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Saturday, 12 January 2013

A break in transmission


I need to sign out of spanko world for a while. 

My head is not in the right place because of employment worries.

I  will resume normal service one day when the dark clouds have moved on. I seem to get these depressions more frequently as I get older.

However, I read the other day  that " something always come along, it always has and it always will", 

So I shall keep this in the forefront of my mind and one day soon the blindfold will be lifted from my eyes and the light will shine and I will feel happy again.

Ciao for now amigas and amigos.    May the tawse be with you.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Sunday Spanklet - Home comforts

Spanklet  (n.) - definition - a very short story where an individual is spanked or caned.

A day of general chores yesterday, tidying up after the Christmas festivities. 

We split the work so that I concentrated on the upstairs, beds, bathrooms etc and my wife gave the sitting room a thorough clean. 

At lunchtime she suggested a walk. 

As we strolled through the nearby woods she asked me if my bottom was still sore from the spanking she had given me. I said no, not any longer, but it had been a delicious spanking nonetheless. 

She had noticed my good mood today, she said, and hoped it would continue.

We walked on in silence. Then when she spoke again it was to say that she thought she might give me a caning some time this week.

 I said thank you and I would appreciate that and be very grateful to her. Then more silence as we walked on. My mind was in overdrive.

When we got home I started to make the dinner and my wife watched an old movie. She loves the romantic black and white ones. When I was done with the food preparation I sat down beside her and offered a foot rub. 

She said that a full pedicure would be nice with a foot bath and all the trimmings. It was more than an hour before I was finished and the application of the nail varnish coincided with the end of  the film. When her toenails were dry she went off for a bath.

We ate supper watching TV again and went to bed. As I lay parallel to her, with my head between her thighs, giving long slow licks to her cunt she stroked my bottom and talked softly about how she would thrash it hard with the cane and a crop. 

My hips rolled this way and that as I got more excited and then I had a wet dream on the bed sheet which is something I have not been able to do in a long while.

 I finished her orgasm enthusiastically and when I rolled over onto my back the stain of semen was plain to see. 

More laundry, she said and smiled, and a few more strokes for general naughtiness. 

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Blue and Red Day

Yesterday turned to be a colourful day.

 First off, I noticed a blue car stopped on the road side with an obvious flat tyre and a woman inside, talking on a mobile. I pulled over and offered to to help fit the spare.  Good deed of the day.

I arrived at my customers office with oil and dirt on my hands and then found that the guy I had driven to see had rung in sick. So that made me see red.

After another customer visit, which went better, I stopped off at the fitness center on the way home and had a swim. 

There was a delightful woman wandering around the side of the pool, between the sauna and steam room and lounger chairs and she had on the most gorgeous blue swim suit. It was one of those tankinis with a pair of dark blue boy shorts for the bottom half. They looked for all the world like classic blue school gym knickers. 

I had a great time telling spanking stories to myself in my head as I swam up and down watching her very movement. 

When she bent over to lay a towel on the lounger I nearly cracked my head on the end of the pool, because I had my head turned.

Once I was home, my wife suggested that I could wear the pair of blue knickers, we had bought over Christmas, to go out for supper in at a friends house. She said if I did not drink much and was well behaved the she would consider spanking me when we got home. (When I wore them at New Year she was too tired to do anything that night)

The evening went well and, true to her word, she gave me a delightful OTK spanking with a hairbrush when we got home and I was red all over.

Sometimes you can never tell how the day will work out.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Twist and shout

Lots of people seem to have got off to a spanking start to the New Year.

Erica Scott has had her First spanking of 2013 and Gary at Respecting Mistress was  awaiting a caning this week.

Ronnie at Heart and Soul is expecting a lot more caning now that her husband has made a  new years resolution and   Hermione had fun with a spanking and some restraints

Red over at Consensual Spanking has enjoyed a  spanking introduction to the year and Hannah has given A Man in My Position some maintenance strokes with the cane.

For my part I have yet to be dealt with in 2013, but that may happen this weekend.

What got me thinking about the different activities that D/s, FLR and DD bloggers were enjoying this week, was reading the account of Adoring My Wife where his partner J spanked, cropped and flogged him as he played Twister, the floor game from the Seventies.

When I Googled Images of  "Naked Twister" I did not expect to find such a plethora of images of nude people playing the game.

                                                                    Here is one happy group. 

When I played Twister as a teenager this was never on the cards, mores the pity.

And, of course, someone has made a twister video.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Normal routines return

Back to normal. The holiday season is over and we are back at work. 

Nothing much to report. We have not had a maintenance session on a Wednesday for quite a few weeks now and whilst I could really do with one long caning right now, it was not appropriate for me to suggest it.
I can't complain as there were quite a few surprise spankings over the Christmas season.

I gather that we went over the fiscal slope on the night of January 1 and that the markets thought that was a good thing. To me it seems that the can was kicked down the road in the USA just like the Europeans have done with the problem of debt over here. The politicians will do and say anything just to hold onto a few more years of power so they can claim their pensions or write their books.

I suppose it is escapism but I would like to be in sub space right now with a well paddled bottom and about to receive a dozen strokes of the cane.

Instead I am just about to clean the bathroom before wakening my wife and leaving for work.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Time to buck up my ideas

Well that's that. The NYE party was OK but not fantastic and we were home by 1 o'clock.

 I was hopeful of some loving action but my wife sent clear signals that she just wanted to sleep. 

I watched her peel off her clothes down to some nice underwear and felt a little disappointed that she wouldn't take a cane or a paddle to my blue pantied bottom. We went to bed.

This morning was a chores morning and by lunch-time I had a real downer on how 2013 might be shaping up.

She sensed my gloom and told me that if I continued in this bad mood then nothing interesting would happen for a long while.

I tried to shake up my ideas but even as I write this I am still feeling melancholic about the year to come. 

Will 2013 be a bad year work wise I wonder?

I will make a big effort this evening to bring myself around and do something to please my wife.

I am only too aware what would lift me onto the sunlit slopes, but I know better than to ask for it.

Happy New Year