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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Sunshine at last

First the sun comes out and then  the short skirts appear

Things are looking up.

The weekends will have townies out in the country

And the white panties will be going on for tennis.


Monday, 29 April 2013

A different approach

As those of you have read my earlier posts will know, I was caned at school and the plimsoll (trainer) was used frequently  in the classroom. I never thought much about it. That's the way naughtiness was dealt with in those  days. Whether or not this type of punishment triggered my "spanko gene" I will never know, but I was on the receiving end of a caning quite a few times in my school career.

Whilst I am very much an F/M sort of spanko I do occasionaly venture into thoughts of being caned by a Headmaster figure. (see Sunday Spanklet - Preparation ) and I sometimes take a peek at the odd M/M spanking blog. I had some adolescent experiences with a male friend but these were mainly holding genitals and bumming to orgasm. Nothing along the lines of penetration and I can't recall any boyhood m/m spankings taking place.

There must be a small element of homosexuality somewhere inside of me because I do enjoy being dildo'd in the rear and my wife is aware that I would love to be taken by her with a strap-on.

The appealing thing about M/M spanking web sites is that the bottoms are always very attractive and the spankings are very red indeed. They are taken to a level of soreness and pain which I enjoy in my own punishments.

If I had a carte-blanche to visit disciplinarians then I would certainly include a Headmaster amongst them. This is not likely to happen as I cannot see myself coming home with a well whipped bottom and then explaining how it got there, so I will just have to continue to fantasize about visiting Dommes..

When, in my head, I do make a visit to a male spanker, I often include a female in the mental picture. She is either supervising the scene or participating as a spanked bottom.  I came across a South African couple advertising spanking vacations a few months ago. (They seem to have gone off-line now) Their videos and description provided hours of fantasy as she was the disciplinarian of him and he also offered to cane the house guest. Ah well - there may be a Sunday spanklet story somewhere in this scenario.

This post was triggered when I was browsing this weekend in spanking personal ads and discovered a retired Headmaster in the UK who would give thrashings for a token fee. He asked for the e mail to set out a scene that the visitor would like to enact. I have spent (wasted) some time setting this out in my mind.


I would be summoned to the Masters house for breaking the rules and offered a punishment rather than expulsion from the school. He would describe in detail what was to happen and whilst I had my reservations I would accept a beating. I would be made to strip to my shorts and then left stood waiting in the corner of the study for half an hour, whilst he did some work at a large desk that was positioned in front of a large bay window. 

I would hear the chair scrape back and then the sound of different canes swishing through the air as the Master experimented with them before making his choice. Calling me over I would stand in front of the desk. Through the net curtains of the window I would see people passing by on the walkway, totally unaware of what was going on in the house.

 On his instruction I would slowly peel down my shorts until they fell to my ankles and then bend over the desk, resting my weight on my forearms which are placed  flat on the desk, palms down, fingers outstretched for balance. My erection would be clear to see with my penis stood out in front. 

From a small wooden box on the table he would take out ten  glass marbles and then place one under carefully under each finger and thumb. I would be told that if a glass marble escaped my grip and rolled away i would be awarded an extra stroke. In brief I had to remain perfectly still during the caning.

After placing the last marble the Masters hand runs back across the desk and lightly touches my stiff prick. He comments that it will be interesting to see how long it remains hard. I shiver with expectation and a sexual thrill.

The Master picks the cane up off the desk and steps to one side. He asks me if I wish to continue or if I would prefer expulsion. In a shaky voice I confirm that I want to be punished. The Master awards me 12 strokes and the tip of the cane rubs up my left leg and across my flank. I wince and concentrate my attention on the marbles under my fingers. I do not want any extras. 

After a long pause I see something rise into the air beside me and then with a crack the first stroke lands full across the centre of my bottom. I grunt and bend my knees forward and stare hard at my hands whilst the pain flashes through my body. It is exquisite but awful at the same time.

The strokes are applied with long pauses and each one is excruciating. I start to cry out softly. At the fourth stroke I jolt forward and a marble slips away from my little finger on the left hand. Not surprising because those fingers have the least grip. I watch as it rolls to the end of the desk and falls off the edge. Neither of us make any comment. 

I tense and the next stroke whips across my bottom, low down where the thighs meet the curve of the buttock. I move again and another marble trickles away from under my right hand. There is a longer pause, whilst the Master allows me to think of the extra stroke I have incurred and the caning continues. By the time the twelfth stroke lands three more marbles have escaped my fingers and dropped to the floor.

The Master places the cane on top of the desk. He tells me that he will leave the room now for ten minutes and I can exercise if I wish. He places a box of tissues in front of me. He reminds me that I should be in the corner when he returns and he will then give me the extra  strokes I have earned.

As the door closes behind him I stand up and gather up the remaining marbles including the ones from the floor. Carefully I place all 5 of them back in the wooden box. I know the conesquence and I am half excited, half concerned.

My bottom aches with the pain but my head buzzes with the pleasure of the endorphins whizzing through my brain.With one hand I rub my sore left cheek and my right hand gravitates to my cock and it springs to life. I stand there gazing at the cane and imaging my bottom bent over the desk with the rod whipping red lines across it. 

In only a few moments I have stiffened myself with rapid hand movements and then come in a spurting orgasm, which I manage to catch and cup in my left hand. My legs buckle and I am drained of energy in my muscles. I reach for the tissues and clean myself up, licking my palm and fingers clean and then placing the scrunched up paper in my jacket pocket. I leave no evidence of my pleasure but the Master will surely know.

I pick up my shorts and place them with my other clothes and then take my place in the corner to wait. The room suddenly feels chilly and I shiver. I no longer have that excited feeling which comes with an anticipated spanking or caning, just a dread in the pit of my stomach. 

On his return the Master summons me to stand in the middle of the study. He looks me up and down and I can see him consider my  shrunken appendage.  

From his experience, he says looking directly at me fully aware of what I had been up to in his absence, the next part of the proceedings will be painful, more painful than before. 

He orders me to bend and grab my ankles and spread my legs. He moves across to the cupboard and the rattle of bamboo tells me he is selecting a fresh cane. I hear him testing  it with swishing strokes and I clench my bottom in anticipation.

The five extra strokes will be delivered by the Dragon Cane he informs me. A cane which delivers a special message, he says, and one which I will not easily forget. 

Looking through my legs I see the end of the cane and his shoes. Then the tip of the cane runs up the back of one leg from ankle to bare bottom cheek and then up the other leg. I shiver with excitement. I want this caressing of bamboo to continue and yet I know it will not. Again he plays with me running the cane around my bottom and I reach out for the pain by arching my back and pushing my bottom further up into the air.

Suddenly he strikes and the sting of red hot pain is like no other. I yowl and lean forward. I don't think I can take this but I know that I yearn to fulfill my side of the bargain. I push my bottom up again, begging for the next stroke. .

The cane lands like a hot sweeping arc of fire four times more and I am left gasping for breath. A caning after ejaculation brings no thoughts of pleasure - it is just a beating of rattan on bare red skin.

He runs a cool hand over the weals on my bottom. 

I don't expect to see you in my study for some time to come, he says. I hope you have learned your lesson.

With trembling legs I put on my clothes and the Master, who is sitting at the desk once more, does not look up as I leave the room and close the door behind me.


So that's who I am as regards M/M spanking. Any others of you out there who have a penchant for same sex spanking, but mainly do it hetrosexually?

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Sunday Spanklet - Treatment tremblers

Spanklet  (n.) - definition - a very short story where an individual is spanked or caned.

Timothy’s maintenance spanking last Sunday evening had been a tough one. Ever since he had volunteered to his wife that he wanted to be the submissive in their relationship, Mary had taken to it like a duck to water and he had been kept in his place from that day on.

As he went about life doing exactly as he was told his wife took more control of their lives down the last detail of finances, work scheduling and their social life. He reveled in her authority and she in turn gave him an adventurous sex life. She spared no expense in the lingerie department and gave him regular punishment sessions both as a game and for real. They were very happy together and it showed; so much so that her friends would often comment about how perfect a husband Timothy was.

It was now Tuesday and Mary reminded her husband that he had a physio appointment that afternoon. His knee had been playing up over the last few months and his wife had reacted instantly, making sure that Timothy first went to the doctor and then to the physiotherapy sessions that had been recommended. She needed her husband to be fully fit and bringing in the large salary, which she had become used to spending.

As the attractive therapist led Timothy into her consulting room he watched her slim ankles at the bottom of the white medic type trousers and admired the tight bottom which showed in the knickers under the loose cotton. He had enjoyed the last couple of exercise sessions with Ms. Roberts and had put on his best charm as he lay there, whilst she pulled his leg into different exercise contortions.

He stripped to his underpants, his newer ones, and climbed onto the therapy table lying on his back, whilst Ms. Roberts busied herself with paperwork at her desk. His hands were placed behind his head and he felt very comfortable as he waited for her to start work. Timothy closed his eyes and thought of a problem at work to stop him developing an erection, which happened all too easily when he was lying on a massage table with hardly any clothes on, in the presence of a woman.

Timothy came out of his daydreams when Ms Roberts was standing by his side and  asking him to roll onto his tummy. The elevated bed was quite narrow and he performed this manoeuvre with some difficulty, balancing his weight on his elbows and knees. In the process his underpants slid down from his waist a little bit and his buttock became smore exposed. With a flush of embarrassment he realised that the red lines on the top part of his right flank would have been in plain view to the therapist.

As he settled his body onto his chest and buried his face in the rolled up towel. Timothy felt Ms Roberts’ fingers entering into the waistband of his pants. At first she pulled the fabric down a little, exposing more of his cheek and then she raised the elastic band of the pants back to his waist.

Nothing was said but Timothy knew that she had seen the wicked  stripes of the cane which had been applied so rigorously on that previous Sunday evening. He had often wished that his wife  had gone to lessons on how to apply the cane. Mary simply did not appreciate how the tip of a thin bamboo rod would whip around  the flank and leave a searing mark on the skin when the stroke landed across his bottom..

For the next 45 minutes Miss Roberts applied herself to the various physio movements on Timothy’s leg. She showed him which exercises would help and pulled his muscles into many complicated positions. 

Half way through she gave Timothy a light slap on his bottom and told him to roll on to his back. He worried that he had developed a semi-erection during the time he had spent on his front and the small spank she gave him had not helped. He would have liked to adjust himself by digging into his crotch in the pants but realised that this would not be seemly. He hoped she would not notice the bulge.

“Not much more now Timothy. I can feel the knee freeing up.”


“Oh and try not to get excited if you don’t mind. I know you feel rather exposed and my hands are on your thighs but I have said before that you should think of the exercises I am doing and not treat this as a massage.”


“That’s OK . You’re not the only man this happens with  but on the other hand you are the first to have marks of a thrashing on your bottom. Was that your wife doing that or do you visit someone?"

The directness of the question surprised Timothy and he could only mumble a reply.

"Erm,it was my wife"

“Excellent – she sounds like a lady after my own heart. You men are so difficult to manage.
Quite a few of the arrogant people who come here could do with taking down a peg or two."

Timothy couldn’t think of anything to say so the conversation lapsed whilst he tried to will away any stiffening.

After another 15 minutes or so of vigorous extensions and contortions, Miss Roberts announced that she was finished and told Timothy to dress and sit on the chair. Spending more time on the computer she then turned to give him some verbal instructions about exercises but also handed him an envelope. 

It was addressed to his wife, as Mrs Carney.

 Miss Roberts told him to behave himself as he started to leave the room. He blushed again as he realised that she now knew an intimate detail of his married life. 

Once he was back home Timothy thought about reading the letter but decided against it. He reported on how the treatment had gone and then passed his wife the envelope. 

Mary’s face broke first into a frown and then a smile and she gave the paper to Timothy to read.

Dear Mrs Carney

I am pleased to say that Timothy’s knee is responding to treatment but he does need to exercise it and be diligent about what he does. I have enclosed a print out of the movements that he has to do and Timothy knows these well from his time at my surgery.

I see that you keep firm control over your husband, which is just as it should be. Men are just grown up boys at heart. Perhaps you could watch Timothy go through the exercise routine and encourage him to do them properly in a way which suits you.

I look forward to seeing good progress at Timothy’s next appointment.

Yours sincerely

Sarah Roberts

Timothy looked over at his wife with a little tremor in the pit of his stomach.

"So just what went on at the Physio. She seems to know a lot about me and you."

Timothy explained what had happened with the pants and how she had seen the cane marks.

"OK, let me see what she saw."

Timothy unbuckled his belt and slid the trousers down from his waist. He stood there looking foolish in his briefs.

"Why did you go in those pants. You have plenty of boxer type shorts you could have worn. The side cut on those shows a lot of skin."

I just thought they were the smartest ones.

maybe or maybe you thought you would show off your stripes eh? 

Mary reached for a wooden spoon from the utensil jar. The longer one that would be used for jam making, only she didn't make jam.

"Bend forward. Hands on the counter. I think you know why you deserve this. I have a feeling you wanted this since this morning and now I have a good reason to punish you."

Mary yanked the pants down to his knees and smacked the back of the spoon hard against the bare bottom which Timothy presented. 

The spoon spanking was hard and Mary did not stop until every inch of his cheeks were covered with deep red splodges. 

When she had finished she offered the spoon to his lips and told him to kiss it and thank her punishing him. He could taste the heat in the wood on his lips. 

As Timothy pulled his clothes back up Mary grabbed his penis and pulled him towards her.

"There's no point in wasting this is there?"

She pulled her skirt up and yanked her panties to one side. Leaning against the kitchen worktop she guided Timothy inside. As he thrusted and moaned towards a speedy orgasm Mary whispered encouragement in his ear.

“We will start tonight Timothy. You can exercise whilst I get ready for bed. Don’t forget to bring the riding crop with you.”

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Saturday update on Friday Whupping

After I had blogged this morning, I got on with some household chores and then heard my wife moving around upstairs, so I took her a cup of tea and the paper.

Thanks she said. Making to leave the room she called me back and told me to take off my pyjamas, get the paddle and bend over her lap on the bed. 

I stood with a waving erection as she straightned herself into a sitting position with some pillows at her back. I asked if I might lie on her bare skin so she pulled off her PJ bottoms and exposed a very nice pair of legs.

That's enough fun. Give me the paddle and get over here - she pointed at ther lap.

Settling myself down across the bed, the skin on skin contact was electric and I opened my legs to give her maximum area for the spanking.

She gently smoothed the paddle in little circles over the tops of my cheeks in that delicious pre-spanking way and then ,whap, she struck a hard blow. The sting and smart was immediate. I gripped the top sheet tight in my hands and prepared to hang in for a roller coaster of a spanking.

She delivered big time and my bottom and the tops of my thighs were roasting red in no time.
I dont think she counted and I knew that I couldn't - she just kept swatting away

When it stopped I lay there blistered but happy. Telling me to get up, I kind of slid myself off and paused to give her sweet pussy a gentle kiss as my head passed by.

It is now mid afternoon and she is out at the shops so I thought I would write up the blog quickly.

I hope your weekend is going as well as mine.

Friday whupping

Last night was a surprisingly interesting one. I was home in the afternoon when my wife arrived back early at around 4pm.

She suggested we take a walk and have a drink at the nearby pub. I readily agreed.

Just one thing she said – bring the punishment book with you.

This was novel. I went to wash and change into a fresh shirt and grabbed the book from the punishment tools chest.

Once in the pub we found a quiet corner and my wife started to read the book and make notes with a pen that I was sent to fetch from the bar. I sat in silence whilst she worked her way through the pages.

I make that 80 with the cane and 40 with the paddle – she looked up at me as she spoke.

OK – I said.

What do you mean OK – what is OK all about?

Sorry ma’am – I spoke quietly – I meant to say thank you ma’am, your punishment is very fair considering the trouble I have caused you.

Better. I don’t think my tally is quite right so I am going to add 40 with the crop and five minutes with the hairbrush. How do you want to take it? You have all weekend.

I don’t know ma’am.

No, that’s your trouble. OK let's ask Julia behind the bar and see what she thinks.

You’re joking.

Maybe, maybe not. Anyway I’m hungry so let’s eat here and it will save you cooking.

Back home an hour or so later and things moved rapidly. I was bent over the back of the sofa and caned hard 40 times and then we went to bed so I could show my gratitude. After eating her up we showered and came back down to watch a recorded cookery programme. 

I am awake early to get on with chores and the rest of the punishment tally will follow on  today or so I was told.

Friday, 26 April 2013

Scientific differences between the sexes

My search for images on "thinking about spanking" unearthed this analysis of the different zones in the female and male brain.

Just a filler for the day.

The sun has gone away again here in the UK - was that summer ?

There was a gorgeous horse rider on the road yesterday in blue jodhpurs - heavenly sight and I made a big thing about being courteous and not overtaking.

Have a good weekend.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Thinking of spanking

The trouble with being a spanko is that quite often you don't get enough of the real thing, but all too often you spend too much time thinking about it.

Anything at all can bring spanking to mind. 

It could be a word in a magazine article, an implement that might be used to deliver swats, a tight bottom in shorts or trousers, a rider on a horse, an image on a roadside poster and a nano-second later you are back to thoughts of spanking and away from the humdrum of life.

I guess that with non-spankos none of this happens or they have their different fetishes with different triggers.

Yesterday's spanking triggers for me were:-

My wife pulling on a tight pair of gripper-knickers to go under a work dress

The bathbrush hanging in the shower

A potted plant of indoor bamboo in a hotel reception before a conference meeting.

A female runner in tight shorts on an urban road.

............... and all of this before the clock had struck 10 am.

For spanking images I used to be satisfied with a monthly trip to the spanking magazine shop Janus in London. 

There you could look for an hour or so at the images of girls and the occasional guy being spanked. I always felt that I had to buy something or the guy at the desk would harrump as you left the shop door. 

They even had a returns policy where you could take in an issue you had purchased and get a credit against a newer issue. For most of my life from 18 to 45 I had a spanking mag somewhere, either in a drawer or in a briefcase. I love my memory because i can recall many Janus photo stories and replay them in my head any time, night or day.

Nowadays the internet has information digital overload on spanking - there is simply too much to absorb but in a strange way some spanking images will give erotic arousal but hundreds of others are just so much wall- paper and cause no straining in my trousers at all.

I would love to take part in one of those brain scan research projects where you lie in a magnetron scanner and get shown a trillion photos of everything in the world, with the occasional image of spanking introduced at random. 

Where in the brain would the nerves suddenly show as bright centre of neural activity when the spanking photos appeared?

Is it  a different brain area to the one that brightens up when you see erotic images with no spanking activity or is it the same area when you are shown pictures of ice cream with chocolate topping?

I had a lucky break yesterday. I got home early and found that I had not locked the back door when I left the house in the morning. If my wife had arrived home before me I would never have heard the end of it.

The question is should I 'fess up?  

 I need a spanking right now and i would be sure to get one or should I let sleeping doors lie?

My stomach is churning and my head is whizzing just thinking about the possible

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Self defense outcome

When she arrived home late afternoon, the other weekend, my wife was tired from the drive but lively from the self-defense training and exercise. As I opened the door to greet her she pushed me back with the palm of her hand and then spun me into a pretend head lock. She turned to wave goodbye to the girlfriends who had dropped her off, whilst I looked foolish in her grip.

Laughing ,she let me go and I carried her bag up to the bedroom and ran the bath she wanted. After inspecting my chores my wife joined me in the bedroom and told me to remove her clothing and sort out her laundry. I enjoyed stripping her off – she was still in the tight sports clothes she had worn for the Sunday lesson. When she was down to her underwear I knelt in front of her and slowly pulled the big knickers down to the floor. I leaned in to give her pussy a kiss and said that I looked forward to serving her.

She pushed me away and went off to bathe. I unpacked and took the laundry downstairs and then brought her a glass of wine to sip in the bath. Sitting on the toilet I listened to her tale about  the course and who did what and what she had learned. As she got out of the bath I dried her off and she told me to strip to my pants and she would show me some moves in the bedroom.

After a few lunges and arm throws which did not work, we ended up wrestling around on the carpet. 

She yanked my pants down and smacked me a few times on the butt in a playful fashion. She asked me if I had been good and when I replied, no, she told me to get the bath-brush and kneel over the edge of the bed.

The whacking that came next was a stunner. I couldn’t catch my breath between the smacks. Once I was completely roasted she turned me around and made me lie on my back on the bed. We were both hot and bothered from the wresting and the spanking and I was unusually erect as I stared at her naked body.

She looked stunning as she waved the bath-brush in front of her and smacked the inside of my legs whilst gripping my prick ever so tight with one hand.

 She asked who was the boss in our relationship and I told her it was she.

She asked if I would ever mess around and I promised her I would not.

She asked if I would serve her and I said forever. 

After ten or more smacks with her open palm across my testicles she climbed on top of me and fucked like crazy. I came quickly and my wife rolled off and onto her back. My task was clear. i went down on my knees by the side of the bed and sucked for all I was worth. The salty cum ran down from inside her lips and onto my tongue and I happily licked her clean. She came after 5 minutes of rolling around, with her thighs locked around my head.

Downstairs I got on with the meal and she appeared in a tight leisure suit, a bit like pyjamas, but more elastic. I could see every part of her anatomy through the cloth. She was obviously knickerless and I wondered what else we might get up before the night was out.

I am defenceless.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Just filling in

Sorry I have not posted in a while. I will try and write a few things up this weekend.

 If you are at a loose end here is a video of  a nice spanking

A very domestic but meaningful paddling and the lady on the receiving end takes it well, even climbing back into the saddle, so to speak, halfway through.

This is the type of discipline that I  enjoy the most, receiving of course.

Maybe it will be my turn this weekend - there is a punishment demerit book to be dealt with, but more on this later.

Have fun and enjoy the sun if you are getting any.

This woman could give me a tanning any time.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Steamy phone talk

My  wife rang late last night. She was very excited. Her course had gone well and she had learned all sort of punches and grabs and things to do with a key ring which would paralyse an assailant.

 She and the girls had gone out for a Chinese meal, which she hates, because the course is not being held in a very salubrious area and the hotel where they are staying is a bit of a dive.

 She thinks that the volunteer men, who are in the course to be thrown about, are all the sort of men  she would be frightened of if she came across them in the street. Maybe they volunteer to go on the course in order to learn what a trained woman would do.
Anyway she is enjoying the whole experience so that is good. Apparently at the start of the day the instructor asked the group which of the women felt they were dominant types. My wife put up her hand and to her surprise so did one of her friends. She considered asking this friend if she disciplines her husband and said that after a few glasses of wine came very close to popping the question.

Maybe we could ask them round for dinner and find out I joked?

 Don’t get off on that fantasy said my wife. It isn’t going to happen.

We talked a bit more about my day and I left out some of the details.

As we said goodbye she told me to be on my guard when she gets home – she is feeling feisty.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Good work, bad thoughts.

My wife left the house early today in the car with with her friends to get to the self defense course by 10a.m. 

Last night she gave me six strokes with the cane after 20 hard paddle whacks. This was to encourage me to get on with my jobs over the weekend. 

She said there would be more when she gets home on Sunday - if I am good that is.

I have set about my tasks with energy and now have  a little time to myself.

 I have showered and changed into a pair of panties and a T shirt. I plan on giving myself a self- spanking later on whilst watching a video. I have selected a long paddle and I placed it in the hall earlier today, as a way of stimulating myself into action. 

As I type this post I have my cock in my hand and am enjoying the silky feel of the tight panties against my freshly shaved balls. 

All naughty stuff I am sure you would agree and for which I would be punished mercilessly , if caught.

Enjoy your Saturday night, whatever you do.

Friday, 5 April 2013

Self-Defense - Fempower

My wife is going away with some girlfriends for a 2 day course in self-defense. She is fed up of being fearful when she is walking around town.

Hopefully she will learn one or two of the skills demonstrated in this video,  Fempower, but refrain from  practical training on me.

Whilst she is away I have a list of chores to get through, but I should be able to spend a bit of time writing.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Different days

Interesting development in the last few days. I became a chauffeur.

My wife had to go make a number of customer visits around the country so she had booked two nights at different hotels.

She decided that I could be a driver for her since I would only be at home job hunting or doing chores.

I was told to wear a blazer and grey slacks and attend to her every need on the trip. If we had had more time she said she would have invested in a grey peaked cap. 

On Monday I went to get the car cleaned and polished. The snow has stopped for the moment  over here and we are having cold but crisp clear days across the country so it made sense to have a shiny vehicle.

When we left the house on Tuesday morning my wife sat in the back seat. This was to be her place for the whole trip. It was all quite exciting really. She gave the instructions and I did as I was told. 

After calling on 3 clients we arrived at the hotel for the first night. I carried her bags in, walking behind her. My wife checked in and then handed me the room key.

"Take the luggage to my room. I am going to check out the spa."

One of the reception staff looked at me strangely.

Once in the room I  unpacked and  placed the clothes in the wardrobe and drawers. I came across a riding crop and the little red whip in her suitcase and placed them both carefully in one of the cupboards. I noticed that her vibrator was in her wet pack and I made a mental note to get some batteries at a filling station. She is not amused if I forget to keep this item in full working order.  She had told me as we pulled into the hotel that she wanted the room to herself and that I should wait in the lobby until she came down for dinner. 

She appeared about an hour later looking stunning in a black dress with high heels. I drove her to a nearby restaurant where she was due to have dinner with a customer. She sent me back to the hotel telling me I could have the evening off and she would get a taxi back, but I was not to drink.

I remembered to get the batteries and stopped off for a pizza at a budget Italian restaurant.  I could not resist ordering a glass of wine with the meal. It had been a long day.

Once I was back in the room there was a note on the bed where my wife instructed me to shower and wait for her to get back and not touch myself or fall asleep. I replenished the vibrator batteries and watched TV.

At around 1030 the room phone rang. My wife was back in the hotel but she was going to have  a nightcap with the client who had driven her back to the hotel. In sharp tones she told me to get naked and lie on the bed over some pillows and wait.

Eventually I heard the door click open and I heard her moving around behind me. I lay there with my bare bottom in the air, eagerly anticipating harsh strokes of the crop or the whip. Instead of this she spent time in the bathroom and then got into the the other twin bed. 

"Get under the covers and go to sleep."

Disappointed not to have  a blazing butt, I did as I was told and the lights were turned out. I lay there listening to the buzz of the vibrator under the bed covers and the small gasps of breath as she orgasmed. 

The next day I was the dutiful bag-carrier and driver. we covered around 200 miles with another 2 customer stops and the arrived at the second hotel. The check in procedure was repeated only this time there was no dinner with a client. Instead my wife went off to the Spa where she had previously arranged a backrub and pedicure. When she arrived back at the room in her bathrobe and spa slippers she said that she did not feel like getting dressed up again so we would have room service. 

As we sat and watched TV, I wondered if a session was in the offing. We finished a bottle of wine between us and i placed the dinner trays outside in the hall. 

"Pass me the crop and the hairbrush and then go and have a shower"

Excitedly I scurried around the room and washed myself speedily, applying a bit of aftershave to my bits and pieces in case things developed.

When I opened the bathroom door and stepped naked into the room i was left dumbstruck by the vision of my wife, dressed only in white panties, bent over the desk chair in front of the mirror. The hairbrush and the crop were lying on the bed behind her.

"I am sorry I have been naughty Sir. Please spank me." 

I needed no second bidding and slipped into the role play. It is only rarely that my wife gets into spanking and I took full advantage of the scene.

The evening turned into one of those wild nights. We played just about every imaginable game and then some. She got spanked, I was whipped, she had countless orgasms and gave a blow job before she told me to rub myself off whilst she gave me stroke after stroke with the crop. We eventually fell into a deep and happy sleep in the one bed.

The following morning we drove home, only this time she sat up front with me.

i think I have found a new vocation as a driver. We are already planning the next business trip.