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Sunday, 4 December 2016

Sunday spanklet - lunch munch

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The Sunday munch was proving enjoyable. This was the first time Tony had attended a spanking get-together. The chosen restaurant was large enough to accommodate a table for twenty in a room towards the back and still offer a degree of privacy. All the guests were dressed conventionally and apart from the odd snippet of conversation which included the word bottom or paddle you would not know this was a gathering of spankophiles.

 After the starters were eaten the organiser asked every alternate person around the table to move along three seats so that the group would mingle.

Tony now found himself sitting opposite a pretty brunette of an age between 30 and 40. He shook hands with the people on either side and half stood to reach across to do the same with some of the people opposite. The brunette introduced herself as Sally and offered her hand and when she released it she trailed her middle finger slowly down from his wrist and across his palm. For a moment Tony wondered if it was a signal of some sort. He smiled at Sally as their hands came apart and he resumed his seat

Tony conversed with the two people either side of him over the main course and then he was moved on again. He was sorry that the maths didn't work out to place him nearer to the Sally. He started up another conversation with two new people. 

A few moments later Sally had stood up to make her way to the powder room and she brushed past Tony, with a definite push into his back. This was certainly a signal and after a few seconds he excused himself and got up and followed her towards the bathrooms.

The rear of the restaurant had an area of empty tables and there was just enough light to find your way. He saw Sally leaning back on one of the tables.
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That took you long enough, she said . 

Sorry, I wasn't sure if I was meant to follow you since you were obviously going to the loo.

He looked down at her clothes, there was slit in the front of her black skirt and he caught sight of a flash of red garter.

 She saw him looking. 

I hope you know what that signifies. If you know what might be good for you, you should hang around at the end of the lunch.

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  1. This artist captures what that "special feeling" of what it's like when it's actually happening.


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