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Sunday, 30 September 2012

One of those uneventful Sundays.


It has been a mixed up start to the weekend.

 I haven't got a Spanklet ready to go, although I have one or two works in progress that I cannot get finished.

I may do some light reading this afternoon as my wife is out at some friend of hers (who has marriage troubles).

 I was thinking of catching up on The Vanilla Domme as mentioned at  Hermajestysplaything.

There is also Adventures of Dolly Morton as mentioned by Ronnie at Heart and Soul and I am way behind at Cassies Space.

I might just fritter away an hour or so on the spanking web later today, but there are bathrooms to be cleaned first.

After quite a full few weeks of spanking I have nothing to report on today. The razor strop arrived safely but I need to prep it by cutting off the metal hanger thingy at one end and stiffening the handle end, maybe by fixing the leather between two pieces of wood with adhesive. When it comes out for use I would like it to be fit for purpose. 

That could be garage work this evening whilst that interminable Downton Abbey is on the TV. It would be nice if some servant in that House got a whipping. At least it would relieve the boredom.

I hope you have a good Sunday wherever you are and however you choose to spend it or are permitted to do so.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Don't get stroppy

No sooner had  the Demerit book been expunged of penalty points than I found myself completing a new entry last night. My wife had remembered some stroppy attitude of mine over the weekend and gave me lecture about it over dinner. She told me to enter 10 points in the book. 

I joked that stroppy behaviour deserved the strop. She agreed and asked if I meant a razor strop? I said yes, but pointed out that as we do not have one it would have to be a strap. 

Later that evening she reminded me that we had talked about having a razor strop before now and she thought she had told me to get one, so I could add another 10 points in the book for disobedience. 

This morning there was a text from her which said simply - Buy one, max £30.00 - I knew what she wanted. 

I have found quite a wicked looking one on ebay and have taken the plunge. At least it is under budget.

I don't know why but my wife has suddenly taken to discipline in a fresh spirit. Maybe things are good for her at work or her exercise class has filled her with energy. 

Whatever it is that has lightened her load,  I am getting regular punishment and a fairly constant sore bottom and so am loving it.

Now I had better get that dinner on the go.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Skinny Dip

There was a an attempt at a World Record in the UK over the weekend. Hundreds of people participated in the North East Skinny Dip on a beach in Northumberland. 

Although more than 200 ran into the North Sea without any clothes on there were not enough of them to break the record.

For those of you outside the UK, the North Sea is as cold a bit of water as you can get
without it freezing over.

                    I guess that the guy on the left knows the girl quite well.

Hopefully there was some collective warming up after the event.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Night out (and in)

We went to the movies the other night.. It featured a couple whose wife decides that they sexual counselling would kick start their 30 year marriage into some romantic shape. It was a good film with great characters and contains quite a few laughs.

One of the tasks set by the sex counselor is for each to describe their sexual fantasies. There was nothing too special in what they had to tell, dragged from the darkest recesses of their minds.

After the film we had a drink in a bar and laughed over some of the scenes.
My wife commented that the film would have been 6 hours long if they had asked me about my fantasies. She has heard them all and has happily role- played many of them. 

She asked me what I knew of her fantasies – I said not a lot, because she hardly mentioned them and anyway I figured that they involved other men or women so she probably did not want me to know about them. I on the other hand, usually include my wife in my fantasises, even when there might be other women in the scene. I have even told her about the one where she makes me suck off another guy before he whips me with a cane, as I lick her.

In the car on the way home my wife passed her hand over my thigh and told me to unfasten my zip and loosen  my trousers. In a matter of moments she had her head on my lap and was licking at my penis. I drove on very happily. I couldn’t get an erection but there was a stirring so she paused and started to use her hand. This had more effect as she was squeezing and pulling it, but it was obvious I would have to get home and take a stimulus pill before anything serious would grow down there. 

I asked her if she would pull up her skirt and finger herself so I could watch. We were on a fairly dark straight road and it would take at leat another 10 minutes to get home. After the 3 glasses of wine she was happy to oblige and lowered the seat back until she was nearly horizontal. I watched the show out of the corner of my eye. She exaggerated her pleasure a little bit for my benefit but she definitely had two orgasms before we pulled into the drive.She ran into the house giggling like a girl. 

The whole scene was very exciting and once I had had my pill and we were in bed, I was able to be of practical use doggy style. I smacked her bottom a couple of times and got no complaint, so I landed 5 more stinging slaps to her pink cheeks before coming.

A great night out at the movies.

Friday, 21 September 2012

That book of points

When I went to enter the 10 strokes of the cane in the demerit book, which is kept in our locked blanket box, along with the instruments and toys, I saw that this brought the unaccounted-for total to 55. I am honour bound to keep my wife informed on the status of the demerit book and 55 unspent points is above the level she usually regards as acceptable.

As we got ready for bed last night I told her as much and she asked for the book. She also demanded a foot massage so, whilst I busied myself with the creams and lotions, I had to listen to a longish lecture on my misbehaviour. 

To the total of 55 she added another 10 strokes for perpetually leaving the lights on in our study when I have left the room. Then she asked if I had any voluntary admissions of bad behaviour. 

I owned up to Googling “Kate Middleton topless photos”, following last week’s revelations in a French magazine. She was more annoyed about this than I thought she would be and said that it deserved a good twenty strokes of the cane in its own right.

As I finished off the massage and started to get into bed my wife told me that she would sort me out this Saturday night, before we go out for supper with friends.

The foot massage had relaxed her and as I lay down beside her she pulled away the sheets and indicated that I had work to do. She wriggled out of her PJ bottoms and I fulfilled my duties with a slow “lickin and kissin”. I was kneeling by her side and that gave her an easy target to use the palm of her hand to smack my balls in a very painful fashion. The more I rotated my tongue on her clit, the harder she smacked and yanked at my penis. When her first orgasm finally arrived I was feeling sore but strangely satisfied at her domination.

After two or three more orgasms with my tongue, in quick succession, she told me to stop so that she could get her breath back.  I lay back down on the bed and stroked the underside of her bottom with my left hand whilst I masturbated with my right. As she drifted off to sleep my wife told me to desist and save myself for another occasion. 

I did as I was told and closed my eyes, imagining events and pain to come on Saturday.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Cycling penalty points

I was awarded a serious demerit on Sunday last. We were in the car and came up to a traffic queue. in the rear-view mirror  I watched a cyclist pull up behind the car. A very pretty blond, she was, wearing a tank top and shorts. The girl half wheeled, half pushed the bike between our car and the footpath. When she appeared in front of us and sat on the saddle to wait for a space and cycle off, she presented a spectacularly cheeky  bottom only a few feet in front of my eyes.

I was seen to be enraptured and it was made worse when I stalled the car and then spent too long driving slowly behind the girl, pretending that there was not enough space to overtake.

After a hundred yards or so my wife commented that she hoped I had enjoyed myself because I could now add 10 strokes of the cane in my punishment book, to be taken at some date in the future.

 She told me she did not enjoy being with a middle-aged "oggler" and that I had better keep my eyes on the road in the future.

I still have the vision in my memory, so it was worth the upcoming pain of the cane..

Shame that summer seems to be coming to an end

Monday, 17 September 2012

2 years on

It was two years ago this month when I started this blog and I appreciate the many passers-by that it has received and the friends I have made in the process.

I have just passed the 200000+ pagehits which is rewarding. 

Sometimes I have had a few gaps but I always enjoy getting back to the writing. 

I am fortunate that my wife is happy to have assumed the role of disciplinarian and HoH. 

It would be fun to spank her, of course, but she is not so much of a spanko and  that must be accepted.

 I am more than thrilled that she gives me my punishments and I am very content to be the submissive in the home.

Thanks for reading.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Sunday Spanklet - A sound whipping

Spanklet  (n.) - definition - a very short story where an individual is spanked or caned.

I was taken by surprise last night when I was lying in bed reading and waiting for my wife to finish in the bathroom. She appeared in her dressing gown and glared at me.

-          Get the cane and the strap and wait for me in the back bedroom

I must have looked puzzled and a bit resistant.

-          Do it now

I jumped out of bed and hastened to do her bidding. It took me a few moments to find the key to the blanket box and then I was left waiting in the spare room, with the two instruments laid out on the bed.. I did not know how to prepare myself, or even why I was there, so I decided it was best to take off my pyjamas and stand against the wall with my hands on my head. I had a sizeable erection and that pleasant buzzing in my head when I know I am about to be spanked.

I was left standing there for quite a long time before I heard the rustle of silk behind me.

-          Get on your knees

-          Yes Ma’am

-          I didn’t ask you to speak. You are in big trouble.

I looked up at the shapely legs in front of me. She had taken off the dressing gown and was in the nude, apart from a very small pair of pants, almost a thong.

-          You were so badly behaved at my Mother’s I almost took you upstairs and spanked you there and then. Why did you have to drink and debate with her? You know she has crazy ideas but she is still my Mother and I won’t have you playing her for a fool.

I watched as she picked up the cane.

-          And then in the car, you argued about which way to go in that traffic jam. You’re supposed to be submissive, remember. That means you do what you are told.

She pushed the back of my neck with the tip of the cane so that I was forced down on all fours. I raised my bottom as high as I could make it go and sank my head on to the carpet between my outstretched arms.

-          You deserve a severe punishment. One minute you say you are submissive and the next I see you acting like a complete pratt. Now stick that bottom up!
Standing to one side she swished the cane diagonally across one cheek so that the end landed on the uppermost part of the opposite cheek.  It  was a business like caning and she did not stop until she had whipped the cane across my bottom for 18 strokes.

-          Is this getting through to you?

I nodded my head. This was sore. I watched her feet walk round to the other side and she landed the cane again, across the as yet unmarked cheek. After just the one stroke she paused.

-          Am I making my point? Answer me!

-          Yes ma’am. I am sorry I did not behave and I will do better.

The cane slashed across me again. There  was no further pause in the caning until she reached 18. My bottom was flaming red but I stayed completely still. She tapped between my legs.

-          I have a good mind to cane you here. That might send a message. You look overweight kneeling there. You know that don’t you?
I nodded my head.

         - So tonight you start losing weight. No alcohol and lots of veggie food and you 
           had better start some exercise.

My wife came round in front of me.

-          - Kiss my feet.

 I began to offer soft kisses on her toes then her ankles and raising my chest I kissed her ankles.
   - Keep going.

Eventually I was licking the inside of her silky thighs and she pulled the crotch of her pants to one side so that I could kiss her lips.

-          Stop there. Get on the bed face down.

As she dropped the cane on the floor and picked up the strap I did as she instructed. It was unusual for me to be permitted to take whipping in comfort on a mattress and I figured there might be a catch.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw my wife get into position and raise the leather strap high into the air. Then she smacked it full across the crown of my bottom. I yelped and shifted my hips to try and ease the pain. For an age she roasted me with the split ended strap. Each time she landed a stroke she seemed to put an extra effort into the swing.

When it was finally over she left the room with instructions to tidy things away and come back to our bed. 

She was naked on her front with her legs open when I came through. 

I knew what was wanted to show my submission and I knelt behind her to lick between her cheeks. 

I had learned my lesson.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Sunday Spanklet - No going back

Spanklet  (n.) - definition - a very short story where an individual is spanked or caned.

      -         Do I get to see you in your lingerie?
-         Would you see your Teacher’s panties when she spanked you?
-         No ma’am.
-         Would you see your Aunt’s suspenders and stockings when you were over her knee?
-         No ma’am.
-         Would you see the Gym Mistress in her knickers when she paddled you?
-         No ma’am.
-         Would you see your Office Manager in her bra and pants when you were bent over her desk?
-         No ma’am.
-         Just so, and neither will you see me taking off my clothes. I am a disciplinarian not a sex worker.

He shivered a little as a cold breeze passed down the corridor. Maybe this had not been such a good idea. Those images on the web site that had aroused him so intensely seemed  a distant memory.

Now that he had been on his knees on the hard floor for so many minutes, he was no longer certain of the strength of his desire, but there was no way back.

He heard the whirring sound of the whip tails before they landed across his bottom and then smiled.

Yes he thought, yes he did want to be here after all.

An hour or so later  they were in bed and his fiance was caressing him.

   - So was I good mistress ?

   - You were a terrific mistress. Roll over and
     I will show  you how good I think you are.

  -  Yes Sir