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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Sunday Spanklet - Treatment tremblers

Spanklet  (n.) - definition - a very short story where an individual is spanked or caned.

Timothy’s maintenance spanking last Sunday evening had been a tough one. Ever since he had volunteered to his wife that he wanted to be the submissive in their relationship, Mary had taken to it like a duck to water and he had been kept in his place from that day on.

As he went about life doing exactly as he was told his wife took more control of their lives down the last detail of finances, work scheduling and their social life. He reveled in her authority and she in turn gave him an adventurous sex life. She spared no expense in the lingerie department and gave him regular punishment sessions both as a game and for real. They were very happy together and it showed; so much so that her friends would often comment about how perfect a husband Timothy was.

It was now Tuesday and Mary reminded her husband that he had a physio appointment that afternoon. His knee had been playing up over the last few months and his wife had reacted instantly, making sure that Timothy first went to the doctor and then to the physiotherapy sessions that had been recommended. She needed her husband to be fully fit and bringing in the large salary, which she had become used to spending.

As the attractive therapist led Timothy into her consulting room he watched her slim ankles at the bottom of the white medic type trousers and admired the tight bottom which showed in the knickers under the loose cotton. He had enjoyed the last couple of exercise sessions with Ms. Roberts and had put on his best charm as he lay there, whilst she pulled his leg into different exercise contortions.

He stripped to his underpants, his newer ones, and climbed onto the therapy table lying on his back, whilst Ms. Roberts busied herself with paperwork at her desk. His hands were placed behind his head and he felt very comfortable as he waited for her to start work. Timothy closed his eyes and thought of a problem at work to stop him developing an erection, which happened all too easily when he was lying on a massage table with hardly any clothes on, in the presence of a woman.

Timothy came out of his daydreams when Ms Roberts was standing by his side and  asking him to roll onto his tummy. The elevated bed was quite narrow and he performed this manoeuvre with some difficulty, balancing his weight on his elbows and knees. In the process his underpants slid down from his waist a little bit and his buttock became smore exposed. With a flush of embarrassment he realised that the red lines on the top part of his right flank would have been in plain view to the therapist.

As he settled his body onto his chest and buried his face in the rolled up towel. Timothy felt Ms Roberts’ fingers entering into the waistband of his pants. At first she pulled the fabric down a little, exposing more of his cheek and then she raised the elastic band of the pants back to his waist.

Nothing was said but Timothy knew that she had seen the wicked  stripes of the cane which had been applied so rigorously on that previous Sunday evening. He had often wished that his wife  had gone to lessons on how to apply the cane. Mary simply did not appreciate how the tip of a thin bamboo rod would whip around  the flank and leave a searing mark on the skin when the stroke landed across his bottom..

For the next 45 minutes Miss Roberts applied herself to the various physio movements on Timothy’s leg. She showed him which exercises would help and pulled his muscles into many complicated positions. 

Half way through she gave Timothy a light slap on his bottom and told him to roll on to his back. He worried that he had developed a semi-erection during the time he had spent on his front and the small spank she gave him had not helped. He would have liked to adjust himself by digging into his crotch in the pants but realised that this would not be seemly. He hoped she would not notice the bulge.

“Not much more now Timothy. I can feel the knee freeing up.”


“Oh and try not to get excited if you don’t mind. I know you feel rather exposed and my hands are on your thighs but I have said before that you should think of the exercises I am doing and not treat this as a massage.”


“That’s OK . You’re not the only man this happens with  but on the other hand you are the first to have marks of a thrashing on your bottom. Was that your wife doing that or do you visit someone?"

The directness of the question surprised Timothy and he could only mumble a reply.

"Erm,it was my wife"

“Excellent – she sounds like a lady after my own heart. You men are so difficult to manage.
Quite a few of the arrogant people who come here could do with taking down a peg or two."

Timothy couldn’t think of anything to say so the conversation lapsed whilst he tried to will away any stiffening.

After another 15 minutes or so of vigorous extensions and contortions, Miss Roberts announced that she was finished and told Timothy to dress and sit on the chair. Spending more time on the computer she then turned to give him some verbal instructions about exercises but also handed him an envelope. 

It was addressed to his wife, as Mrs Carney.

 Miss Roberts told him to behave himself as he started to leave the room. He blushed again as he realised that she now knew an intimate detail of his married life. 

Once he was back home Timothy thought about reading the letter but decided against it. He reported on how the treatment had gone and then passed his wife the envelope. 

Mary’s face broke first into a frown and then a smile and she gave the paper to Timothy to read.

Dear Mrs Carney

I am pleased to say that Timothy’s knee is responding to treatment but he does need to exercise it and be diligent about what he does. I have enclosed a print out of the movements that he has to do and Timothy knows these well from his time at my surgery.

I see that you keep firm control over your husband, which is just as it should be. Men are just grown up boys at heart. Perhaps you could watch Timothy go through the exercise routine and encourage him to do them properly in a way which suits you.

I look forward to seeing good progress at Timothy’s next appointment.

Yours sincerely

Sarah Roberts

Timothy looked over at his wife with a little tremor in the pit of his stomach.

"So just what went on at the Physio. She seems to know a lot about me and you."

Timothy explained what had happened with the pants and how she had seen the cane marks.

"OK, let me see what she saw."

Timothy unbuckled his belt and slid the trousers down from his waist. He stood there looking foolish in his briefs.

"Why did you go in those pants. You have plenty of boxer type shorts you could have worn. The side cut on those shows a lot of skin."

I just thought they were the smartest ones.

maybe or maybe you thought you would show off your stripes eh? 

Mary reached for a wooden spoon from the utensil jar. The longer one that would be used for jam making, only she didn't make jam.

"Bend forward. Hands on the counter. I think you know why you deserve this. I have a feeling you wanted this since this morning and now I have a good reason to punish you."

Mary yanked the pants down to his knees and smacked the back of the spoon hard against the bare bottom which Timothy presented. 

The spoon spanking was hard and Mary did not stop until every inch of his cheeks were covered with deep red splodges. 

When she had finished she offered the spoon to his lips and told him to kiss it and thank her punishing him. He could taste the heat in the wood on his lips. 

As Timothy pulled his clothes back up Mary grabbed his penis and pulled him towards her.

"There's no point in wasting this is there?"

She pulled her skirt up and yanked her panties to one side. Leaning against the kitchen worktop she guided Timothy inside. As he thrusted and moaned towards a speedy orgasm Mary whispered encouragement in his ear.

“We will start tonight Timothy. You can exercise whilst I get ready for bed. Don’t forget to bring the riding crop with you.”


  1. Very good story. I could see Mary and Sarah having conversations about how she controls Timothy and maybe even a live demonstration.

    1. Hi. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Yes I can see similar developments.

  2. It's good to be back - and even better to have this wonderful new story waiting for me! Thank you, Mike - you certainly tell a good tale - and, if I'm not very much mistaken, you still 'walk the walk', you lucky so-and-so!

    As always, my respectful good wishes to your lady - and again, thank you!

  3. Hu Hedgehog
    Great to hear from you again and thanks for the nice words.
    Yes I am still lucky enough to be getting dealt with by my wife. She has come up trumps this weekend in fact. I have been constantly bent and whacked.


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