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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Sunday Spanklet - A sound whipping

Spanklet  (n.) - definition - a very short story where an individual is spanked or caned.

I was taken by surprise last night when I was lying in bed reading and waiting for my wife to finish in the bathroom. She appeared in her dressing gown and glared at me.

-          Get the cane and the strap and wait for me in the back bedroom

I must have looked puzzled and a bit resistant.

-          Do it now

I jumped out of bed and hastened to do her bidding. It took me a few moments to find the key to the blanket box and then I was left waiting in the spare room, with the two instruments laid out on the bed.. I did not know how to prepare myself, or even why I was there, so I decided it was best to take off my pyjamas and stand against the wall with my hands on my head. I had a sizeable erection and that pleasant buzzing in my head when I know I am about to be spanked.

I was left standing there for quite a long time before I heard the rustle of silk behind me.

-          Get on your knees

-          Yes Ma’am

-          I didn’t ask you to speak. You are in big trouble.

I looked up at the shapely legs in front of me. She had taken off the dressing gown and was in the nude, apart from a very small pair of pants, almost a thong.

-          You were so badly behaved at my Mother’s I almost took you upstairs and spanked you there and then. Why did you have to drink and debate with her? You know she has crazy ideas but she is still my Mother and I won’t have you playing her for a fool.

I watched as she picked up the cane.

-          And then in the car, you argued about which way to go in that traffic jam. You’re supposed to be submissive, remember. That means you do what you are told.

She pushed the back of my neck with the tip of the cane so that I was forced down on all fours. I raised my bottom as high as I could make it go and sank my head on to the carpet between my outstretched arms.

-          You deserve a severe punishment. One minute you say you are submissive and the next I see you acting like a complete pratt. Now stick that bottom up!
Standing to one side she swished the cane diagonally across one cheek so that the end landed on the uppermost part of the opposite cheek.  It  was a business like caning and she did not stop until she had whipped the cane across my bottom for 18 strokes.

-          Is this getting through to you?

I nodded my head. This was sore. I watched her feet walk round to the other side and she landed the cane again, across the as yet unmarked cheek. After just the one stroke she paused.

-          Am I making my point? Answer me!

-          Yes ma’am. I am sorry I did not behave and I will do better.

The cane slashed across me again. There  was no further pause in the caning until she reached 18. My bottom was flaming red but I stayed completely still. She tapped between my legs.

-          I have a good mind to cane you here. That might send a message. You look overweight kneeling there. You know that don’t you?
I nodded my head.

         - So tonight you start losing weight. No alcohol and lots of veggie food and you 
           had better start some exercise.

My wife came round in front of me.

-          - Kiss my feet.

 I began to offer soft kisses on her toes then her ankles and raising my chest I kissed her ankles.
   - Keep going.

Eventually I was licking the inside of her silky thighs and she pulled the crotch of her pants to one side so that I could kiss her lips.

-          Stop there. Get on the bed face down.

As she dropped the cane on the floor and picked up the strap I did as she instructed. It was unusual for me to be permitted to take whipping in comfort on a mattress and I figured there might be a catch.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw my wife get into position and raise the leather strap high into the air. Then she smacked it full across the crown of my bottom. I yelped and shifted my hips to try and ease the pain. For an age she roasted me with the split ended strap. Each time she landed a stroke she seemed to put an extra effort into the swing.

When it was finally over she left the room with instructions to tidy things away and come back to our bed. 

She was naked on her front with her legs open when I came through. 

I knew what was wanted to show my submission and I knelt behind her to lick between her cheeks. 

I had learned my lesson.


  1. Lovely read Michael. True story? Hope it is. I love your wife's comments about you wanting to be a submissive one minute and arguing with her the next. I've hward that line so many times in this house. And I've done that same 'bating' thing with Mistress' mother. Engage in debate - usually over the royal family or sport (she's an avid fan of both and I'm not) only to get a right telling off later.

  2. Another fine story, Michael, for which many thanks. Sundays don't really seem like Sundays without your delightful short stories - reminiscences perhaps? - to help them pass until Monday rolls around once more and the world of dull reality takes us hostage again.

    Very nicely done, as ever - you are good at this!

    With all good wishes and respects to your Lady,

    hh (bob)

  3. Hello RM - Yes this happened only a week or so ago. I should have blogged it by the day but thought I needed a Spanklet to go up. Mothers in law can drive you nuts - mine is worse after a drink or two.
    HH - I know I will get at least one reader of a Sunday spanklet, so thanks for that Bob. Most of the the tine the spanklets are from my imagination but are sometimes tinged with an edge of experience. This one was all fact.

    Hello Renee. It is an honour to have you stop byand I appreciate your critical eye. Thanks

  4. Nice one, very hot Michael.



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