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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Not quite no pants

Last Sunday was when Ronnie, over at Heart and Soul  (and other spanking bloggers) brought to my attention the fact that it was “No Panty Day” (22 June ) which, on further investigation, seems to have come about as an extension to No Pants Day when some people on a subway rode about with no trousers on.

This was all news to me and I asked my wife later that morning if she knew about it and whether she might  consider joining in when we went out for lunch. It was a nice warm day and I told her that she might be a lot cooler with no underwear.

 It has been many years since she went commando to a summer party and despite my asking she has never repeated the stunt. I can still recall the passionate love making on the sofa when we got home once she had quite a few drinks.I can still picture the dress she wore and the gorgeous thighs that were exposed as I lifted it up to expose her heavenly bottom.

Anyway I got short shrift  last Sunday as she told me that she had never heard of the "no pants day" and it wasn’t about to happen in our house.

In fact she said, the only person who would be pant free that day would be me, bent over for the paddle, if I didn’t stop pestering her. I took that as a bit of a challenge and admit that I was a bit of a nuisance boy for the rest of the day.

 I tried various means to irritate her (fondling her breasts when she was driving, placing a hand up the back of her skirt in the car park amongst other things)  and this culminated in me accidentally dropping a plate when I was doing the washing up later that evening. It wasn’t a valuable piece of china but it had sentimental value and I didn’t actually intend to smash it into pieces.

When she heard the crash on the floor she stormed into the kitchen and scolded me for my carelessness.

“I’ve had enough of you today. Go upstairs to bed when you’re done here whilst I finish watching my programme.”

I washed and climbed into bed with just a fresh set of pants on. I had no idea what might happen next. Unfortunately I dozed off to sleep and did not notice anything until the bed cover was yanked away and I saw my wife standing over me holding the long holey Spencer paddle in one hand.

“Pull the pillows in to the middle and get over them. You wanted pants off so you can have these and put them in your mouth.”

She tugged off her white knickers and handed them to me. As I scrunched them into my mouth I caught a whiff of her and her perfume. I moved around the bed and got into position with bottom high in the air.

“And pull your pants down.”

Reaching behind I managed to draw the pants down to the top of my legs but not much further. The cool air felt delicious on my bare cheeks. It wasn’t that cool for long, as the broad paddle whooshed onto my bottom

Thirty spanks later and I was starting to moan and groan  a little. The pain was intense and if I hadn’t had my mouth full of cotton panties I would have been yelling out quite loudly.

 She can really land that Spencer in a ferocious upward sweep that catches the sensitive skin just below the crown of my bottom.

I could only nod my head in agreement when she told me that this probably not what I had in mind when I started playing my silly games that day.

After ten more strokes she told me to make myself scarce and sleep in the guest room.

I slunk away with my pants falling around my ankles and looked at my flaming red ass in the wall mirror. The cool sheets of the spare bed felt good and I took the liberty of wanking before falling asleep. I wiped myself clean with her panties and that was another error that would only come to light the next morning. 

Hey ho.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

You had better behave

Spanking fields have lain fallow, cheek furrows have not been whipped, bushes have been left untrimmed and bottom skin has been unmarked for some time now.

However there was a flurry of activity last Saturday and quite a good session that came from nowhere. 

We were getting ready to go out and my wife was in the bathroom. I went upstairs to get changed and she must have heard me moving around. I heard her commanding voice….

“Come here.”

Mistress was in her bath, covered with some foam and suds.

“You need to be well behaved tonight. There is a new couple at the dinner party and I want to make friends with the woman, so I don’t need you mouthing off on some pet topic. Understood?”

“Yes ma’am”

“So shower quickly and shave and then come and dry me.”

In no time at all I had my wife wrapped in a towel and rubbing her down gently. As I moved down her glorious naked body I  went onto my knees on the hard tile floor to towel the moisture from her legs and feet. I worked speedily so that she did not get a chill.

“Now lick me dry under here and then around the back.”

She pointed a finger at her tidy pubes. I needed no second bidding as she parted her legs to allow my tongue into her bush. She turned her body away and bent forward slightly so that I could bury my face in between her smooth bottom cheeks. I used my tongue softly, making small penetrative stabs with the tip into that delightful rose bud.

“That’s enough of that. Get the strap and the cane and wait for me in the bedroom.”

I sped away naked to retrieve the instruments of pain and then 
knelt in the centre of the room with my hands on my head, full of eager anticipation and some wobbles in my stomach.

Minutes later she appeared in her short summer weight dressing gown, swinging the bath-brush by her side with the string at the end of the handle hooked over one finger.

“Pull the bed chest out and lie over it,” she instructed.

I had a rampant erection in front of me as I stretched across the top of the chest. I had not been this stimulated in a long time.

“Now lie very still and take what’s coming to you. It’s been a while since you were dealt with and I regret that, but I am going to make sure that you have a tender behind tonight, to remind you of why you are the submissive and why I am in charge.”

I felt the end of the strap trail down my back. She finds a long strap hard to control, so I had chosen the shorter, stiffer, leather strap which packs more of a punishing spank into a smaller area. It is shaped a bit more like a tawse with two points and has a thin metal plate sewn inside the leather to keep it’s shape as it lands but flexes over the receiving posterior.

The spanking started with her stood at my left side and I received about twenty full strokes before she came round to the right of the chest so that she could land the strap across my other cheek. The pain was building up nicely as she reached another twenty or so.

This swap over routine, first one side then the other, was repeated until I had been given forty strokes on each cheek.

“Roll over onto your back.”

I tried to obey but the bench was too narrow for my size  so I ended up rolling off, half kneeling, half-standing and then resting back down so that my head was supported at one end and my feet and ankles were off the bench at the other. My erection had collapsed by now but it did start to wobble back to life as it lay totally exposed to my Mistresses stern gaze.

She came up behind my head and straddled her legs on either side of the chest so that she was stood directly over my face. The hem of her dressing gown nestled around my shoulders but the materials was thin enough to let through some daylight and I found myself staring up at her bottom and  at the soft lips of her vagina.

Without warning the strap landed across the inside of my right thigh. The sharp smack startled me and I jerked my legs together.

“Keep those legs spread apart.” She continued whacking at  my legs on one side and then the other as she spoke.

“If you – smack - are very good-smack- you will –smack- see more of me -smack- when we get home- smack- and I will whip this prick of yours-smack- very hard indeed. “

The last spank landed on my half erection and my hips bucked upwards in reaction to the pain.

“Thank you ma’am. I will be good I promise.”

“Now get up and bend over and touch your toes.”

As I pushed the bed chest back against the end of the bed and got into position I could hear the cane zipping through the air with her practice strokes against a pillow. The thwack into the material left me in no doubt about what was to come.

I balanced myself with my fingertips as far down as they would go and waited for the cane. It wasn’t long in arriving. Her first stroke took my breath away and she continued the thrashing in a steady swing-zip- thwish-crack fashion until I had lines from the top of my legs to the top of my cheeks. I squealed a little but generally took my stripes in good fashion with no leg kicking, which she hates.

After maybe thirty strokes she threw the cane onto the bed and the next thing I felt was the cool wood of the  bath-brush rubbing across my left bottom cheek and then on my right. She teased me by pretending to be gentle until there was a a pause when the brush was lifted from my skin and the whacked down with a stinging smash into my bottom. Ten hard wooden flesh flattening brush strokes later and my bottom was ablaze.

“Now get dressed and put these things away. You can get the little red whip and the riding crop out and leave them on the bed and we will see if you deserve extra by the time we get home.”

“Yes ma’am. Thank you ma’am”

I scampered around the room with a seriously hot bottom but a sense of satisfaction that I had been well whipped and with a song in my heart that we had resumed spanking at long last.

The dinner party went well. I kept my alcohol consumption low after my wife gave me a “no more” look and I engaged in general chit chat. Once or twice the conversation turned to politics, with comment about elections, Iraq and Afghanistan, all current topics,  but I refused to be drawn on expressing a strong opinion either way in case I offended anyone with an opposite view.

This is not my normal behaviour and some of the people at the dinner party whom we know well were obviously puzzled by my dull contribution to the debate. The fire they expected me to light in the discussions was not equal to the continuing heat in my well caned bottom so I kept my opinions to myself.

Back home my wife went upstairs and I went to the kitchen to make her a hot drink and grab a quick glass of wine. When I got to the bedroom she was sitting against the headboard on the bed in a T shirt and pants with the riding crop lying across her bare thighs.

“  You took your time.”

“Sorry ma'am.” I placed the herbal tea on the bedside table.

“Well clean yourself up and come back here quickly.”

In double quick time I was back standing by the side of the bed, naked with a stiff erection in front of me.

“You were very good tonight.”

“Yes ma’am, thank you ma’am” I watched with keen expectations as she picked up the riding crop and ran the tab of the crop over my erect penis.

“So I am going to treat you very harshly to reward you.”

“Yes ma’am.” I whispered as my voice quivered with excitement .

“go to sleep in the guest room now and don’t touch yourself.”

I must have looked crestfallen at this instruction.

“Yes, that’s my reward and punishment for a submissive like you-you're not having a whipping.”

 As she spoke she retrieved a rabbit vibrator from under the pillow and opened her legs wide, stretching the thin fabric of her pants.

“Well run along boy, you can see I’m busy.”