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Saturday, 5 January 2013

Blue and Red Day

Yesterday turned to be a colourful day.

 First off, I noticed a blue car stopped on the road side with an obvious flat tyre and a woman inside, talking on a mobile. I pulled over and offered to to help fit the spare.  Good deed of the day.

I arrived at my customers office with oil and dirt on my hands and then found that the guy I had driven to see had rung in sick. So that made me see red.

After another customer visit, which went better, I stopped off at the fitness center on the way home and had a swim. 

There was a delightful woman wandering around the side of the pool, between the sauna and steam room and lounger chairs and she had on the most gorgeous blue swim suit. It was one of those tankinis with a pair of dark blue boy shorts for the bottom half. They looked for all the world like classic blue school gym knickers. 

I had a great time telling spanking stories to myself in my head as I swam up and down watching her very movement. 

When she bent over to lay a towel on the lounger I nearly cracked my head on the end of the pool, because I had my head turned.

Once I was home, my wife suggested that I could wear the pair of blue knickers, we had bought over Christmas, to go out for supper in at a friends house. She said if I did not drink much and was well behaved the she would consider spanking me when we got home. (When I wore them at New Year she was too tired to do anything that night)

The evening went well and, true to her word, she gave me a delightful OTK spanking with a hairbrush when we got home and I was red all over.

Sometimes you can never tell how the day will work out.

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  1. Micheal: a reward spanking when you get home... now this is worth suggesting... because once we are home a spanking will lead most often to other fun sexual activities. My being spanked before we go out simply is a spanking, without sex.
    thanks for a wonderful idea
    bottoms up


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