stripped off my clothes whilst looking the other way. She told me to stay facing away whilst she used the water spray that I had fitted after a trip to a foreign country. ( I remember that we had both agreed, whilst on holiday in the hot climate, that this was a great addition to personal hygiene and simple to fit to the home water system.)

Calling me over to her side she pulled my penis forward and tied her knickers tightly around my scrotum.

There you go slave, all wrapped up nicely for Christmas.

She spanked my balls hard with the end of her hand 

I've got to do my make up, she remembered

Image result for woman in bathroomShe took a cotton pad and some remover and did a quick job of taking off most of the make up and mascara.

You look beautiful .

Thanks but I bet I look a bit of a wreck, she said, Anyway I am all yours slave, for one hour.

Taking her hand I led S back to the bed. I stood her between my knees and pulled her over one knee, locking her legs with my other legs.

Slowly and not very hard I started to spank her with the palm of my hand.

She wriggled as I gave her maybe ten slaps,and I heard her say 

Huh call that a spanking slave? It’s more like a tickle.

Then lets try this. I picked up the hairbrush and spanked her slowly but hard, ten times on each cheek.

OK, OK that’s enough.

I let go of her and she crawled forward until she was completely on the bed lying on her tummy .She opened her legs and lifted her hips a little bit. I got onto  the bed and then lay down behind her.

Leaning forward I started to give her  bottom cheeks  light kisses all over the pink skin. She moaned her appreciation and wiggled her bottom, inviting more attention. I pulled apart her cheeks and gazed at the small brown ring then  ran one finger up and down her crack and stroked the skin between her cunt and anus. She wriggled some more and then I lay on my tummy and pushed my face between her cheeks so that I could apply my tongue. Slowly I circled round with the tip of my tongue. I wanted this to last for as long as possible.

Oh you are such a naughty boy.

Yes miss, I mumbled from deep in her bottom

And naughty boys deserve their punishment don’t they?

Yes miss

Still wrapped up tightly in her knickers my erection was rubbing on the sheets and I started to hump the mattress.

They get a very hard punishment I think but they have to kiss ass properly first.

I mumbled agreement and then pushed my tongue deep inside her ring. There was more moaning  and I set to work, vigorously inserting and retracting my tongue in a fucking motion.

After three or four  minutes  I pulled my tongue right out and began licking her again, reaching down her soft perineum to the entrance of her cunt and then back up to her ring.

S arched her back inviting my tongue back into her ring and I needed no more prompting to restart the tongue fucking of her anus again. I felt her slide one hand under her hips and I could sense she was fingering herself at the front. The more energetically she rubbed herself and her clitoris, the harder I tried to fuck her with the few centimetres of my tongue.

We were both breathing heavily and panting and my face was wet with saliva and perspiration.

I felt her body tighten as S neared a climax and then she went limp. I pulled my face out from between her cheeks and rolled over on my back. I lay there for awhile with my prick in my hands and untied the  panties which were still firmly secured around my scrotum.

I tried to wank but couldn’t get stiff enough.

As I lay still I could hear the soft noise of my wife's breathing. She had drifted off to sleep.

I pulled the duvet up from where it had fallen off the end of the bed and covered her. I left her to sleep whilst I tiptoed around the room tidying up the clothes in the bathroom and getting into my pyjamas.

I was wide awake so I crept downstairs for a drink and sat and watched a movie for a while.

Santa's little helper  had brought me exactly what I wanted for Christmas. Now I hoped that there might be little relaxation and time to read a book over  the next few days of seasonal good cheer.

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Boxing day cheer

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Just a quick hello from the girls, showing off what they were given for Christmas.


And what happened to him after he was found to be web browsing lingerie.

Sunday, 25 December 2016

College Buddies - Sunday Spanklet

Image result for tumblr girl in tearsEmma was struggling with her new life at college. It was her first semester and she had spent too much time getting to know everyone and enjoying her freedoms and not enough time doing her studies. 

She was already behind by one essay and the new essay assignments still kept arriving into her student portal.

Her "senior buddy" Katherine, who was now in her third year, had helped Emma settle in and had left her alone. 

When they had met up in the refectory for a catch up in week 3, Katherine was surprised to find that Emma was nervous and on the verge of tears.

"I just can't cope here " she had blurted out. "I had better leave college, it's not for me."

"Nonsense," her buddy had responded. "You just need some self-discipline and to start planning out your time."

As Emma quietened down her friend had suggested that she help her finish her first essay and then they could plan a timetable together. 

"I've also got some other suggestions", Katherine added, "but we'll go through those when I see you."

The next day Emma turned up at the apartment which Katherine rented with two friends. First year students were on campus but after that they tended to find their own accommodation in town. 

The other girls were in the sitting room so Katherine took Emma through to her bedroom and they settled down to go through Emma's essay notes. In an hour or so Emma had enough material and structure to her work to feel confident that she could hand in a reasonable first submission. 

They turned their attention to time tabling and planning work. Katherine had a lot of good ideas on this subject.

"It is all about self discipline", she explained. "It doesn't come easy when in the past you have been told exactly what to do by your teachers.

"I know. I've never felt quite so alone as I do at college."

"Well I'm here to help. In fact there are a few of us who could help you, if you think you need some discipline."  

As she picked up her hairbrush from the small study desk, Katherine placed a special emphasis on that last word and it seemed to hang in the air between them. 

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Saturday, 24 December 2016

Merry Christmas

Sorry not to have written much this month. The days just seem to have gone whizzing by, with both work and home projects.

There has been a lot of FLR in our household in December, with my wife telling me what to do and not do, but no spankings to speak of. 

We found time for some oral sex. on her, last weekend, but it was a bit quick and I don't think my wife got a lot out of it.

I had the distinct feeling that she was comprising a list of presents which she had still to shop for. 

Multi-tasking I guess

We are away for a few days after the festivities, so perhaps that will present an opportunity for some fun and frolics.

I hope that you all manage to get your hands on something nice this Christmas.

Or to take a few minutes and turn something a little bit red, to match the berries on the holly.

Or even go over someone's lap for a lesson in good behaviour at the neighbour's party.

Anyway, a Merry Christmas to you all and I will wish on a lucky star  that this is how I get to spend New Year.

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Sunday spanklet - lunch munch

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The Sunday munch was proving enjoyable. This was the first time Tony had attended a spanking get-together. The chosen restaurant was large enough to accommodate a table for twenty in a room towards the back and still offer a degree of privacy. All the guests were dressed conventionally and apart from the odd snippet of conversation which included the word bottom or paddle you would not know this was a gathering of spankophiles.

 After the starters were eaten the organiser asked every alternate person around the table to move along three seats so that the group would mingle.

Tony now found himself sitting opposite a pretty brunette of an age between 30 and 40. He shook hands with the people on either side and half stood to reach across to do the same with some of the people opposite. The brunette introduced herself as Sally and offered her hand and when she released it she trailed her middle finger slowly down from his wrist and across his palm. For a moment Tony wondered if it was a signal of some sort. He smiled at Sally as their hands came apart and he resumed his seat

Tony conversed with the two people either side of him over the main course and then he was moved on again. He was sorry that the maths didn't work out to place him nearer to the Sally. He started up another conversation with two new people. 

A few moments later Sally had stood up to make her way to the powder room and she brushed past Tony, with a definite push into his back. This was certainly a signal and after a few seconds he excused himself and got up and followed her towards the bathrooms.

The rear of the restaurant had an area of empty tables and there was just enough light to find your way. He saw Sally leaning back on one of the tables.
$13 Red Christmas garter Valentine's garter burgundy by louloudimeli:
That took you long enough, she said . 

Sorry, I wasn't sure if I was meant to follow you since you were obviously going to the loo.

He looked down at her clothes, there was slit in the front of her black skirt and he caught sight of a flash of red garter.

 She saw him looking. 

I hope you know what that signifies. If you know what might be good for you, you should hang around at the end of the lunch.

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Thursday, 1 December 2016

This month will go quickly

I found this image and it reminded me of people making plans to go home for Christmas.

For a young person it may be that going back home for a short spell at this time of the year is good for their personal character development.

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A favourite aunt or elder sibling or cousin might have to remind them of the importance of achieving high grades ar grad school.