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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Sunday Spanklet - Home comforts

Spanklet  (n.) - definition - a very short story where an individual is spanked or caned.

A day of general chores yesterday, tidying up after the Christmas festivities. 

We split the work so that I concentrated on the upstairs, beds, bathrooms etc and my wife gave the sitting room a thorough clean. 

At lunchtime she suggested a walk. 

As we strolled through the nearby woods she asked me if my bottom was still sore from the spanking she had given me. I said no, not any longer, but it had been a delicious spanking nonetheless. 

She had noticed my good mood today, she said, and hoped it would continue.

We walked on in silence. Then when she spoke again it was to say that she thought she might give me a caning some time this week.

 I said thank you and I would appreciate that and be very grateful to her. Then more silence as we walked on. My mind was in overdrive.

When we got home I started to make the dinner and my wife watched an old movie. She loves the romantic black and white ones. When I was done with the food preparation I sat down beside her and offered a foot rub. 

She said that a full pedicure would be nice with a foot bath and all the trimmings. It was more than an hour before I was finished and the application of the nail varnish coincided with the end of  the film. When her toenails were dry she went off for a bath.

We ate supper watching TV again and went to bed. As I lay parallel to her, with my head between her thighs, giving long slow licks to her cunt she stroked my bottom and talked softly about how she would thrash it hard with the cane and a crop. 

My hips rolled this way and that as I got more excited and then I had a wet dream on the bed sheet which is something I have not been able to do in a long while.

 I finished her orgasm enthusiastically and when I rolled over onto my back the stain of semen was plain to see. 

More laundry, she said and smiled, and a few more strokes for general naughtiness. 


  1. It's nice that you tell your wife your appreciation of the caning she gives you. It's the little things that keep a relationship going well.

  2. Hi Dave. Good to hear from you. I agree that it is important to that my wife knows how much I enjoy and appreciate what she does for me, particularly as she not a spanko herself.

  3. Hot little spanklet...nice to know that you will have so me bottom warming in the near future.
    bottoms up

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