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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Spanking in hotels

In a recent top  Tops Spot blog item over at Ronnie's place there was a mention of a shoehorn as a pervertable spanking tool. 

My wife and I stayed the night at  a certain eponymous hotel chain in London which provided an ultra-long wooden  shoehorn and a clothes brush in their bedroom wardrobes and we have enjoyed their use on a couple of occasions.

Hotels have been the scene for many of the best sex romps during our marriage. 

When one is a Spanko, sometimes you only have to walk into a hotel room, following the bellboy, to know that something good is going to happen that night.

If one has remembered to bring some accessory along, then all to the good. But there have been times when we have had to just use what is to hand. 

I can remember searching for a bamboo cane in a hotel garden greenhouse, going to a hardware store down the street from a hotel for duck tape, removing a ruler from a Business Suite, buying a hairbrush from the Chemist in a nearby street, using a leather sandal brought for poolside use and buying a set of beach tennis bats. 
Spankos can be very inventive when it comes to the desire to get their bottom beaten with something.

Of course you can always extend your shopping trip and purchase something special for the evening back at the hotel.

The layout of quite ordinary  furniture in a hotel bedroom  can immediately suggest that the designer had certain things in mind for the guests.

One of my  favourite roleplays in an hotel involves my wife being an escort who I have engaged to come to my room. In the game it t then transpires that the escort likes role play as a dominatrix.

 We have refined this game over the years and the last time we played my wife waited in the hotel bar after dinner whilst I went upstairs to make the call. 

She even demands payment!

On very rare occasions my wife has had a bit too much to drink at a restaurant and has volunteered for a light spanking, when we were back at the hotel. 

The anonymity of a hotel  is what probably releases our sexual variations.

Have you got an interesting hotel story you might want to share?

Sorry not to have a spanklet ready for today. 

I must get spanklets written on time,
I must get spanklets written on time.
I must get spanklets written on time.

Hey ho - have a good Sunday 


Saturday, 23 February 2013

Last weekend - part 2

The rest of Sunday  was good fun. I got on with jobs in a new spirit of cheerfulness and my wife did some work. 

At around 3pm we fitted in a walk in the woods and then we headed  off to see my wife’s friend. Katie,  who had come round that morning to say that her daughter was bringing home a new baby daughter. 

We had been invited to wet the baby’s head with a drink.

We didn’t stay too long and on the way back in the car my wife complimented me on my good social behaviour and praised me for getting  on with the jobs that day. She leaned over and squeezed me between the legs.

“I hope there’s some interest there for when we get home.”

“Yes ma’am”

Once we were back I started preparing the meal and my wife sat and watched an old movie. We had supper in front of the TV and then went upstairs. It was quite early, maybe 8.30ish

We undressed each other and she admired my evident excitement. She went off to wash and told me to get the cane and bend over the back of the bedroom chair.

The caning, when it started, was super erotic. She took it very slowly, teasing me with the end of the cane and then giving a hard stroke. Then more teasing and another hard stroke.

When my wife eventually laid down the cane I might have taken thirty or forty strokes but it hardly felt that way. Each one had been delivered when I had relaxed my cheeks and ,after the initial starburst of pain, I had felt only the pleasure of submission. This was an all time best caning at the hands of someone who loves me.

We climbed in to bed and had a head-to-toe session of oral sex. When she had come a couple of times I was invited to her pussy for penetration. I sped off for a tablet and my wife spent the next ten or fifteen minutes building me up with her hand and tongue. She told me how much I deserved my whipping and how I would get many more spankings in the future and I am pleased to say that the resulting, viagra enhanced, erection did us both proud.

We slept soundly and both regretted the dawn of a Monday.


Aplogies for the delay in this blog. 

For those of who might enjoy a deliciously paced caning take a look at Mrs Birch and her cane

I would gladly visit Mrs Birch if were I single and living in Australia.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Last weekend - part 1

Last Sunday morning found me reading the newspaper and ranting about Government and taxes over the breakfast table. After a while my wife put down her bit of the Sunday papers and looked at me over the rim of her spectacles.

"Right that's enough carping. Clear the kitchen and then go upstairs and put yourself in the corner. You can put on a thong. I will come and deal with you when I’m ready.”

Ten minutes later I had showered speedily and had my nose up against the wall. It was cold standing there with practically nothing on and not for the first time I wondered what it was that I found so exciting about the prospect of a caning by my wife.

I was pretty hard on, at least for me I was. Nothing like it would have been in my twenties, but there you go.

It must have been thirty or forty minutes before I heard the click of the door and heard her go into the bathroom.

“Bend over the bed”

I turned keeping my head lowered and moved into position. I could see her ankles and feet by the side of me but little else.

“Forty with this brush should be keep you on your toes today and then, this afternoon, I will cane you.”

“Yes ma’am.”

The bath-brush hit the underside of my bottom with a force that lifted me on to my toes with the shockwave of pain.

“It wasn’t a question. I didn’t ask you to speak.”

I said nothing in response.

The crisp strokes continued at a leisurely pace and it wasn’t long before I was breathing hard and gripping the duvet tight to force myself to stay in position. The bath-brush, applied on a cold bottom, is the most damnable of spanking toys as the pain is concentrated in such a small round area.

She must have reached twenty or so when the doorbell sounded through the house.

“Stay there. I won’t be long.”

It was a blessed reprieve or so I thought. I heard voices in the hall and I was pretty sure it was my wife’s friend Katie. She has a kind of shriek to her voice, not unpleasant just sharp. Thinking the unimaginable, that they would both come to the bedroom, my erection returned and I supported myself on one hand whilst arranging my penis in the tight thong pants. I heard the front door close and in a few moments my wife was back by my side.

“Now where were we? You’re not looking very red any more.”

“Twenty Miss?”  

“No I don’t think so. We’ll just start again.”

No Miss.” I complained.

“I beg your pardon?”

“Sorry Miss, I meant yes Miss, thank you Miss.”

“I should think so and stop the Miss business. It’s Ma’am and you know that”

The spanking resumed with the same force as before. I was soon in subspace where the smacks seem to be independent of the pain. My bottom just became a single area of soreness and I allowed myself to sink into the feeling of submission. There comes a point where I don’t actually want the spanking to stop.

When she had blistered me exquisitely she suggested a bit of servitude downstairs. I would clean the living room and she could carry on reading the paper.


Sunday, 17 February 2013

Sunday Spanklet - Trials and tribulations of shopping

Spanklet  (n.) - definition - a very short story where an individual is spanked or caned.

He woke up and realized that they had slept in. His girlfriend was no longer by his side and he could hear noises in the bathroom. He lay there for a moment with the palm of one hand on the still warm part of the sheet where she had lain through the night. The memory of the rampant activity in bed the evening before came flooding into his brain and he stroked his increasing erection with the pleasure of the images in his mind.

Sarah walked through into the room and identified the slow movement under the sheet in an instant.

“You can stop that.”  She retrieved the brief pair of knickers that had been on the floor and he watched her bend and insert first one foot and then the other into the silky loops before pulling them up. He enjoyed the wiggle of her hips as she settled the panties into place. They hardly covered anything.

“Come on, get out of bed. We’re going shopping remember.”

Tim groaned and rolled out of bed. His erection went ahead of him as he went off to the bathroom.

“Do we have to?”

“Yes we do. You promised. I need a new dress for the party next week and I want you around to tell me what I look like. The assistants will just say anything to get a sale.”

The underground was busy with shoppers and tourists and they did not arrive at the first shop until 11.30. Sarah marched along to the dress section like a woman with a mission and Tim followed. He was a bit distracted as they passed through the lingerie section.

By the time Sarah was on her fourth shop and umpteenth dress Tim was flagging. He did not understand why they kept shops so warm and why there was nowhere to sit down as dress after dress was tried on. Each time she appeared he did not know whether to enthuse or say something negative. Did he think it was too big, too small, the wrong colour ? All he knew was that he had had enough of dresses and changing rooms.

They stopped for lunch and even then there were questions from Sarah about which dress he had liked the best or the least. He could barely remember any of them.

An hour later they were back on the march. After two more shops Sarah decided to go back to the start. There was a dress which she thought was the one to get.

“The red one?” Tim suggested.

“Yes, how did you know?”

“Because it was the one that I immediately said yes to and, by the way, that was three hours ago.”

“Don’t get tetchy. I can’t just buy the first thing I see can I”

So, a half hour later, the job was done and the dress was in the shopping bag.

“Thank goodness for that. Let’s go home.”

Tim was  walking briskly towards the door and thinking of a drink at the wine bar on the way.

“No way. I’ve got to get the shoes now.”

“The shoes? You’ve got loads of shoes.”

“Nothing that will go with this colour.”

“Oh no, we’re not doing shoes. You can go during the week or something.”

“Don’t be silly. It won’t take long. I saw a good shop near where we had lunch.”

The bell tinkled softly as they went through the door of what was obviously a very expensive shop. The carpet was deep and there were hardly any shoes on display so it could only be expensive Tim figured. In fact the shop was in two parts. The front was an open area but there was an archway that led to a room where there were many more shoes on the racks and the low leather benches sit on for trying them. At least there was somewhere to park himself Tim was relieved to see.

An hour passed as shoe after shoe was tried on. The assistant had endless patience but at the price that was hardly surprising. They were still there when shop closing time came along. Tim hoped they would be thrown out but no, the ever helpful woman said she would just lock the door and Sarah could have more time to decide.

When the assistant was out of the room Tim exploded.

“That’s it,  I’ve had enough. We can’t afford anything here and we’re leaving now.”

The girl came back  just as Sarah burst into tears of frustration.

“I need to find something. It’s your company party we’re going to and there are all those rich wives there. I don’t want to look as if I don’t belong.”

“What’s going on?” the assistant demanded to know.

“It’s him. He’s been impossible all day. Just grumping along like a small child complaining all the time. He knows this party is important and I need to look my best.”

“Listen you,” the assistant turned to face Tim. “I could be on way home now but I’m willing to stay until we find the right shoes for your girlfriend so just behave.”

“I'll bet you are bitch,  on your commission.” Tim blurted out.

“I beg your pardon.”

Tim felt embarrassed at his stupidity and rudeness and turned away, muttering 

 “Nothing. Let’s get on with finding some shoes Sarah.”

“No we won’t just do that. I’ll  close the shop now and you can go.” The assistant was livid with anger.

“No please, pleae stay." Sarah pleaded. " I need to find something and I am tired and I need your help.” 

“OK I will, but not until your boyfriend shows me he is sorry for what he said just then, and I mean truly sorry” ………………….

image courtesy of Dominant Beauty

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Nothing special

A fairly nondescript day yesterday. 

I thought I was heading for a caning later in the evening and I was pretty wound up with tension and excitement but in the end it wasn't mentioned. 

Maybe that's the point.

Everyone in the UK is getting pretty wound up about finding out that some processed food dishes which are supposed to be made of beef,  turn out to have horse meat in them. You can bet that the French are involved.

My only interest in horses is the riders and accessories.

Friday, 15 February 2013


Yesterday was a great day. All warm and fuzzy. 

We switched off the film part way through and went up to bed. 

As my wife undressed and took off her make-up I heated up the bedroom. When she was about to put on her nightgown I asked her to stop and tied a silk blindfold across her eyes. I then led her naked to the bed and the fun began.

When she said she was getting cold I covered her up and went down below, where I stayed for a considerable time and a fair number of orgasms.

Let's see what the weekend brings.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentines Day

Well today is a day for romance so I  will do my best to make sure my wife knows she is loved. Starting with   tea in bed, a small gift and then a breakfast with flowers (which are in the garage as I write).

Whilst she is at work I will do my "job hunting" e mails and then clean the bathroom until it shines. 

For the evening I have  downloaded an old Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn film - Charade- and I will cook a simple pasta dish for supper.

Since this is a day of romance I will stay away from any suggestions of spanking and FLR and just stick to loving her and providing some long slow cunnilingus when we get to bed.

Hope you enjoy your Valentines if you are lucky enough to have a partner.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

This and that

Not much on the spanking scene the last few days.

 I missed out on a couple of interviews but did not get too down about it. My wife said she noticed how I was staying cheerful. 

I am keeping my internet spank browsing time to about 30 mins per day otherwise the time will just run away. I am also allowing myself about 30 mins a day for writing so maybe a couple of stories will come along.As there is so much self-publishing going on these days maybe there is a book inside of me that could get some money coming in?

 I know - how many author dreamers think this?

We have had a bit of snow these past few days but nothing that required getting the huskies out.

I hear that it is pretty deep snow in parts of the USA so hope you are keeping warm with a roasting.

Image from Spanking Minnesota - a nice place to visit

Sunday, 10 February 2013

New female spanko blogger

There is a new girl/lady/woman on the scene who seems to enjoy her marital spankings.

Take a look on Hannah gets spanked

Hannah looks to be the type to enjoy this tumblr of   Erotic Submission

Sorry no Spanklet today but I have got my writing  muse back now that my wife is disciplining me again. Spanklets are in my head

I got a hard spanking with the paddle last night so that is two nights in a row. The paddling was for not remembering to get ink cartridges for the printer and it was too late to head off to the pc shop on Saturday afternoon.       Hey ho.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Told to cheer up.

Sorry to have been off-line recently. I have checked in every now and then to see how my spanking friends were getting along.

I am still job hunting after I lost my agency and keeping control of costs and doing my best to find new work . I have been quite grumpy recently and yesterday my dear wife said that she had had enough of my low spirits.

At around 7pm lat night she called me upstairs, to fix a light bulb, or so she said.

In her hand was the long dragon cane.

“Go to the bathroom and clean up and then come here and touch your toes.”

Her words electrified me. She has been off spankings and punishment recently.

I got back into the bedroom speedily, naked and quite firmly erect.

“You won’t need that.” She waved the cane at my prick. “But you can thank me later on with an orgasm.”

“ Now bend over. I am going to thrash some jollity back into our lives.”

I did as instructed. The first few strokes were painful and harsh but I soon got my head into the pain. She crossed the twenty mark and then was into thirty strokes before I began to struggle with holding the position. At one point I half stood and was struck forcefully on the back of my legs to remind me to get back down.

After probably sixty or seventy full size strokes she threw the cane down on the floor and walked off downstairs, telling me to go into the corner and contemplate mending my ways and being more cheerful.

She left me there for over two hours before coming up to bed.

Once she had removed her make up she came naked into the bedroom and called me over to deliver cunnilingus. I buried my face deep into her wetness and we rolled around happily on the bed for about an hour.

I am feeling on top of the world today and enjoyed looking at the red weals on my bottom.

I will be jolly indeed if she carries on with this anti -depressant treatment.